The Urantia Book Fellowship
workmanshipJesus wasted little time upon trifles 134:9.7(1495;4)
cannot buy favor of God 167:5.1(1838;2)
salvation not achieved by 143:2.5(1609;6)
world government. See government: world government
world of the crossUrantia known as 20:6.6(229;5), 57:8.6(660;8), 119:8.8(1319;1), 188:4.1(2016;6)
world of the Father. See also Jerusem: transitional culture worlds7 circling worlds are detention spheres 45:1.10(510;8)
Jerusem satellite, silent sphere; transitional culture world #7 45:1.9(510;7), 53:7.1(607;2)
Panoptians are caretakers 53:7.1(607;2)
rebels held on 53:9.1(610;6)
world of the Sons. See also Jerusem: transitional culture worldstransitional culture world #5 45:1.7(510;5)
world of the Spirit. See also Jerusem: transitional culture worldstransitional culture world #6 45:1.8(510;6)
World War Iunfortunately re-established submerged political groups 134:5.9(1488;7)
worm of the dustman is, by nature, but is divine in destiny 149:6.9(1676;3)
Adam refused to accept 74:4.4-5(832;4)
adoration of abstract beautiful, exaltation of nature is not w. 5:5.4(68;6)
alternate with service 143:7.3(1616;5)
cannot estimate quality of 196:3.15(2095;2)
consciousness of universe fellowship through 5:5.2(68;4)
conveyed to Father by Adjusters, personality circuit 5:3.2(65;4), 5:6.11(71;6)
defense of outgrown systems of 195:10.8(2084;8)
defined as
acknowledging personal relationship with Creators 16:6.8(192;4), 27:7.1(303;5)
choosing to abide by Father's will 1:1.2(22;5)
communication with God to which mind assents, Adjuster conducts 5:3.7-8(66;3), 146:2.17(1641;1), 146:3.6(1642;2)
divinely creative; self-forgetting 143:7.5,7(1616;7)
highest insight of cosmic mind 16:6.8(192;4)
highest privilege and first duty 2:5.6-7(39;5), 27:7.1(303;5)
interchange of mind of self for will of God 160:3.1(1777;2)
making inner self intent upon God 131:4.5(1448;4)
mobilization of all powers of personality under dominance of soul; directed by Adjuster 5:3.7(66;3)
more essential than prayer; deepens reflective powers 102:4.5(1123;5), 196:3.19(2095;6)
part identifying with Whole 143:7.8(1616;10)
practice of presence of God 103:4.1(1133;1)
reciprocal contact with divinity 52:1.7(590;3)
sincere pursuit of divine values, wholehearted love of God 16:6.8(192;4), 16:8.7(194;7)
son's affectionate reciprocation of Father's love 149:6.2,4(1675;3)
spontaneous reaction to Father's personality 5:3.3(65;5)
tuning in to universe broadcasts 144:4.8(1621;7)
worship of Him who made us and keeps us living 74:4.5(832;5)
Father never fails to accept sincere 142:3.3,8(1598;4)
given in recognition of loving ministry of God 92:4.8(1008;1)
good to give thanks to the Lord 146:2.15(1640;4)
Jesus respectful of others' faulty 100:7.16(1103;4)
of Father is also worship of Eternal Son, Infinite Spirit 6:2.3(74;8)
on Paradise
admission to finaliter corps after full attainment 27:7.8-9(305;1)
always exceeds preparation for 27:7.6(304;4)
conductors of worship 27:7sec(303;5)
highest joy of existence 27:7.2,5(303;6)
periodically dispersed by chiefs of assignment 27:7.3,6(304;1)
produces joy and satisfaction in Paradise Deities 27:7.6(304;4)
threefold fluctuation of light from Deity abode 27:7.7(304;5)
practice of worship
brings relaxation, illumination, courage, self-understanding 160:1.12(1774;4)
difficult and time-consuming at first 160:3.2(1777;3)
first, because God is 16:9.10(196;6), 149:6.5(1675;6)
for its own sake; worship asks and expects nothing 5:3.3-4(65;5), 91:4.3(998;1)
group worship 99:6.2(1092;2)
atmosphere of communion is beginning of 103:4.1(1133;1)
group prayer prevents danger associated with overmuch private prayer 91:7.6(1001;1)
healthful spiritual meditation found in prayer of thanksgiving 100:5.10(1100;1)
makes one like the being worshiped 146:2.17(1641;1)
must be voluntary 1:1.2(22;5)
neglect not daily worship 163:4.10(1805;7)
shuns evil and forbids sin 131:1.8(1443;4)
worship in spirit and in truth 143:5.6(1613;4), 193:1.2(2053;4)
worship of nature improper 4:2.6-8(57;3)
worship should be directed to Father only 5:3.1,5-6) 38:2.5(419;5), 56:4.5(640;4), 74:4.5(832;5), 131:1.3(1442;5)
worshipful contemplation of God the Supreme 43:6.3(492;3)
