The Urantia Book Fellowship
in Jerusalem 162:4.4(1794;3)
migrated to North America 61:7.15(702;5)
discourse on 162:6sec(1795;5)
divine spirit 153:3.2(1712;2)
freely partake of 165:3.8(1820;7)
given only to those who thirst for righteousness 193:2.2(2054;3)
Jesus was 121:5.12(1337;8), 143:5.2-3(1612;5), 182:1.10(1965;4)
partaken of in world to come 166:3.5(1829;2)
Passover emblem 127:6.7(1404;6)
spiritual w. springs up in believers 34:6.8(381;2)
Waters of Merom 134:7.5(1492;5), 157:3.2(1745;3), 158:7.1(1759;3)
if your child asks for a 144:2.4(1619;2)
wave phenomena. See energy: types of energy: wave energy
debts recorded on 169:2.4(1853;7)
as heavens are higher than earth, God's ways are higher than our ways 97:7.5(1068;5)
bestowal Son establishes new and living w. 52:5.4-5(596;2)
commit your w. to the Lord 131:2.10(1445;4)
God knows all our ways 3:3.2(49;1)
God's w. is not the easy w. 136:9.4(1522;3)
Great Choice between good and evil 97:8.3(1071;1)
Jesus' choice between his w. and Father's w. 136:4.6-11(1514;7)
Jesus is the new and living w. 101:3.3(1108;2), 101:6.10(1113;2), 117:3.3(1281;5), 129:4.7(1425;6), 136:6.11(1519;4), 141:7.4(1593;5), 180:3.7(1947;6), 182:1.10(1965;4), 196:2.4(2092;2)
let the wicked forsake his evil w. 97:7.7(1069;2), 131:2.11(1445;5)
many of you stand at parting of ways 153:1.2-3(1708;1), 153:2.5(1710;3), 153:4.4(1714;3)
old w. is conformance to rules; new w. is transformation by Spirit 143:2.4(1609;5)
proclaim new truth; do not attack old ways 178:1.16(1932;1)
Sons of God are "the way, truth, and life" 7:5.1(86;2)
Spirit of Truth will show the w. 34:7.8(383;2)
this is the w., walk in it 97:5.2(1066;6)
w. that seems right ends in death 139:12.5(1566;4)
w. to eternal life is straight and narrow 166:3.3,6(1828;7)
teaching of Confucius 94:6.10(1034;5)
"do you resemble weaklings?" 143:1.5(1608;2)
God gives power to the faint 97:7.8(1069;3)
have always contended for equal rights 70:9.6(794;4)
indulge in resolutions; the strong act 48:7.13(556;1)
mercy toward w. is divine trait 26:11.5(297;2)
minister to 192:2.2(2047;6)
only brotherhood prevents strong from oppressing w. 71:4.5(804;5)
should not be allowed to take advantage of "golden rulers" 71:4.4(804;4)
10 methods of amassing 132:5.2(1462;3)
faithfulness will not insure rewards of 160:4.4(1779;2)
flows in well-organized channels; wise planning essential for 160:4.4(1779;2)
psychic circle attainment augments potential for material prosperity 110:6.19(1211;4)
results from labor, knowledge, and organization 69:2.2(773;3)
harms majority of its devotees 140:8.18(1581;5), 151:2.2(1689;5)
love of w. incompatible with spiritual loyalties 163:2.10-11(1803;1), 163:3.1(1803;3), 165:4.1(1821;1)
spiritual stigma when derived from oppression; restore unfair w. to rightful owners 132:5.2,8,12(1462;3)
undeserved w. may be greatest human affliction 118:10.9(1305;4)
divinely watered souls are independent of material environment 34:6.8(381;2)
do not dictate how rich men shall regard their w. 132:5.4(1463;2)
Amenemope taught w. was gift of God 95:4.2(1046;3)
ancients bargained with gods to obtain prosperity 89:8.6(983;4)
belief only the rich survived death with dignity 69:9.4(780;7)
slaves commonly sacrificed to show disdain for w. 69:5.14(777;2)
disgust for unearned w. in continental nation 72:5.9(814;2)
early badge of social distinction 69:5.12-13(776;10)
gave no Egyptian legal advantage under Ikhnaton 95:5.8(1048;2)
kings often confiscated goods of wealthy men 69:9.6(780;9)
lack of w. did not imply social inferiority in Nazareth 126:5.1(1392;8)
many primitive rich men distributed w. from fear of assassination 69:5.14(777;2)
Moses taught righteousness rewarded by prosperity 135:5.1(1500;1)
prosperity believed provocative of envy of evil spirits 87:5.4(962;5)
