The Urantia Book Fellowship
chief function of ancient clubs was to prevent 70:7.4(791;1)
early fell into disrepute 82:4.4(917;7)
Illinois 59:5.17(681;9), 61:7.2,9(701;1)
art operates by means of its 48:7.23(557;7)
inevitable crash of disillusionment from living in world of unreality 160:4.7(1779;5)
only attainable ideals reside in God 160:5.5-9(1781;1)
science has destroyed childlike i. 195:6.4(2076;9)
the unwise prefer optimistic i. to reality 160:1.7(1773;4), 160:4.7-8(1779;5)
man made in 1:3.1(25;1), 3:4.7(50;5), 6:5.7(78;3), 7:4.4(85;5), 10:3.1(110;7), 32:2.8(359;5), 92:5.1(1008;3), 117:3.5(1281;7)
spirit presence of Father in bestowal of Adjusters 1:3.1(25;1), 10:3.1(110;7), 108:6.3(1193;2)
images. See also art
concept pictures of thought recorder celestial artisans convey immense quantity of information 44:4.5-6(503;5)
earliest i. made to preserve memory of illustrious dead 88:2.4(969;2)
Jesus' drawing on synagogue floor 124:1.4-5(1366;5)
Jesus left none of himself behind 120:3.7(1330;2)
Jews' prejudice against 185:1.3(1988;2)
Moses forbade i. to control fetish worship 88:2.5(969;3), 96:5.5(1058;3)
pictures of Jesus most unfortunate 141:3.6(1590;1)
supposed effective in magic 88:5.3(971;5)
Adjusters' work in the creative 109:5.1(1199;2)
friendship mutually stimulates 160:2.8(1776;2)
trait derived from Andites 80:5.7(893;9)
Andite architectural genius; built first pyramids 80:6.4(894;5)
human tendency 101:7.2(1113;4)
of God is key to perfection 111:5.2(1221;3)
God within every individual 5:5.6(69;1), 12:7.11(138;6)
living presence of Supreme Being 4:1.10(56;2)
Supreme anticipates future evolution as 117:7.6(1291;10)
Immanuel 18:6sec(212;3), 33:5sec(370;6),. See also Unions of Days
counseled Michael to allow rebellion to self-obliterate 54:5.8(617;8)
has never acknowledged subordination to Michael 33:5.2(370;7)
knew of Lucifer's disaffection for 500 years 53:2.3(602;6)
Michael requested I. forever to remain in Nebadon 119:8.1(1317;5)
Michael's elder brother 53:5.1(605;5), 54:5.8(617;8), 128:1.11(1409;1)
participates in executive affairs only upon request 33:5.2(370;7)
regarding Michael's bestowal
after baptism, Jesus recalled instructions of 129:3.9(1424;4), 136:3.3(1512;7), 136:4.2(1514;3)
assumed authority during Michael's bestowals 119:1.1(1309;2), 119:2.3(1311;2), 119:3.2(1312;3), 119:4.1(1313;4), 119:5.1(1314;4), 119:6.2(1315;5), 120:0.6-7(1324;3), 120:1.4(1326;1)
bestowal commission to Michael 120:1-3secs) 141:7.11(1594;5)
Jesus' bestowal release 136:3.5(1513;2)
messages to Jesus 124:6.15(1376;1), 136:3.5(1513;2), 188:3.13(2016;2), 196:1.6(2091;2)
suggested Jesus continue bestowal to end 136:4.7(1515;1)
vouched for Michael's safety prior to arrival of Adjuster 120:2.9(1329;1), 123:2.2(1357;6)
so named because representative of Father 33:5.1(370;6)
supervises Faithfuls of Days 33:5.3(371;1)
Union of Days number 611,121 assigned to Nebadon 33:5.1-3(370;6)
would have left Nebadon had Michael asserted premature sovereignty 120:0.3(1323;3)
arouses antagonisms 160:3.3(1778;1)
discouragement, worry, and indolence evidence of 160:1.6(1773;3)
divorces present of relationship to past and future 118:1.8(1295;8)
Father participates in our experience with 2:2.6(36;4)
inexperienced intelligence cannot at first be uniformly wise 3:5.15(52;1)
refusing to grow up 156:5.18(1740;5)
seeking satisfaction of present desires 160:1.3(1772;4), 166:3.4(1829;1)
unwillingness to forgive is measure of i. 174:1.5(1898;5)
desire to possess what one craves now, in defiance of others' rights 54:4.4(616;3)
indulging in cheap and sordid adventure 195:5.10(2076;1)
lesson of Adam and Eve 75:1.6(840;2)
Lucifer craved to possess immediate power 54:4.4(616;3)
spirit poison 48:7.20(557;4)
wanting to see immediate results something in our lifetime 75:3.6(841;6)
Father participates in our experience with 2:2.6(36;4)
inherent in evolutionary growth 105:6.4(1159;4)
ever responsive to will and acts of personality 107:7.4(1183;6)
assigned to Mighty Messengers, Those High in Authority, and Those without Name and Number 28:6.1(313;5)
portray time required to complete any undertaking 28:6.11(315;5)
