The Urantia Book Fellowship
by selective assorters 48:2.16(544;6)
conducted on mansion worlds by Melchizedeks 45:7.7(518;3)
inability to pass written e. does not prove unfitness 103:8.3(1140;3)
none for Havona pilgrims after attaining Infinite Spirit 26:8.3(294;2)
required to advance in Havona 26:5.5(291;5), 26:6.4(292;4), 26:7.3(293;1), 26:8.3(294;2), 26:10.3(295;5)
Trinity Teacher Sons administer 20:8.3(231;3)
Jesus' life an inspiration, not an e. 120:2.7(1328;4), 129:4.7(1425;6), 136:0.1(1509;1), 140:10.3(1585;1), 181:1.3(1953;5), 194:2.8(2061;6), 196:1.5(2091;1)
not lastingly influential to children 100:1.4(1094;6)
followers of Jesus cast out of synagogues; denied rights and privileges 164:4.6,11(1814;2), 164:5.4-5(1816;1), 190:3.3(2033;3), 190:5.1(2034;2)
no residual waste on mansion worlds 47:4.6(535;2)
primitives carefully buried e. from fear of magic 88:5.1(971;3)
Morontia Companions 25:7.1(282;5), 47:3.12(534;4), 48:3.14(546;7)
existential reality. See reality: levels of reality: existential reality
employment of one spirit to control or banish another 87:6.6(964;5)
place in evolution of religious observances 90:0.1(986;1)
ritual merges with avoidance, coercion, propitiation 89:0.2(974;2)
age oftentimes represents 181:2.5(1955;6)
all experience is part of the Supreme 117:5.14(1287;5)
always has advantage over theory 102:6.7(1125;2)
ascension plan characterized by giving e. to others as soon as acquired 30:3.9(339;6)
beings created in perfection are deprived of 32:3.10-11(361;5)
concomitant of lengthening time unit 118:1.3-8(1295;3)
confidence in dependability of personal 102:6.4(1124;6), 102:7.7(1127;1)
determined by depth of concept, force of expectant imagination, keenness of sensory discovery 102:4.2(1123;2)
education increases respect for others' e. 25:3.12(278;3)
finaliters' e. will embrace everything presently possible 48:8.4(558;2)
gives conceptual capacity to comprehend problems 54:6.10(620;2)
goal of e. is to attain wisdom 27:6.2(302;6)
God understands every creature's need for 32:4.2(362;6)
good when it heightens appreciation of truth, beauty, goodness 132:2.5(1458;2)
infinity of God encompasses potential for 108:0.2(1185;2)
Jesus simplifies 100:7.18(1103;6)
Lucifer, with maximum intelligence and e., went astray 67:3.9(757;2)
man constitutively dependent on 106:9.8(1174;4)
Michael required to earn sovereignty by 119:8.2(1318;1)
nothing takes the place of 22:9.6-8(252;8), 108:0.2(1185;2), 109:1.3(1195;4), 181:2.5,24(1955;6)
outer spacers will lack finite e. 31:10.4(353;3)
subjective, except for validity of cosmic mind response 16:9.1(195;3)
experientials. See also reality: levels of reality: finite reality
earned power, demonstrated power 106:2.3(1164;6)
energy manipulator celestial artisans; technicians of interplanetary communication; 12 serve on Urantia 44:5.7(505;4)
Jesus' advice on wealth derived from 132:5.2,8(1462;3)
Jesus detested taking advantage of the weak, unlearned, or less fortunate 140:8.21(1582;2), 147:8.4(1656;5), 163:2.11(1803;2), 173:1.11(1891;1)
self-admiration leads to 54:1.6(614;1)
Andites never stopped until globe explored 78:4.6(872;4)
commerce and adventure led to 69:4.8(775;8)
post-Adamic dispensation is age of great 52:3.6(593;5)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.26(338;3)
teachers from next higher residential world 30:3.8(339;5)
extinction. See also death: spiritual death; divine executioners; iniquity; judgment: divine judgment; sin; survival (of mortal death)
Ancients of Days
alone may decree e. 2:3.3(37;1), 15:12.2(180;3), 18:3.7(210;1), 20:3.2(226;2), 33:2.1(367;3)
executioners of Ancients of Days 2:3.6(37;4), 53:3.5(603;6)
mandated new rebels' instantaneous e. during Michael's bestowal 54:4.5(616;4), 120:1.5-6(1326;2)
seldom execute wrongdoers without full hearing 54:5.7(617;7)
cf: God not willing that any perish 2:5.2(39;1)
described as
automatic result of conscious and wholehearted embrace of evil 2:3.2(36;7), 54:3.2(615;4)
blotting out of existence 37:3.7(409;4)
direct act of superuniverse judges 2:3.3(37;1), 15:12.2(180;3), 33:7.4(372;8)
effected by Uversa executionary broadcast 53:9.1,7(610;6)
everlasting and eternal; no resurrection from 2:3.4(37;2)
sin-identified individuals' self-destruction through becoming unreal 2:3.2(36;7), 2:6.8(41;6)
Father takes from vine branches not bearing fruit 180:2.1,6(1945;4)
local universe courts may not decree 33:7.4(372;8)
Magisterial Sons render judgments of e., but do not execute 20:3.2(226;2)
mandates for e. originate in local universes 15:12.2(180;3)
may not transpire until all moral values are extinct in evildoer and all sympathizers 54:3.2-3(615;4)
mind subservient to matter destined to suffer e. 1:3.7(26;1)
planetary council first approves petition for e. 2:3.3(37;1)
Solitary Messengers function as executioners 23:2.10(259;3)
usually decreed at dispensational adjudications 2:3.3(37;1)
wages of sin is death 46:8.4(529;3)
what mercy cannot rehabilitate, justice annihilates 21:5.4(241;1)
Adam and his offspring had blue 76:4.1(850;7)
Cain's Adjuster "looked out" from 76:2.8(849;2)
eye for an eye 70:10.9(795;6), 140:6.9(1577;3), 140:8.5(1579;7), 159:5.11(1770;3)
eye of a needle 163:3.1(1803;3)
have never seen what God has prepared 11:4.5(121;6), 24:6.2(269;6), 43:6.8(493;1), 44:2.1(500;7)
if what you see with your e. gives offense, sacrifice cherished idols 158:8.1(1761;2)
react to octave of ordinary sunlight 42:5.13(475;9)
windows of spirit-born soul 42:12.5(483;5), 86:5.11(955;3), 111:0.7(1216;1), 140:6.12(1577;6)

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