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deer 61:3.5(696;9), 61:5.7(699;8)
hunted by Neanderthalers 64:4.2(720;8)
after failures, will we rise to try anew? 48:6.24(555;3)
blaming others for our own 176:3.9(1918;2), 193:4.7(2056;5)
d. remands Havona pilgrim to universes with seraphic guardian or Paradise Companion 25:8.9-11(284;2), 26:3.9(289;2)
discretion carried too far leads to failure 149:4.4(1673;4)
do not fear failure 34:7.8(383;2)
educational episode; gain wisdom in adjusting to 160:4.8-10(1779;6)
enthusing over apparent d. 26:5.3(291;3)
failures are only unescapable delays 26:8.4(294;3)
friendship lessens sting of 160:2.9(1776;3)
Jesus' humanity not insensible to apparent failure 182:3.10(1969;5)
Jesus untouched by apparent failure 100:7.7(1102;4)
Judas refused to entertain apparent failure 177:4.3(1924;7)
Judas was poor loser; bitterly resented thwarting 193:4.6(2056;4)
never hesitate to admit d.; learn to fail gracefully 160:4.7(1779;5)
spiritual insight turns d. into new determinations 196:3.26(2096;5)
story of Fortune 130:6sec(1437;1)
times of d. always times of great revelation 195:9.3(2082;8)
true mirror in which to view one's real self 156:5.17(1740;4)
trust in God's goodness despite bitter 101:3.4(1108;3)
wrest victory from jaws of 127:6.12(1405;4)
defilement. See also ceremonies: purification ceremonies
by contact with the dead 135:1.1(1496;6), 135:2.1(1497;3)
by entering gentile building before Passover 185:0.3-4(1987;3)
caused by evil originating within heart 153:3.5(1712;5)
Greeks believed d. caused by pork, garlic, menstruation 84:4.8(936;1)
purification after childbirth 84:4.6(935;6), 122:9.1(1352;4), 122:10.2(1354;1)
great handicap confronting Urantia 55:3.14(626;3)
7 levels of function 0:1.3-10,14)
7 Master Spirits portray sevenfold Deity 16:1.1-2(185;1)
and reality Paper 105 (1152;1),)
D. presence absolute only on upper Paradise 11:3.1(120;4), 56:9.7(645;2)
always one in human experience 34:6.2(380;3)
creature-realized in Adjuster fusion 117:3.9(1282;4)
embraces energy facts as well as spirit values 0:2.7(4;4), 103:7.3(1138;1)
natures of Father, Son, Spirit, Supreme, Sevenfold, Ultimate, and Absolute 118:0.1-8(1294;1)
personalizable as God, characterized by unity and divinity 0:1.2,16(2;2), 0:1.15(3;2), 56:5sec(640;5)
source of all that is divine 0:0.15(3;2)
Supreme is maximum of Deity that creatures can understand 56:6.3(641;4), 56:8.1(643;4)
truth, beauty, and goodness are revelation of 56:10.2,9(646;3)
deities of primitive religions. See gods and goddesses
existential Deities
3 persons of Deity are Universal Father, Eternal Son, and Infinite Spirit 3:6.8(53;6), 10:3sec(110;7), 56:5.1(640;5), 56:7.3(642;3)
is unity, totality of function, in Trinity 0:7.1-4(10;6), 10:3.7,8,16(111;5), 117:3.9(1282;4)
master circuits derive from personality presences of 34:4.2(377;6)
matter is time-space shadow of Paradise energy-shining of 56:10.18(648;1)
spirit presence influenced by loyalty of creatures 13:4.3-5(150;2)
task of Havona pilgrims is spiritual and personality recognition of 26:7.5(293;3)
total potential in Deity Absolute 10:8.4(116;5)
transcend time and space 130:7.4(1439;2)
experiential Deities
1st and 2nd experiential Trinities are derived Deities 0:12.3(15;9)
evolution enlarges revelations of 56:7.1,2,5(642;1)
Father achieves expression in 0:7.4(10;9)
God the Supreme, God the Ultimate, and possibly God the Absolute 0:9.4(13;2)
overcontrol by experiential Deities causes phenomena to be unpredictable 15:8.9(176;4)
presence influenced by creature loyalty 13:4.4-5(150;3)
unification of evolutionary Deity 56:6sec(641;2)
