The Urantia Book Fellowship
Havona Servital who became Graduate Guide 24:7.5(271;4)
Adjuster cannot lessen hardships 111:7.2(1223;4)
an inevitability 3:5.6,14(51;5), 181:1.6(1954;3)
avoid mere fellowship in misery 159:3.11(1766;7)
awful moments that bear down with crushing cruelty 182:3.9(1969;4)
believers sustained by hope; are uncomplaining when faced by inescapable hardships 34:6.13(381;7), 101:3.4(1108;3), 156:5.13,20(1739;8), 188:5.10(2019;3)
benefits deriving from suffering
compensations for tribulation. See compensations
essential to progressive evolution 86:2.1(951;3)
greatest affliction is never to have been afflicted 48:7.14(556;1)
many will enter kingdom only with much s. 136:8.6(1521;1), 137:6.5(1533;3), 181:2.29(1962;3)
may be tempering fire transmuting soft iron into tempered steel of real character 118:10.9(1305;4)
purpose of affliction 148:5sec(1661;3), 151:0.1(1688;1)
there is correction in suffering 148:5.5(1662;2)
trials reveal man's soul 165:6.2(1824;5)
wisdom only learned through experiencing tribulation 48:7.14(556;1), 132:7.2(1466;2)
discourse on Job 148:6sec(1662;3)
does God experience s. ? 3:6.6(53;4)
experience less s. by making fewer plans for others 48:6.25(555;4)
from accidents, imperfection, and sin 148:6.11(1664;3)
in all our afflictions God is afflicted 1:5.16(29;6), 2:5.3(39;2), 3:6.6(53;4), 97:5.3(1066;7)
is transient 54:6.4(619;1)
Jesus endured great 182:3.7(1969;2)
let decisions favor those in undeserved s. 132:5.3(1463;1)
man should not blame God for affliction he brings upon himself 148:5.3(1661;5)
much results from misdeeds of Caligastia, Adam 145:3.7(1632;6), 148:5.2(1661;4)
Nebadon being forged under hammer of 9:1.7(100;1)
noble truths of s. in Buddhism 94:8.3-4(1036;5)
not sent as arbitrary punishment for wrongdoing 97:6.3(1067;6), 148:5.3(1661;5), 166:4.3,10(1830;3)
Permian was era of biologic tribulation 59:6sec(682;7)
primitive tribes experienced 69:2.2(773;3)
savages believed spirits derived satisfaction from seeing 89:0.2(974;2)
shamanic theories of 90:3.4-9(989;6)
when s., rest in unassailable citadel of spirit 100:2.7(1096;4)
danger of early universal 71:2.1(801;5)
elections represent right way to do even a wrong thing 71:2.3(802;2)
in continental nation
additional votes conferred 72:9.3(817;7)
compulsory; exercised by social groups 72:9.7-8(818;2)
conferred at 20 72:3.7(811;7)
defective, idle, indifferent, or criminal individuals disenfranchised 72:9.4,8(817;8)
government employees disenfranchised 72:9.4(817;8)
nation doomed if inferiors in majority possess ballot 72:9.8(818;3)
representative government presupposes universal 71:2.12(802;11)
universal s. on Jerusem 45:7.6(518;2)
ancient vogue 70:6.6(790;3), 70:10.10(795;7)
Judas 186:1sec(1997;4)
King Saul 124:6.3(1374;3), 134:9.5(1495;2)
Pontius Pilate 185:1.6(1988;5)
flight from realities of existence 139:12.13(1567;6)
Phrygian mystery cult celebrated Attis's 97:4.4(1066;1)
testifies men are more than animals 160:1.5(1773;2)
those rejecting survival are committing 117:4.4,10-11)
widows once committed s. on husbands' graves 82:3.12(916;8)
defeated Sumerians 78:8.10(876;7)
Mesopotamian city-state 78:8.9(876;6)
absorbed into northern Semites 78:8.10(876;7)
city-states ruled by apostate descendants of Sethites 78:8.7(876;4)
distinguished between inanimate and animate 103:6.10(1136;5)
Dravidian commerce with 79:3.6-7(881;6)
from Mesopotamia city state of Sumer 78:8.9-10(876;6)
greatly respected as teachers, directors, and civil rulers 78:8.6(876;3)
in 5000 B.C. purest Adamite strains in Sumeria 80:7.9(896;1)
knew of first and second Edens 77:4.9(860;4)
language Aryan, not Semitic 77:4.7(860;2)
lived at mouth of Tigris and Euphrates rivers 77:4.6(860;1), 78:8sec(875;5)
made pottery 81:2.15(903;1)
no city groups able to overcome united s. 78:8.5-6(876;2)
Nodite and Adamite origin 77:2.10(857;7), 77:4.6-9(860;1), 78:1.4(868;6), 78:8sec(875;5)
originated 200,000 years ago as full-grown superior culture after submergence of Dalamatia 77:4.7(860;2)
used castor oil and opium as medicine 90:4.9(992;1)
6 billion years old 41:9.5(465;5)
6000 mile thick gaseous stone surface 41:6.3-6(462;1)
6,000°F on surface; 35,000,000°F at center 41:6.7(462;5), 41:7.2(463;2)
Andronover sun #1,013,572; among last thrown off 57:1.1(651;3), 57:4.8(655;4)
diameter is 1 million miles 41:3.2(458;2)
heat given off in 1 second would boil water in all Urantia's oceans in 1 second 41:7.6(463;6)
mass of 2 octillion tons; 1.5 times density of water 41:4sec(459;5)
pours forth death-dealing rays 58:2.4(666;1)
radiates 100 billion tons of matter annually 41:9.3(465;3)
