The Urantia Book Fellowship
all Urantia waiting for unencumbered r. of Jesus 94:12.7(1041;5)
approach others with recognition of common truths 149:2.5(1670;6)
balance by humor 143:7.3(1616;5)
challenge is to construct new and appealing philosophy of living 2:7.10(43;3)
charms q.v.
civilization in danger when youth not interested in 111:4.4(1220;3)
defined as
adjustment to the mysterious, and to paradoxes 92:1.3(1004;1), 102:3.2(1121;4)
awareness of insideness of human experience 103:6.3(1135;5)
believing and doing what gospel requires 159:5.8(1769;10)
confidence in reality 101:9.8(1115;9)
determination to find God and be like him 196:3.27(2096;6)
discovery of spiritual meanings to well-known facts 101:1.4(1105;1)
effort, conflict, faith, determination, love, loyalty, progress 155:5.11(1729;6)
eternal foundation and guiding star of enduring civilization 79:4.9(883;1), 92:3.6(1006;3), 92:7.11(1013;6), 99:1.2-3(1086;5)
experience of knowing God; striving to be like him 99:2.6(1088;1)
experiencing of divinity 101:1.1(1104;4)
faith, hope, love, assurance, mercy 101:0.3(1104;3), 194:3.2(2062;11)
faith-child of moral consciousness 101:2.11(1107;3)
faith in supreme Deity, hope of eternal survival, and love of one's fellows 103:9.5(1141;3)
faith in survival of supreme values 111:3.5(1219;4)
faith recognition of urge to divine attainment 101:2.12(1107;4)
faith-trust in goodness of God 2:6.1(40;5)
Father life predicated on truth, sensitive to beauty, dominated by goodness 106:9.12(1175;1)
hunger quest for divine reality and spiritual values 16:9.9(196;5), 102:3.4(1121;6)
identification of self with universe 5:4.3(67;1)
imperfectly preserved record of experiences of God-knowing men 4:5.1(59;6)
impulse for organizing soul for service 100:3.1(1096;6)
insight into reality 101:2.11(1107;3)
knowing God as Father, yourself as son of God, and man as brother 5:4.8(67;6), 98:7.11(1084;10), 99:5.2(1091;1)
living love, a life of service 5:4.1(66;5), 92:7.5(1012;6), 100:6.5(1100;7), 102:3.4(1121;6)
love 102:6.3(1124;5)
loving God 102:3.12(1122;8)
loving neighbor as oneself 180:5.7(1950;2)
loyalty to highest dictates of spiritual consciousness 101:9.3(1115;4), 155:3.5(1727;5)
realization of an all-powerful love 90:0.3(986;3)
salvation from self 5:4.5(67;3)
self-conscious relation of soul with Creator 143:7.2(1616;4)
spiritual communion with spirit influences resident within human mind 101:1.4(1105;1)
spiritual unification of all that is good, beautiful, and true 5:4.7(67;5)
subjectivity in response to total objectivity 196:3.17-18(2095;4)
trusting one's present and future to God 102:8.1(1127;5), 103:9.5(1141;3)
unqualified dependence upon love of Father 102:3.12(1122;8), 103:9.5(1141;3)
wholehearted devotion to supreme values 92:7.5(1012;6), 100:6.1-2(1100;3), 101:5.2(1110;2), 195:7.16(2080;1)
wise spiritual reaction to universe 100:2.3(1095;7)
worship of God and service of man 72:3.5(811;5), 100:3.1(1096;6), 103:3.2(1132;2), 159:5.7(1769;9), 196:3.16(2095;3)
evolutionary religion. See religion: history of religion; religion: institutional religion
explained 94:4.10(1032;2),. See also gospel: explained
500 definitions by theologians 103:1.1(1129;4)
acme of, marks of, religious living 100:6-7secs)
activation is superemotional 99:4.5(1090;1)
all teach worship of Deity, human salvation 5:4.5(67;3), 92:7.3(1012;4)
always indefinable in terms of reason and logic 101:1.5(1105;2)
apparently religious traits can grow out of nonreligious roots 102:7.4(1126;4)
birth of r. not sudden, rather gradually emerges 103:2.1(1130;6)
can be either good or evil 160:5.3(1780;5)
can never be understood from outside 101:2.14(1107;6)
cannot be bestowed, received, loaned, learned, or lost 100:1.7(1095;2)
cannot be isolated from life 102:6.1(1124;3)
