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in Uversa personality register 30:2.16(336;8)
Supreme Power Centers; act as balance wheels on spheres of extraordinary energy relationships 29:2.12(322;3)
children referred to Jesus as 128:6.11(1416;4)
of Father's flock 165:2.6(1819;2)
civilizations cannot survive large-scale, long-time u. 81:6.32(910;5)
in continental nation 72:5.8(814;1)
productivity improvements good despite job losses 81:6.21-22(909;2)
animal vestigial trait which morontia career eradicates 48:5.8(551;3)
Jesus detested 173:1.11(1891;1)
always suffer that majority might advance 83:6.5(927;6)
church, from overmuch false sentiment, has long ministered to 99:3.5(1088;6)
mercy towards weak and needy is divine trait 26:11.5(297;2)
weaker makes disproportionate gains in evolution 84:5.9(937;6)
deficient unification engenders 140:4.8,9(1572;8)
presence of divine Spirit prevents discontent 34:6.8(381;2)
uniformity. See also unity ">spiritual unity; unity
each apostle taught his own view of gospel 148:1.2(1658;1)
Jesus does not desire u., rather unity 182:1.8(1965;2)
not basis for security of religious group; rather unity 103:5.12(1135;2)
of creeds is unattainable 92:7.4(1012;5), 103:1.1(1129;4)
religions of authority require 155:6.9(1732;2)
Unions of Days 18:6sec(212;3), 33:5sec(370;6),. See also Immanuel
700,000 in existence; no more being created 18:6.2(212;4), 21:1.4(235;3)
act only upon request of local authorities 18:6.5(212;7)
always in touch with each other 18:6.4(212;6)
Associate Inspectors are close associates of 24:4.2(268;6)
embody wisdom of Trinity 54:5.8(617;8)
Faithfuls of Days are personal representatives of 18:7.3(213;5), 33:5.3(371;1), 43:4.2(489;5)
advise Bright and Morning Stars when Creator Sons absent 18:6.7(213;2), 21:2.11(237;1)
co-ordinate administrative activities 18:6.3(212;5)
direct local universes in absences of Creator Sons 18:6.7(213;2)
direct Solitary Messengers until their respective Creator Son is sovereign 23:2.11(259;4)
ex-officio member of all primary councils and conclaves 18:6.5(212;7)
in a sense, represent Universal Father 33:5.1(370;6)
reserves function as Supreme Council of Universe Adjustments 18:6.2(212;4)
supervise Most High Assistants 37:4.3(410;1)
Trinity representatives to local universes 15:10.6(178;6), 15:13.6(181;6), 18:6.1,6-7) 33:5sec(370;6), 120:0.7(1324;4)
Immanuel assigned to Nebadon 33:5.1(370;6)
in personality registers 30:1.4(330;6), 30:2.5(335;3)
Inspired Trinity Spirits serve U.o.D. in light and life 55:10.3(634;3)
not organically connected with local universe government 18:6.5(212;7), 33:5.3(371;1)
Supreme Trinity Personalities of 6th order 18:0.1(207;1), 33:5.2(370;7)
foster and promote teamwork 28:5.14(312;1)
in synchrony with interpreters of ethics on Paradise 28:5.13(311;5)
secondary seconaphim, reflective associates of Perfectors of Wisdom 28:5.13-14(311;5)
creative potential 82:6.5(920;3)
hero-venerating nationalism in 92:6.9(1012;1)
states surrendered sovereignty to federal government 134:5.13-15(1489;4), 134:6.5(1490;8)
Deity unity is fact of Paradise and in Havona; in universes is an achievement 8:6.6-7(96;8), 56:5sec(640;5)
disclosed in superuniverses by Seven Master Spirits 17:8.9(206;4)
Father is explanation of 56:0.1-2(637;1), 56:9.11(645;6), 133:5.8(1477;3)
for mortals
best found through philosophy 102:2.6(1120;3)
cf: inevitable clash between religion of spirit and authority 173:3.3(1893;3)
cf: no peace between truth and error 175:1.2(1905;4)
groups should realize u. in worship of Father of all 92:7.4(1012;5)
in union there is strength 68:1.1-2(763;4), 79:5.5(883;6)
u. of self derives from presence of Adjuster 133:7.7(1479;7)
u. of truth, beauty, and goodness 44:7.3(507;4)
grand universe ever seeks for unification 2:7.7(42;8), 117:1.3(1279;1)
cf: Reformation disrupted Christianity's u. because further growth incompatible with u. 92:5.12(1010;3)
