The Urantia Book Fellowship
earliest cultures arose along 68:5.2(768;2)
no raging r. on Jerusem or Edentia 43:1.1(485;5), 46:2.2(520;7)
Jericho to Bethany 171:6.4(1874;3), 185:5.3(1993;3)
Appian Way 133:0.2(1468;2)
Damascus road 134:8.1(1492;8), 155:2.1(1726;4), 158:7.1(1759;3), 196:2.1(2091;3)
good r. interconnected major centers in times of Jesus 121:1.4(1332;5)
road of robbers 171:6.4(1874;3), 185:5.3(1993;3)
Romans built 71:1.13(801;1)
delight in wearing long 166:1.5(1826;2), 175:1.9(1907;1)
put on prodigal son 169:1.9(1852;2)
boulders 61:7.1(700;6)
Cambrian overthrust Cretaceous in British Columbia 60:3.14(690;5)
Mithraic cult portrayed militant god taking origin in a great rock 98:5.3(1082;4)
older layers often commingled with younger 57:8.11(661;5), 58:7.1,6(670;3)
rock flour is glacial product 61:7.1(700;6)
Rocky Mountains 59:2.4(675;3), 59:5.18-19(682;1), 60:3.9-14(689;8), 60:4.2-4(691;5), 61:3.3(696;7)
dinosaurs buried in 60:2.2(687;3)
at Jesus' 12th appearance 191:6sec(2044;2)
harmonized philosophy with Judaism 121:6.3-6(1338;6), 130:3.9(1433;4), 146:1.3(1637;5)
instructed by former apostle of John the Baptist 161:0.2(1783;2)
instructed inquiring Greeks 177:3.5(1924;1)
Jesus assigned Nathaniel and Thomas to talk with 160:0.1(1772;1), 161:0.2(1783;2)
Jesus declined to enter into conference with 160:0.1(1772;1), 161:1.2(1783;4)
martyred in Greece 161:2.12(1787;2)
one of greatest of his race 160:5.14(1782;5)
pupils of R. converted Stephen and Barnabas 194:4.11(2068;1)
rodents 49:1.6(560;5), 61:2.7(695;5)
of justice. See also death: spiritual death; extinction; nonsurvivors
all Adjuster-indwelt beings are on 49:6.11(569;6)
guardian angels respond to roll call; Adjusters make no answer 113:6.8(1247;6)
of mercy. See also resurrection
resurrection of sleeping survivors 113:6.8(1247;6)
rejoice your names are written on rolls of heaven 163:6.2(1807;1)
ancient continence cult fostered celibate priesthood 89:3.6(977;1)
authority over things temporal, affairs of kingdom, given to apostles and successors 140:2.2-3(1569;6), 157:4.5-6(1747;3)
call no man father in spiritual sense 175:1.10(1907;2)
in the dark ages 195:3sec(2073;5)
inelastic by 15th century A.D. 92:5.12(1010;3)
Mother of God sect's headquarters on exact site of St. Peter's in Rome 98:3.5(1080;7)
persecution and intolerance come from assumption of superiority and exclusive authority 134:4.3-5(1486;6)
spiritual menace in galaxy of saints 195:4.2(2074;8)
totalitarian medieval church was mother of secularism 195:8.2-4(2081;2)
Jesus' talk with, about loyalty 133:4.3(1474;3)
arrested Jesus 183:3.4,9(1974;2)
compelled Simon of Cyrene to carry crossbeam 187:1.10(2006;3)
entered into full fellowship of kingdom 187:4.4(2009;3), 187:5.4(2010;5)
gave Jesus a sponge of wine 187:3.5(2008;6), 187:5.3(2010;4)
helped bear body of Jesus to tomb; rolled door-stone 188:1.3,5(2013;2)
led procession to Golgotha 187:0.1(2004;1), 187:1.2(2004;6)
stationed at cross 141:3.5(1589;6)
stood astride Master's body with drawn sword 188:1.1(2012;4)
told Luke story of thief on cross 187:4.3(2009;2)
took Jesus to Annas by prearrangement 183:5.1(1977;1), 184:0.1(1978;1)
Roman Empire 98:3sec(1080;3),. See also Romans; Rome
attributes of Roman state 71:1.13(801;1)
demanded loyalty 191:5.3(2043;1)
foreign policy
destruction of Jerusalem by Roman armies 170:2.21(1861;5), 172:3.10(1882;3), 176:0.1(1912;1), 176:1sec(1912;3)
Judea was the most difficult province to govern; error to have sent Pilate 185:1.2,9(1988;1)
objectives in Levant 121:2.8(1334;2)