certitude of r. springs from foundations of entire personality 101:0.3(1104;3), 102:1.4(1119;3)
chief agency of r. is prayer 91:1.2(995;1), 91:3.3(997;1)
compellingly authoritative when true, undefiled 102:2.2(1119;7)
conserves, exalts, and spiritualizes morals and values 99:5.1(1090;7), 102:5.3(1124;2)
declares divine source of values personally attainable 160:5.7-8(1781;3)
derives authority from fruits of its acceptance 155:5.12(1729;7)
discovery in mind, revelation by Adjuster 196:3.14(2095;1)
doctrine is most terrible tyrant which enslaves men 88:2.7(969;5)
does not seek to escape this life 194:3.2-3(2062;11)
earmarks are certainty, consistency, love, service 102:7.5(1126;5)
encouraged by improving social morality and ethical culture 34:7.4(382;4), 102:8.2(1127;6)
endowments of r. immediately available 102:2.4(1120;1)
factors indicating quality of r. 92:7.6(1013;1)
feeling regarding morals paramount, not theological thinking 103:3.4(1132;4), 103:9.2(1140;8)
founded on Adjuster assumption that faith is valid 103:9.8(1141;6)
Ganid's abstract of "our religion" 131:10sec(1453;3)
has reference to destiny and reality of attainment 160:5.13(1782;4)
implies spirit world responsive to human need 2:6.2(40;6)
impulse originates in spirit presences activating will to be unselfish 103:3.1(1132;1)
is to morality as love is to duty 102:5.3(1124;2)
judge by its fruits, its inherent and divine excellence 101:4.4(1109;6), 101:9.6-8(1115;7), 102:2.1(1119;6)
leads to serving men, creates ethics and altruism 102:3.6(1122;2)
life insurance beyond the grave 86:7.2(956;5)
lives and prospers by faith and insight, not sight and feelings 101:0.3(1104;3), 101:1.4(1105;1)
may be genuine despite erroneous theology 103:9.1-2(1140;7)
men only superficially accept a new religion 92:2.5(1005;1)
mission is to stabilize ideals during dangerous times of transition 99:1.3-4(1086;6)
mortals crave to symbolize concepts of God 0:2.1(3;7)
must act; no r. apart from a highly active personality 102:2.7-9(1120;4), 155:5.8(1729;3)
must grow around a cult 87:7.10(966;5)
never a passive experience, a negative attitude 103:2.1(1130;6)
no provision for spiritual self-examination in Jesus' religion 140:8.27(1583;1)
normal and natural, but optional 5:5.5(68;7)
not concerned with material things 195:6.2(2076;7)
not dependent on learning or clever logic 101:2.13(1107;5), 101:3.1(1107;8), 102:2.1(1119;6)
not invalidated because religionists have believed so much that was false 103:1.5(1130;4)
not the product of reason, but reasonable 101:1.1(1104;4)
often acts unwisely, but it acts 102:2.9(1121;2)
opposes violence 99:0.2(1086;2), 99:2.5(1087;8)
pays any price essential 100:3.1(1096;6)
persists despite revolutionary changes in beliefs 103:1.4(1130;3)
persists in absence of learning 101:3.1(1107;8)
philosophy and r. See science, philosophy, and religion
poised spirit of expression, without self-assertion or egoistic exaltation 102:2.2(1119;7)
positive nature of Jesus' r. 159:5sec(1769;3)
powerless apart from normal heredity 70:8.18(793;10)
qualitative experience 195:6.5(2077;1)
r. of Jesus vs. r. about Jesus 128:4.6(1413;2), 138:6.3(1543;1), 192:4.7-8(2051;4)
rests wholly on faith and the confirmation of conscience 101:5.9-10(1111;2)
revelation, embrace of supernatural values, divine destiny 155:5sec(1728;3), 195:5.3(2075;6), 196:0.4(2087;4)
self-forgetful, not self-sacrificial 180:5.12(1951;1)
should stand in contrast with temporal world 102:3.2(1121;4)
spiritual status determined by nature of its prayers 5:4.8(67;6)
supremacy of r. 196:3sec(2093;6)
survives because it conserves followers' highest values 97:10.5(1076;2)
true r. 155:5-6secs) 160:5sec(1780;3), 192:2sec(2047;5)
truth and maturity of r. proportional to concepts of personality and unity of God 1:5.10(28;7)
truth is intellectual foundation of 56:10.10(647;1)
