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sea squirt oxygenates blood with 65:6.4(737;4)
Amadonites and Nodites who forsook Nod for Van 77:4.10(860;5)
drove man into society 68:2.4,6(765;1)
early cause of war 70:1.10(784;6)
early humans exhibited considerable 62:5.4(708;2)
extra clothing was early badge of distinction 69:5.6(776;4)
futile without audience to parade before 68:2.10(765;7)
refrain from 147:8.4(1656;5)
secrecy appeals to 70:7.3(790;6)
threatens to swamp present-day civilization 68:2.11(766;1)
variety. See also monotony
essential to concept of beauty 56:10.3(646;4)
indispensable for natural selection 64:6.31(726;3)
is restful 48:6.26(555;5)
Adam and Eve and their first generation children practiced 74:6.3(834;5), 76:3.7(850;3), 76:4.4(851;2)
combination of vegetables with meat improved diet 81:1.8(901;3)
many Adamites were nonflesh eaters 52:3.8-9(593;7)
practice dates from times of the Caligastia 100 66:4.7(744;6)
protected women from evil eye 87:5.4(962;5)
3 universally distributed lines of energy each have velocity of 186,280 miles/second 39:3.9(433;3)
Adjuster transit time from Divinington 108:1.9(1186;7)
Divine Counselor required 109 days to travel 200,000 light-years 19:7.5(222;6), 32:2.11(359;8)
impossible accurately to simultaneously determine exact location and velocity of moving object 65:6.1(737;1)
of seraphic transports 39:3.9(433;3)
reliability of our astronomic estimates 12:4.14-15(134;3)
top speed
for Jerusem transport birds is 100 mph 46:2.4(521;1)
for Jerusem transport vehicles is 500 mph 46:2.4(521;1)
for midwayers is 372,560 miles/second 23:3.2(260;6)
for nonenseraphimed beings is 186,280 miles/second 23:3.2(260;6)
for seraphim is 558,840 miles/second 23:2.15(260;2), 23:3.2(260;6), 39:3.9(433;3)
for Solitary Messengers is 840 billion miles/second 23:3.3(261;1)
gravity traversers move instantaneously 23:3.2(260;6)
massive sun in Orvonton 41:4.6(460;3)
magical charms concocted from 88:5.2(971;4)
employed by shamans 90:1.4(987;2)
Aphrodite, transplanted to Rome 98:3.3(1080;5)
mortals living on V. would be superbreathers 49:2.6(561;5)
retrograde motion proves V. was originally satellite of Angona 57:5.13-14(657;2)
suitable for life? 15:6.10(173;5)
verdict. See also judgment
eternal v. is, "Well done, good and faithful servant." 25:1.6(274;3)
Vergil 195:2.6(2073;1)
touched hem of Jesus' garment 152:0.2-3(1698;2), 171:7.8(1875;3)
Roman goddess of the home; Hestia in Greece 98:3.3(1080;5)
Father wields v. scepter 3:6.1(52;4)
over system conclave 55:8.1(632;4)
over Urantia's planetary government exercised by Most High observer 114:5.1(1254;1)
planetary helper seraphim; chief of souls of peace; proclaimed Jesus' birth 39:5.5(437;4)
bosom of Father and Son 13:1.11(145;6)
Corps of Conjoint Trinitized Finaliters based on 31:1.5(346;6)
creature-trinitized beings held in reserve on 22:7.10(250;4), 23:4.3(262;4)
home of beings of origin in Father and Eternal Son 13:1.11(145;6)
Solitary Messengers accompany creature-trinitized sons to V.; never leave 23:4.3(262;4)
trinitization is secret of 13:1.12(146;1), 22:7.1(249;1)
Jesus had little to say about 140:8.21(1582;2)
virtue carried to extremes may become vice 149:4.3(1673;3)
certain v. crowns efforts of all who run race of faith 32:5.8(365;4)
conquest by sacrifice of pride and selfishness 141:3.8(1590;3)
faith maintains trust in ultimate v. regardless 101:3.4(1108;3)
which overcomes world is faith 4:4.9(59;5)
local system recorder; tertiary Lanonandek #374 45:3.6(512;6)
parable of 180:2sec(1945;4), 193:2.2(2054;3)
sour wine 187:5.3(2010;4)
parable of laborers in 163:3.5-7(1804;2)
