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Archeozoic, from 1 billion to 550 million years ago 59:0.2(672;2), 78:7.4(875;1)
prepersonal entities. See Thought Adjusters: nature of Adjusters
designers and embellishers of celestial artisans; dramatize significance of relationship 44:6.7(506;8)
presence of God. See God: consciousness of God
interpret in light of correlated past and future 19:1.11(215;8)
trivial when divorced from past and future 160:2.9(1776;3)
does not save, ennoble, or stimulate growth 103:5.11(1135;1)
should develop stability and certainty 48:6.24(555;3)
courage and faith can lead unthinking men to recklessness 149:4.4(1673;4)
Father is not like an indulgent parent who condones recklessness 147:5.9(1653;3)
Jesus' faith wholly free of 196:0.14(2090;1)
Peter's p. caused trouble 139:2.3(1550;6), 181:2.27(1962;1)
recklessness of blind p. 100:7.15(1103;3)
in continental nation 72:10.2(818;5)
arrogance may evolve into sin 111:6.2(1222;1)
commendable in family, reputation, and nation if not carried too far 139:6.3(1558;4)
contemplating God, self-glorification is ridiculous 48:4.15(549;2)
deceitful, intoxicating, and sin-breeding 111:6.10(1223;2)
exaltation of one's own mind over God's 50:1.2-3(572;4)
Father disdains 140:8.21(1582;2), 149:6.11(1676;5)
futile without audience to parade before 68:2.10(765;7)
goes before destruction 111:6.10(1223;2), 131:2.6(1444;6), 179:4.2(1940;4)
greatest danger to man's spiritual integrity 111:6.9(1223;1), 142:0.2(1596;2)
Lucifer's and Caligastia's exaggerated feelings of self-importance 66:1.5(741;7), 66:8.2(752;3)
Lucifer's p. nourished itself to self-deception 53:2.5(603;1)
material irritant of immaturity 160:3.5(1778;3)
obscures God 131:7.3(1451;3)
outruns reason and eludes logic 195:7.7(2079;2)
p. of unspiritualized learning treacherous 130:3.7(1433;2)
prevented by intimate contact with others 160:2.7(1776;1)
resist not injury to feelings of personal dignity 141:3.8(1590;3)
subtleties of spiritual p. 163:6.6(1807;5)
wisdom of recognizing one's insignificance 131:8.6(1452;4)
priests 90:5.4-8(992;5),. See also religion
awe common people by conducting ritual in ancient tongue 90:5.6(992;7)
call no man Father in spiritual sense 175:1.10(1907;2)
celibate due to baseness of woman 84:4.4(935;4)
celibate orders fostered by continence cult 89:3.6(977;1)
claimed to hold keys of heaven 90:5.5(992;6)
deleterious agency of religion 91:5.6(999;2)
ecclesiasticism incompatible with living faith 195:10.8(2084;8)
institutional religion turns ministers into administrators 99:6.3(1092;3)
intervene between religionist and object of worship 90:0.2(986;2)
Micah denounced priests who teach for hire 97:5.5(1067;2)
millstones about neck of races 90:5.8(993;2)
primitive priests
became specialized according to predilections 90:5.4-5(992;5)
chief among ancient capitalists 69:5.9(776;7)
were worshiped 85:6.2(948;2)
Salem missionaries forbidden to function as 98:1.1(1077;5)
women entitled to perform religious service 194:3.14(2065;2)
placed land under protection of taboos 69:9.13(781;7)
first group to appear on organizing material spheres 29:4.27(328;3)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.17(337;1)
living catalytic agents; act by their presence 29:4.25(328;1)
most slavish of all intelligent creatures 29:4.5,27(325;1)
produce primitive units of material existence 29:4.25(328;1)
store or release energy 29:4.25-26(328;1)
type of Master Physical Controller 29:4.4(324;6)
personalization of local universe Mother Spirit 17:6.7(204;3), 34:1.1(374;4)
Andonites assimilated better strains of 65:3.4(734;1)
descendants of mid-mammals; immediate ancestors of humans 61:6.1-2(700;2), 62:3.10(706;1), 62:4.1-2(706;5)
extinct 5000 years after man's appearance 62:4.7(707;6)
greatly subject to fear 62:4.4(707;3), 63:2.3(712;3)
last vital link in human evolution 62:4.7(707;6)
lightning struck tree in which prospective mother slept 62:3.9(705;8)
