The Urantia Book Fellowship
Urantia Papers. See also language: limitations of human language; revelation
acknowledgments by 0:12.12-13(17;2), 56:10.22-23(648;5), 121:0.1(1332;1), 121:8.12-14(1343;1)
book is composite presentation by many beings 92:4.9(1008;2)
could not perceive building in which U.P. were translated and recorded 44:0.9-11(498;4)
disagreement regarding Urmia lectures 134:3.8(1486;3)
Divine Counselors are highest source on evolutionary worlds 1:7.9(32;1)
mandated by Ancients of Days 31:10.15(354;8)
midwayers contributed story of Jesus' life 77:9.9(866;8)
named 92:4.9(1008;2)
Orvonton commission 0:0.4(1;4)
Part I sponsored by a Uversa revelatory corps (Foreword, prematter)
Parts II and III sponsored by Nebadon revelatory corps, 56:10.22-23(648;5), Papers 32, 57), prematter
Part IV sponsored by 12 Urantia midwayers (Paper 120, prematter)
secondary midwayers initiated U.P. 77:8.13(865;6)
contact personality for the Urantia Papers
almost complete indifference to outward Adjuster manifestations 110:5.7(1208;6)
destiny guardian's number 113:2.6(1243;3)
midwayers employed 77:8.8(865;1), 114:7.6(1258;1)
effort to describe God would be futile except for Adjusters, Spirit of Truth 2:0.3(33;3)
Foreword is definitive guide only for Part I 0:0.4(1;4)
gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John used in Part IV 121:8.1(1341;2)
limitations of the U.P.
cosmology not inspired 101:4.1-2(1109;3)
historical facts accurate, but scientific discoveries not anticipated 101:4.2(1109;4)
limited by planetary quarantine, system isolation 50:6.1(578;1)
mandates governing disclosure 31:8.2-3(350;5), 31:9.2(351;3)
only what pertains to mortal ascension is revealed 16:4.7(190;1)
reveal only glimpse of our superuniverse in present universe age 13:0.7(143;7), 15:14.4(182;2)
method use in writing
arbitrary, meaningless designations avoided 18:4.3(210;6), 31:8.3(350;6)
early history taken from Jerusem archives 57:0.1(651;1)
preference given to highest existing human concepts; modern phraseology 0:12.11-12(17;1), 121:8.1,12-14) 130:1.4(1428;4)
present-day calendar used 126:3.1(1389;4)
proceed from highest concepts 19:1.5-12(215;2), 40:0.3(443;3)
proclaim whole truth of gospel, not just part 193:0.4(2052;4)
revelators instructed to use English 0:0.2-3(1;2)
translation and recording 44:0.9(498;4)
Solitary Messenger and Inspired Trinity Spirits present at inditing 19:5.7(220;2), 23:0.2(256;2), 23:2.8,17(259;1)
value of the Urantia Papers
before printing, Master's teaching misinterpreted 180:2.4(1946;2)
eternal adventure should be supreme study 40:7.4(449;2)
expands cosmic consciousness, spiritual perception 0:0.2(1;2)
first revelation of Trinity since times of Jesus 104:1.13(1145;1)
great hope for Urantia lies in new revelation of Jesus 195:9.2(2082;7), 195:10.1,16,18(2084;1)
hour is striking for rediscovery of real life and teachings of Jesus 170:5.19(1866;2), 195:9.5-8(2083;1), 196:1.3(2090;4)
is 5th epochal revelation, most recent presentation of truth 92:4.9(1008;2)
presents Jesus to church that bears his name 196:1.2-4(2090;3)
recital of events by those who saw what occurred 189:3.5(2025;1)
reveal truth about God and our Creator Son 4:5.7(60;6)
Uranus. See also Monmatia
retrograde motion proves U. was originally satellite of Angona 57:5.13-14(657;2)
husband of Bathsheba; King David murdered 97:9.10,15(1072;8)
among earliest medicines 90:4.8(991;7)
Urmia 134:2.1(1484;5)
Jesus gave up direction of caravan at 134:2.5(1485;2)
old Persian city on western shores of Lake Urmia 134:3.1(1485;3)
school at Urmia
difficulties after Cymboyton's death 134:6.14-16(1491;8)
Jesus' lectures 134:3-6secs)
applicable to 20th century 134:5.1(1487;8)
disagreement regarding interpretation of 134:3.8(1486;3)
Jesus' most systematic teaching 134:3.5(1485;7)
later Christian teachers at U. uncompromising 134:6.15(1491;9)
reopened as Mithraic temple; burned down 134:6.16(1491;10)
temple of religion built by Cymboyton 134:3.2-5(1485;4)
chief of Orvonton Census Directors 24:2.5(267;3)
totaling personality attuned to his subordinates 24:2.5(267;3)
never employ money-power to gain unfair advantage 132:5.9(1464;3)
administrative center for 1 trillion inhabitable worlds 15:7.11(175;2)
Ancients of Days occupy point of spiritual polarity 18:3.6(209;8)
capital of Orvonton, our superuniverse 0:0.5(1;5), 15:7.10-11(175;1)
day is 30 Urantia days; year is 3000 Urantia days 15:7.2(174;2)
energy directionized to local universes from 15:8.1(175;4)
language of Uversa 44:4.2-3(503;2)
70 symbols in alphabet; 1 billion concept symbols 44:4.4(503;4)
learned before residency on Jerusem 47:7.2(537;2)