cf: time for break with religious rulers 163:4.7(1805;4), 164:3.16(1813;3)
Jesus pledged approval upon apostles reaching unanimity 144:6.3,12(1624;4)
pitiful subdivision of Christian believers 170:5.20(1866;3), 195:10.15(2086;1)
infinity is u. 115:3.4(1262;1)
inherent in Conjoint Actor 17:8.9(206;4)
material, intellectual, and personality u. 56:1-2secs) 56:4sec(639;7)
material-spiritual gap bridged by midwayer-cherubim-seraphim association 38:9.9(425;1)
omnipresence of Eternal Son is basis of spiritual u. 6:4.3(76;3)
relationships existent within I AM 105:4.4,8(1157;5)
Supreme is basis of 4:1.10(56;2)
universal absolute u. 56:9sec(644;3)
universe u. existential in Paradise Trinity 106:9.1(1173;2)
Universal Absolute 0:11.10-14(14;8), 56:9.7(645;2), 118:4.3-5(1298;3),. See also Absolutes: the three
defined as
an Absolute of potentiality 115:3.8,10(1262;5)
an inevitability 0:11.10(14;8)
final function of Trinity? 56:9.3(644;5)
Infinite Upholder; I AM self-associative 105:2.8(1155;1)
limitless, timeless, spaceless, boundless, and measureless truly infinite 106:7.3,9(1169;2)
potential infinity of gravity extension 11:8.9(126;5)
unfathomable 10:8.8(116;9)
energy proves existence of 42:0.1(467;1)
functions and actions of Universal Absolute
alternate opposing processions of space levels part of gravity technique of 12:4.16(134;5)
compensates tension between ever-existent and uncompleted 0:11.2(13;7), 105:3.8(1156;5)
equalizes tensions originated by motion 12:4.5(133;7)
makes material universes cosmically possible 0:11.12-13(15;2)
reactions unpredictable 9:6.8-9(104;6), 12:6.6-7(136;4)
resolves tensions created by differentiation of reality into deified and undeified 0:3.14(6;1), 0:4.5(7;3), 0:11.10-14(14;8)
seized 28,012th Master Architect 31:9.10(352;3)
wherever Deity and Unqualified Absolutes function 12:6.9(137;1)
may be activated by 2nd experiential Trinity 106:5.1(1167;2)
member of Trinity of Trinities 56:9.5(644;7), 106:8.15(1172;3)
member of triodity of potentiality 104:5.4(1151;4)
physical controllers may be reactive to 29:3.11(324;1)
triunity membership 104:4.17,19,21(1149;8)
Unqualified Absolute and Deity Absolute unified in 0:3.11(5;10), 0:11.3(14;1), 56:1.2(637;4), 56:9.1(644;3)
8 billion in existence; no more being created 15:10.4(178;4), 19:0.2(214;2), 19:4.1(217;7)
Discerners of Spirits are reflective associates 28:3.1(307;3), 28:5.5,19-22)
Divine Counselors, Perfectors of Wisdom 19:2.2(215;11), 19:4.4(218;2)
High Son Assistants serve as clerks for 22:10.1(253;3)
liaison with Deity Absolute 19:4.7(218;5)
Technical Advisers aid 25:4.11(280;6)
having spoken, there is no appeal from decisions of 19:4.5(218;3)
in personality registers 30:1.4(330;6), 30:2.5(335;3)
decisions unpredictable 19:4.6-7(218;4)
represent "I am" of justice 19:4.4(218;2)
totaling personalities 19:4.5(218;3)
Trinity origin; are judgment of Deity 15:10.4(178;4), 19:4.1(217;7)
residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.8(524;6)
Ancients of Days never sit in judgment without 19:4.1(217;7)
as Most High Assistants 37:4.2(409;7)
gain epitome of subject's life from Adjuster; confirm opinion of Adjuster and seraphim 112:4.2,5(1231;2)
in highest mobile advisory body 19:2.4(216;2), 19:3.4-7(217;3)
on major sectors, superuniverses 15:10.3-5(178;3), 18:4.4(210;7), 19:4.3(218;1)
one assigned to each Havona world 19:4.2-3(217;8)
organic part of all dispensational adjudications 19:4.3(218;1)
present evidence in superuniverse courts 15:12.1(180;2)
retain records of human life as it was lived 112:6.4(1236;2)
rule as to motivation of person offering advice 28:5.9(311;1)
took from rebel guardian angels all soul trusts 113:6.10(1248;1)
with associates, are highest source of truth on evolutionary planets 19:2.6(216;4)
wrotePapers 10, 15, 16, 29) 10:8.10(117;2), 15:14.10(183;2), 16:9.12(196;8), 29:5.6(329;6),
testimony of 10:2.8(110;6)

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