The Urantia Book Fellowship
Prince's staff first taught use of 66:5.5(746;3)
vehicles equipped with w. common in 5000 B.C. 81:3.6(904;2)
Father does not reveal himself in w. 148:6.10(1664;2)
those who sow wind shall reap w. 131:2.9(1445;3)
white race 80:9sec(897;4),. See also Caucasians; races
375 Adamsonites who settled Greece carried most valuable strains ca. 10,000 B.C. 80:7.4(895;4)
ancestor worship after fall of Roman civilization 79:8.3(887;3)
Christianity well adapted to current mores of 98:7.11(1084;10)
Adamic and Nodite stock admixed with Andonite, red, yellow, but especially blue strains 51:4.3(584;5), 64:6.24(725;5), 78:4.4(872;2), 80:0.2(889;2)
blend of blue race, Andites 52:3.7(593;6), 78:6.2(873;6), 80:5.7(893;9), 82:6.1(919;7)
more Nodite than original Andonite strain in 80:0.2(889;2)
too much blending to permit analysis by divisions 80:9.15(899;2)
divisions of white race
central division
Alpine race; predominantly Andonite with blue, yellow, and Andite stocks; broad-headed, swarthy, stocky 80:9.5-7(897;8)
northern division
Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, German peoples 80:4.5(893;1)
considerably less than 1/8 Adamic blood 78:4.1(871;7)
early Nordic was long-headed, tall, blond 80:9.2(897;5)
encompassed most desirable human stocks 80:9.2(897;5)
made up from blue, Andite, and Andonite stocks, plus some red and yellow; long-heads 80:4.5(893;1), 80:9.2-4(897;5)
southern division
Basques and Berbers; highly mixed, comprised of Andite, blue man, Andonite, secondary San-giks; short, long-headed, brunet 80:9.8-11(898;3)
dominant in northern Europe by 5000 B.C. 80:5.8(894;1)
energetic builders 80:9.13(898;8)
final color is olive shade of violet 52:3.7(593;6)
killed off bison in North America 61:7.14(702;4)
landed in America 1000 years ago 64:7.19(728;8)
most advanced social development on Urantia 68:0.3(763;3)
restless, exploratory curiosity due to Andite inheritance 79:7.3(886;4)
unifying factor is Andite inheritance 81:4.6(905;2)
customarily committed suicide on husbands' graves 87:2.7(960;1)
secretly laying hold to w. 's houses 175:1.9(1907;1)
widow in Rome 132:6.2(1465;6)
widow of Nain 146:6.2(1645;3)
widow of Tyre 149:1.9(1670;1)
widowhood greatly feared under certain mores 82:3.12(916;8)
widow's mites 172:4.2(1883;4)
John the Baptist tended sheep in 135:2.3(1497;5)
active submission to 2:5.5(39;4), 5:1.12(64;3), 110:3.2(1205;6), 117:5.2(1285;5), 128:1.6,12(1408;3), 130:2.2(1429;4), 131:2.8(1445;2), 133:7.10(1480;2), 135:11.3(1507;2), 136:4.4(1514;5), 136:6.4(1518;3), 138:7.1(1543;4), 140:8.3(1579;5), 142:6.8(1602;7), 144:5.8(1623;3), 146:3.5-7(1642;1), 149:5.3(1674;5), 168:0.11(1843;5), 171:4.7(1872;4), 171:8.14(1877;2), 178:3.3(1934;5), 180:2.2(1945;5), 181:2.11,15(1957;1), 182:2.1-2(1966;1), 186:2.3(1999;3)
best and right way to do things always exists 25:4.10(280;5), 39:4.14(435;7)
commitment to w.o.G. brought Adjuster prior to Spirit of Truth 108:2.10(1188;1)
divine union attained by wholehearted and intelligent conformity to 1:7.2(31;2)
does not always prevail concerning individual, but invariably concerning total 3:5.3(51;2), 12:7.1,7(137;2), 115:3.13(1262;10)
doing the will of God
always benefits, never destroys 94:6.6(1034;1)
discloses way of truth 102:1.1(1118;4)
in any earthly occupation 155:6.11(1732;4)
is following leading of indwelling Adjuster 107:0.4(1176;4)
is not the easy way 136:9.4(1522;3)
is partnership with the choice of God over any alternative 130:2.7(1431;2)
is passport to infinity, perfection 1:3.6(25;6), 106:9.11-12(1174;7), 131:5.3(1450;2)
is secret of survival and perfection 3:5.15(52;1), 111:5.2(1221;3)
is sharing inner life with God 111:5.1(1221;2)
is spiritual finding of Father 111:5.6(1221;7)
is supreme virtue 16:7.10(193;9)