law of nature 70:1.1(783;4)
man secured freedom from v. by police regulation 81:5.5(906;3)
outlawed as procedure in adjusting differences 72:5.3(813;4)
religion opposes v. in social evolution 99:0.2(1086;2), 99:2.5(1087;8)
unregulated competition breeds 71:5.1(805;1)
vipers. See also snakes
religious leaders called offspring of 175:1.21(1908;5)
Christianity incorporated miraculous birth of Mithras 98:7.7(1084;6)
Jesus was conceived and born just like all other babies 119:7.5,6(1317;1), 122:8.2(1351;6), 128:0.1(1407;1)
religious leaders believed born of virgins 92:5.3(1008;5)
sun god supposed to be father of virgin-born sons 85:5.3(947;6)
virgins. See also chastity
bearing child before marriage increased girl's desirability among primitives 82:3.13(917;1)
custom for priests to have initial intercourse with 84:4.5(935;5)
dedicated to tending sacred temple fires 85:4.4(947;3), 89:8.1(982;5)
primitives restricted bathing practices of 84:1.3-4(931;6)
religious leaders conceived as being born of 92:5.3(1008;5)
virgin daughters were commercial asset to fathers 82:4.5(917;8)
cardinal virtues of Socrates were wisdom, courage, temperance, and justice 98:2.6(1079;3)
carried to extreme, v. may become vice 149:4.3(1673;3)
is righteousness; conformity with the cosmos 16:7.6-7(193;5)
is volitional 21:3.14(238;8)
morality is v. 16:7.1(192;8),. See also morality
not truly acquired until acts make one worthy of it 48:7.19(557;3)
proportion required in exercise of 16:7.7(193;6)
realized by consistent choosing of good over evil 16:7.6(193;5)
supreme v. is wholeheartedly to do Father's will 16:7.10(193;9)
viruses. See also bacteria
most are renegade parasitic fungi 65:2.3(732;1)
Buddha and Christ are claimed to be incarnations of 94:4.9(1032;1)
member of Hindu trinitarian concept 104:1.5(1144;2)
often shown with horse's head 85:3.4(946;6)
periodically incarnating Hindu deity 94:4.5(1031;6)
celestial beings with exclusive spirit vision cannot see matter 44:0.9-11(498;4)
energy transformers can allow mortals to see celestial beings 38:2.1(419;1), 45:1.2(509;5), 47:1.2(530;6), 50:2.7(574;2), 158:1.8(1753;4), 189:4.11(2027;1), 191:3.2(2041;1)
enormous range of morontia v. 9:8.11(107;1), 24:6.2(269;6), 39:4.18(436;4), 46:5.3(524;1)
range of material and spiritual 44:0.9-11(498;4)
short-range; extended in light and life 29:1.1(320;1), 55:4.5(627;3), 55:6.3(630;6)
we would be unable to see morontia temples if there, as we are 44:3.9(502;8)
allow Adjuster constantly to bring forth pictures of eternal purposes of uphill struggle 111:7.2-3(1223;4)
dangers. See also mysticism
regarding v. as divine communications 100:5.6(1099;4)
shamanesses threw themselves into trances 90:1.3(987;1)
under no circumstances cultivate state of visionary consciousness 100:5.8(1099;6)
humans sometimes permitted to see seraphic transporters 39:5.12(438;5)
Jesus did not indulge in religious v. 196:0.10(2088;5)
Kirmeth of Bagdad was trance prophet 148:8.3(1666;2)
particular visions
3 celestial beings appeared to Abraham at Mamre 93:6.7(1021;3)
Elizabeth saw Gabriel 122:2.2-4(1345;4)
Jesus' vision at his baptism 136:2.3-5(1511;2)
Jesus saw celestial hosts 136:5.1(1516;1)
John the Revelator saw
24 counselors 45:4.1(513;2)
Jerusem 34:4.8(378;5), 47:10.2-3(539;4)
Lucifer rebellion 53:7.7(608;3)
post-Teacher Son era 52:7.11(599;7)
Salvington 34:4.8-9(378;5)
Mary saw Gabriel 122:3.1(1346;4)
Paul saw
3rd mansion world 48:6.12(553;4)
Jerusem 47:10.2-3(539;4)
wise men have seen v. of greater heaven 48:6.12(553;4)
true prophetic vision is not trancelike ecstasy 91:7.3(1000;4)

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