The Urantia Book Fellowship
great seraphim 38:2.5(419;5)
Adjuster can empower amazing acts of 67:3.7(756;8)
degrees of 89:10.2(984;5)
devotion short-lived when truth has no real root 151:2.2(1689;5)
devotion to highest duty 3:5.12,17(51;11)
fruit of appreciation of brotherhood; first step 39:4.11(435;4)
fruit of spirit 193:2.2(2054;3)
human loyalty
children only permanently impressed by parents' l. 100:1.4(1094;6)
hard to change once mobilized 134:5.8(1488;6)
l. to family is most sacred of human trusts 126:3.5(1389;8), 127:5.3(1403;1), 140:8.14(1581;1)
Roman education bred unheard-of 195:2.3(2072;7)
sacredness of all human loyalties 196:0.7(2088;2)
to human associations and institutions important 100:2.6(1096;3)
Jesus demands l., not sacrifice 180:1.6(1945;3)
living loyally causes growth 100:1.4(1094;6)
Michael desires only l. which is voluntary, wholehearted, and sophistry-proof 53:4.6(605;3)
Mighty Messengers stood loyal in face of disloyalty of their superiors 22:2.1(245;1)
not exercised in behalf of good without a struggle 100:4.2(1097;6)
preventing rebellion is of higher value than resisting 22:2.3(245;3)
yield l. to highest dictates of spiritual consciousness 101:9.3(1115;4)
acceptance of Life Carriers' work on Urantia 62:7.5(710;4)
brought to trial in 2-1/2 seconds Uversa time 46:8.1-4(528;7), 54:5.13(618;2), 67:4.7(758;5)
free in Satania for 200,000 years 53:7.13-15(609;1), 53:8.1(609;4)
Gabriel vs. Lucifer case before Ancients of Days recently begun 46:8.1-4(528;7), 53:8.4(609;7), 53:9sec(610;6), 54:4.8(616;7), 67:4.7(758;5)
now confined on prison worlds 45:1.10-11(510;8), 54:4.8(616;7)
declared friend of men and angels 53:4.1(604;3)
disaffected for 500 years before rebellion 53:2.3-4(602;6)
first outspoken disloyalty during Gabriel's visit 53:2.4(602;7)
Judas's betrayal pleased 179:2.3(1938;2), 183:0.4(1971;4)
persuaded himself rebellion was good for system 53:2.5(603;1)
rebellion took origin in L. 's mind 53:2.2-3(602;5)
rejected Michael's mercy with increasing contempt 53:2.5(603;1)
relations with Michael had always been intimate and cordial 53:2.3(602;6)
turned face away from horror of crucifixion 183:1.2(1972;1)
children of evil follow ways of L. 162:7.3(1796;5)
crime of Lucifer
attempted disenfranchisement of all Satania 54:2.3(614;8)
disrupted time governor restraining premature liberties 118:8.9(1302;6)
prostituted divine talents for own aggrandizement 136:6.9(1519;2)
sought to displace all superior orders of sonship 43:4.6(490;1)
theft of liberty 54:2sec(614;6)
designated Caligastia supreme sovereign of Urantia 67:2.2(755;4)
emblem of 53:5.5(606;1)
enemy would seek to draw apostles away 138:7.3(1544;2)
forever silenced by Jesus' life of self-forgetful service 120:4.1(1331;1)
given free hand to prosecute his plan 53:4.4(605;1)
Immanuel told Michael to adjudicate L. 's pretensions 120:2.2(1327;2)
1 of 3 System Sovereigns in Nebadon who rebelled 50:1.3(572;5), 53:0.1,2(601;1)
able, distinguished, brilliant primary Lanonandek, #37 of his order 53:0.1(601;1)
fallen and deposed Sovereign of Satania 53:1.3(601;5), 53:7.13-15(609;1)
iniquitous; spiritual prideful 148:4.2(1660;1), 163:6.6(1807;5), 183:1.2(1972;1)
Lanaforge was successor to 53:7.12(608;8)