primitives worshipedanimals 63:6.3-4(716;2), 64:4.12(721;10), 85:3sec(946;3)
everything imaginable 85:0.4(944;4)
fire; lightning 69:6.4-6(777;7)
heavenly bodies 85:5sec(947;4)
man 85:6sec(948;1)
plants and trees 85:2sec(945;4)
political rulers in Roman Empire 98:3.7-8(1081;1)
stones and hills 85:1sec(944;5)
sun. See sun (Urantia's): sun worship
the 4 elements 85:4sec(946;8)
what they feared 85:7.2(948;7)
quality of w. determined by depth of perception 5:4.8(67;6), 27:7.1(303;5)
Those without Name and Number have superior ability in 22:4.1(246;6)
urge to w. not dependent on revelation 86:0.1(950;1)
value distortion in worship of wealth-power 70:2.8(786;4)
value of beauty in leading to w. 167:6.5-6(1840;4)
wisdom is lost in enlightened and reflective w. 112:2.7-9(1228;6)
worship buildersdivine builders, celestial artisans 44:3.5(502;4)
woundstreated with oil and wine 90:4.9(992;1), 164:1.3(1810;1)
48 symbols in alphabet of Nebadon 44:4.4(503;4)
70 symbols in alphabet of Uversa; 1 billion concept symbols 44:4.4(503;4)
Adamites produced the 3rd alphabet 76:3.8(850;4)
blue race used alphabet; red preferred pictorial; yellow used symbols 66:5.10(746;8)
celestial artisans preserve thought with ideographs 44:4.4-6(503;4)
Cretan Andites wrote ca. 12,000 B.C. 80:7.2(895;2)
cumbersome nature of Chinese ideographs 79:8.7(887;7)
Fad formulated the 1st alphabet 66:5.9-10(746;7), 77:4.7(860;2)
imported to India from Sumeria 79:3.7(881;7)
learned classes in China limited by cumbersome ideographs 79:8.7(887;7)
lost during confusion of Lucifer rebellion 66:5.10(746;8)
peculiar writing of Dilmun, Sumeria 77:4.7(860;2)
represent mechanism 195:7.21(2080;6)
Van and Amadon created new alphabet 74:2.2(829;4)
aversion to writing delayed gospels 120:0.1(1323;1), 121:8.3(1341;4)
left none behind 120:3.7(1330;2), 136:4.2(1514;3), 137:2.9(1527;3)
used smooth white boards as slates for 126:1.6(1387;6), 187:1.2(2004;6)
wrote out Lord's Prayer, Ten Commandments 126:3.4(1389;7), 126:4.9(1392;7)
knotted cords; message stick used for early 69:4.7(775;7)
originated in early trade records; progression of 69:4.6-7(775;6)
primitives wrote on bark, clay, stone, hides, wasps' nests 66:5.9(746;7)
    X rays 41:5.1-5(460;5),. See also radioactivity
    15 feet of Urantia-density surface would prevent solar escape of X rays, leading to explosion 41:5.1(460;5)
    enable light to escape suns 41:9.1(465;1)
    energize electrons in suns' interiors 41:5.3-5(460;7)
    level atomic existence 41:7.1(463;1)
    modify life plasm of plants and animals 77:2.5(857;2)
    preatomic matter slightly gravity responsive when activated by 42:6.2(476;4)
    pressure of X rays supports suns' outer layers 41:9.4(465;4)
    produced by commotion upon electron being suddenly stopped 42:5.8(475;4)
    wave-energy category 42:5.1(474;5)
    XenophanesGreek; pantheistic deity concept 98:2.6(1079;3)
      Yahweh Paper 96 (1052;1),) 97:3sec(1064;5)
      anthropomorphic Y. of greater religious value than a remote Absolute 94:11.12(1040;3)
      believed to have created both good and evil 142:3.9(1599;1)
      eruptions of Mount Horeb caused Bedouins to fear Y. 96:1.11(1054;1)
      golden calf olden symbol of 96:4.3(1056;5)
      growth in concept 159:4.5(1768;1)
      Jehovah designates completed concept of 96:1.10(1053;8)
      Jewish concept was clear-cut, personal, and moral 97:10.5(1076;2)
      Jewish tribal god; Jesus did not use term 169:4.5(1856;3)
      Jews did not change name of 96:1.15(1054;5)
      King David made worship of Y. official 97:9.14(1073;4)
      Moses proclaimed Y. as expanded concept of Semites' olden tribal god 96:4.2(1056;4)
      Samuel proclaimed Y. to be changeless 97:1.4(1063;1)
      Supreme Y. was concept of Universal Creator 142:3.7(1598;8)
      Syrians believed in 96:1.13(1054;3)
      transformation of jealous and cruel spirit god of Sinai volcano 96:1.3(1053;1), 96:4.1(1056;3), 97:10.8(1076;5), 142:3.3(1598;4), 169:4.5(1856;3)
      undergone most extensive development of all mortal theories of God 96:1.15(1054;5)
      worshiped by over 100 Arabian tribes 96:2.5(1055;3),

      (Y's continue...)