prosperity was reward of serving El Shaddai 96:1.6(1053;4)
w. betokened divine approval for Jews 163:2.6(1802;2), 166:4.3(1830;3)
decided against compromise with influence of riches 136:8.4(1520;5), 141:7.8(1594;2)
did not preach against w., rather its unfair distribution 140:8.15-18(1581;2)
discussions about 163:3sec(1803;3), 165:5sec(1823;1)
leaving w. for sake of kingdom 163:3.4(1804;1)
parable of Lazarus and Dives 169:3sec(1854;5)
persons possessing wealth
3 questions asked of the rich 165:4.10-13(1822;5)
in continental nation 72:5.7(813;8)
Jesus condemned the wealthy because they were usually wanton and irreligious 166:4.3(1830;3), 196:2.8(2093;2)
Jesus' counsel to Matadormus 163:2.5-6(1802;1)
Jesus' counsel to rich man 132:5sec(1462;2)
wealthy should administer w. as trustee for succeeding generations 132:5.1(1462;2)
wealthy should feed the poor 135:6.8(1502;6)
wealthy should not look on all they control as private possession 132:5.11(1464;5)
significance of wealth
does not indicate God's favor 148:6.2(1662;4)
is unenduring 165:4.6(1822;1)
no sin to possess honorable w., but love of w. diverts affections 140:8.15-18(1581;2), 165:4.5-14(1821;5)
w. is of no consequence if it does not invade soul 163:2.6(1802;2), 163:3.3(1803;5)
cooking food for infants facilitates early 66:5.18(747;8)
Eve ceased to nurse children at age 1 74:6.3(834;5)
Mary did not wean Jesus until Alexandria 123:0.1(1355;1)
maternal affection too strong for infanticide after 68:6.9(770;6)
use of cow and goat milk reduced infant mortality 84:3.9(934;8)
weapons. See also swords
metal w. of Tubal-Cain 159:1.7(1764;2)
old men and cripples set to work making 69:3.4(774;3)
weasels 61:2.7(695;5), 61:3.13(697;8)
Andites in Crete practiced w. ca. 12,000 B.C. 80:7.2(895;2)
by Sumerians 77:4.7(860;2)
Caligastia 100 taught 66:5.2(745;8)
Jesus became an expert weaver 123:5.15(1364;3)
practiced in Eden, second garden 74:2.7(830;2), 76:3.8(850;4)
at Cana 137:3.6(1528;2), 137:4sec(1528;4)
charms and superstitions among ancients 83:4.4-9(924;7)
early w. held under trees 85:2.3(945;6)
for ancients, children's status required wide publicity 83:4.1-3(924;4)
of James, Miriam 128:7.10-11(1418;2)
of Martha, Simon, and Jude 129:1.6(1420;3), 134:1.4(1484;1)
origin of presents 82:3.10(916;6)
parable of wedding feast 173:5sec(1894;4)
Jewish custom to celebrate weddings on 137:4.1(1528;4)
mid-week holiday for apostles 138:6.2(1542;7), 141:3.1(1589;2), 177:0.1(1920;1)
parable of wheat and w. 151:4.1(1693;7)
7-day w. grew out of fact that 7 was 1/4 of 28 66:7.17(751;12)
incidental origin to sacred sanction for 7-day w. 74:8.1(836;7)
weights. See also measures
first were grains of wheat 69:4.5(775;5)
Jerusem gradant equals 10 Urantia ounces 46:1.2(519;3)
of electrons and atoms 42:6.7-8(477;1)
welfare (government). See charity: by government
be not weary in 163:6.7(1808;1), 174:0.2(1897;2), 192:2.9(2048;5)
among first private possessions 69:9.12(781;6)
Caligastia 100 taught digging w. 66:5.2(745;8)
Nalda, woman at the well 143:5sec(1612;4)
idea derived from belief souls could enter animals 86:5.8(954;7)
West Indies 59:1.5(673;5), 60:4.3(692;1), 61:1.8(694;5)
staggers under guilt of failings 195:10.20(2086;6)
Dravidian settlements along seacoast of 79:3.6(881;6)
placental mammals that returned to sea 49:2.10(562;1), 61:2.11(696;2), 65:2.12(733;2)
Amos said God would sift Israel like 97:4.3(1065;6)
apostles rubbed w. on Sabbath 147:6.4(1654;3)
first weights were grains of 69:4.5(775;5)
God allows w. to grow together with weeds 130:1.6(1429;2)
improved in Garden of Eden 81:1.7(901;2)
parable of grain of 174:5.8(1903;5)
parable of w. and weeds 151:4.1(1693;7)

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