last present on Urantia for assault on Jesus 53:8.1(609;4), 53:9.2(611;1)
man not child of evil one 148:4.2,6(1660;1)
manifesto. See Lucifer rebellion: Lucifer manifesto
no local universe tribunal existed to detain L. 53:7.14(609;2)
original sovereignty of Urantia held in trust by 114:1.1(1250;12)
patiently warned regarding pride, critical tendencies 66:8.2(752;3)
reigned on Jerusem for 500,000 years 53:2.1(602;4)
Satan represented L. on Mount Hermon 134:8.6(1493;5)
Satan was first lieutenant 53:1.4(602;1), 53:2.1(602;4), 67:1.1(754;2)
set up legislative assembly and tribunals 53:4.2(604;4)
sympathy for L. perished since attempt to corrupt Jesus 43:4.7-9(490;2), 53:1.2(601;4), 53:8.2(609;5)
taken into custody by Ancients of Days; now wholly inactive 53:9.2,6(611;1)
while Lucifer lives
no rotation of Norlatiadek Most Highs 43:5.1(490;6)
Norlatiadek Most Highs in charge of fallen worlds 43:3.7(489;2)
Satania cannot be readmitted to constellation 46:8sec(528;7)
adjudication of Gabriel vs. Lucifer recently begun; not complete 46:8.1-4(528;7), 53:8.4(609;7), 53:9sec(610;6), 54:4.8(616;7), 54:5.13(618;2), 67:4.7(758;5)
ends on fallen worlds as fast as divine Sons arrive 53:9.7(611;6)
had it occurred during Michael's bestowal, rebels might have been instantly annihilated 54:4.5(616;4)
Immanuel asked Michael to terminate L.r. as Son of Man 120:2.2(1327;2)
Michael offered rebels forgiveness, some form of reinstatement 53:9.1(610;6), 54:4.5(616;4)
Michael remained aloof from 53:5.1(605;5)
Michael's petition to intern rebels 53:9.3(611;2)
Most Highs seized planetary authority 43:3.6-7(489;1), 43:5sec(490;6)
most of Lucifer's followers are interned 45:1.10-11(510;8), 53:9.1(610;6)
Michael, not then sovereign, could not exercise summary jurisdiction 53:5.2-3(605;6), 54:5.6(617;6)
present status 53:9sec(610;6)
rebellion virtually settled on Mount Hermon 134:8.9(1494;2)
archrebels attended Edentia conclaves until Michael became sovereign 43:4.7-9(490;2)
beings ensnared by the Lucifer rebellion 53:7.4-10(607;5)
1/4 of administrator seraphim and lower seraphic orders 39:4.6(434;6), 53:7.6(608;2)
4/5 of primary midwayers on Urantia 77:1.7(856;3)
37 Planetary Princes 53:7.1(607;2)
647,000 Material Sons 51:1.5(581;2), 53:7.8(608;4)
Adam and Eve not involved in L.r. 51:3.4(583;3)
cherubim 53:7.6(608;2)
chief of angelic hosts on Urantia 114:6.3(1255;2)
leaders 53:1sec(601;3)
Mansion World Teachers 53:7.5(608;1)
many ascending mortals fell, but withstood rebellion better than lower spirits 53:7.10(608;6)
many celestial beings on Urantia 67:3.2(756;3), 167:7.3(1841;2)
many guardian angels who went astray have sincerely repented; all are detained on Jerusem 113:6.10(1248;1)
Michael offered salvation to 45:1.11(510;9)
midwayers 53:7.8(608;4)
Morontia Companions 48:3.3(545;4), 53:7.5(608;1)
planetary helper seraphim 53:7.7(608;3)
Planetary Prince and Material Son on neighboring planet in Satania 72:0.1-3(808;1)
spiritually blinded by brilliant personality of Lucifer 53:6.2(606;5), 67:4.6(758;4)
superior seraphim 53:7.5(608;1)
supervisor seraphim 53:7.6(608;2)
transition ministers 53:7.7(608;3)
causes 53:2sec(602;4)
compelled all parties to choose between sin and righteousness 67:2.5-6(755;7)
devastating calamity 67:0.1(754;1)
