The Urantia Book Fellowship
156:6.3-4(1741;3), 157:6.1(1748;4), 158:8.1(1761;2), 176:2.9(1915;6), 177:5.1,3(1927;2), 182:2.5(1966;5), 187:6.1(2011;5), 188:3.3(2014;6)
at Jesus' 4th appearance 190:2.6(2032;4)
believed Jesus would rise from tomb 186:3.4(2001;2), 188:1.8(2013;7), 190:1.2(2030;1)
closed camp at Pella, sold equipment 171:1.4(1868;6), 172:2.3(1880;4)
dropped Judas's bag in Matthew's lap 190:1.3(2030;2)
father Zebedee went to live with 138:5.4(1542;5)
fearless and efficient leader 154:5.1,3(1720;2), 190:1.7(2031;1)
financial overseer of kingdom at Philadelphia 171:1.5(1869;1)
followed Jesus after draught of fishes 145:1.1,2(1628;4)
gave Judas funds from equipment sale 172:2.3(1880;4)
guarded Jesus
Jesus declined offer of guards by 177:0.3(1920;3)
ordered messengers to safeguard Jesus 154:2.3(1718;4)
posted 25 sentinels about Zebedee house 154:6.7(1722;3)
stood guard at Gethsemane 182:2.10-12(1967;5)
knew of plan to kill Jesus; Judas's part 178:2.3(1932;6), 182:2.1,9(1966;1)
married Ruth, left for Philadelphia after crucifixion 190:1.10(2031;4)
plunged Kirmeth into lake 148:8.3(1666;2)
respected Jesus as mechanic, but took little stock in his religious views 129:1.12(1421;2)
self-appointed defender of Lazarus 171:1.5(1869;1)
sent for Salome and Jesus' family 177:3.3(1923;4)
served of his own heart 182:2.10(1967;5)
set up big camp at Pella 163:5.2-3(1806;3)
supervised Bethsaida encampment 148:0.1(1657;1)
the dependable D.Z. 186:3sec(2000;4)
descendants of lemurs 62:2.1(703;5)
fear led to wise precautionary measures 62:2.4(704;3)
gave rise to mid-mammals after 70 generations 61:6.1(700;2), 62:3.1(704;6)
killed off by mid-mammals 62:3.4(705;3)
lemurlike mother escaped death by mere hairbreadth 62:3.9(705;8)
possessed large brains; walked mostly on hind feet 61:6.1(700;2)
shared instincts with primitive man 62:2.3(704;2)
sudden appearance 1 million years ago 61:6.1(700;2), 62:2.1(703;5)
tribal spirit; pugnacious when disturbed 62:2.5(704;4)
danger of habitual religious d. 100:5.8(1099;6)
days. See time: days and years
early Christian church women teachers called 150:1.3(1679;2)
assortment of Egyptian magical texts 95:2.5(1044;4)
dead, the. See also death
ancients never spoke names of 87:2.6(959;7)
Jews buried on day of their demise 167:4.3(1837;2)
let others bury 163:2.2(1801;5)
Nazarite vow forbade contact with 135:2.1(1497;3)
Dead Sea 124:6.8(1375;2), 135:1.1(1496;6), 135:2.3(1497;5)
Jordan flowed down toward 124:6.5(1374;5)
belief ghost desired to proceed undisturbed to 87:2.2(959;3)
home of ghosts 87:1.1(958;3), 87:2.4,8(959;5), 87:4.2(961;3)
among primitives
d. believed to be penalty of sin 89:2.2(975;6)
feared d., which liberated another ghost 86:5.2(954;1), 87:1.1(958;3)
house destroyed in which d. occurred 87:1.3(958;5)
inexplicable 86:3-4secs) 88:4.5(971;1)
shamanic theories; witchcraft 90:3sec(989;3)
physical death 49:6sec(568;4), 55:2sec(623;1)
Adjuster departs for Divinington after destruction of mind circuits 112:3.3(1230;1), 112:4.1,3(1231;1)
advanced mortals exempt from 49:6.18-21(570;7), 55:2.1(623;1)
body remains on planet 12:8.16(141;1), 30:4.8(341;5), 39:2.13(431;2), 189:1.2(2021;1)
guardian angels after their subjects' 113:6sec(1246;5)
helpful to view with cheerfulness 55:2.5-6(623;5)
in physical battle is easy 143:1.6(1608;3)
no time consciousness in 112:3.7(1230;5), 112:5.13(1234;2), 168:2.5,9(1846;4), 188:3.9(2015;5)
no d. on Paradise 27:1.5(299;5)
occurs upon cessation of measurable brain energies, vital motion 101:3.3(1108;2), 112:3.4(1230;2), 112:5.14(1234;3)
pilot light in human mind disappears upon 113:6.2(1246;6)
reflective phenomenon may occurs just prior to 39:5.11(438;4)
significance of death
brings new dispensation of service 176:2.7(1915;4)
gains man nothing except experience of survival 47:3.7(533;5), 48:0.2(541;2), 48:7.25(557;9), 103:5.7(1134;5)
only the beginning of endless career 14:5.10(159;6)
part of mortal life 20:6.7(229;6), 188:4.2(2016;7)
precipitates events which lead to Jesus 176:4.7(1919;4)
technique of escape from material life 32:5.4(364;6), 47:10.7(540;3), 49:6sec(568;4)
