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heathen. See also gentiles
why h. rage; narrow outlook concentrates energies 155:1sec(1725;2)
also referred to as Great Beyond 63:6.6-7(716;5)
conceived as
1st mansion world by most prophets 48:6.12(553;4)
7 mansion worlds 15:7.5(174;5)
deadland, ghost homeland 87:1.1(958;3)
Jerusem 46:0.1(519;1)
savages' conceptions 86:4.7(953;6)
eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor mind conceived 181:2.20(1960;1)
h. of heavens 48:6.12(553;4)
Jewish traditions derived from Zoroastrianism 95:6.6(1050;2)
not endless rest but ceaseless progression 181:1.2(1953;4)
only the rich supposed to go direct to 69:5.12(776;10)
some wise men saw vision of 48:6.12(553;4)
celestial artisans 44:2sec(500;7)
1. singers q.v.
heavenly reproducers, celestial artisans 44:2.6(501;5)
alphabet from Philistines; little writing until 900 B.C. 74:8.9(838;1)
distinctly Andonite 80:8.2(896;7)
Jesus spoke 123:2.7(1358;4), 123:5.1,4(1362;2)
not a written language at time of exodus from Egypt 96:5.2(1057;7)
spoken by priests and rabbis in times of Jesus 121:6.2(1338;5)
author understood mission of Melchizedek 93:9.11(1024;2)
portrays religious life of Jesus 196:2.1(2091;3)
Hebron 134:7.5(1492;5), 142:8.1(1605;3), 159:6.4(1771;5), 186:3.2-3(2000;5)
Abraham's military capital 93:5.11(1019;8), 93:9.2,4(1022;5)
headquarters of Abner 150:0.1(1678;1)
John and Elizabeth moved to 135:2.3(1497;5)
King David made headquarters at non-Hebrew city of 97:9.7(1072;5)
synagogue at H. denied Sanhedrin's jurisdiction; destroyed by fire 154:2.1(1718;2)
superior, prolific Andonites 64:2.3(719;6)
Adam and Eve 8 feet tall 74:1.1(828;2)
anxiety cannot add handbreadth to 165:5.2(1823;2)
giantism among green and orange peoples 51:4.2(584;4)
Heldua 156:3.1(1736;6)
in solar-energy reactions 41:8.1(464;3)
in Egyptian religion 95:2.9(1045;2)
invented for punishment of taboo violators 89:2.4(976;1)
Jewish traditions derived from Zoroastrianism 95:6.6(1050;2)
primitives entertained no ideas of 86:4.7(953;6)
wicked destroyed by fire under Mithraism 98:5.4(1082;5)
consequence of personality isolation 184:4.6(1985;1)
Fortune's feelings of 130:6sec(1437;1)
man at pool of Bethesda was victim of 147:3.5(1649;5)
Veronica touched Jesus' 152:0.2-3(1698;2)
exaltation of one god above the many 104:2.1(1145;2)
Hebrews passed through 96:1.2,14(1052;5)
lost most Lanonandeks in rebellion 35:9.8(393;8)
neighboring universe to Nebadon 32:2.12(360;1)
Able was a herder; Cain was a farmer 76:2.2(848;2)
Andites were expert 78:5.8(873;4)
differences with agriculturists 68:5.11(769;3), 70:8.7(792;11), 81:1.4(900;6)
domestication of animals came about accidentally 69:7.2(778;5)
first capitalists 69:8.5(779;4)
herding reduced effort necessary to secure food 69:6.7(778;2)
looked down on farmers 81:1.4(900;6)
men lived on increase in flocks in pastoral era 68:5.7(768;7)
mother-family came to speedy end under herder mores 84:2.6(933;4)
no herds kept in Garden of Eden 73:4.1,3(823;7)
slavery not prevalent among 69:8.4(779;3)
women reduced to social slavery in pastoral era 68:5.8(768;8), 69:7.5(778;8)
divine h. sometimes discloses attributes not discernible in the Creator 17:3.3(201;1)
human h. See genetics
Gautama should have listened to the h. Godad 94:7.4(1035;4)
feared, killed James Zebedee 139:3.8(1553;4)
Herod Antipas 152:6.5(1705;5), 174:2.4(1899;4)
animosity with Pilate 185:3.8(1992;1)
apostate Jew; believed nothing, feared everything 154:0.2-3(1717;2)
evil doings 135:3.4(1498;3)
