The Urantia Book Fellowship
postulated sometime appearance of 0:12.8(16;5)
surgeons from Avalon transplanted life plasm 66:2.7(742;7)
trephined skulls allowed headache spirits to escape 90:4.4(991;3)
to God, no event comes as 2:1.5(34;4), 3:2.6-7(47;4), 3:3.4(49;3)
adjudication of survival. See also judgment: divine judgment
all must experience one true opportunity to make an undoubted, final choice 112:5.9(1233;5)
Creator Sons may decree survival 15:12.2(180;3)
in doubt, universe governments invariably rule in personal interests of individual 112:5.7-9(1233;3), 139:12.7(1566;6)
Justice Guides defend cases of doubtful 39:4.4(434;4)
Magisterial Sons render judgment on 7:6.5(88;3), 20:3.2(226;2)
no second opportunity in face of rejection of first 112:5.9(1233;5)
animalistic memories perish with physical brain 47:4.5(535;1)
as creature becomes God-identified, he becomes real 118:7.5(1301;2)
assurance of survival
all-perfected plan designed to effect our s. 24:6.9(270;7)
every facility and all power provided to insure 40:10.14(454;3)
Father is not willing that any should perish 4:4.7(59;3), 5:1.8(63;6), 131:10.4(1454;1), 159:1.2(1762;4)
first faint flicker of faith assures s. 40:5.16(447;4)
God is merciful with primitive mortals 40:5.8(446;2)
Jesus is surety for our s. 142:5.4(1601;4)
only conscious resistance to Adjuster's leading can prevent s. 49:4.9(565;1), 110:3.5(1206;3)
s. assured if individual knows God and desires to become like him 5:5.13-14(69;8), 65:8.4-5(739;8)
Sons of God establish lavish mercy credits sufficient for all 28:6.5(314;4)
attained by
acceptance of sonship 26:4.8(290;5)
accepting participation in adventure of eternity 117:4.11(1284;7)
achieved (in spirit) now in doing Father's will 40:5.4(445;5), 111:5.4(1221;5)
choosing values selected by Adjuster 132:2.2-3(1457;5), 196:3.14(2095;1)
effort and decision 50:6.3(578;3)
faith only 139:12.7(1566;6), 140:10.1(1584;4), 141:7.6(1593;7), 150:5.2(1682;4), 157:2.2(1745;1), 163:2.4(1801;7), 170:2.18(1861;2), 170:5.13(1865;3)
freewill choice 5:6.12(71;7)
having been born of spirit 193:1.2(2053;4), 193:2.2(2054;3)
joint effort by Adjuster and human 112:7.9,11(1238;4)
living relationship of personal mind and spirit 12:9.6(142;1)
loving God with all one's heart, and one's neighbor as oneself 164:1.1(1809;3)
not what mind comprehends but what it desires to comprehend ensures 111:1.5(1216;6)
s. of part depends on co-operation with purpose of whole 3:5.15(52;1)
s. of soul 16:9.3(195;5), 36:6.5(404;3)
self-identification with indwelling spirit by choosing to do Father's will 36:5.17(403;5), 118:1.2(1295;2)
sincerity, steadfastness of God-seeking decisions 112:2.16(1229;7)
supremely desiring to be Godlike, willingness to do and be anything 5:1.6-7(63;4), 42:12.8(484;3), 110:3.2(1205;6), 132:3.4(1459;4), 156:5.7(1739;2)
surrender to will of God. See submission
transferring seat of identity from material intellect to soul 1:3.7(26;1), 112:2.16(1229;7), 112:5.4(1232;5), 132:3.6(1459;6)
complete in perfection 26:9.4(295;2)
eye has not seen what God has prepared for survivors 11:4.5(121;6), 24:6.2(269;6), 43:6.8(493;1), 44:2.1(500;7)
fusion proclaims irrevocable choice to do Father's will 5:1.11(64;2)
gained, all other losses can be retrieved 28:6.9(315;3)
gift of God which must be desired; never forced on anyone 5:6.12(71;7), 54:6.9(620;1), 110:2.2(1204;6), 146:2.5(1638;5)
Jewish doctrine took form at Babylon 97:9.28(1075;4)
Lucifer maintained immortality was inherent 53:3.5(603;6)
Onagar's concept of the Great Beyond 63:6.7(716;6)
primitive doctrine was reincarnation 86:4.5-6(953;4)
primitives believed man entered next life just as he left this one 86:4.7(953;6)
primitives believed only rich experienced s. 69:9.4(780;7)
vague Andonite ideas 63:3.5(713;5)
intellectual and spiritual development resumed in morontia where interrupted by death 48:1.4(542;1)