enhanced careers of those who withstood 54:6.5(619;2)
many ages required to restore universe to former paths 46:0.1(519;1), 148:5.2(1661;4)
most victims have repented and will be rehabilitated 67:4.7(758;5), 113:6.10(1248;1)
occasions difficulty in understanding God 4:3.3(58;1)
prevented mortals from passing directly to mansion worlds 52:5.5(596;3)
story of Amadon has done more good than all evil of the L.r. 67:8.4(762;3)
with time, evil became stationary while good increased 54:6.6-7(619;3)
fought in terms of life eternal 53:5.7(606;3)
idea originated in Lucifer's mind 53:2.1-5(602;4)
Jesus discussed L.r. with Peter, James, and John 158:1.7(1753;3)
Lanaforge installed as successor System Sovereign 10 years after revolt 53:7.12(608;8)
last of 3 rebellions in Nebadon; the most widespread and disastrous 45:2.1(511;1), 53:7.9(608;5)
Lucifer manifesto 53:3sec(603;2)
1. denied reality of Father 53:3.2(603;3)
2. said local systems should be autonomous 53:3.3-5(603;4)
3. attacked plan of ascendant mortal training 53:3.6(604;1)
attacked Ancients of Days as foreign potentiates 53:3.4(603;5)
finaliters in collusion with Paradise Sons to foist fraud 53:3.2(603;3)
government should be limited to individual planets, voluntary confederation in local systems 53:4.2(604;4)
issued at annual conclave of Satania 53:4.1(604;3)
maintained immortality inherent except for unjust divine executioners 53:3.5(603;6)
majorities rule; mind is infallible 53:4.4(605;1)
masqueraded in habiliments of liberty 54:2.3(614;8)
outbreak of rebellion took form as Declaration of Liberty 53:3.1(603;2), 53:4sec(604;3), 53:6.5(606;8), 67:1.2(754;3)
worship is scheme to aggrandize Paradise Sons 53:3.3(603;4)
Lucifer persuaded himself rebellion was good for system 53:2.5(603;1)
Manotia, loyal seraphic commander 53:6sec(606;4)
Melchizedeks' Edentia emergency school studies 43:1.6(486;5)
Mother Spirit's mandate not to suppress 54:5.11(617;1)
no worlds lost since the original 37 53:7.15(609;3), 53:9.5(611;4)
occurred 200,000 years ago 50:6.5(578;5), 53:4.1(604;3), 61:7.8(701;7)
on Urantia Paper 67 (754;1),)
Amadon was the outstanding human hero of 67:3.8-9(757;1)
did not seriously interfere with organic evolution 67:0.1(754;1), 78:1.1(868;3), 81:0.1(900;1)
effaced gains of Prince's administration 73:1.2(821;5)
ended first epochal revelation after 300,000 years 92:4.5(1007;5)
horrible confusion, spiritual darkness followed 66:7.20(752;1)
immediate results 67:5sec(758;6)
outbreak; 7 crucial years 67:2-3secs)
perversion of planetary schools by Caligastia 50:4.6-8(576;1)
radical reorganization of whole world attempted; revolution displaced evolution 67:5.1(758;6)
robbed man of moral assistance which well-ordered society provides 34:7.4(382;4)
wrecked plan for race improvement 51:5.4(586;1)
problems of Paper 54 (613;1),)
quarantine forced propaganda to be carried on by personal effort 53:7.3(607;4)
rebels allowed free course for 200,000 years 53:5.3(605;7), 53:7.13-15(609;1)
relation to Michael's bestowal 53:8sec(609;4)
Satan informed Caligastia of rebellion in advance 67:1.2(754;3)
spread to every world in system 67:3.1(756;2)
upheaval on Jerusem due to liaison forces 53:6.3(606;6)

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