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Soma. See also Hinduism
secondary Hindu deity 94:4.6(1031;7)
Cro-Magnoids resisted white invaders along 80:5.4-5(893;6)
evidence of Andonites along 63:5.3(715;3)
flows in preglacial channel 63:5.3(715;3), 80:3.1(891;2)
secondary supernaphim of Havona's 4th circuit 26:8sec(293;5)
Adjusters serve during life in flesh up to local universe capital; build up souls 40:8.2(449;5), 40:9.2(450;4)
Ancients of Days approve Son-fusion 40:8.3(449;6)
as ascending sons 40:8sec(449;4)
assist Celestial Guardians 22:9.3(252;5)
fusion implemented in Reflective Spirits 40:10.2(452;2)
fusion is union with individualized bestowals of Creator Son 30:1.19(333;5), 107:1.7(1178;1)
in personality registers 30:1.9,19(331;5), 30:2.8,19(335;6)
may become Trinitized Ambassadors, Trinitized Sons of Attainment, or Trinitized Sons of Selection 22:1.4(244;2), 22:6.1(248;6), 40:10.12(454;1)
provide each superuniverse with permanent ascendant citizenship 40:10.4,7(452;4)
range Orvonton; sometimes journey to Paradise; number less than one million 40:8.5(450;2), 40:10.1-2(452;1)
some ascend to Paradise 40:10.10(453;5)
supervise abandonters 37:9.8(415;4)
synchronizing difficulty inhibited Adjuster fusion 40:8.3(449;6)
Urantia mortals will not become 30:4.2(340;4)
why some are Son-fused 40:10sec(452;1)
citizen of commonwealth of Israel 123:5.2(1362;3), 125:2.6(1380;1)
upon graduation Jesus became 124:5.4(1373;4), 125:4.3(1382;1)
Son of God. See also Jesus: nature of Jesus: God incarnate in man
Jewish concept of heavenly Prince ruling earth made new 135:5.7(1501;2), 136:1.1(1509;3)
Amenemope known as son of man 95:4.1(1046;2)
Immanuel counseled Michael to end rebellion as 120:2.2(1327;2), 120:3.11(1330;6)
always referred to himself as Son of Man 128:1.2,8(1407;5), 129:4.1-2(1424;5), 169:4.1(1855;2)
asked to meet enemies as 134:8.6(1493;5)
influenced by passage from Enoch 126:3.6-8(1390;1)
is still Son of Man 0:5.3(8;3), 2:1.7(34;6)
rejected depiction by Prophet Daniel 126:3.6(1390;1)
sojourned on Urantia as 4:5.7(60;6), 7:7.6(89;5)
Son of God became Son of Man 13:1.8(145;3)
sought to complete bestowal mission as 157:5.2(1748;2), 157:6.6(1749;5)
Jewish concept of Son of God, the heavenly Prince 135:5.7(1501;2), 136:1.1(1509;3)
translation from among the living 49:6.18-21(570;7), 55:2.9(624;3)
affiliated with intelligence corps of Bright and Morning Star 39:1.2(427;2)
supreme seraphim; help terminate planetary dispensations 39:1.3(427;3)
bosom of the Son; Paradise home of the Sons of God 13:1.7(145;2)
mortal finaliters granted clearance to 13:2.6(148;5)
mysteries of incarnation bestowal fully known on 7:5.4(86;5), 13:1.8(145;3), 13:2.6(148;5), 119:1.6(1310;3), 119:3.6(1313;1), 119:7.5(1317;1)
beings descending from Father and Son 38:2.2(419;2)
divine entities going out from God are part of him 3:3.1(48;5)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.6-9(335;4)
local universe Sons of God Paper 35 (384;1),)
mortals as sons of God 2:5.4(39;3)
all led by spirit of God are 34:6.10(381;4), 137:8.16(1537;3), 181:2.12(1957;2)
mortals are sons of God prior to spiritual rebirth 148:4.8-10(1660;7)
Spirit bears witness with our spirits that we are 34:6.12(381;6), 142:5.3(1601;3)
those receiving Jesus know they are 122:4.1(1347;3)
why mortals are 40:6.3(448;2)
orders of Sons of God
A. descending orders 20:1sec(223;3)
of direct and divine creation 20:0.2(223;2), 20:1.1(223;3)
types 30:1.7(331;3), 30:2.7(335;5), 35:0sec(384;1)
