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Chinese sacrificed maiden to improve tone 89:6.4(981;1)
Gautama founded school at 94:7.5(1035;5)
Immanuel's b. for Michael 120:3.10(1330;5)
Jesus' b. to apostles 193:5.2(2057;4)
worship of meteor which fell in A.D. 1880 85:1.2(944;6)
Berbers. See also white race: divisions: southern
blue race admixed with Saharans 80:9.11(898;6)
lemurs, turtles migrated over 62:1.2(703;3), 60:2.13(688;5)
red race migrated over, 100,000 85,000 B.C. 64:6.5(723;4), 79:5.6(883;7)
rose or fell 60:1.6,13(686;2), 60:3.8(689;7), 61:0.2(693;2), 61:1.7(694;4), 61:3.4(696;8), 61:4.6(698;8)
mother of Justa 156:2.2(1735;6)
bestowal. See Creator Sons: creature bestowals; Paradise Sons of God: bestowals
144 supreme seraphim who attend Avonal missions 39:1.4-6(427;4)
fanatical Phoenician woman 148:8.4(1666;3)
ancient Hebrew city; later Scythopolis 124:3.6-9(1370;4)
home of Ezda 135:3.1(1497;7)
Bethany ford of river Jordan 171:2.1(1869;3)
Jesus and apostles at 141:7sec(1593;2)
John the Baptist at 135:6.5(1502;3), 135:10.2(1506;4)
John's disciples remained at 141:9.2(1595;6)
2 miles from Jerusalem temple 172:3.1(1880;7)
almost every person from B. was believer 172:3.1(1880;7)
Jesus' appearances in 190:2.5,6(2032;3)
Jesus met Mary, Martha, and Lazarus at 124:6.9(1375;3)
Simon father of Lazarus was leading resident of 168:0.4(1842;4)
Bethel 124:6.1(1374;1), 127:3.3(1399;2), 143:0.1(1607;1)
appealing legend of star of 122:8.7(1352;3)
City of David 122:4.3(1347;5), 135:7.1(1503;1)
headquarters for Abner, messenger corps 159:6.4(1771;5), 162:9.2(1798;3)
Herod killed 16 boy babies at 122:10.3(1354;2)
inhabitants did not know Jesus born in 142:8.2(1605;4)
Jesus' birth in 122:7.7-8(1351;3), 122:8sec(1351;5)
Joseph registered for census at; remained 122:4.3(1347;5), 122:8.4(1351;8)
Mary wanted Jesus to grow up in 123:0.5(1356;2)
Joseph father of Jesus worked at 123:3.8(1360;3)
hamlet short distance northwest of Bethany 168:3.7(1847;7), 172:3.6(1881;4)
Jesus' Palm Sunday donkey from 172:3.6(1881;4)
Bethsaida 129:1.2(1419;5), 148:8sec(1665;4), 152:5sec(1703;5), 186:3.2-3(2000;5), 192:3.3(2050;3),. See also Capernaum
encampment at Paper 148 (1657;1),)
500 to 1500 present; model of order and sanitation 148:0.1(1657;1)
1000 improved or cured at hospital 148:2.1(1658;4)
camp equipage later used at Pella 163:5.2(1806;3)
hospital supervised by Elman the physician 148:0.1(1657;1)
Karuska of Sidon was patient at 156:0.1(1734;1)
under supervision of David Zebedee 148:0.1(1657;1)
fishing harbor of Capernaum 139:1.1(1548;5)
healing of 683 at sundown 145:3sec(1631;6)
healing the paralytic at 148:9sec(1666;5)
Jesus' 13th appearance at 192:1-2secs)
John Zebedee from 139:4.1(1553;6)
Mary mother of Jesus died at 187:4.7(2009;6)
Philip from 137:2.3(1526;3), 139:5.1(1556;1)
Zebedee's home at fishing headquarters of 129:1.4(1420;1)
Bethsaida-Julias 138:9.3(1546;5), 149:0.1(1668;1), 157:2sec(1744;4)
5000 fed south of 152:2.1(1700;2)
beautiful Magadan Park south of 155:0.1(1725;1), 157:2.1(1744;4)
woe upon light-rejecting inhabitants of 163:6.5(1807;4)
greatest sorrow is to be wounded in house of friend 149:6.12(1677;1)
Jesus' Paper 183 (1971;1),)
Jewish law forbade testimony of traitors 184:3.6(1982;7)
last hour before Judas's 139:12.12-13(1567;5), 182:2sec(1966;1)