thought recorder celestial artisans record in 44:4.2(503;2)
200,000 light years from Jerusem 32:2.11(359;8)
Divine Counselor required 109 days to travel from 19:7.5(222;6)
favorably constituted for star students; no gigantic suns nearby 30:3.2(338;6)
in dense diameter of Milky Way 32:2.11(359;8)
near center of its space segment 15:7.1(174;1)
Orvonton rotates around U. 15:3.7(168;3)
personality register 30:2sec(334;4)
1 billion student visitors 30:3.11(339;8)
1 million star students 12:2.4(131;1), 30:3.4(339;1)
8 million Celestial Recorders 25:6.4(282;2)
70 reserve corps 30:3.10(339;7)
138 billion Havona Servitals 25:1.7(274;4)
ascenders are 3rd stage spirits on 31:3.4(348;1)
permanent citizenship 30:2.19(337;3)
ruled by 3 Ancients of Days 18:3sec(209;3)
Supreme Being will function from U. when superuniverses are settled in light and life 15:14.3(182;1), 116:0.5(1268;5), 117:7.13(1292;7)
surrounded by 7 clusters of 70 spheres each 15:7.10(175;1), 18:4.8(211;4)
temple of wisdom 28:5.10(311;2)
U. Council of Equilibrium dispatched Master Force Organizer to Andronover 57:1.4(651;6)
U. satellites are finishing school 28:7.1(317;4)
son of King Amaziah; also known as Azariah 97:9.22(1074;4)
    3-day v. on Mount Sartaba 143:3.1(1610;4)
    feast of tabernacles was annual Jewish holiday 134:9.4(1495;1)
    in continental nation 72:4.3(812;5), 72:5.6(813;7)
    Jesus hardly regarded this world as 40:7.5(449;3), 149:5.5(1675;1), 196:2.9(2093;3)
    all spiritual v. registered in duplicate 17:3.5(201;3)
    easier to agree on v. than beliefs or creeds 103:1.4(1130;3)
    Eternal Son grasps all true v. 7:1.1(81;6)
    foster spiritual growth by maintaining attitude of wholehearted devotion to supreme v. 100:1.6,8(1095;1)
    Jesus' talk with Angamon on true v. 132:1sec(1456;4)
    mind and spirit united can create superhuman v. 67:3.9(757;2)
    nature of values
    best discovered in associates' motivations 100:4.4(1098;1)
    depend on fact of relationships 100:3.5(1097;2)
    distinction between what is, and what has, value 100:3.3(1096;8)
    faith required to detect spiritual v. 195:7.4(2078;7)
    human mind discovers and chooses v.; does not create v. 196:3.10-11(2094;9)
    not psychological projections 195:7.5(2078;8)
    only spirit content is imperishable 196:3.32(2078;8)
    quality represents estimate of v.; v. are felt by soul 111:3.6(1219;5), 133:5.7(1477;2)
    spiritual experience reveals true v. 100:4.4(1098;1)
    spiritual v. comprehended by doing will of God 101:10.6(1116;7)
    spiritual v. unceasingly drawn inward to God 14:2.7(155;1)
    noble v. foreshadowed in primitive peoples 63:4.4(714;2)
    nothing of survival v. ever lost 109:3.2(1197;4), 109:4.5(1198;8), 109:6.1-2(1200;1)
    persistence of true v. 109:6sec(1200;1)
    religion conserves, exalts, and spiritualizes v. 102:5.3(1124;2)
    no attainable true v. apart from God 132:1.2(1457;1), 160:5.8(1781;4)
    pray only for v., not things 91:8.13(1002;5)
    v. can never be static 100:3.5(1097;2)
    v. must not become disproportionate 143:6.3(1615;4)
    1-2-3 the first supported 77:9.5(866;4)
    and entire council loyal in rebellion 67:4.1(757;4)
    could communicate with midwayers 74:4.3(832;3)
    Most Highs' decision sustaining V. marooned in relay energy transmitter for 7 years 67:2.6(756;1), 67:6.9(760;4)
    spiritual insight and moral steadfastness 67:3.3,6-9)
    translated to Jerusem 67:6.8(760;3)
    tree of life sustained 73:6.1(825;6)
    battled for salvation of Prince's staff 67:3.3,6-9)
    commanded loyal midway creatures 67:6.5(759;8)
    despite efforts, by 50,000 years after collapse earthly affairs disorganized and retarded 67:7.3(761;2)
    fostered natural evolution of human race 67:6.7(760;2)
    head of all superhuman personalities on Urantia until Adam 67:6.4-5(759;7), 77:1.7(856;3)
    indicted Daligastia, Caligastia, and Lucifer as standing in contempt 67:2.2(755;4)
    led supreme court of tribal co-ordination and racial co-operation 66:5.31(749;2)
    now serves in behalf of Urantia 67:6.8(760;3)
    organized 350 groups along military lines 67:6.6(760;1), 74:5.6(833;6)
    preached advent of racial uplifter 73:2.1-2(822;5)
    proclaimed Adam and Eve rulers of Urantia 74:2.1,6(829;3)
    protested Garden dwellers' intent to worship Adam 74:4.3(832;3)
    remained 150,000 years after rebellion; left 7 years after Adam's arrival 67:4.5(758;3), 67:6.4,8(759;7), 74:5.2(833;2)
    trained new generation of Garden workers; withstood desertions 73:4.5(824;4)
    withdrew to highlands west of India 67:6.1-2(759;4)

    (V's continue...)