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arising out of relationships require wisdom 28:5.13(311;5)
allow Adjusters to strengthen while wrestling with 111:7.3(1223;5)
challenged and invigorated by 26:5.3(291;3), 130:6.4(1438;1), 156:5.21(1740;8)
courageously face problems of universe reality 91:8.2(1001;3)
gospel is solvent for d. 194:2.1(2060;6)
many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God delivers them 131:2.10(1445;4)
Master's love does not deliver us from d. 180:1.5(1945;2)
must traverse fringe of conflict 159:3.7(1766;3), 160:1.6(1773;3)
not concerned by temporal upheavals 176:3.2(1916;2)
those seeking God delivered from captivity 130:1.2(1428;2)
unafraid when overtaken by 48:6.24(555;3), 156:5.13,21(1739;8), 159:3.13(1767;1)
use moral power and spiritual energy to solve d. 166:3.8(1829;5)
when clouds gather overhead, look beyond mists of mortal uncertainty 108:6.8(1194;1)
wrest victory from jaws of defeat 127:6.12(1405;4)
benefits of difficulties
Andon and Fonta bred in difficult environment 61:6.3(700;4)
man learned industry through oppression 69:8.8(779;7)
many find God seeking divine help to resolve d. 103:2.4(1131;3)
many truths only felt in adversity 48:7.18(557;2)
missteps because perfection is goal, not origin 75:8.6-7(846;5)
must be encountered as training for soul 154:2.5(1719;1)
prepare us for wisdom, higher learning 132:7.2(1466;2)
times of testing always times of great revelation 195:9.3(2082;8)
cannot be changed unless Father wills 147:3.3(1649;3)
cannot talk men out of some perplexities 143:3.1(1610;4)
challenge mediocrity and defeat the fearful 48:7.7(556;7)
Creators made universes in which d. abound; misadaptation inherent in growth 23:2.5(258;4), 25:3.7(277;4), 105:6.4(1159;4)
do not ask God to solve your 91:6.5(999;8)
Father participates in our struggles 1:5.15-16(29;5)
friendship lessens sting of 160:2.9(1776;3)
future will exhaust possibilities for misadaptation 117:7.10(1292;4)
intellectual and emotional d. do not interfere with certain survival of God-knowing soul 110:3.5(1206;3)
did not participate in social d. 143:3.1(1610;4)
left untangling of d. to outworking of Father's will 137:5.3(1532;1)
refused to apply material tests to spirit problems 136:9.9(1523;1)
Judas blamed others for his own d.; never went to Jesus with personal d. 193:4.7,10(2056;5)
mankind must solve its own problems 65:3.6(734;3)
many are nonexistent, creations of exaggerated fear 143:3.6(1611;4)
mortal affairs do not long run smoothly 75:8.6-7(846;5), 128:5.7(1414;5)
mortal struggling is not in vain 32:5.1-2(364;3)
much difficult to reconcile with idea that truth prevails 194:3.2(2062;11)
perspective gained only by studying situation's origin, history, and destiny 19:1.5-12(215;2)
portion of all who refuse to grow up 156:5.18(1740;5)
problem avoidance is animal trait which morontia career eradicates 48:5.8(551;3)
religion sorts, evaluates, and solves most d. 196:3.1(2093;6)
testing reveals man's soul 165:6.2(1824;5)
cooking reduced energy necessary for 69:6.7(778;2)
Sumerian city referred to by Egyptians 77:4.8(860;3)
Nodite headquarters after submergence of Dalamatia 77:3.1-2(858;2)
Sumerians confused with traditions of Dalamatia 77:4.8-9(860;3)
1 pound brain controlled 40 ton body 60:1.10(686;6)
appearance, evolution, and decline 60:1.10(686;6), 60:2.1-6,10)
birds evolved from hollow-boned leaping 60:1.10(686;6), 60:2.12(688;4)
in decline; doomed by too little brain for body size 60:3.20-21(691;1), 61:2.5-6(695;3)
largest d. lived in Rocky Mountains 60:2.2(687;3)
more agile types predominated 60:3.20(691;1)
none buried in Australia 60:2.2(687;3)
placental mammals descended from 61:1.2(693;5), 65:2.12(733;2)
starved to death 60:2.3,12-14)
Cynics traced philosophy to 121:4.4(1336;2)
Dion 165:0.1(1817;1)
nature worship of D. flourished in Greece 98:2.10(1079;7)
Jesus would not employ d. to further ministry 136:8.4(1520;5)
4 points of compass inherent 34:4.10(378;7)
absolute d. established by axis of Paradise 11:2.3(119;4)
positions of superuniverses relative to Paradise 15:4.5(169;5)
living compasses of universe headquarters 34:4.9-10(378;6)
supreme seraphim; highest angelic council 39:1.16(429;2)
avoid confusion and uncertainty 27:4.3(301;4)
instruct Paradise arrivals in accepted usages 27:4.1(301;2)
primary supernaphim 27:0.3(298;3)
Satisfactions of Service are reflective of 28:5.17(312;4)
Adjusters subject to 110:7.10(1213;5)
