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Andite military genius of Mongols; monotheistic 79:1.9(879;6)
tribesmen still look for return of 92:5.3(1008;5)
civilization limited by available g. 78:2.4(870;2)
faith may lead to fanaticism in a religious g. 196:0.6(2088;1)
fostered in continental nation 72:6.7(814;9), 72:7.1(815;1)
Jesus' advice regarding disposition of wealth from 132:5.2,10(1462;3)
neutralized by gravity of mediocrity 111:7.5(1223;7)
normal man is source of mutant geniuses 68:6.11(770;8)
obligation of g. to race and nation 132:5.10(1464;4)
primitives could not distinguish g. from insanity 88:1.9(968;4)
primitives looked upon g. as possessed by wise spirit 88:1.10(968;5)
Gennesaret 152:6sec(1705;1), 156:6.3(1741;3)
gentiles. See also heathen
court of gentiles in Jerusalem temple 121:2.5(1333;7)
in times of Jesus; religions of 121:3sec(1334;7), 121:5sec(1336;5)
looked upon g. with contempt 121:7.1(1339;6)
mingled more freely with g. in Galilee 123:5.7(1362;8)
morally superior to g. 121:4.1(1335;10), 121:5.17(1338;2)
fruit of the Spirit 34:6.13(381;7)
China protected by its g. 79:6.12-13(885;9)
India did not achieve hegemony due to its topography 79:2.5(880;3)
influential in determining peace or war 81:6.5(907;2)
protection of North America by oceans allowed unmolested development 81:6.5(907;2)
1. Archeozoic (prelife era)
1 billion to 550 million years ago 59:0.2(672;2), 78:7.4(875;1)
2. Proterozoic (life-dawn era)
550 to 400 million years ago 58:7.1(670;3), 59:0.3(672;3)
3. Paleozoic (marine-life era)
400 to 150 million years ago 59:0.4(672;4), 59:6.11(684;1)
Cambrian (trilobite age)
400 to 350 million years ago 59:1sec(673;1)
Ordovician (invertebrate-animal age)
350 to 300 million years ago 59:2sec(674;7)
Silurian (coral and brachiopod age)
300 to 275 million years ago 59:3sec(676;5)
Devonian (age of plant life, fishes)
270 to 220 million years ago 59:4sec(678;2)
Carboniferous (age of fern forests, frogs)
220 to 180 million years ago 59:5sec(680;3)
Permian (seed-plant age; biologic tribulation)
170 to 150 million years ago 59:6sec(682;7)
4. Mesozoic (early land-life era)
150 to 50 million years ago 59:0.5(672;5), 60:4.6(692;4)
Triassic (early-reptilian age)
150 to 125 million years ago 60:1sec(685;3)
Jurassic (later-reptilian age)
125 to 100 million years ago 60:2sec(687;2)
Cretaceous (age of flowering plants, birds)
100 to 50 million years ago 60:3-4secs)
5. Cenozoic (mammalian era)
50 million years ago to the present 61:0sec(693;1)
Eocene (early-mammal age)
50 to 35 million years ago 61:1sec(693;4)
Oligocene (advanced mammal age)
35 to 25 million years ago 61:2sec(694;7)
Miocene (age of elephant and horse)
25 to 10 million years ago 61:3.15(698;2)
Pliocene (mammalian migration stage)
10 to 1 million years ago 61:4sec(698;3)
Pleistocene (ice age)
2 million to 100,000 years ago 61:5-7secs)
Holocene (post-glacial period)
35,000 years ago to the present 61:7.18(702;8)
million-year cycle of rise and fall of continents 60:4.1(691;4)
rock layers extensively commingled 57:8.11(661;5), 58:7.1,6(670;3)
stone book 58:7sec(670;3)
after Melchizedek's departure, Abraham moved to 93:9.2-3(1022;5)
Gerasa 128:3.2(1411;2), 134:9.1(1494;4), 138:9.3(1546;5), 144:7.1(1626;2), 152:7.1(1706;2), 159:0.2(1762;2), 165:0.1(1817;1), 166:3sec(1828;5)
Germany 59:4.8(679;1), 60:1.4(685;6), 60:2.6(687;7)
Nordic-Danish, and Danubian-Andonite racial groups 80:9.3(897;6)
Germans are descendants of Andite and blue races 80:4.5(893;1)
white race dominant by 5000 B.C. 80:5.8(894;1)
Talmai was king of 97:9.10(1072;8)
