The Urantia Book Fellowship
ascending mortals on superuniverse training worlds 30:4.15-18(342;5)
have never gone astray 30:4.14(342;4)
pass through all 10 major sectors 18:4.9(211;5)
age of first outer space level will release superuniverses from destiny limitations of present age 106:0.11(1163;5)
all are finite and evolutionary 32:3.1-2(360;3)
boundaries never divide a nebular family 12:1.6(129;4)
circuits 15:9sec(176;6),. See also circuits
broadcasts of Paradise and Havona 15:9.9(177;8)
cosmic mind circuit of Master Spirit 15:9.4(177;3)
energy circuits of power centers and physical controllers 15:9.10(177;9), 29:2.7(321;6)
flash presence of Infinite Spirit 15:9.8(177;7)
intersonship circuit of Eternal Son and Paradise Sons 7:6.7(88;5), 15:9.7(177;6)
near infinite volume of information circulating on 28:5.7(310;9)
planets and universes in light and life attain eternal survival through incorporation in 55:0.3(621;3), 55:10.1(634;1)
reflective circuit of 7 Reflective Spirits 15:9.5(177;4)
Thought Adjuster circuits 15:9.6(177;5)
derivation of age of s. 54:5.13(618;2)
destiny of superuniverses 15:14sec(181;7)
demarcations between s. will disappear upon actualization of Supreme 15:10.9(179;3), 117:7.12(1292;6)
each has a separate destiny 15:14.1,4(181;7)
outer-spacers will approach Havona through s. 40:10.8(453;3), 56:7.9(643;3)
s. require Havona for full development 32:3.14-15(362;3)
to become, within their potentials, perfect as Havona 117:7.10(1292;4)
dual constitution 56:1.1(637;3)
dual physical systems mobilized by Universe Power Directors 11:8.7(126;3),. See also gravita
each superuniverse 15:2sec(165;6)
1000 minor sectors 15:2.6,10(166;5)
7 Reflective Spirits on 25:2.2(275;2)
1000 superuniverse centers stationed on 29:2.6(321;5)
84,691 secondary Circuit Supervisors on 24:1.5(265;5)
chief of Census Directors stationed on 24:2.4-6(267;2)
conciliating commissions on 25:3.1,13-15)
directionize energy to local universes 15:8.1(175;4)
has sun which gives light without heat 15:7.1(174;1)
no specialized personalization of Infinite Spirit on 28:4.4(308;3)
surrounded by 490 spheres 15:7.10(175;1), 18:4.8(211;4)
Universe Power Directors differently toned in each 29:1.4(320;4)
co-ordinated by 7 Architects of Master Universe 31:9.5(351;6)
composition of co-ordinate councils 15:10.3-6(178;3)
comprised of
1/7 of organized post-Havona creation 12:1.6(129;4)
10 major sectors 15:2.7,10(166;6), 15:13.1-3(181;1)
100,000 local universes 15:2.5,10(166;4)
10 million constellations 15:2.4,10(166;3)
1 billion local systems 15:2.3,10(166;2)
1 trillion inhabitable planets 12:1.7(129;5), 15:2.11(167;2)
confederation membership requirements 15:9.15-18(177;14)
courts 15:12sec(180;2)
deliberative assemblies 15:11sec(179;4)
executive branch personnel 15:10sec(178;1)
headquarters near center of superuniverse 15:7.1(174;1)
presided over and pervaded by one Master Spirit 13:4.6(150;5), 15:10.1(178;1), 16:0.5(184;5), 16:3sec(186;5), 16:5.1-2(190;11), 25:2.4(275;4), 29:4.3(324;5)
ruled by 3 Ancients of Days 15:2.8(166;7), 15:10sec(178;1)
ruled indirectly by Seven Master Spirits 15:2.9(166;8)
failure in Deity adventure remands pilgrim to different super-universe 26:8.5(294;4)
in light and life 55:12sec(636;2)
mass of Havona with dark gravity bodies far exceeds 12:1.4(129;2)
mortal ascension plan varies considerably in each 30:4.27(344;2)
mortals swing around s. many times during ascension 5:1.9(63;7)
positions relative to Paradise 15:1.4-5(165;3)
power charge is 3 phases of 10 segregations each 29:2.7(321;6)
