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Adjusters called, until subjects are age 20 107:0.7(1177;1)
Adjusters called, when subjects older than 40 107:0.7(1177;1)
thought recorders, celestial artisans; also preserve thought of great Urantia minds 44:4.2-4(503;2)
celestial artisans 44:4sec(503;1)
Jesus' comment to Ganid regarding 132:7.1,2(1466;1)
Jews encompassed Matthew's death in 139:7.10(1560;6)
Thracians believed in immortality 92:6.1(1010;5)
three. See 3
three-brained mortals 49:5.6-11(566;1),. See also brains; mortals: planetary types
light from Deity abode 27:7.7(304;5)
carrying bride over 83:2.3(923;3)
dawn mammals had primitive opposable 62:2.1(703;5)
mid-mammals had perfectly opposable 62:3.2(705;1)
James and John were sons of t. 139:3.1,5(1552;5), 139:4.6(1554;4), 181:2.4(1955;5)
overawed early man 85:4.3(947;2)
Bretons protect against lightning with 80:9.14(899;1)
once lucky day for weddings 83:4.5(925;1)
Andites entered China via pass of 79:7.1(886;2)
Tiberias 128:2.6(1410;5), 135:12.4(1508;4), 147:0.1-2(1647;1), 148:7.3(1665;2), 150:3sec(1680;3)
capital of Galilee; succeeded Sepphoris 129:1.1-2(1419;4), 135:12.1(1508;1)
conferences of Herod and Sanhedrin at 154:0.1(1717;1), 154:3sec(1719;2)
James of Safed from 158:4.2(1755;8)
Jesus told apostles to avoid 137:5.1(1531;5)
Matthew's parents lived at 139:8.2(1561;2)
admired Jesus' bearing 132:0.1(1455;1)
coemperor with Augustus 136:2.8(1512;4)
died while Pilate on way to Rome 185:1.6(1988;5)
Gonod carried greetings from princes of India to 132:0.1(1455;1)
suffered Pilate remain procurator of Judea 10 years 185:1.1(1987;5)
Tibet 61:1.8(694;5), 64:1.1(718;3)
Andite migration to 78:5.6(873;2), 79:1.1-2,8)
Andonites in 64:3.2(720;3)
Asoka established Buddhism in 94:9.1(1037;4)
early Chinese settlements near 78:1.7(869;3)
has something of all religions except Jesus' gospel 94:10.3(1038;7)
little Tibetan contact with Chinese until recent times 79:5.3(883;4)
migration to Yangtze valley from 79:6.5(885;2)
much of population shamanistic nonproducers 90:2.11(988;7)
religion in 94:10sec(1038;5)
slows down planets' revolutions 57:6.2-3(657;5)
swept over Dalamatia 67:5.4(759;2)
if unarmed man met a hungry 70:9.1(793;11)
Jesus' helper on Mount Hermon; Jesus gave donkey to 134:8.1,2,10(1492;8)
and Euphrates area was cradle of Occidental and Indian civilizations 78:1.3(868;5)
second garden adjoined 76:0.1(847;1), 76:1.1-3(847;3), 76:3.8(850;4)
Sumerians lived at mouth of 77:4.6(860;1), 78.8sec)

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