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looked upon with disfavor by ancients 88:5.4(971;6)
Master's love makes world new 180:1.5(1945;2)
should not be embraced merely because they are new 81:6.39(911;4), 147:7.3(1656;1)
tribe received revelations from Gabriel allowing loose sex 92:2.5(1005;1)
origin of pranks played upon 83:4.7(925;3)
Great Lakes emptied through N.F. 37,000 years ago 61:7.10(701;9)
Athanasius' defense at council of 195:0.18(2070;14)
after the crucifixion
boldly asked Pilate for Jesus' body 142:6.9(1603;1), 187:6.2(2011;6), 188:0.3(2012;3)
embalmed Jesus' body with myrrh and aloes 188:1.4(2013;3)
helped bear body of Jesus to tomb 188:1.3(2013;2)
Jesus' 16th appearance in courtyard of 193:0.1(2052;1)
most outspoken disciple of Jesus in Jerusalem 188:1.2(2013;1)
thought Jews had removed Jesus' body 190:1.2(2030;1)
came to see Jesus in Gethsemane; turned back 142:8.4(1606;1)
educated and intellectual; wealthy elderly member of Sanhedrin 141:3.5(1589;6), 142:6.1(1601;6)
feared to be seen openly with Jesus 142:6.1(1601;6)
Jesus' followers met at home of 164:2.1(1810;3), 174:5.5(1903;2), 175:4.3(1910;5), 183:4.4(1976;2), 186:3.3(2001;1), 189:4.2(2025;3)
Jesus' visit with 142:6sec(1601;6)
founded by Augustus to commemorate Actium 133:2.5(1471;4)
secret societies functioned as 70:7.11(791;8)
Isis and Osiris cult built around legend of 98:4.5(1082;1)
picture at Luxor 111:0.5(1215;5)
Abraham and Lot journeyed to 93:5.7(1019;4)
Adamites and Andites journeyed to 78:3.2(870;5), 78:5.5(873;1), 78:6.8(874;5), 79:1.3(878;4)
Andites enjoyed sheltered position of 80:6sec(894;2)
Apostle Simon worked his way up 139:11.11(1565;8)
culture disrupted by internal warfare 80:6.5(894;6)
Nodite, Saharan immigration 80:1.2-3(889;4), 80:2.2(890;6)
Semites enslaved in 96:2.2(1054;7)
struggles of green and orange races in 64:6.13(724;3)
western end of cradle of civilization 81:1.1(900;3)
love of God for 159:4.4(1767;6)
Nirvana. See also Buddhism
Amida Buddha teaching of ultimate existence 94:12.3(1041;1)
cf: religion not a technique for attaining static and blissful peace of mind 100:3.1(1096;6)
enlightenment and bliss, release from material world 94:8.12(1036;3)
no free n. in early atmosphere 57:7.6(659;5)
son of architect and builder of Garden of Eden 74:2.5(829;7)
advocated houses be made like boats 78:7.5(875;2)
cf: Mithraic flood legend 98:5.3(1082;4)
Mount Ararat and story of the flood 77:4.12(860;7), 78:7.3-5(874;8)
Cain departed for N.; east of second Eden 76:2.9(849;3)
Cain found wife in 74:8.8(837;7), 148:4.7(1660;6)
Elamite Nodite settlement 67:4.2(757;5), 77:4.5(859;8)
and entire council lost in rebellion 67:4.1(757;4)
chairman of council on industry and trade 66:5.11(747;1), 73:1.3(821;6)
leader of Prince's staff rebels 67:4.2(757;5)
Nodites 77:2sec(856;4),. See also races
8th race to appear 73:1.3(821;6), 77:2.8(857;5)
60 rebel members of Prince's staff and 44 Andonic counterparts constituted 104 ancestors of 77:2.4,8(857;1)
Adam impregnated 1,682 N. in second garden to found the Andite race 76:4.8(851;6)
built tower of Babel as memorial to N. racial greatness 77:3.1-2(858;2)
centers of civilization 77:4sec(859;4)
considerable inheritance in white race 80:0.2(889;2)
descendants of rebels on Prince's staff 67:4.2(757;5), 73:1sec(821;4)
descendants settled Crete ca. 12,000 B.C. 80:7.2(895;2)
dispersion and decline 77:4.1(859;4)
Elamite N. were culture and commerce advocates; Syrian N. were nationalistic memorialists 77:4.3-4(859;6)
far superior to Andonites and Sangiks 77:2.4(857;1)