shines on the evil and the good 2:5.1(38;6), 140:3.16(1571;3), 166:4.4(1830;4)
some unknown spectral lines have been modified by shattered elements in space 41:6.1(461;5)
spectra overstate quantity of iron in 41:6.7(462;5)
sun worship
Amenemope taught 95:4.2(1046;3)
among Egyptians 95:2.7-8(1044;6)
Andon narrowed avoided 63:6.2(716;1)
cult absorbed Salem gospel 93:7.3(1022;1)
great stones set up as tokens to sun; Stonehenge 80:9.13(898;8)
Ikhnaton established monotheism under guise of 95:5.6,7,11(1047;6)
in agricultural ages 80:9.13(898;8), 85:5sec(947;4)
Mithraic Sol Invictus 98:5.3(1082;4)
persists in Brittany 80:9.14(899;1)
sun honored by naming of Sunday 85:5.2(947;5)
sunlight. See also light: material light; suns: sunlight
health-giving and disease-destroying properties 66:5.20(748;1)
ionizes upper atmosphere 58:2.6-10(666;3)
ozone layer filters out extreme ultraviolet rays 58:2.2(665;5)
11-1/2 year cycle 41:3.8(459;2), 57:5.2(655;7)
cycles show our sun was variable star 57:5.2(655;7)
Urantia receives two-billionths of total radiation 58:2.1(665;4)
will shine on efficiently for 25 billion years 41:9.5(465;5)
sun honored by name of first day of week 85:5.2(947;5)
backward tribes lament over each new 86:2.2(951;4)
10 trillion in Orvonton 15:6.5(172;7)
abundant space to accommodate all 41:3.2(458;2)
average diameter is one million miles 41:3.2(458;2)
burned-out s. become dark islands of space 15:5.11(171;6)
cannot degrade ultimatons 41:7.5(463;5), 42:4.8(473;6), 42:6.3(476;5)
collapse of Andromeda and Crab nebulas 41:8.2,3(464;4)
convert matter into energy 42:4.9(473;7)
cooling stars have lost free ultimatonic energy 41:4.3(459;7)
creation of planets. See planets: origins
density 41:3.6(458;6), 41:4sec(459;5)
energy from s. moves straight forward in particles, not waves 41:5.6-8(461;2)
exist in 1000 states and stages 15:6.3(172;5)
explosion point of ultimatonic condensation 41:3.6(458;6)
explosion whose light reached Urantia in A.D. 1572 41:3.5(458;5)
give out heat and light for trillions of years 15:6.4(172;6)
interiors are vast X ray generators 41:5.3(460;7)
larger nebulas can give origin to 100 million s. 15:4.5(169;5)
local accelerators of energy circulation 15:6.4(172;6)
majority have planets 57:4.2(654;7)
most born by being thrown off spinning nebula 57:3.6(653;6)
most not very dense; some immensely dense 41:3.6(458;6), 41:5.1(460;5)
named. See astronomy: places named
nuclear reactions in 41:8sec(464;3)
number in master universe 41:3.2(458;2)
origin 15:4-5secs)
rays comprise 4 octaves of wave-energy 42:5.1(474;5)
rejuvenation of dying s. through collision, recharging 15:5.11-12(171;6), 41:7.8(464;2)
runaway particles occasion collapse 41:8.3(464;5)
s. in channels of universe energy shine on forever 41:7.7(464;1)
shattered atoms found in cooling 42:3.7(472;5)
size determines state 41:3.3-4(458;3)
solar supergases density equal to iron 41:4.3(459;7)
solar supergases made of subelectronic matter 42:3.4(472;2)
sources of solar energy 41:7sec(463;1)
spectral analysis only shows surface conditions 41:6.7(462;5)
stability dependent on gravity-heat equilibrium 41:9sec(465;1)
stable internal temperature of 35,000,000°F; heat given off 15:6.4(172;6), 41:4.7(460;4), 41:7.1-6(463;1), 41:9.1(465;1)
subatomic matter in interiors of 42:3.6(472;4)
sunlight. See also light: material light; sun (Urantia's): sunlight
consists of electrons agitated by X rays 41:5.4-5(460;8)
octave of wave energy 42:5.1,10(474;5)
found in once-variable stars 57:5.2(655;7)
function as enormous magnets 58:2.7-8(666;4)
majority result from internal fluctuations 41:3.9(459;3)
power centers not concerned with 41:1.2(456;1)
supported from within by X ray bombardment 41:5.3(460;7)
types of suns 15:6.3-4(172;5)
age and condition revealed by color of light 41:3.7(459;1)
dead s. not suited for life 15:6.9(173;4)
formation of double stars 15:5.7-8(171;2), 41:3.3-5,9)
great binary s. frequently overlap 58:3.4(667;3)
most dwarf s. are old; most giant s. are young 41:3.7(459;1)
s. that shine without heat 15:6.3(172;5), 15:7.1(174;1)
variable s. are measuring points for exploration 41:3.10(459;4)
white dwarfs 41:8.2(464;4)
younger s. experience huge respiratory heaves 41:3.8(459;2), 41:9.3(465;3)
ultimatonic leakage causes early losses 41:9.1(465;1)
underlying order exists in energy upheavals among 4:1.5(55;3)
Universe Power Directors use s. as way stations to concentrate and direct energy circuits 41:3.1(458;1)
very hot s. help prevent gravity from converting all energy into matter 15:8.5(175;8)

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