murdered Bethlehem babies 122:10sec(1353;5)
James of Safed was minor official of H.A.; Chuza was steward 150:1.1(1678;5), 158:4.3(1755;9)
Joseph killed working on H.A. 's palace in Sepphoris; H.A. decreed no wages due 126:2.1(1388;1), 126:5.7,11(1393;4), 185:4.1(1992;3)
Joseph preferred H.A. to Archelaus 123:0.5(1356;2)
many of H.A. 's household believed in Jesus 147:0.2(1647;2)
brother of Tetrarch Philip 153:1.1(1707;4)
son of Herod the Great; governed Galilee and Perea during Jesus' youth and ministry 121:2.11(1334;5)
tetrarch; wicked Idumean 185:4.1-2(1992;3)
rebuilt Sepphoris and cities of Galilee 121:2.11(1334;5), 185:4.1(1992;3)
regarding Jesus
arrayed Jesus in old royal robe 185:4.3(1992;5), 186:4.1(2001;4)
change of heart regarding Jesus 156:6.8(1741;8)
dared Jesus perform a miracle 185:4.2(1992;4)
decided to kill Jesus or drive him away 171:4.4-6(1872;1)
Jesus called "fox" 126:5.7(1393;4), 171:4.6(1872;3)
Jesus left Galilee to avoid 141:1.1(1587;3)
Jesus refused to speak to; would not work for 128:2.6(1410;5), 185:4sec(1992;3), 186:2.2(1999;2)
knew Sanhedrin would not give Jesus a fair trial 154:3.2(1719;3)
permitted Sanhedrin to seize Jesus on religious charges 148:7.3(1665;2), 154:0sec(1717;1), 154:3sec(1719;2)
resurrection of Lazarus alarmed 171:4.5(1872;2)
sent observers for information on Jesus; to see if Jesus were John risen from dead 137:7.4(1534;3), 145:3.12(1633;3), 153:1.1(1707;4)
regarding John the Baptist
cursed with fear from killing John 185:4.3(1992;5)
imprisoned, beheaded John 135:10.2-3(1506;4), 135:12.7(1508;7), 144:0.2(1617;2), 144:9.1(1627;6), 175:1.4(1906;1)
talked with John about kingdom of heaven 135:12.3(1508;3)
at Julias, Machaerus, Sepphoris, Tiberias 135:12.1-2(1508;1), 150:3.1(1680;3)
Jerusalem home was Asmonean (Maccabean) palace 125:1.5(1379;1), 128:3.5(1411;5), 185:4.1(1992;3)
deposed by A.D. 7 124:6.2(1374;2)
Joseph feared H.A. would pursue policies of his father 123:0.5(1356;2)
palace in Jericho 171:8.2(1875;7)
parable of pounds based on experience of 171:8.2(1875;7)
father of Archelaus 123:0.5(1356;2)
father of Herod Antipas; built harbor of Caesarea; died 4 B.C. 121:2.11(1334;5)
from Idumea 121:2.9(1334;3)
Maccabean palace was home of 185:4.1(1992;3)
ruled Judea; built temples for strange gods 121:2.9-10(1334;3)
advocated restoration of Herodian dynasty 137:7.10(1535;2)
united in effort to discredit Jesus 174:2.1(1899;1)
Herod Antipas's unlawful wife; hated John the Baptist 135:12.2,5-6)
help children choose 140:5.14(1574;7)
man profoundly influenced by character of his 92:7.8(1013;3)
thief on cross saw a true hero 187:4.5(2009;4)
Heshbon 128:3.2(1411;2), 159:0.2(1762;2), 165:0.1(1817;1), 171:3.2(1870;5)
Greek virgin goddess of hearth; became Vesta in Rome 98:3.3(1080;5)
Hebrews worshiped serpents down to days of 85:3.3(946;5)
Father not in hiding 5:1.2,10(62;4)
will all be revealed 150:4.2(1681;9), 151:3.1(1691;4), 165:3.2-3(1820;1)
early people wrote on 66:5.9(746;7)
Leah prophetess of H.; Philip crucified at 139:5.11-12(1557;5)
early writing 69:4.7(775;7)
accompany Paradise Sons on bestowal missions 37:5.8(411;6)
act as friends of the court; race commissioners 37:5.5-7(411;3)
in group Universe Aids 37:1.1(406;3)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.24(338;1)
number 1.5 billion in Nebadon 37:5.6(411;4)
Spirit-fused mortals may become 37:5.1-10(410;4)
work with court advisor seraphim to ensure charges against mortals are fairly stated 39:1.7(428;1)

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