secret of prophecy 28:6.11(315;5)
teach on mansion worlds 28:6.12(315;6)
tertiary seconaphim; must show defendant had ample time 28:6.9-12(315;3)
none with God 2:1.2(34;1), 3:2.2(46;6), 26:5.3(291;3), 107:4.7(1181;3), 131:10.2(1453;4), 163:3.2(1803;4), 182:3.2(1968;3)
Jesus did not countenance 165:4.7(1822;2)
futile 150:3.11(1681;6)
magic practiced with 88:6.1(972;1)
word combinations believed highly magical 88:6.3(972;3)
incarnation. See also Creator Sons: creature bestowals; Jesus: personality and nature: God incarnate in man; Magisterial Sons: planetary missions; Michael of Nebadon: bestowals; Paradise Sons of God: bestowals
Infinite Spirit does not incarnate; rather downsteps in form of angels 8:4.5-6(94;7)
132 Andites established ancestry of later rulers 78:5.7(873;3)
aesthetic feature of sacrificial rituals 89:4.3(977;5)
kept fire in good humor 69:6.4(777;7)
origin of idea 82:3.11(916;7)
virtue that it makes possible evolutionary growth 117:2.8(1281;1)
do not fear 34:7.8(383;2)
obliterate dead center of 91:9.5(1002;10)
benefited by passage of Chinese-Mesopotamian trade 79:7.6(886;7)
birthplace of man; Andon and Fonta born in 61:6.1(700;2), 79:0.1(878;1)
dinosaurs buried in 60:2.2(687;3)
Dravidian trade with Sumeria 79:3.6(881;6)
eastern mountains favored trade with Occident 79:3.2(881;2)
failed to achieve hegemony of Eurasia 79:2.5(880;3)
fossils nearest to transition man 64:3.4(720;5)
Ganid and Gonod citizens of Papers 130-133)
geology 59:4.15(679;8), 59:5.20(682;3), 60:1.12(686;8), 62:1.3(703;4)
growth of commerce 79:1.4(879;1), 81:3.1(903;3)
library at Alexandria held manuscripts from 130:3.4(1432;4)
no age restrictions on marriage 82:3.11(916;7)
racial groups
migrated to India in 15,000 B.C. 78:5.5-6(873;1)
mixed races of India not attractive to Adamites 80:1.5(890;1)
proceeded from Turkestan into the Punjab 79:1.1(878;2)
submerged by 10,000 B.C. 79:2.6(880;4)
western India tinged with Adamic blood 79:2.3(880;1)
Aryan conquerors absorbed by Dravidians 79:4sec(882;1)
basic racial types represented 81:4.9(905;5)
caste systems based on color 70:8.11(793;3)
cosmopolitan home of secondary Sangik peoples 64:7.3,16(726;10), 78:1.9(869;5), 79:2.3(880;1)
invasions by Andites, Neanderthalers, Adamsonites, and Aryans 64:4.1(720;7), 77:5.10(862;4), 79:1.6(879;3), 79:2sec(879;7), 79:4sec(882;1)
lower strata in south 79:2.2(879;8), 79:3.5(881;5), 82:6.5(920;3)
Mohammedan invasion 79:4.8(882;8)
most heterogeneous race mixture ever to exist 79:2.1-3(879;7)
pre-Dravidian India 78:1.9(869;5)
red race left imprint 64:6.5(723;4)
some Causacoid inheritance 81:4.6(905;2)
versatile people comatose under unprogressing spiritual vision 79:4.7-8(882;7), 79:6.10(885;7)
religions in India
divided among Hindu, Sikh, Mohammedan, Jain 92:6.4(1011;2)
Dravidian 79:3sec(881;1)
harmful vows 89:3.5(976;7)
Hinduism integral part of social fabric 94:4.9(1032;1)
Hindus show Vishnu with horse's head 85:3.4(946;6)
I. gave rise to religions, philosophies of east Asia 95:0.1(1042;1)
left helpless by impotent Brahman hypothesis 94:2.4,6-7)
regarding Jesus' teachings
great need for Jesusonian gospel 94:4.10(1032;2)
Nathaniel preached in I. 139:6.9(1559;4), 195:3.10(2074;5)
regrettable no Peter or Paul went to 130:2.3(1430;1), 130:3.3(1432;3)
religious objects in India
east wind is devil 85:4.2(947;1)
group of 5 stones reverenced 85:1.3(945;1)
Kateri people still worship a stone 85:1.1(944;5)
rainbow worshiped 85:4.2(947;1)
snake revered 88:1.5(967;7)
stars regarded as glorified souls of great men 85:5.1(947;4)
stone can be used as witness 85:1.3(945;1)
sun worship took extensive root 85:5.2(947;5)
tree spirits regarded as cruel 85:2.4(945;7)
religious status far above world at large in Dravidian era 79:3.5(881;5)
Salem teachings in Vedic I. 94:1sec(1027;2)
Sethites entered I. with Andite, Aryans 78:6.3(873;7), 79:3.3-4(881;3)
shamanism flourished in 90:2.8(988;4)
spiritual awakening of 600 B.C. did not persist 79:4.8(882;8)
Trinity teachings of Sethites and Salemites 104:1.5(1144;2)
stagnant in 15,000 B.C. 78:3.8(871;4)
Van withdrew to highlands west of 67:6.1(759;4)

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