makes one more like God 130:2.7(1431;2), 130:4.3(1434;2)
evil, sin, and iniquity are relations to 148:4.2-4(1660;1)
fusion proclaims irrevocable choice to live God's will 5:1.11(64;2)
God the Supreme is highest finite manifestation of total will of God 117:0.1(1278;1)
Havona natives are the w.o.G. 14:4.6(157;5)
increasingly discernible in lives of spirit-led as time frame is enlarged 12:7.7(138;2)
is divine truth, living love 3:6.2(52;5)
is holy, just, great, true, beautiful, good; ideal of creature life 136:4.6(1514;7), 196:0.2(2087;2)
is potentialized in 3 Absolutes, personalized in Son, conjoined for action in Spirit, and eternalized in patterns of Paradise 117:0.1(1278;1)
is that all beings achieve perfection 1:0.3-6(21;3), 7:4.7(86;1), 7:5.1(86;2), 9:5.6(103;4), 13:2.8(149;1), 26:4.5(290;2), 40:7.4(449;2), 56:0.1(637;1), 94:3.1(1030;1), 99:5.3(1091;2), 107:0.3(1176;3), 131:9.4(1453;2), 137:8.13(1536;10), 140:2.16(1536;10), 140:5.15(1574;8), 140:8.32(1583;6), 140:10.1(1584;4), 143:2.6(1610;1), 161:1.10(1784;7), 181:2.25(1961;4)
discourse on w.o.G. 141:2sec(1588;4)
healing at sundown not inconsistent with 145:3.9-11(1632;8)
preferred term to "kingdom of heaven" 170:2.11(1860;6)
turning water into wine not inconsistent with 137:4.12(1530;4)
was personification of w.o.G. 149:1.7(1669;6)
limitations to God's will
limited only by Father's sentiments and wisdom 4:4.4(58;9)
no limits may be placed upon 136:5.5(1517;1)
omnipotence does not imply power to do the ungodlike act 3:3.5(49;4), 118:5.1(1299;1)
to deny God's volitional self-limitation would be to deny his volitional absoluteness 4:4.4(58;9)
mind not the ways of men but the w.o.G. 158:7.4(1760;1)
murderous Pharisees think they serve God 155:1.4(1726;1), 162:2.6(1791;4)
one's highest ideals not necessarily synonymous with w.o.G. 103:4.3(1133;3), 131:2.3(1444;3)
way that seems right but ends in death 139:12.5(1566;4)
natural, slow, and sure way of accomplishing 136:8.5-6(1520;6)
only creature volition departs from 12:8.3(139;6)
only Father possesses finality of will, absolute self-determination 4:4.3(58;8), 118:6.3-7(1299;6)
prayers granted if not inconsistent with 145:3.9-11(1632;8), 159:1.3(1762;5)
seek for knowledge of God's will and grace and courage to do it 154:6.12(1723;3)
sin is deliberate rebellion against 75:4.3(842;5), 89:10.2(984;5), 148:4.4,6(1660;3), 170:2.19(1861;3), 186:5.7(2003;1), 188:4.5(2016;10)
Spirit of Truth endows with power to perform 143:2.4(1609;5)
Supreme becomes more actual to extent we do 117:0.1(1278;1)
that every one who believes in the Son has eternal life 153:2.9(1711;1)
we are beholden to do 147:3.3(1649;3)
we must wait upon 137:4.8(1529;5)
whosoever does God's will shall comprehend validity of spiritual values 101:10.6(1116;7)
ancients believed w. produced by birds 85:3.4(946;6)
regarded as good or evil in various regions 85:4.2(947;1)
those born of spirit are like 142:6.5(1602;4)
those who sow w. shall reap whirlwind 131:2.9(1445;3)
cup of w. emblem of divine Spirit of Truth 179:5.1-3(1941;6)
drugged w. offered crucifixion victims; Jesus refused 187:2.3(2007;2)
drunk to seal adoption ceremony 70:3.8(787;8)
Jesus on cross moistened lips with 187:3.5(2008;6)
Jesus turned water into 137:4.10-13(1530;2), 138:8.5(1545;6)
Melchizedek substituted sacrament of w. for sacrifice of flesh and blood 93:4.14(1018;3)
parable of new w. into new w. skins 140:6.2(1576;2), 147:7.2-3(1655;4)
sacrament in Mother of God cult 89:9.2(984;1)
served at Passover 127:6.7(1404;6), 179:1.1(1936;6), 179:2.2(1938;1)
wounds treated with 90:4.9(992;1), 164:1.3(1810;1)
origin of idea that angels have 39:5.11-14(438;4)
Wisconsin 58:7.4(670;6), 58:7.7(670;9)

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