Garden dwellers destroyed nearby N. settlement upon learning of Eve's default; N. retaliated; bitter warfare 75:5.3,9(843;5)
gave valuable cooperation to Edenites 75:2.5(840;7), 75:3.5(841;5), 77:4.1(859;4)
in Mesopotamia 78:1.4(868;6)
later some joined Van 73:1.6(822;3)
long-headed 81:4.2-3(904;6)
occupied Garden of Eden after default 73:7.1(826;6)
belligerent 70:1.2(783;5), 78:4.5(872;3), 80:4.3(892;6)
encouraged cremation to combat cannibalism 89:5.14(980;3)
established extensive culture in eastern Mediterranean, north Africa 80:1.2(889;4)
favored in-marriage 82:5.4(918;4)
originally not cannibalistic 89:5.3(979;2), 89:6.1(980;6)
traditional enmity with Amadonites 73:1.4(822;1)
pre-Sumerian N. blended with Adamites to become Sumerians 77:2.10(857;7), 77:4.6(860;1)
priests in 1st and 2nd gardens were 76:2.2-3(848;2)
referred to as Nephilim in Old Testament 77:2.3(856;6)
regarded man as soul and body 86:5.13(955;5)
split into 3 groups after Dalamatia destroyed 73:1.5(822;2)
still an able people in times of Adam 77:4.1(859;4)
took tree of life after default; did them no good 73:6.7(826;4), 75:3.5(841;5)
false god of light and fire 67:5.5(759;3)
ghosts supposed to be frightened by 87:6.4(964;3)
progressive decline of 68:5.12(769;4)
nonbreathers. See mortals: planetary types
civilization visits heavy penalties on dissenters and 81:5.3(906;1)
accusation that enfeebled specimens would soon perish 143:1.2(1607;4)
cf: approved use of force to protect majority 173:1.11(1891;1)
cf: resisted what was inimical to his children 100:7.14(1103;2)
cf: restrained madman's attack in Crete 130:5.4(1436;5)
cf: would defend himself fully against aggressor without moral judgment 133:1.4(1469;3)
did not make teaching of n. a family rule 127:4.5(1401;5)
goodness of Jesus destroys evil 188:5.2(2018;1)
oft-repeated teaching 183:4.2(1975;5)
opposed negative or passive nonresistance 159:5.9-12(1770;1)
refused to defend himself 124:2.4(1368;6), 133:1.3-5(1469;2), 140:8.4(1579;6), 143:1.7(1608;4), 184:4.5(1984;6)
teaching on n. is comprehended only by living 180:5.11(1950;6)
Lao-tse's teaching 94:6.4,7(1033;7)
nonviolence is only proper political and economic attitude of religion 99:0.2(1086;2), 99:2.5(1087;8), 143:1.7(1608;4)
of selfish reaction to universe 180:5.9(1950;4)
resist not injury to feelings of personal dignity 141:3.8(1590;3)
violet race retained Edenic traditions of peacefulness for many millenniums 78:3.1(870;4), 78:4.5(872;3)
nonsurvivors. See also death: spiritual death; extinction; judgment; resurrection; roll call: of justice; salvation; survival (of mortal death)
Adjusters conserve realities born of love and service 16:9.3(195;5), 47:3.4(533;2), 196:3.32(533;2)
are moving counter to stream of universe events 117:4.11(1284;7)
become as if they had never been 47:2.7(532;5)
delay Supreme in achieving divinity expression 117:4.2,11-13)
failure to survive is never due to neglect by Adjuster 40:4.1(444;4)
final divergence of personality from trend of universe 130:4.8(1434;7)
guardian angels respond to dispensational roll call, but Adjusters make no answer 49:6.7(569;2), 113:6.8(1247;6)
pass into realm of the unrealized 117:4.13(1285;2)
personalities of n. absorbed into Supreme 2:3.4(37;2), 16:9.3(195;5), 117:4.2,4(1283;4)
possibility of cosmic self-destruction unavoidable if personality is to be free 118:7.7(1301;4)
wholehearted identification with evil is nonexistence 54:3.2(615;4)
withdrawing from God, man approaches nonreality cessation of existence 117:4.14(1285;3)

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