The Urantia Book Fellowship
brother of Herod Antipas 153:1.1(1707;4)
Caesarea Philippi was capital of 157:3.1(1745;2)
halfhearted believer in Jesus 156:6.6(1741;6), 162:1.7(1789;6)
Abraham made converts among 93:9.4(1023;1)
constantly raided tribes of Palestine 93:5.6(1019;3)
defeated Saul at Gilboa 97:9.6(1072;4)
Godiah of Joppa 130:1.1,5(1428;1)
Hebrews learned alphabet from 74:8.9(838;1)
King David defeated; assumed collection of caravan tariffs from 97:9.11-15(1073;1)
political refugees from Crete 74:8.9(838;1)
a founder of Christianity 5:4.11(68;1), 92:6.7(1011;5)
great religious teacher 92:5.10(1010;1), 121:6.4(1338;7)
harmonizer of Greek philosophy and Hebrew theology 121:6.3-6(1338;6), 130:3.9(1433;4), 146:1.3(1637;5)
mitigated Roman objections to Judaism 195:2.9(2073;4)
profoundly influenced religious thought 121:6.3-6(1338;6), 121:7.7(1340;5), 170:5.3,16(1864;3)
possessed copy of Book of Wisdom 95:4.3(1046;4)
tolerated belief in reincarnation 164:3.4(1811;5)
wealthy Jew; restored concept of Trinity; glimpsed Thought Adjusters; taught atonement doctrine 121:6.5-6(1339;1)
belief led to mastery of metals 88:6.5(972;5)
and religion 101:7.4(1114;2), 103:1.5(1130;4),. See also theology
assumes reality of body, mind and soul 101:5.5(1110;5)
base on insights of cosmic mind 16:6.10(192;6)
blunder to oversimplify reality; approach higher from lower 19:1.5-12(215;2)
can never be settled in its conclusions 27:6.5(303;3)
cannot nourish faith 103:7.1(1137;6)
civilization in danger when youth neglect 111:4.4(1220;3)
examples of stunted philosophic growth 101:7.4(1114;2)
few systems persist without religious identification 98:2.12(1080;2)
Greeks vainly sought solace in 98:2.2-3(1078;6)
highest attainable p. based on science, faith, and revelation 103:6.15(1137;5)
is to religion as conception is to action 98:2.12(1080;2)
lower planes of mota join higher levels of 48:7.1(556;1)
Nalda dodged issue of salvation with 143:5.5-7(1613;3)
posits a God of universal unity 5:5.3(68;5)
relieve by poetry 143:7.3(1616;5)
religion is mother of 5:5.5(68;7)
schools of p. in continental nation 72:8.4(817;1)
should always look for creative design behind 2:7.5(42;6)
sometime becomes chief pursuit 71:7.2,4(806;2)
spiritual insight is soul and energy of 102:2.6(1120;3)
attempts integration of meanings and values 48:6.16(554;1)
best teaches unity 101:2.6(1106;5), 102:2.6(1120;3), 196:3.27(2096;6)
co-ordinates experience and knowledge 27:6.3(303;1), 101:5.6(1110;6)
harmonizes discrepancies; cannot be built on materialism or spiritism alone 103:6.5(1135;7), 160:4.8(1779;6)
inveigles man to contemplate spiritual reality 5:4.4(67;2)
search for wisdom 102:3.12(1122;8)
should make science and religion more tolerant of each other 103:7.6(1138;4)
solves mysteries, problems 27:6.1-2(302;5)
wisdom; leads to co-ordinate consciousness 102:3.5(1122;1)
struggles for emancipation from dogma and tradition 12:9.5(141;6)
uniformity not attainable in 103:1.1(1129;4)
apostles won souls among 155:4sec(1728;1), 155:6sec(1730;5), 156:2.3(1735;7)
Beth-Marion 148:8.4(1666;3)
considered snakes mouthpiece of evil spirits 88:1.5(967;7)
employed crucifixion as punishment 187:1.5(2005;3)
Jesus' 18th appearance to 193:2sec(2054;2)
offered first-born as sacrifice 89:6.7(981;4)
part of older Semitic race that included Jews 121:2.1(1333;3), 156:3.2(1737;1)
superior mixed Semites 96:2.1(1054;6)
swine sacred to 89:1.5(975;2)
morontia recorders 44:4.12(504;4)
imposing but degrading 98:4.2,4(1081;5)
only 14 have appeared 65:2.11(733;1)
making broad 175:1.9(1907;1)
energy manipulator celestial artisans; assist Morontia Power Supervisors 44:5.2(504;6)
Elman, supervised Bethsaida hospital 148:0.1(1657;1), 148:2sec(1658;4)
Luke 121:8.8(1342;3)
refrain from despising material means of healing 164:3.15(1813;2)
Veronica suffered many things of many p. 152:0.2(1698;2)
could not have predicted water molecule 12:9.3(141;4)
laws of p. immutable, not responsive to training 65:6.8(738;1)
truth, beauty, and goodness not inherent in 195:6.11(2077;7)
co-operation with Adjuster does not entail mock 110:3.4(1206;2)
without sanctimoniousness 100:7.4(1102;1), 149:4.4(1673;4)
descended from enormous ancient reptiles 65:2.9(732;7)
Joseph offered 2 for temple sacrifice 122:10.2(1354;1)
Morontia Companions; co-ordinators of all morontia ministers 48:3.7(545;8)
help ascenders understand Trinity, Father-Son partnership, and Infinite Spirit 26:5.2(291;2)
secondary supernaphim; serve ascenders and Paradise Citizens on 7th circuit of Havona 26:5sec(291;1)
Morontia Companions; social companions of new mansion world arrivals 48:3.8-9(546;1)
to sacred shrines ancient ritual 90:5.3(992;4)
Adjuster is our 111:1.9(1217;4)
spirit luminosity accompanying Adjusters 107:4.5(1181;1)
Greek poet; attempted reformation of Greek religion 98:2.5(1079;2)
pines 60:2.7(687;8), 60:4.5(692;3)
can never hold a quart 48:7.5(556;5)
cleared from seas in times of Jesus 121:1.4(1332;5)
successful race blending 82:6.9(920;7)
imagination and spiritual receptivity influenced by 49:5.12(566;7)
of ghosts preceded coercion, supplication, conciliation, and propitiation 87:2.1(959;2), 89:4.4(978;1), 90:0.1(986;1)
Edentia group approving planetary life-initiation plans 57:8.9(661;3)
70 in charge of each morontia sphere 48:2.11(544;1)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.18(337;2)
Morontia Power Supervisors; grant morontia forms to all morontia progressors 48:2.11(544;1)

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