life after death no different in essentials than mortal existence 103:5.7(1134;5)
nature does not afford ground for belief in 101:2.7(1106;6)
not all accept 54:6.9(620;1)
not dependent on knowledge or wisdom 65:8.4(739;8)
not detectable in nature or mind, only spiritually 101:10.2-4(1116;3)
not to enjoy bliss and ease, but for transcendent service 48:8.3(558;1)
presence of evil is sufficient test for 148:5.2(1661;4)
rejecting survival
choice between sinful pleasures, righteous realities 157:2.2(1745;1)
disqualification by disinheritance due to inferior ancestors 109:3.8(1198;3)
humans fully occupied with material problems will perish 1:3.7(26;1), 130:2.9(1431;4)
one-time sonship will not save a person without progressive fruit-bearing 176:3.3(1916;3)
rejected only by selfishness, slothfulness, sinfulness 111:1.9(1217;4)
s. jeopardized only by mind decisions, soul choices 67:7.5(761;4)
s. may be rejected any time prior to fusion 109:6.1(1200;1), 111:3.1(1218;9)
terrestrial escape 49:6sec(568;4)
Thought Adjuster possession of spirit personality survives natural death 101:3.3(1108;2)
true concept of God indispensible to 1:2.4(24;2)
Adjuster carries away all of s.v. in nonsurvivor 109:6.1,7(1200;1)
Adjuster counterparts memories of 47:4.5(535;1)
biologic tribulation eliminated species without 59:6.10(683;7)
godless humanism is devoid of s.v. 102:7.4(1126;4)
government has 70:0.3(783;3)
if intentions are of s.v., mortals afforded addition time on mansion worlds 112:5.6(1233;2)
in association promoted civilization 68:1.5(764;1)
love of offspring has 84:7.10(940;6)
nothing of s.v. ever lost 109:3.2(1197;4), 109:6.1(1200;1)
selfhood of s.v. evolved by transferring mortal identity to soul 112:2.16(1229;7)
the soul has s.v. 16:9.2(195;4), 108:1.6(1186;4), 133:6.5-6(1478;4)
Susa 130:0.3(1427;3)
Jesus and Ganid at 133:9.2(1481;4)
Sumerian city, prospered during floodtimes 78:8.2(875;6), 78:8.9-10(876;6)
at Jesus' 5th appearance 190:3.1(2033;1)
discovered empty tomb 189:4.2-14(2025;3)
at Jesus' 16th appearance 193:0sec(2052;1)
chief of women's corps 150:1.1-2(1678;5)
created by Creator Son and Mother Spirit 37:9.3(414;8)
in personality registers 30:1.8(331;4), 30:2.19(337;3)
permanent citizens of Salvington; closely associated with Spirit-fused mortals 37:9.3(414;8)
bred by ignorance 52:6.4(597;5)
incompatible with sympathy and love 52:6.4(597;5)
inherent reaction of primitive men 39:5.7(437;6)
Judas indulged 139:12.6,9(1566;5)
mental poison; tremendously interferes with spiritual progress 110:1.5(1204;3)
refrain from suggesting s. to children 140:5.14(1574;7)
stumble not into misunderstanding entanglements of 191:4.3(2041;6)
swine 61:1.4(694;1), 61:2.9(695;7)
became fetish animals 88:1.5(967;7)
do not cast pearls before 140:3.18(1571;5), 186:2.2(1999;2)
dogs drove 30 into sea 151:6.6(1696;4)
evil of eating pork 84:4.8(936;1), 89:1.5(975;2)
giant pigs extinct in Miocene 61:3.5(696;9)
prodigal son desired husks of 169:1.7(1851;5)
Andites in 80:7.11(896;3)
Jesus' trip to 132:7.3(1466;3)
Pilate retired to S.; committed suicide 185:1.6(1988;5)
Swiss long mistrusted trees 85:2.4(945;7)
tribes dwelt in houses erected on piles over lakes 80:8.3(897;1)
apostles armed with 171:4.1(1871;3), 172:0.3(1878;3), 172:2.1(1880;2), 172:5.2(1884;1)
Peter rushed forward with 183:2.2(1972;3), 183:3.7(1974;5)
swordmakers were early priestly caste 69:3.9(774;8)
they who fight with s. perish with s. 181:2.11(1957;1), 183:3.7(1974;5)
Zaccheus climbed 171:6.1(1873;4)
Sychar 134:7.5(1492;5)
Jesus' 17th appearance in 193:1sec(2053;3)
Jesus preached 2 days in 143:6.2(1615;3)
Nalda at Jacob's well 143:5sec(1612;4)
bad to extent original worshipful idea displaced by 85:3.5(946;7)
every inspiring ideal grasps for perpetuating 87:7.1(965;5)
mobilizes feeble spiritual insight 91:5.7(999;3)

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