older than speech, considered more magical 88:6.4(972;4), 92:2.2(1004;5)
Gethsemane Papers 178, 182, 183) 147:2.2(1648;4), 176:3sec(1916;1), 177:3sec(1923;2),
camp on ground belonging to Simon of Bethany 173:5.5(1895;3)
Jesus alone in 182:3sec(1968;2)
olive press near entrance to 183:0.3(1971;3)
on western slope of Mount of Olives near Kidron 142:8.4(1606;1)
ghosts Paper 87 (958;1),)
cults were insurance against hazards of bad luck 87:0.1(958;1)
early peoples associated g. with the sea 84:1.4(932;1)
fear of ghosts
disciplined and controlled primitives 68:3.3(766;4)
drove men into society 68:2.4,6(765;1), 68:3.1,4(766;2), 68:4.3(767;3)
fountainhead of ethics, religion 68:4.3(767;3), 87:1sec(958;3), 87:4.1(961;2)
prepared men's minds for "fear of the Lord" 68:3.3(766;4)
produced dread of being alone 84:7.17(940;13)
savages lived in fear of g. 87:3.3(960;7)
senseless superstition 68:3.3(766;4)
illusory g. environment of primitive man 86:6sec(955;6)
Moses sought to uproot ghost cults 92:5.8(1009;5)
most primitive idea of human souls 86:4.3(953;2)
nature and activities of ghosts
administered justice through medicine men 70:10.5(795;2)
angered g. caused misfortune, unhappiness 87:2.2(959;3)
caused disease by enticing soul out of body 90:3.4(989;6)
credited with supernatural powers, but not supernatural intelligence 87:1.2-5(958;4)
enjoyed unlimited rights but no duties 87:5.1(962;2)
expected at least one slave wife be buried alive with 87:2.7(960;1)
explained the unusual and the inexplicable 86:4.4(953;3)
frightened by noise 87:6.4(964;3)
good and bad ghosts 87:4sec(961;2)
levied continuous tribute for noninterference 87:5.1(962;2)
preferred to indwell objects they owned when alive 88:2.1(968;6)
punished those who disdained their rules 68:4.3(767;3)
took pleasure in discomfort of living 87:2.4(959;5), 89:0.2(974;2)
placation long preceded coercion and supplication 87:2.1(959;2)
rites designed to avoid, expel, or coerce 87:0.1(958;1)
savage believed g. to be breath minus body 86:4.4(953;3)
shamans howled away g. responsible for disease 90:4.3(991;2)
soul concept 86:5sec(953;8)
spirits of departed humans do not return or communicate 112:3.7(1230;5), 146:7.2(1646;3), 150:3.5(1680;7)
stratagems to hoodwink 87:1.2,5(958;4), 87:6.3(964;2)
superghost doctrine not yet wholly rejected 87:5.8(963;3)
superstition of g. dream still persists 68:3.3(766;4)
supposed human origin of g. gods 85:6.4(948;4)
in green and orange races 51:4.2(584;4)
killed Andon and Fonta's parents 62:5.10-11(708;8)
not human ancestors 62:1.1(703;2)
Canaanite city attacked by Saul 97:9.13(1073;3)
King David turned over 7 descendants of Saul to G. to be hanged 97:9.13(1073;3)
gave way after an earthquake 80:2.4(890;8)
protected Mediterranean in early days of violet race 80:1.1(889;3)
Midianites overran Jordan valley in days of 124:6.6(1374;6)
consecrated will is greatest gift to God 1:1.2(22;5), 56:8.3(644;1), 196:0.10(2088;5)
every good and perfect gift is from God 2:6.3(41;1)
God gives his children the spirit and blessings 131:10.3(1453;5), 144:2.4(1619;2), 146:2.6-10(1639;1)
people revel in Christmas g. 69:5.13(777;1)
salvation is a free gift 150:5.3,5(1682;5), 167:5.1(1838;2), 170:2.18(1861;2), 193:1.2(2053;4), 193:2.2(2054;3)
Gilboa Paper 144 (1617;1),) 122:7.5(1351;1), 123:5.13(1364;1), 124:6.1(1374;1)
conference with John's apostles at G. 144:6sec(1624;2)
encampment at 144:1sec(1617;4)
King Saul took his life at 124:6.3(1374;3), 134:9.5(1495;2)
Matthew and Philip chased out of Samaritan village at 162:0.1(1788;1)
Philistines defeated Saul at 97:9.6(1072;4)

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