replenished fire kindled by lightning 63:2.7(712;7)
skeletons very similar to primitive humans 62:4.4(707;3)
threw stones; used clubs, spicules of flint, bone 63:1.2(711;5)
walked upright, largely abandoned tree life; developed language 62:4.1-4(706;5)
primitive mortals. See mortals: primitive mortals
Caligastia 179:2.3(1938;2)
bestowal Son 52:6.1(597;2)
Jesus 68:3.5(766;6), 93:10.7(1025;3), 136:9.7(1522;6), 137:8.7(1536;4)
Jews believed Messiah would reign over them as 97:10.1(1075;6)
Melchizedek who lived on Urantia 35:4.5(389;4)
printing. See also writing
early appearance in China 79:8.7(887;7)
Master's teaching misinterpreted since exact words not remembered 180:2.4(1946;2)
progress slow before printing press 81:6.9,44(907;6)
truth difficult to perpetuate prior to 93:7.4(1022;2), 122:8.7(1352;3)
wife of Aquila 133:3.12(1473;5)
Holdant in charge of internees 45:3.5(512;5)
in Satania are 7 worlds circling world of the Father 45:1.10-11(510;8), 53:9.8(611;7)
morontia progressors permitted to visit 45:1.11(510;9)
solemn warning to all Nebadon 53:9.8(611;7)
first refinement of war was taking of 70:1.20(785;3)
Jesus' talk with the condemned prisoner 133:4.12(1475;5)
John the Baptist at Machaerus 135:10sec(1506;3)
John Zebedee 139:4.13(1555;6)
Jude 128:6.5(1415;5)
preventive detention but no prisons in continental nation 72:10.1-3(818;4)
Roman law allowed one friend to stand with prisoner 183:5.3(1977;3)
Creators respect p. even of lowly creatures 18:1.4-6(208;3)
none in primitive life 70:10.4(795;1)
among primitives
brought increased liberty and stability 69:9.16(782;3)
first p.p. consisted of things personally touched 69:9.8(781;2)
food was man's first 66:5.3(746;1)
institution came with agriculture 81:2.9(902;3)
methods of handling early property disputes 70:11.8(797;6)
regarded as spiritual handicap 89:3.2(976;4)
respected because supposed charged with owner's personality 69:9.9(781;3)
sleeping space was one of earliest 69:9.11(781;5)
essential to modern national life 70:9.2(793;12), 71:1.4,13(800;6)
institution of self-maintenance 84:8.6(943;1)
man craves right to use, control, sell, and bequeath 71:2.9(802;8)
necessitated government 70:0.1(783;1), 71:2.9(802;8), 81:2.3(901;6)
right to p.p. not absolute, but all government, liberty, and happiness have grown up around 69:9.17(782;4)
enjoy without abuse 48:7.8(556;8)
children in
absent choice for ascendant career, die at life's end; no adjudication 47:2.7(532;5)
Adjusterless children enter p.n. upon survival of parent of most advanced spiritual status 47:2.2(531;6), 49:6.11-14(569;6)
Adjusters indwell 47:2.3(532;1), 49:6.13(570;2)
are wards of the finaliters 47:2.2(531;6)
attended by seraphic guardians, spornagia 47:2.6(532;4), 49:6.13(570;2)
cannot become finaliters 47:2.8(532;6)
constitute permanent ascendant citizenship of Paradise 30:2.19(337;3), 47:2.8(532;6)
given opportunity to choose heavenly way 47:2.2(531;6)
personal guardians serve those attaining 3rd circle 49:6.13(570;2)
raised in families of 5 47:2.3(532;1)
repersonalized as of status at death except no sex differentiation 45:6.7(516;5), 47:2.2(531;6)
children who die after receiving Adjusters but before the age of spiritual choice live with Material Sons; do not go to p.n. 47:2.4-5(532;2)
devoted to children who die before acquiring individual status in event of survival of either parent 45:6.7(516;5), 47:2.1(531;5)
half of finaliters' world devoted to 45:6.7(516;5), 47:1.1(530;5), 47:2.1(531;5)
Lucifer and Satan sought to corrupt 53:7.9(608;5)
similar nurseries also maintained on constellations and local universe headquarters 49:6.14(570;3)
spironga minister to physical necessities 47:2.6(532;4)
supervised by 1000 Material Son and Daughter couples 45:6.9(517;2)
survivors deficient in parental experience must qualify in p.n., possibly with own children 45:6.6-8(516;4), 47:1.4-5(531;2)
visitation by mortal parents 47:1.4-5(531;2)

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