spiritual death. See also extinction; nonsurvivors; roll call: of justice
Adjuster, seraphim must concur in, Censors verify 112:3.2(1229;9)
Adjuster proceeds to bosom of Father upon 39:2.13(431;2)
Adjuster released after rejection of survival; seraphim stays 112:3.2(1229;9), 130:4.8(1434;7)
doom final only after self-concepts fully displace spirit nucleus 12:9.6(142;1)
guardian angel responds to dispensational roll call, but Adjuster makes no answer 49:6.7(569;2), 113:6.8(1247;6)
Jesus warned of spiritual doom 153:2.3(1710;1)
not sealed until power lost to choose Father's will 5:1.11(64;2)
ancients put 10 innocents to death for supposed responsibility for 1 natural death 88:4.5(971;1)
burning at stake under Hammurabi, Moses 70:10.14(796;4)
for stealing cattle, horses 70:10.15(796;5)
Moses prescribed d.p. for ghost cultists 92:5.8(1009;5)
Romans denied Jews right to inflict 162:3.3(1793;2)
state's right of self-defense 133:4.12(1475;5)
sure and swift in continental nation 72:10.1(818;4)
neither peace nor war can be run by 70:5.5(789;3)
cruelty persisted in reign of 70:1.17(784;13)
defeated Sisera at Taanach 126:1.2(1387;2)
ambition enslaves men to 69:8.10(780;1)
early creditors controlled body after death 69:5.8(776;6)
governments may not incur d. in continental nation 72:7.3,7(815;3)
parable of moneylender 147:5.4(1652;1)
parable of shrewd steward 169:2sec(1853;4)
recorded on wax board bond 169:2.4(1853;7)
secret societies employed by merchants to collect 70:7.14(792;3)
Decapolis Papers 144, 159) 128:3.2(1411;2),,. See also Scythopolis
Amos the Kheresa lunatic evangelized in 151:6.8(1697;1)
Greco-Roman cities of 123:5.12(1363;5), 124:3.6-9(1370;4)
Deccan. See also India
Andites migrated into 79:2.4-5(880;2)
Aryans left little racial impression in 79:4.3(882;3)
debasing, debilitating cults and creeds from 79:4.7(882;7), 94:2.5-6(1029;3)
Dravidian culture survived in 79:3.6,8(881;6)
Salem missionaries encountered caste system in 94:2.1-2(1028;4)
annual festival of Mithras celebrated on 98:5.4(1082;5)
adjutant mind-spirits relatively isolated on 65:7.3(738;6)
always have midwayers 38:9.2(424;2)
Life Carriers experiment with new patterns on 57:8.7-9(661;1), 58:0.1(664;1)
life experiment worlds with greater variance in standard life designs; 1 world in 10 is 36:2.8(398;2)
small dark planets suited to life experiments 23:2.13(259;6), 49:5.4(565;5)
Tabamantia is inspector for d.p. in Satania 49:5.5(565;6)
Urantia is 60th d.p. in Satania; unique features 36:2.8(398;2), 49:5.4(565;5), 57:8.7-10(661;1), 58:0.1(664;1), 65:4.7-9(735;6)
Adjusters make life difficult to stimulate and multiply 108:5.5(1191;6)
consummated in action 101:7.1(1113;3), 117:5.13(1287;4)
essential to acquirement of survival values 50:6.3(578;3)
facing serious d., Jesus withdrew for communion 136:4.8(1515;2)
influenced by morality, ignorance, immaturity, delusion 16:7.7(193;6)
Jesus' great d. 136:5-10secs)
moral nature impotent without discriminating meanings 16:7.8(193;7)
advance in spirit status by strength, power, and persistency of their d. 39:4.14(435;7), 117:3.6(1282;1), 127:2.12(1398;4)
are so devoid of courageous d. 110:4.5(1207;5)
must arrive at their own d. 163:2.8(1802;4)
sometimes hear Adjuster's direct voice upon supreme d. 110:7.9(1213;4)
of morontia progressors respected if not detrimental to self or others 48:6.6(552;4)
Philip faced with question of lifetime 137:2.4(1526;4)
power of choice is insignia of freewill creaturehood 112:5.5(1233;1)
result of decisions
crisis relationship of d. has much to do with circle-making influence 110:6.6(1210;1)
d. open up new capacity for growth 115:3.16(1263;3)
moral d. causes divine invasion of soul 196:3.17(2095;4)
persistent repetitions of d. essential to psychic circle achievement 110:6.6(1210;1)
presence of God determined by 13:4.4-5(150;3)
supply psychic fulcrum for Adjusters 108:5.8(1192;3)
Supreme Being depends for actuality on mortals' d. 112:5.5(1233;1)
tarrying in valley of d. 165:3.8(1820;7)
we chart our own course; angels make best possible use of that course 113:5.4(1246;3)

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