an inevitability; commonplace feature of human existence 3:5.6(51;5), 193:4.7(2056;5)
attendant upon selfish pursuits 195:9.7(2083;3)
attends upon error since it cannot be lived out 2:7.6(42;7)
can turn love into hate 177:4.11(1926;4)
crushes those fixed on temporal allurements 177:4.10(1926;3)
faith sons fearless of, not discouraged by, d. 100:6.6(1101;1), 100:7.8(1102;5), 127:6.12(1405;4), 130:6.4(1438;1), 156:5.13(1739;8), 160:4.7(1779;5)
fattening upon 26:5.3(291;3)
friendship lessens sting of 160:2.9(1776;3)
greatest d. is failure in Deity adventure 26:10.2-4(295;4)
Jesus predicted crushing d. 171:2.4(1870;1)
Jesus subjected apostles to repeated 153:1.3(1708;2), 157:4.1(1746;5), 158:5.4(1757;4)
Judas never had philosophic technique for meeting 193:4.7(2056;5)
never regarded as defeat on Paradise 26:8.3(294;2)
spiritual value of 151:0.1(1688;1)
those d. which never come are hardest to bear 48:7.21(557;5)
to lessen d., expect less of some 48:6.25(555;4), 192:2.10(2049;1)
trust in God's goodness despite bitter 101:3.4(1108;3)
worst d. sometimes becomes greatest blessing 48:6.25(555;4)
does not lead to peace 134:6.6(1490;9)
always works out for welfare and progress 10:7.5-6(115;7)
Caligastia betrayal and Adamic default was 34:7.6(382;6)
collisions revivify burned-out suns 15:5.11(171;6)
endowment of imperfect beings with freedom entails inevitable tragedy 110:0.1(1203;1)
if physical catastrophe should doom a planet, survivors carried away to new world 51:2.3(582;3)
Jesus cheerfully indifferent toward 178:2.1(1932;4)
disclose naked souls of reflected individuals 28:5.9,19-20)
have inherent spiritual insight 28:5.20(313;2)
liaison with counselors and advisers of Havona 28:5.19(313;1)
reflect knowledge of Mother Spirit 28:5.22(313;4)
reflect presence of Adjusters 28:5.22(313;4)
secondary seconaphim, reflective associates of Universal Censors 28:5.19-22(313;1)
Jesus requires life of his d. 191:5.3(2043;1)
Jesus subjected d. to repeated disappointment 153:1.3(1708;2)
may return home to minister to loved ones 163:2.2(1801;5)
must be willing to forsake father, mother, wife, and child for kingdom 171:2.2-3(1869;4)
must earn own bread, contribute to those who teach 165:5.3(1823;3)
must renounce all they are, dedicate all they have 150:4.3(1682;1), 163:3.4(1804;1), 167:2.2(1835;2), 171:2.2,4(1869;4)
only 3 men refused Jesus' invitation to become 149:2.12(1672;1)
vs. apostles 140:6.9-13(1577;3)
we are Jesus' d. if we do Father's will, love one another 102:6.7(1125;2), 162:7.2(1796;4), 180:1.1(1944;4), 180:2.1(1945;4), 191:4.3(2041;6)
early war enforced 70:2.3(785;8)
errant Melchizedeks purged with correctional rest 35:2.8(386;6)
family members must sometimes share in 3:2.9(48;1)
Father cuts away unfruitful branches 180:2.6(1946;4), 193:2.2(2054;3)
few mortals engage in spiritual 110:7.6(1213;1)
God sometimes chastens us for our own profit 2:5.3(39;2)
in social groups
fellowship should maintain temporal order 159:1.3,6(1762;5)
social groups may maintain order 43:8.4(494;3), 178:1.2(1929;3)
Jesus never hesitated to be severe if necessary 171:7.7(1875;2)
of children
begun very early among ancients 84:7.20-25(941;1)
favorable 66:7.5(750;7)
in Joseph and Mary's family 123:3.9(1360;4)
Jesus began early; punishment seldom required 127:4.3-4(1401;3)
let compassion be part of all punishment 131:9.4(1453;2)
punishment as corrective affection 142:2.4(1597;4)
restraint of child's unwise acts 143:1.4(1608;1), 177:2.7(1923;1)
wise fathers chasten in love for correction 142:7.9(1604;4), 188:4.10(2017;5)
tempt not angels to lead you in troublous ways 178:1.10(1931;1)
Van's loyalty resulted from disciplined character 67:3.6(756;7)
whom the Lord loves he corrects 148:5.5(1662;2)
work for full and unlimited sin-expression as quickest final cure 54:5.9-12(617;9)
be not discouraged; evolution still in process 196:3.30(2097;1)
be not discouraged by discovery you are human 156:5.8(1739;3)
does not necessarily signify resistance to Adjuster 110:3.5(1206;3)
evidence of moral immaturity 160:1.6(1773;3)
Jesus was with Simon Zelotes through all his d. 181:2.11(1957;1)
story of Fortune 130:6sec(1437;1)
commerce and adventure led to 69:4.8(775;8)
Jesus' counsel on wealth derived from 132:5.6,10(1463;4)
carried too far, leads to cowardice and failure 149:4.4(1673;4)
Jesus concealed what made him look different 124:4.1(1371;4), 126:3.14(1391;4)
wisdom embraces d. as well as sincerity 181:2.15,21,27(1958;2)

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