validated by personal experience 99:5.1,7(1090;7), 102:8.1,7(1127;5), 103:1.5(1130;4), 138:2.1(1539;4), 145:2.3-8(1629;4), 160:4.1(1778;4), 191:5.3(2043;1), 196:0.4(2087;4)
what r. is not 5:4.1(66;5), 92:6.9(1012;1)
without God is an invention of man; an absurdity 102:7.3(1126;3), 103:9.3(1141;1), 160:5.5(1781;1)
without God is devoid of survival values 102:7.4(1126;4)
history of religion
7 major epochs of post-Adamic Urantia 92:5.5-12(1009;2)
apostles of John and Jesus attempted socialization of 144:6.10-11(1625;7)
composite religions 92:6sec(1010;5)
desire to make converts was early cause of war 70:1.14(784;10)
disappearance of religious standards caused Greek Andite decay 80:7.8(895;8)
evolution of philosophy of r. 101:7sec(1113;3)
Ganid's abstract of major religions Paper 131 (1442;1),)
great teachers and leaders 92:5sec(1008;3), 121:6.4(1338;7)
Jesus was the only founder of a r. who performed supermaterial acts 149:2.7(1671;2)
many exerted their influence because of previous experience of Adjusters 109:4.3(1198;6)
many virtually unlettered 101:2.13(1107;5), 102:8.2(1127;6)
Amenemope 95:3.5(1046;1)
Amos 97:4.1-4(1065;4)
Confucius 94:6.9-11(1034;4)
Elijah 45:4.17(514;7), 97:2.1(1064;2), 155:6.2(1730;6)
Enoch 45:4.13(514;3)
Fantad 64:6.17(724;7)
Gautama Siddhartha 94:7sec(1035;1), 121:6.4(1338;7)
Hosea 97:4.5-6(1066;2)
Ikhnaton 95:3.5(1046;1)
Isaiah (first) 97:5sec(1066;5)
Isaiah (second)97:7sec(1068;1)
Jeremiah 97:6sec(1067;4)
John the Baptist 136:0.1(1509;1), 144:8.4(1627;1)
Lao-tse 94:6.2-8(1033;5), 121:6.4(1338;7)
Mansant 64:6.29(726;1)
Mo Ti 94:6.11(1034;6)
Moses 95:3.5(1046;1), 121:6.4(1338;7)
Okhban 95:3.5(1046;1)
Onagar 63:6sec(715;8)
Onamonalonton 64:6.7-8(723;6)
Orlandof 64:6.23(725;4)
Orvonon 64:6.26(725;7)
Paul 92:5.10(1010;1), 108:6.3(1193;2), 121:6.4-5(1338;7), 195:0.6(2070;2)
Philo 121:6.4-5(1338;7)
Porshunta 64:6.12(724;2)
Samuel 97:1sec(1062;3)
Sethard 121:6.4(1338;7)
Simon Peter 92:6.7(1011;5), 132:0.5(1456;1), 194:4.12(2068;2), 195:0.1(2069;1)
Singlangton 79:6.10(885;7), 79:8.4(887;4), 94:5.3(1032;5)
Zoroaster 121:6.4(1338;7)
personality fulcrums on which levers of revealed truth depended 92:5.4-5(1009;1)
has suffered from many secondary influences 99:4.7(1090;3)
in times of Jesus 121:4-5secs)
long, dark ages between Caligastia rebellion and Adam 64:6.29(726;1)
men venerate leaders of r. at expense of teachings 92:5.2(1008;4)
of 20th century Urantia 92:6.2(1010;6)
teachings of Prince's staff 66:5.13-16(747;3)
training was duty of parents in Garden of Eden 74:7.2(835;5)
wholly evolutionary until arrival of Planetary Prince 52:2.3(591;3)
institutional religion Paper 99)
adherents believe they have final infallible Truth 92:3.4(1006;1)
adherents frightened by every new discovery 155:6.6(1731;4)
barren 195:9.7(2083;3)
based on false security of authority 191:5.3(2043;1)
based on fear, emotion, tradition, and philosophy 160:5.3(1780;5), 180:5.12(1951;1)
blunder to miraculously interpret certain epochs of history 97:8.5(1071;3)
cannot reconstruct society without first reconstructing itself 99:2.1-2(1087;4)
cardinal ideas 92:3.2(1005;4)
concerned with ethics and morals, sense of duty 101:5.7(1110;7)
cup of remembrance is emblem of emergence from bondage of 179:5.2(1942;1)
dangers. See religion: warnings
does not provide for its progressive correction 92:3.4(1006;1)
good to extent it brings man to God and God to man 92:7.3(1012;4)
gradually loses saving message 99:6.3(1092;3)
intellectual theology of established religious authority 155:5sec(1728;3)
Jesus avoided establishment of 120:3.6(1330;1)
lags behind slowly changing mores 102:8.6(1128;2)
most rigid human institution 92:1.3(1004;1), 92:2.1(1004;4), 155:6.2(1730;6)
perpetuates established order of society 99:0.1(1086;1), 99:2.5(1087;8)