fragmented Deity entities in Paradise classification 30:1.17-19(333;3)
God as Father takes precedence over all phases of Deity 54:6.2(618;5)
infinite goal of eternal attainment 56:10.16(647;7)
mind is indigenous to 6:6.2(78;5)
nature. See beauty; goodness; justice: divine justice; love: divine love; mercy; omnipotence; omniscience; truth
Paradise is not D. 11:9.4(127;2)
personalization of 10:2-4secs)
realities of D. seek realization in personalization 0:12.4(16;1)
sevenfold approach to 0:8.1(11;5)
threefold personalization was absolute inevitability 16:1.1(185;1)
Trinity functions as total Deity 10:8.3-4(116;4)
unrevealed beings in Paradise classification 30:1.5,11(331;1)
Deity Absolute 0:4.5(7;3), 56:9.7(645;2),. See also Absolutes: the three; God the Absolute
defined as
Absolute of potentiality; activator of static potentials 115:3.8,10(1262;5), 118:4.3-5(1298;3)
destiny inceptor; 1 of 7 Absolutes of Infinity 105:3.6(1156;3)
experiential in actualization, existential in potential 0:7.3(10;8)
experiential Trinities culminate in personalization of 56:9.5(644;7)
Infinite Potential; I AM self-qualified 105:2.9(1155;2)
limitless, timeless, spaceless, boundless, and measureless truly infinite 106:7.3,9(1169;2)
not the equivalent of the Infinite 0:10.1(13;4)
prepersonal and existential potential of total Deity 0:3.9(5;8), 0:11.5-6(14;3), 10:8.4(116;5), 105:3.6(1156;3)
the Qualified Absolute 0:11.6(14;4)
unifies with Unqualified Absolute in Universal Absolute 0:3.11(5;10), 0:11.3(14;1), 56:1.2(637;4), 56:9.1(644;3)
unlimited function of Trinity? 56:9.3(644;5)
God the Absolute is existential as 0:2.15(4;12)
liaison of Universal Censors with 19:4.7(218;5)
Majeston created by reaction in 17:2.2-6(199;6), 106:8.17(1172;5)
member of triodity of potentiality 104:5.4(1151;4)
overcontrols all material reality 56:1.2(637;4)
reactions hardly personal; unpredictable 7:1.9(83;1), 12:6.6-7(136;4)
relation to Eternal Son 7:1.9-10(83;1)
responds in terms of welfare of whole creation 0:11.5(14;3)
response in creation of Majeston in excess of forecasts 17:2.5(200;3)
spirit emerges from potentials of 6:5.2(77;5), 7:1.10-11(83;2), 7:2.1(83;4)
triunity membership 104:4.10,19(1149;1)
unification of Trinity Absolute experientializes 0:12.7(16;4), 106:5.1(1167;2)
unrevealed 22:0.2(243;2)
delay. See also patience
mortals should be slow to criticize universe delays 54:6.8(619;5)
never looked on as defeat on Paradise 26:8.3-4(294;2)
postponement is not avoidance 48:5.8(551;3)
wisdom of 54:4-5secs)
freely distributes himself; is not self-centered 2:2.5(36;3), 7:0.2(81;2)
reserves only powers impossible to delegate 5:0.2(62;2), 8:3.2(93;4), 10:1sec(108;4), 10:3.6(111;4), 32:4.1-2,10-12)
resigned exercise of all direct power in behalf of Supreme Creators 4:4.4(58;9), 108:4.1(1190;2)
Jesus did not do what others could acceptably perform 141:1.3(1588;1), 148:0.3(1657;3), 149:0.2(1668;2)
Jesus installed brothers as heads of Joseph's house 128:2.4(1410;3)
overindulgent parents encompass moral undoing of their thoughtless children 147:5.9(1653;3), 177:2.2(1921;6)
after baptism, John knew Jesus was the D. 135:8.7(1504;5)
bestowal Paradise Sons accredited as Deliverers 27:0.2(298;2)
Jesus acknowledged to Nalda that he was the D. 143:5.7-8(1614;1)
many false deliverers will come and lead astray 176:1.1(1912;3)
Peter acknowledged Jesus to be the D. 157:3.5(1746;2)
by transport seraphim on Jerusem 46:5.19(526;1)
if entire planet must be emptied 51:2.3(582;3)
of Adam and Eve 74:0.1(828;1), 74:1.5(829;1)
of Jesus' body by archangels 189:2.1-4(2022;6)
of Melchizedek 93:8.1(1022;3)

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