The Urantia Book Fellowship
7 types are sleep, play, discovery, worship, energy intake, transition sleep, and Paradise attainment 27:1.2(299;2)
always is there time for 25:7.2(282;6)
celestial beings all enjoy 84:8.5(942;6)
divine rest
associated with spiritual-energy intake 44:5.8(505;5)
essential to enjoyment of Paradise 27:1.1(299;1)
essential to replenish energy losses; for effective use of space energies 44:5.8-10(505;5)
those who enter kingdom shall enjoy 137:8.14(1537;1)
from reminiscences of earlier experiences 48:4.10,12(548;5)
Jesus established mid-week holiday for 138:6.2(1542;7)
provision for r. on morontia worlds 44:3.4(502;3)
seraphim recharge with life energy of universe circuits 113:2.10(1244;1)
thought change helpful in recuperating depleted energies 48:4.9-10(548;4)
transition rest
1st was death; 2nd was ideal sleep; 3rd is true r., relaxation of the ages 26:11.8(297;5)
Princes' corporeal staff enters transition r. when service completed 50:3.6(575;1)
seraphic r. during seraphic transport 39:2.11(430;7), 66:2.7(742;7)
sleep attending transition from universe status 27:1sec(299;1)
terminal r. of time achieved before residential status on Paradise; replenishes energy losses and stores reserves of spirit for next stage 24:6.3(270;1), 26:7.4(293;2), 26:10.6(296;2), 26:11.6(297;3), 27:1.1,3(299;1), 44:5.9(505;6)
transit through midspace to Paradise 12:5.4(135;3)
translation sleep of morontia progressors 47:3.10(534;2)
3rd day after death for mortals with personal seraphic guardians 30:4.4(341;1), 49:6.8-9(569;3), 112:4.2-5(1231;2)
7 times on mansion worlds 47:10.5(540;1), 48:2.10(543;7)
after r., mortal life at first seems a vague dream 112:5.21(1235;3)
Ancients of Days delegate r. to Bright and Morning Stars 33:4.6(370;3)
Ancients of Days make decrees of immediate 112:4.5(1231;5)
archangels promulgate roll call; council for 37:3.6(409;3), 189:0.1(2020;1)
automatic for all, according to Lucifer 53:3.5(603;6)
beliefs regarding resurrection
Pharisees believed in physical 137:7.6(1534;5), 174:3.4(1900;4)
Phrygian mystery cult celebrated Attis's 97:4.4(1066;1)
Prophet Daniel believed in 137:7.6(1534;5)
Sadducees did not believe in 174:3sec(1900;1)
under Mithraism 98:5.4(1082;5)
effected by reassociation of soul in custody of destiny guardian and the Adjuster 30:4.8(341;5), 47:3.3(533;1), 49:6.5(568;8), 112:3.5(1230;3), 113:6.6(1247;4)
entails fabrication of suitable form, return of Adjuster, and seraphic guardian's bestowal of soul 112:5.16-19(1234;5)
guardian angels present for 47:3.2(532;8), 189:3.2(2024;4)
judgment based on Adjuster's version of deceased human's character, seraphic records 112:4.2,5(1231;2)
judgment seat of presiding archangel 45:4.1(513;2)
Lazarus's r. was only instance of physical r. 168:2sec(1845;7)
Michael removed survivors of dispensational 30:4.4(341;1), 77:8.1(864;2)
Morontia Companion will be on hand to awaken us 48:3.8(546;1)
mortal's 2nd jubilee 27:7.8(305;1)
most survivors repersonalized upon new dispensation 49:6.3,7(568;6)
new body in morontia form 39:2.13(431;2)
no literal r. from Jerusem until leaving Nebadon 47:10.4-5(539;6)
occurs on mansion worlds 30:4.4(341;1)
physical body remains on planet 39:2.13(431;2)
r. of unjust. See roll call: of justice
reappearance of personality is a mystery 30:4.8(341;5)
reassembly of memory, insight, and consciousness identity 112:5.19(1235;1)
seizure of morontia mind by awakening self 112:5.20(1235;2)
seraphic transport not used 39:2.13(431;2)
special resurrections
Adamic r. was #26, 1318 resurrected 76:6.2(853;3)
at time of Adam's arrival 76:6.2(853;3)
of sleeping survivors occur at least every millennium of planetary time 49:6.2(568;5)
life-assembly chambers provide relationship of universe energy which reconsciousizes sleeping survivors 112:5.16-19(1234;5)
rendezvous for seraphic guardians, Adjusters, Life Carriers, and Archangels of resurrection 47:3.2(532;8)
temple of personality assembly on 1st mansion world 47:3.2,5(532;8)
at age 65 in continental nation 72:6.1-2(814;3), 72:9.4(817;8)
funding for pensions in continental nation 72:6sec(814;3)
always result of foreign space bodies 57:5.14(657;3)
of Venus and Uranus proves they were originally satellites of Angona 57:5.13-14(657;2)
always comes in times of great testing or defeat 195:9.3(2082;8)
always difficult to induce men suddenly to accept 92:6.8(1011;6)
assurance of r. based on faith plus experience in r. 101:2.1,6(1105;5), 101:5.9-10(1111;2)
concerned with eternal realities, survival of personality, attainment of Deity 101:5.4(1110;4)
contrasted with science, religion, and philosophy 102:3.5-15(1122;1)
Divine Counselors are highest source of r. on evolutionary worlds 1:7.9(32;1)
epochal revelations 92:4sec(1007;1), 176:2.3(1914;4), 189:3.3(2024;5)
