The Urantia Book Fellowship
Adjuster passes into, before rejoining resurrected subject 112:4.6(1232;1)
is in accordance with sowing 148:6.3(1663;1), 192:2.8(2048;4)
fell in love with Jesus 127:5sec(1402;4), 127:6.1-2(1403;5)
importuned her father to leave Nazareth for Sepphoris 127:5.6(1403;4)
tarried by Jesus' tomb 188:1.7(2013;6)
witnessed crucifixion 127:5.6(1403;4), 187:3.2(2008;3), 187:5.4(2010;5)
at Jesus' 16th appearance 193:0sec(2052;1)
member of women's corps 150:1.1(1678;5)
related resurrection to Joseph, Nicodemus, and David 190:1.2(2030;1)
rebellion (spiritual) 128:7.6(1417;5), 134:8.9(1494;2), 136:3.4-5(1513;1), 136:4.5-6(1514;6), 148:4.2,6(1660;1), 148:5.2(1661;4), 158:0.1(1752;1), 158:1.7(1753;3), 159:3.9(1766;5),. See also evil; iniquity; Lucifer rebellion; quarantine; sin
action preventing r. is of greatest value 22:2.3(245;3)
after r., repentant rebels do not function in original positions 35:9.10(394;2), 35:10.4(394;6), 53:9.1(610;6), 169:1.15(1853;2)
ages required to retrieve handicaps of r. 50:6.5(578;5), 52:6.8(598;3)
ascension plan is surest defense against 53:7.10,12(608;6)
by Planetary Prince isolates his planet; successors not immediately installed 35:9.9(394;1)
Creator Sons function as retrievers of that in spiritual jeopardy 7:4.5(85;6), 33:3.4(368;4)
do not suppress; allow r. to pursue natural course of self-obliteration 54:5.8-12(617;8)
does not indicate fault in creatorship 35:9.7(393;7)
in Nebadon
1st r. was by Lutentia of Palonia in system 11 of constellation 37 119:2.1-2(1310;4)
2nd r. was in system 87 of constellation 61 119:3.1,3(1312;2)
3rd r. was by Lucifer in Satania. See Lucifer rebellion
Ancients of Days mandated instantaneous extinction of new rebels during Michael's bestowal 54:4.5(616;4), 120:1.5-6(1326;2)
Michael's bestowal liquidated pending dissensions; future challenges cannot recur 53:8.4(609;7), 120:2.2(1327;2), 134:8.9(1494;2), 136:3.5(1513;2)
occurred 3 times by Lanonandeks; over 700 involved 35:9.5-6(393;5), 45:2.1(511;1), 50:1.3(572;5), 120:1.6(1326;3)
kingdom of order inherently triumphant over 53:6.5(606;8)
local universe Mother Spirits do not contest 33:3.4(368;4)
observing normal planet would disclose what Urantia has lost through 51:7.5(588;4), 52:2.1,4(591;1)
primary supernaphim command angel hosts on worlds isolated by 27:0.2(298;2)
Tertiary Circuit Supervisors isolate worlds in 24:1.8(266;2)
universe governments would rather risk r. than deprive one mortal of ascending career 112:5.7-8(1233;3)
worlds isolated by. See quarantine: worlds subject to
3 preside over each minor sector 15:10.6(178;6), 15:13.4(181;4), 18:5.1(211;6)
21,000 simultaneously created by Trinity 18:5.1(211;6)
apprenticed under Eternals of Days 18:4.6(211;2), 18:5.1(211;6)
at least one R.o.D. always at headquarters 18:5.4(212;1)
in personality registers 30:1.4(330;6), 30:2.5(335;3)
resident ascending mortals serve 18:5.2(211;7)
Supreme Trinity Personalities 18:0.1(207;1)
Trinitized Custodians are officers of tribunals of 18:4.5(211;1)
reckoning. See judgment: divine judgment; karma
accord generous r. for praiseworthy things 100:1.8(1095;3), 159:3.3(1765;5)
additional votes conferred in continental nation as 72:9.3(817;7)
destiny reservists willing to serve without 114:7.3(1257;3)
essential to development of character 160:2.6(1775;7)
Father never imposes arbitrary 1:1.2(22;5)
honors bestowed by advanced states 71:3.9(803;9)
humbly receive credit from Adjuster's endeavors 110:7.10(1213;5)
incessant clamoring of inescapable self for 3:5.13(51;12)
indicative of effort and attainment is granted to all 20:8.3(231;3)
generously acknowledged faith in others 161:2.5(1785;5)
recognized truth in teachings of others 100:7.5(1102;2)
seek no unearned r. 156:5.19(1740;6)
6th order transition minister seraphim 39:6.1(439;4)
seraphim who record morontia transactions 48:6.19(554;4)
constant communication between many orders 39:2.16(431;5)
originators and keepers of records
administrator seraphim 39:4.16(436;2)
associate registrars of Morontia Power Supervisors 48:2.18(544;8)
Celestial Recorders 25:6sec(281;6)
chief recorders of tertiary supernaphim 26:3.5(288;5)
conciliating commission recorder 25:2.9(276;2)
Custodians of Records 25:5sec(281;2)
Lanonandek 35:8.8(392;8)
primary midwayers 38:9.12(425;4)
recorder-teachers of morontia world seraphim 48:6.19(554;4)
seraphic recorders 25:5.2(281;3), 39:5.16(439;2)
superior seraphim 39:2.14-16(431;3)
supervisor seraphim 39:3.10(433;4)
supreme seraphim 39:1.17(429;3)
artistry in intelligent assembly of related data 48:6.19(554;4)
celestial recording at rate of 500,000 words per minute 44:4.4(503;4)
celestial records subjected to dual inspection 25:6.3(282;1)
essential to conduct of universes 28:4.1(307;5)
formal (dead) records forwarded by angelic recorders 17:3.6(201;4), 28:6.6(314;5)
history begins with creation of Havona 8:1.9(91;6)
human life records
kept by pair of cherubim 113:2.9(1243;6)
kept by tertiary seconaphim 28:6.6(314;5)
kept on archangels' worlds 37:3.7-8(409;4)
sponsored by one of destiny guardian pair 113:2.9(1243;6)
made of every significant occurrence 25:5.3(281;4), 25:6.6(282;4)
open for consultation 25:6.2(281;7)
Paradise records kept since personification of Infinite Spirit, trinitization of Ancients of Days 18:3.4(209;6), 25:6.6(282;4)
planetary recording angels are source of all 25:5.2(281;3)
preserved in triplicate in Jerusem hall of archives 46:5.15(525;5)
spiritual (live) records assembled by reflectivity and preserved in minds 17:3.5-6(201;3)
threefold seraphic system 39:4.16(436;2)

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