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one of chief Mesopotamian deities 95:1.4(1042;5)
ascenders' s. is sublime by reaching Havona 26:4.6(290;3)
even in material-mindedness, Philip was sincere 181:2.20(1960;1)
Eve's project of modifying the divine plan was sincere 75:4.6(842;8)
key of the kingdom 39:4.14(435;7), 170:2.18(1861;2)
most serviceable when wedded to discretion 181:2.21(1960;2)
of prayer is assurance of its being heard 145:2.6(1630;2)
shadow of hair's turning, premeditated for untrue purpose, is falsehood 48:6.22(555;1)
sometimes causes pain 100:7.2(1101;6)
heavenly reproducers, celestial artisans 44:2.3(501;2)
Chinese spiritual leader 100,000 years ago 79:6.10(885;7)
one of 24 counselors 45:4.8(513;9)
teacher of yellow race 45:4.8(513;9), 64:6.15(724;5)
teachings persisted in Taoist Shang-ti concept 79:8.4(887;4), 94:5.3(1032;5)
beings of direct or indirect descent from one of the Paradise Deities 30:1.10(332;1)
in Paradise classification 30:1.10-13(332;1)
B. ascending orders
2. ascending Material Sons. See Material Sons of God
3. evolutionary seraphim. See seraphim
4. evolutionary cherubim. See cherubim and sanobim
5. unrevealed ascenders 30:1.12(332;3)
C. family of Infinite Spirit. See Infinite Spirit: family of
Andite culture dominant in 15,000 B.C. 78:5.2,6(872;6), 78:6.4(874;1)
aridity forced Andites to invent new methods in 81:6.3(906;8)
eastern Turkestan; Tarim River in 79:1.1-2(878;2)
migration to China from 20,000 years ago 79:6.5(885;2)
become as though they had not been 53:9.7(611;6)
bond servants of sin 162:7.2(1796;4)
God goes in search of 159:1.2(1762;4), 159:5.13(1770;5)
God loves 2:5.4(39;3), 2:6.8(41;6)
Jesus loved, came to call 100:7.11(1102;8), 137:8.16(1537;3), 138:3.6(1540;9), 138:6.4(1543;2), 157:6.9(1750;3)
joy in heaven over one who repents 159:1.2(1762;4), 167:7.5(1841;4), 169:1.2,4(1850;9)
no peace for the wicked 131:2.10(1445;4)
time to accept salvation is vouchsafed every sinner 54:5.2-3(617;2)
wicked people should not be allowed to take advantage of "golden rulers" 71:4.4(804;4)
defeated by Deborah and Barak at Taanach 126:1.2(1387;2)
Siva. See also Hinduism
Hindu lord of life, death, fertility, and destruction 94:4.5(1031;6)
member of Hindu trinitarian concept 104:1.5(1144;2)
contain fossils nearest to transition man 64:3.4(720;5)
dependable in deciphering human racial origins 81:4.3,9(904;7)
originally, 5 distinct types 81:4.3-9(904;7)
asserts knowledge fallacious, conviction impossible 121:4.5(1336;3)
philosophy leans upon metaphysics 103:6.14(1137;4)
Occidental religion languished until days of 98:6.2(1083;2)
skies. See also atmosphere
mistake to dream of God far off in the s. 5:2.3(64;6)
became fetishes 88:1.8(968;3)
trephined to allow escape of headache spirits 90:4.4(991;3)
types 78:8.1(875;5), 80:1.2(889;4), 80:2.1-2(890;5), 80:7.2(895;2), 80:8.2,5(896;7), 80:9.5-10(897;8), 81:4.2-9(904;6)
indicates presence of organic carbon 58:7.10(671;3)
shale changed into 59:1.12(674;2)
slavery. See also slaves
abolition of slavery 71:2.5(802;4), 71:8.5(807;1)
after arrival of Adams 51:4.7(585;3)
in continental nation 72:5.2(813;3)
among races in primitive times 51:4.6-7(585;2)
benefits of slavery
compelled backward and lazy peoples to work 69:8.6(779;5)
compelled man to invent regulative society 69:8.7(779;6)
great advance over massacre and cannibalism 69:8.2-3(779;1), 81:2.3(901;6)
indispensable link in civilization 69:8.6-7(779;5)
liberated captors' wives from tilling soil 84:3.8(934;7)
raised masters' standard of living 81:2.9(902;3)
slaves eventually shared blessings of higher society 69:8.8(779;7)
detriment of slavery
Greek culture perished as result of s. 80:7.6,13(895;6), 98:1.1(1077;5), 98:2.3(1078;7), 133:5.12(1477;7)
practice deteriorated Cro-Magnons 80:3.9(892;3)
reason for Roman decline 195:3.9(2074;4)
s. is gravest destructive social malady 69:8.8(779;7)
feature of military conquest 69:3.7(774;6), 69:8.1-4(778;9), 70:8.5(792;9), 121:3.7(1335;6)
in civilization 69:8sec(778;9)
industrial servitude in s. to debt 69:8.10(780;1)
institution came with agriculture 81:2.9(902;3)
lending was primitive means of enslavement 69:5.8(776;6)
man attached to the land 69:8.5(779;4)
not prevalent among pastoral peoples 69:8.4(779;3)
possible emancipation made early church tolerant of 121:3.8(1335;7)
primitive man a slave to usage 68:4.5(767;5)
primitives never hesitated to enslave 69:8.1(778;9)
secularism betrays man into political and economic 195:8.4(2081;4)
specialization of labor based on 69:3.7(774;6)
slaves. See also slavery
Africans were great slave race 69:8.5(779;4)
Claudius was wealthy Roman slaveholder 132:4.5(1461;3)
difficult for s. to transfer master-fear into God-love 92:7.7(1013;2)
exempt from temple head tax 173:1.3(1889;1)
girl in Fair Havens 130:5.4(1436;5)
half Roman population were s.; majority inferiors 121:3.6(1335;5), 133:0.2(1468;2)
in Judea, s. cost 30 pieces of silver 186:1.2(1997;5)
killed to serve their masters in ghostland 87:2.8(960;2)
master's power over s. unqualified under Roman law 121:3.7(1335;6)
often received wages; could purchase freedom 121:3.8-9(1335;7)
sacrificed by owners to show disdain for wealth 69:5.14(777;2)
some early war caused by need for 70:1.11(784;7)
women were the first 69:8.1(778;9)
sleep. See also dreams
Adjusters may detach during 48:6.12(553;4)
Adjusters sometimes effect spiritual transformations during 109:5.1(1199;2), 110:5.2-4(1208;1)
custom to speak of death as 167:4.6(1837;5)
primitives believed soul left body during 86:5.4,6(954;3)
revolting dreams disturbed young Jesus' 125:2.4(1379;5)
sleeping space among first private possessions 69:9.11(781;5)
candidates for Spirit-fusion repersonalized 40:9.3(450;5), 49:6.6(569;1)
Magisterial Sons preside over awakening of 20:2.5(225;4), 20:3.1(226;1)
mortals without personal guardians who cannot go directly to mansion worlds 30:4.4(341;1)
of Adamic dispensation raised 189:3.1-3(2024;3)
personality, mind transcripts, and memory held by Adjusters; mind-matrix and potential of identity in soul held by destiny guardians 47:3.3-4(533;1)
personality identification preserved on archangels' worlds 37:3.8(409;5)
repersonalized at end of dispensation 49:6.3-7(568;6), 112:5.10,13(1233;6)
rest in unconscious sleep until new dispensation 30:4.4-5(341;1)
resurrection by guardian angels 113:6.7-8(1247;5)

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