money not Judas's motive for 139:12.5(1566;4)
Solemnities of Trust reflect individual's possibilities of 28:6.14(316;1)
Jesus denounced belief in 150:3.12(1681;7)
bigamy. See marriage: among primitives
offered Job depressing counsel 148:6.5,9(1663;3)
all mortals are 49:4.1(564;3)
Andon created fire with flint sparks into bird's nest 63:2.5-7(712;5)
became fetish animals 88:1.5(967;7)
Cretaceous was era of 60:3sec(688;8)
descended from partially progressive reptiles 65:2.8-10(732;6)
domesticated by 5000 B.C. 81:2.8(902;2)
evolved from hollow-boned leaping dinosaurs 60:2.12(688;4), 60:3.22(691;3)
prebirds had too little brain for body size 60:3.21(691;2)
primitives believed b. to be source of wind 85:3.4(946;6)
used for transport on Jerusem 46:2.4(521;1)
birthday text. See Jesus: birthday text from Isaiah
believed caused by evil eye 87:5.5(962;6)
bison 61:3.5(696;9), 61:5.7(699;8), 61:7.13-14(702;3), 69:7.2(778;5)
Matthew preached in 139:7.10(1560;6)
commemorated self-inflicted death of Attis 98:4.4(1081;7)
Andonites entered Europe via region of 80:9.6(898;1)
iron ores mined in 80:6.3(894;4)
once was extension of Mediterranean 64:4.10(721;8)
early metal workers and magicians 69:3.5(774;4)
early specialists; enjoyed special privileges; hated 69:3.6,9(774;5)
descendants of Onamonalonton 64:6.7(723;6)
Judas blamed others for his difficulties 193:4.7(2056;5)
placing failures of one's own making upon others 176:3.9(1918;2)
refrain from condemnation 147:8.4(1656;5)
Jesus charged with 148:9.3(1667;1), 153:3.6(1713;1), 164:5.3(1815;4), 169:0.5(1850;5), 184:5.4(1985;5), 186:2.7(1999;7)
no forgiveness for deliberate b. against God 153:4.3(1714;2), 165:3.6(1820;5)
on sacrificial animals 173:1.1-2(1888;4)
b. leading b., fall into pit 140:3.18(1571;5), 153:3.5(1712;5), 175:1.15(1907;7)
Jesus restored sight to Bartimeus 171:5sec(1873;1)
Jesus restored sight to Josiah 164:3sec(1811;2)
rabbis taught blindness caused by sin 164:3.3(1811;4)
sometimes invite to banquets 167:1.5(1834;3)
among earliest medicines 90:4.8(991;7)
ancients believed b. created child 84:2.1(932;7)
b. money substituted for vengeance; Moses abolished 70:10.12(796;2)
barbarous idea of penance by shedding b. 4:5.4(60;3)
from sacrificial animals sickened Jesus 125:1.4(1378;6)
Hebrews believed no remission of sin without shedding 4:5.5(60;4)
many still depend upon b. for salvation 89:9.4(984;3)
of kings believed divine 70:6.4(790;1)
Philo taught forgiveness only through shedding 121:6.5(1339;1)
Phrygian mystery cult celebrated day of 97:4.4(1066;1)
place b. shed became property of injured person 69:9.8-9(781;2)
scientific aspects of blood
15 million chemical reactions in 65:6.6(737;6)
cuttlefish oxygenate b. with copper 65:6.4(737;4)
retains salinity of ancestors' ocean environment 58:1.3-4(664;4)
role of iron in oxygenation 65:6.4(737;4)
some ancients believed soul resided in 86:5.11(955;3)
ancient social brotherhoods based on rite of 89:9.3(984;2)
belief blood was seat of soul gave origin to 84:2.1(932;7)
decline of 71:1.15(801;3)
first peace treaties were blood bonds 70:3.10(788;1),
of sacrificial animals by Mithraics 98:5.4(1082;5)
once common cannibalistic practice 89:5.11(979;10)
seal of friendship, acceptance into clan 66:5.22(748;3), 70:3.7(787;7)

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