practices 92:1.3(1004;1)
present-day forms are ritualization of ancient positive propitiation 89:4.7(978;4)
price for adherence is loss of spiritual freedom 155:6.5(1731;3)
requires uniformity of belief 155:6.9(1732;2)
revelation recognizes duty demands of 101:9.1(1115;2)
sacraments of. See sacraments
science purifies r. by destroying superstition 81:6.10(907;7)
spiritually indolent souls crave ancient and authoritative r. 102:2.7-8(1120;4), 195:10.14(2085;6)
status best judged by moral and ethical standards 102:5.3(1124;2), 102:8.2(1127;6)
symbols of socialized religion are not to be despised as channels of growth 100:5.1(1098;4)
usually detracts from spiritual quality 98:6.1(1083;1)
various religions can never come to unification 155:6.8-9(1732;1)
weakness of institutional r. 99:2sec(1087;4)
women degraded under several Oriental religions 84:5.6(937;3)
worship customs are confused and discredited 92:7.9(1013;4)
intellectual deficiency handicaps higher attainment; intellectual overdevelopment sometimes embarrassing 102:3.1(1121;3)
leaders receive their rewards in another world 71:3.9(803;9)
little chance to function until religious group becomes separated from all other groups 99:5.4(1091;3)
modern men fear what r. of Jesus will do to them and with them 195:9.6(2083;2)
morality always antecedent to 5:5.4(68;6)
morontia r. relates to experience of survival; firmer grasp of mota 101:5.10(1111;3), 101:6.1(1111;5)
most dynamic influence ever 99:5.3(1091;2)
needed now as never before 99:4.6(1090;2)
needs new leaders who will depend solely on Jesus 195:9.4(2082;9)
no new duties to perform 99:1.4(1087;1)
often decisive factor in cultural development 79:6.10(885;7)
overstressed and isolated morality of modern r. 2:7.9(43;2)
primitive religion Papers 85, 91)
achievements of self-control were real progress 89:1.7(975;4)
basic belief was survival after death 92:6.1(1010;5)
craves extinction in endless slumber and rest 194:3.2-3(2062;11)
erroneous in concept; utterly illogical 86:7.5(957;1)
Father honors superstitions of primitive men 155:6.17(1733;5)
gods of. See also gods and goddesses
conceived in likeness of man 1:5.11(29;1), 85:6.3(948;3), 92:5.1(1008;3)
inflict displeasure by famine and flood 4:5.3(60;2), 148:6.4(1663;2)
self-deceptive idols; wishful fancy 160:5.9(1781;5)
highest level is exalted anthropomorphism 5:4.9(67;7)
influence of tribal spirit of solidarity 103:3.1(1132;1)
influences in creation of primitive religion
arises as biologic reaction of mind 85:0.1(944;1), 86:0sec(950;1), 92:0.1-5(1003;1), 92:1.3(1004;1), 103:0.2(1129;2)
belief environment responsive to ghost whims 90:3.1(989;3)
belief man in debt to spirits 89:0.1(974;1)
born of all-powerful fear of unknown, ignorance, superstition, awe, and dread; feeling of helplessness before onslaught of natural forces 5:4.1(66;5), 52:1.7(590;3), 62:5.4(708;2), 85:0.4(944;4), 86:2.2(951;4), 90:0.3(986;3), 118:10.14(1306;3), 155:5.3(1728;5)
primitive r. created its God conceptions out of the highest recognized values 102:8.4(1127;8)
fairy tale of conscience 101:7.6(1114;4)
faith, discrimination of values, and sense of duty are ancestry of 101:1.6(1105;3)
fear led to attempts to placate invisible forces 64:4.12(721;10)
fostered by shock of death 86:3.1(952;3)
insurance against perils of forest; bad luck; misfortune 86:7.1-3(956;4), 87:5.2(962;3), 89:2.1(975;5)
man created primitive r. out of his fears and by means of his illusions 85:0.1(944;1), 86:6.1-3(955;6), 86:7.5(957;1)
mind derivative; concerned with ethics, morals, duty 101:5.3,7(1110;3)
outworking of adjutant mind-spirits 101:5.7(1110;7)
predicated on associational circumstances 85:0.2(944;2)
search for supernatural explanation for all phenomena 81:2.5(901;8), 148:5.4(1662;1)
slowly grew from innate worship urge and misconception of chance 86:6.4(955;9), 101:5.7(1110;7)