1st was Dalamatia teachings 92:4.5(1007;5)
2nd was Edenic teachings 92:4.6(1007;6)
3rd was Melchizedek of Salem 92:4.7(1007;7)
4th was Jesus of Nazareth 92:4.8(1008;1)
5th is Urantia Papers 92:4.9(1008;2)
6th in 1000 years? 30:0.2(330;2)
excellent as well as genuine 100:6.8-9(1101;3)
finite knowledge, even from high sources, is relative 2:7.1(42;2)
function of revelation
affirms First Cause of science and religion's God of salvation are same Deity 4:4.7(59;3), 101:2.5(1106;4), 103:7.8(1138;6)
allures men to seek the God of love 5:4.1(66;5)
brought idea of personality of God 1:5.10-11(28;7)
compensates for frailties of philosophy 103:8.6(1140;6)
concerned with expansion of truth 101:5.8(1111;1)
essential to realization of brotherhood 52:6.2(597;3)
explains how God works out his will 101:2.1(1105;5)
harmonizes partial approaches to reality 99:4.10(1090;6)
instructs and validates faith 101:2.3(1106;2), 103:7.1(1137;6)
only compensation for absence of mota 4:2.7(57;4), 101:2.2,6(1106;1), 102:3.5(1122;1), 103:6.8,12-13)
portrays teachings not too advanced 92:4.1(1007;1)
portrays eternal brotherhood; makes man Godlike 102:3.8,14(1122;4)
presents cosmic data so as to illuminate spiritual teachings 101:4.5(1109;7)
punctuates otherwise slow-moving planetary evolution 103:0.2(1129;2)
recognizes and expands duty demands of evolutionary religion 101:5sec(1110;1), 101:9.1(1115;2)
sorts errors of evolution from truths of spirit 92:3.10(1006;7), 92:4.1(1007;1), 101:5.1(1110;1)
synthesizes science and theology, creating harmony of mind and satisfaction of spirit 101:2.1-2,8)
transiently clarifies knowledge 101:4.5(1109;7)
unifies history, geology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, sociology, and psychology 102:4.6(1123;6)
God formulates religion in 85:6.3(948;3)
God reveals himself to extent divinely possible 32:4.7(363;5)
human race very early sought for 90:2.1(987;5)
intolerant theologic egotism appears with 92:7.2(1012;3)
limitations 0:0.1-4(1;1), 50:6.1(578;1), 101:4sec(1109;3), 112:5.11(1233;7), 119:6.3(1315;6)
distortions of language are best efforts at contact-compromise with human minds 6:0.2,4(73;2)
imposed by mandate 119:0.1,7(1308;1), 119:6.3(1315;6)
laws of r. proscribe imparting unearned or premature knowledge 101:4.1(1109;3)
must submit to graduated control of evolution 89:9.3(984;2), 92:4.1(1007;1)
new r. always contaminated by evolutionary beliefs 79:4.7(882;7), 93:7.4(1022;2)
no r. short of Father ever complete 92:4.9(1008;2)
not necessarily inspired 101:4.2(1109;4)
resorted to only when concept has no adequate previous expression 0:0.2(1;2), 0:12.10(16;7), 66:5.14(747;4), 121:8.13(1343;2)
not limited to any one generation 159:4.6(1768;2)
of God to world will not fail 196:3.30(2097;1)
only revealed religion is spiritually moral 2:6.2(40;6)
overrevelation 30:0.2(330;2)
Jesus did not precipitate confusion by 137:7.14(1535;6)
Melchizedek taught followers all they could assimilate 93:3.6(1016;8)
only educated Egyptians could comprehend Ikhnaton's teachings 95:5.12-13(1048;6)
robs mankind of its advances by confusion and dismay 66:6.6(750;1)
stifles imagination 30:0.2(330;2)
personal revelation. See also leadings; mysticism; prophecies; spiritual insight
23rd Psalm whispered to shepherd boy 48:6.9(553;1)
Adjuster constantly communicates 101:4.3(1109;5), 108:6.7(1193;6), 110:1.1(1203;3)
Adjuster's direct voice may be heard in supreme decision 109:5.2(1199;3), 110:7.9(1213;4)
capacity of receptivity determines rate and extent of 52:2.3(591;3)
certain wise men of earth knew of Michael's impending arrival 119:7.6(1317;2)
cosmic mind endowments of causation, duty, and worship 16:6.10(192;6)
every intense emotional experience is not a r. 91:7.3-4(1000;4), 100:5.6-7(1099;4)
flashes upon earth in lives of God-revealing men 132:7.6(1467;2)
God answers prayer by giving increased 91:8.11(1002;3)
God unfailingly manifests himself to fullness of creature's capacity 1:4.5-6(26;7)
human experience is continuous r. 101:2.10(1107;2)
hunger for truth is a r. 102:3.12(1122;8)
Nalda's checkered past came before her 143:5.13(1615;1)
often blinds a person, precipitating fanaticism 110:4.5(1207;5)
we should obey divine leadings 34:5.5(379;5)
word often spoken by angels 113:0.1(1241;1)
Prince's staff originally sought progression by evolution and not revolution by r. 66:6.6(750;1)
progress dependent on faith and r. 19:5.12(221;2)
propounded by real spiritual world; is true 92:4.3(1007;3), 101:4.3(1109;5)
should not be slighted if accompanied by errors, obsolete ideas 101:4.1(1109;3), 102:1.3(1119;2)
sometimes error so great that rectification by r. would be fatal to slowly emerging truths 48:6.21(554;6)
without celestial help, society breaks down 68:3.4-5(766;5)

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