1. Creator Sons q.v.
Father Melchizedeks. See Father Melchizedek
unrevealed Sons of God and Universe Aids 30:1.7(331;3)
B. ascending orders Paper 40 (443;1),) 30:2.8(335;6)
achieve status by experiential participation 20:0.2(223;2)
mortals are known as ascending sons after fusion 40:6.1(447;5), 40:7.2(448;9)
types 30:2.8(335;6), 40:0.1(443;1)
4. evolutionary seraphim. See seraphim: destiny
5. ascending Material Sons. See Material Sons of God
6. translated midwayers 38:9.1(424;1), 40:3sec(444;3)
unrevealed ascenders 30:1.9(331;5)
C. stationary orders (dual origin)
types 30:1.8(331;4)
1. abandonters q.v.
2. susatia q.v.
3. univitatia q.v.
4. spironga q.v.
5. unrevealed orders 30:1.8(331;4)
D. trinitized orders
includes all beings embraced by Trinity 20:0.1-2(223;1)
Sonarington is Paradise headquarters of 13:1.7(145;2)
James and John Zebedee called 139:3.1,5(1552;5), 139:4.6(1554;4), 181:2.4(1955;5)
Adjuster, Holy Spirit, and Spirit of Truth qualify mortals to faith-realize 16:8.9(195;2), 34:5.7(380;1)
full function of personality makes s. real 16:8.9(195;2)
man is child of God only in spiritual sense 101:10.4(1116;5)
mortals are sons of God because we have accepted sonship; Michael became one of us; Spirit of Truth has been poured out upon us; Father has given us personality; Father fragment dwells within us 40:6.4-8(448;3)
price of survival is acceptance of s. 26:4.8(290;5)
sonship and citizenship 178:1sec(1929;2)
sonship obtained by
faith and freewill co-operation with Adjuster 40:7.2(448;9)
God's will becoming our will 141:2sec(1588;4)
grace, through faith 40:6.4(448;3), 117:6.8(1289;1), 144:4.3(1621;2), 196:3.31(2097;2)
loving neighbor as self 142:4.2(1600;3)
receiving God as Father 142:5.2(1601;2)
submission to Father's will 142:6.8(1602;7)
supreme relationship of creature to Creator 40:10.13(454;2)
to have fellowship, assume obligations of s. 157:6.8(1750;2)
Andon; means "loved by mother" 63:0.3(711;3)
Fonta; means "loved by father" 63:0.3(711;3)
Andon and Fonta's first child; assumed leadership upon parents' death 63:3.1,5(713;1)
fused with his Adjuster on Jerusem 63:7.2(717;3)
interpreted spirit messages 87:5.9(963;4)
soothsayers practiced black arts 90:2.2(987;6)
Jesus gave Judas a 179:4.3(1940;5)
faith persists despite 101:3.4(1108;3)
of material philosophy 102:0.2(1118;2)
of visionary peace planning 70:3.4(787;4)
born of disappointed ambitions, wounded pride 149:5.3(1674;5)
cannot exist in face of duty faithfully performed 25:1.6(274;3)
deficient unification engenders unhappiness 140:4.8-9(1572;8)
doubt not truth in 181:1.6(1954;3)
forsake 131:3.2(1446;4)
friendship lessens sting of 160:2.9(1776;3)
God heals the brokenhearted 131:2.4(1444;4)
isolation multiplied Judas's grief 193:4.12(2056;10)
Jesus was not a man of sorrows 159:3.10(1766;6), 181:1.8(1954;5)
Jesus suffered untold s. 182:3.1,7(1968;2)
mostly a material reaction to environment 108:5.6(1192;1)
none on Paradise 27:1.5(299;5)
none so terrible as to be wounded by a friend 149:6.12(1677;1)
of Infinite Spirit is real 8:6.4(96;6)
our sorrows are part of the divine plan 23:2.5(258;4)
Peter learned needful lesson through 181:2.29(1962;3)
story of Fortune 130:6sec(1437;1)
suffer less by making fewer personal plans for others 48:6.25(555;4)
withstand brooding in face of 156:5.17(1740;4)
system immediately neighboring Satania 41:2.1(456;5)

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