The Urantia Book Fellowship
luck 86:1sec(950;3),. See also chance; gambling
attempts to buy off bad l. by bribery 87:6.2(964;1)
bad l. more memorable than good l. 86:1.3(950;5)
covenants were new device for insuring against bad l. 89:8.6(983;4)
entered into all affairs of primitive life 91:0.2(994;2)
good or bad l. became associated with good or bad spirits 86:6.4(955;9), 87:4.1,4(961;2)
good l. viewed as harbinger of calamity 86:1.2(950;4)
intelligent human beings still believe in 88:6.7(972;7)
l. regarded as whimsical reaction of spirit world 86:2.6(952;1)
much called good l. might really be bad 118:10.9(1305;4)
term coined to cover inexplicable 86:2.5(951;7)
Gospel of Luke
based on Gospel by Mark; Isador; eyewitnesses; records of Cedes and Andrew 121:8.9(1342;4)
episode of widow's son at Nain 146:6.4(1646;1)
included Selta apocrypha 176:2.8(1915;5)
is somewhat the Gospel by Paul 121:8.9(1342;4)
Jesus' avoidance of writing delayed 121:0.1(1332;1), 121:8.3(1341;4)
left out Peter's night vision 152:4.4(1703;4)
Peter's style shown in 139:2.12(1552;1)
presents Jesus as friend of publicans and sinners 121:8.8(1342;3)
reconciliation of dates of Jesus' baptism 136:2.8(1512;4)
retains something of human Jesus 196:2.3(2092;1)
story of thief on cross 187:4.3(2009;2)
physician of Antioch; gentile convert of Paul; wrote Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles; died A.D. 90 121:8.8-9(1342;3)
strong believer in social equality 140:8.16(1581;3)
arthropods' swim bladders evolved into 59:5.5(680;7)
lust. See also flesh; sex: urge
adultery in the heart 140:6.5(1576;5)
and entire council lost in rebellion 67:4.1(757;4)
led guardians of health and life 66:5.17(747;7)
Serapatatia a descendant of 75:3.1(841;1)
System Sovereign of Palonia, first Nebadon rebel 119:2.1-6(1310;4)
depiction of birth of Amenhotep III 111:0.5(1215;5)
man squanders resources on 69:5.11(776;9)
occidental civilization groans under overload of 68:2.5(765;2), 70:2.9(786;5)
parents should withhold most 147:5.9(1653;3), 177:2.2(1921;6)
vie with necessities in material-comfort era 50:5.6(577;1)
Luz 155:4.1-2(1728;1)
Lydda 123:0.6(1356;3), 127:6.4(1404;3), 128:3.2(1411;2)
commandments against 66:7.11(751;6), 93:4.9(1017;11), 94:8.9(1036;11), 131:2.12(1446;1), 163:2.4(1801;7)
mistake always frankly to speak one's mind 180:5.5(1949;7), 181:2.21(1960;2)
Peter justified his 184:2.11(1981;5)
sense of proportion necessary in exercise of virtue 16:7.7(193;6)
shadow of hair's turning, premeditated for untrue purpose 48:6.22(555;1)
allowed crimes of honor 82:4.4(917;7)
murders under pretense of unwritten law 70:10.9(795;6)
represents unwillingness to surrender private redress 70:10.16(796;6)
secret societies practiced 70:7.12(792;1)
Jews encompassed Matthew's death at 139:7.10(1560;6)