radial boundaries of s. converge on Paradise headquarters of supervising Master Spirit 16:0.5(184;5)
records kept since Ancients of Days arrived 25:6.6(282;4)
relations among superuniverses
energy differential prevents direct communication between 15:10.9(179;3), 28:4.2(308;1), 29:4.3(324;5), 39:2.4(429;8)
no ambassadorial representation among 15:10.9(179;3)
only Solitary Messengers and Inspired Trinity Spirits can go directly from one to another 23:2.8(259;1)
travel between s. is by way of Havona, worlds of Master Spirits 23:2.8(259;1)
revolve counterclockwise around Paradise 12:4.15(134;4), 14:1.2(152;4), 15:3.7-8(168;3)
Son-fusion provides each superuniverse with permanent ascendant citizenship 40:8.4-5(450;1), 40:10.4(452;4)
space level of 15:1sec(164;4)
superuniverse #1
a few Havona pilgrims from s. #1 fail to attain Infinite Spirit on first attempt 26:8.4(294;3)
pervaded by Master Spirit resembling Father 16:3.2-3(186;6)
superuniverse #2
pervaded by Master Spirit resembling Eternal Son 16:3.4-5(187;1)
some Havona pilgrims from s. #2 fail to attain Father on first attempt 26:8.4(294;3)
superuniverse #3
pervaded by Master Spirit resembling Infinite Spirit 16:3.6-7(187;3)
some Havona pilgrims from s. #3 fail to attain Eternal Son or Father on first attempt 26:8.4(294;3)
superuniverse #4
pervaded by Master Spirit resembling Father-Son 16:3.8-9(187;5)
superuniverse #5
pervaded by Master Spirit resembling Father-Spirit 16:3.10-11(187;7)
some Havona pilgrims from s. #5 fail to attain Eternal Son on first attempt 26:8.4(294;3)
superuniverse #6
pervaded by Master Spirit resembling Son-Spirit 16:3.12-13(187;7)
some Havona pilgrims from s. #6 fail to attain Father on first attempt 26:8.4(294;3)
superuniverse #7. See also Orvonton (superuniverse)
pervaded by Master Spirit resembling Father-Son-Spirit 16:3.14-15(188;2)
traverse great ellipse 15:1.2(165;1)
universes settled in light and life swing into established super-universe circuits 55:10.1(634;1)
supervisor seraphim assigned to Most Highs 39:3.2(432;3)
1/3 of Satania's s.s. lost in Lucifer rebellion 53:7.6(608;2)
assigned to constellations 39:3sec(432;2), 43:0.4(485;4)
5. transporters 39:3.8-9(433;2)
6. recorders 39:3.10(433;4)
7. reserves 39:3.11(433;5)
parable of 167:2sec(1835;1)
suppression. See also sin: dealing with
summary s. of Lucifer rebellion would have tripled number led astray 54:5.12(618;1)
3 creature approaches to 117:6.11-14(1289;4)
3 levels of experiential 105:6.2(1159;2)
absolute basis for 115:2sec(1261;1)
Almighty Supreme is deity potential of 117:0.2(1278;2)
also referred to as Supreme Divinity 26:6.2(292;2)
divinely perfect and evolutionary perfected depend on each other for 32:3.14-15(362;3)
existential sovereignty of Trinity of Supremacy with growing experiential sovereignty of Supreme Being 16:3.18(188;6)
experiential evolution unifying in Supreme Being 0:7.5(11;1)
growth derives from triodities 115:4.7(1264;6)
Havona Servitals involved in phases of 24:7.8(271;7)
incomplete but mutually compensatory insights encompass the circle of 25:2.4(275;4)
mandates of Cosmic S. 29:4.28(328;4)
overcontrol of S. not wholly predictable 10:7.4-6(115;6)
Paradise residents partake of spirit of 26:7.4(293;2)
perfection is replete in s. of divinity 26:9.4(295;2)
Supreme Mind is union of power and personality attributes of 116:1.2(1269;1)
truth of law is how S. may be depended upon to react 25:4.12(280;7)
secondary supernaphim functioning only on Havona's 6th circle 26:6.1(292;1)

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