overcame nationalism by imperial universalism 195:3.2(2073;6)
wars with Parthia 121:1.6(1333;2)
included all of southern Europe, Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt, northwest Africa 132:0.3(1455;3)
Jews revolt against R.E. suicidal 121:2.8(1334;2), 128:5.3(1414;1)
no Latin word for unselfishness 195:3.3(2073;7)
political genius for empire administration 195:1.8(2072;1)
practice of carrying water 3 times around corpse 87:6.5(964;4)
practice of throwing stone into air invoking Jupiter 85:1.3(945;1)
reasons for decline; too rapid extension with internal degeneration 71:1.14(801;2), 195:3.8-9(2074;3)
Christians conquered R.E. in 300 years 195:6.9(2077;5), 195:10.18(2086;4)
conquered by cults and god concepts of Egypt, Greece, and the Levant 98:3.6(1080;8)
emperor worship 98:3.7-8(1081;1)
fought Christianity at first 195:1.5(2071;5)
influence on Christianity 195:2sec(2072;5)
mostly observances of forms, vows, and taboos 98:3.2(1080;4)
political observance 98:3.1(1080;3), 130:3.5(1432;5), 195:2.3(2072;7)
receptive to Christian teachings 195:0.2(2069;2)
spiritually unsatisfied in times of Jesus 195:0.2(2069;2), 195:3.1(2073;5)
tolerant of all religions 121:1.1,3(1332;2), 195:2.2(2072;6)
took over Greek culture, religion 98:3.3(1080;5), 195:2.5(2072;9)
triad gods 104:0.3(1143;3)
social situation
5 social strata in times of Jesus 121:3.1,9(1334;7)
conditions in 2nd century A.D. 195:3.7-11(2074;2)
favored monogamous marriage 83:6.3(927;4)
half population were slaves; majority inferiors 121:3.6-8(1335;5)
half the year wasted on cult ceremonies 87:3.4(960;8)
Jews scattered throughout 121:2.3-4(1333;5)
lax divorce practices 140:8.14(1581;1)
no widespread social problems 121:3.9(1335;8)
Romans contrasted with Greeks and Jews 191:5.3(2043;1)
Romans were great, governed themselves; lawyers by nature and training 195:2.4-6(2072;8)
strengths and weaknesses 71:1.13-14(801;1)
Jesus' talk with, about fair judgment 133:4.7(1474;7)
Jude appeared before 128:6.7(1415;7)
Jesus' talk with, about judgment 132:4.8(1462;1)
Jesus suggested people should support government 132:4.5(1461;3)
Jesus' talk with 132:4.6(1461;4)
bribed to say disciples took Jesus' body 189:2.4(2023;3)
fled when stone rolled away from Jesus' tomb 189:2.4(2023;3)
sensitive to Jewish disrespect 128:6.5(1415;5)
ancients were great believers in love charms 88:5.2(971;4)
Andite contribution 83:2.5(923;5)
of courtship largely responsible for increasing divorce 83:7.7(929;1)
Prince's staff fostered courtship 66:5.29(748;10)
Rome 130:0.3(1427;3), 194:4.13(2068;3),. See also Roman Empire; Romans
city of 2 million 132:0.2(1455;2)
Claudus preached in 130:8.1(1440;1)
Jesus' trip to Papers 130-133 )
largest and most cosmopolitan city of world 132:4.1(1460;5)
only Zebedee knew of Jesus' trip to 134:1.2(1483;4)
Salem teachings in 98:3sec(1080;3)
son of Titus of Capernaum was martyred in 146:5.2(1644;4)
tradition of put-away child saved by divine intervention 89:7.3(982;2)
most mansion world structures roofless 48:3.15(546;8)
summer bedroom in parents' home for young Jesus 123:2.7(1358;4)
tiles removed to lower paralytic 148:9.2(1666;6)
Andonites were 80:5.8(894;1)
collected by government in continental nation 72:7.10(816;1)
reputed tribe of 128:1.14(1409;4)
ruffians at Nazareth 150:7.3(1684;2), 150:8.11(1686;3), 150:9sec(1686;4)
effective teacher of gospel; son of Simon of Cyrene 187:1.10(2006;3)
Jesus aided R. when he was injured by oxcart 130:6.6(1438;3)
old way is suppression and conformance to 143:2.4(1609;5)

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