largely technique for disease prevention 90:4.1(990;6)
long waste upon tombs, temples, sacrifices, and priesthoods was worth all it cost 86:6.7(956;3)
man's most expensive but incomparably effective institution 52:1.7(590;3), 92:3.7-9(1006;4)
many reverted to ideal of idleness 69:2.5(773;6)
mother of science, art, and philosophy 5:5.5(68;7)
preserved mores inviolate from generation to generation; novelty always sacrilege 68:4.3(767;3), 92:2.2(1004;5)
primitives danced out their r. 99:5.9(1091;8)
primitives saved up property as nucleus for starting life in next existence 69:9.4(780;7)
progress when man conceived of supermortal forces consistent in behavior 87:4.5(961;6)
ruthlessly drove indolent suffering humanity forward 92:3.9(1006;6)
sentimental, not logical 92:4.3(1007;3)
subdues fiery tempers of primitive creatures 52:1.7(590;3)
summary of evolutionary growth 103:3.5(1132;5)
teachers and leaders invested with legends of supernatural origins, careers, expected returns 92:5.2-3(1008;4)
tends to make God manlike 102:3.14(1122;10)
purposes of group activities 99:6.2(1092;2)
relics q.v.
religious experience, growth. See spiritual growth
result of religion
believer cleansed from every evil thought and sinful deed 131:5.5(1450;4)
brings peace and progress 157:2.2(1745;1)
builds up in souls as eternal endowment 155:6.3(1731;1)
calls forth faith, trust, unity, peace, and assurance 5:4.2(66;6), 99:3.11(1089;3), 99:7.2(1092;6), 101:0.3(1104;3), 101:10.5(1116;6), 194:3.2(2062;11), 195:5.8(2075;11)
certain consciousness of God, assurance of survival 101:1.6(1105;3)
cures man's isolation, soul hunger, moral despair 98:2.2(1078;6), 101:10.7(1117;1)
dissolves, absorbs, illuminates, and transcends troubles 196:3.1(2093;6)
enables men to live together in complex civilization 103:7.9(1139;1)
enhances home life 177:2.6(1922;4)
ennobles commonplace drudgery 100:0.2(1094;2)
fellows receive highest good from believer's contact with them 180:5.7(1950;2)
fosters sovereignty of truth, beauty, and goodness 99:4.4(1089;7)
grows in quest for final values 100:1.7(1095;2), 103:1.4(1130;3), 111:3.5(1219;4)
influences social reconstruction through spiritualizing the individual 99:3.3(1088;4)
inspires cosmic loyalty 99:3.11(1089;3)
joins patience with passion, insight to zeal, sympathy with power, ideals with energy 99:7.3(1093;1)
leads to union with righteousness 131:5.4(1450;3)
leads to value consciousness 102:3.5(1122;1)
leaves believer forever free to follow truth wherever it leads 155:6.5(1731;3)
only power which lastingly increases altruism 99:1.5(1087;2)
prepares man bravely to face vicissitudes of life 102:2.8(1121;1)
releases faith and courage for daily living 155:3.7(1727;7)
renders religionist socially fragrant 99:4.1(1089;4)
seeks to convert individual and transform world 160:5.3-5(1780;5)
seeks to win all, not be of any 137:7.5,12(1534;4)
should not destroy sense of humor 100:6.5(1100;7)
social fruits are love and service 5:5.4(68;6), 100:3.1(1096;6), 102:7.5(1126;5), 103:3.2(1132;2), 170:3.8,9(1862;5)
the more r. one has, the more certain one is 102:1.3(1119;2)
transforms the mediocre individual into a personality of idealistic power 100:0.1(1094;1)
yields happiness 101:2.6(1106;5)
revelatory religion. See revelation
rituals. See ceremonies; cults; traditions
science and religion 103:7sec(1137;6),. See also science, philosophy, and religion
social reconstructionists show unrecognized religious motivation 99:3.6-7(1088;7)
taboos q.v.
thawing out frozen forms of r. 155:3.8(1727;8)
training at home in continental nation 72:3.5(811;5)
types of religion
3 distinct forms 155:5.2-6(1728;4)
3 modern contending philosophies of 99:4.9(1090;5)
either evolved or suddenly revealed 92:7.2(1012;3)
evolutionary r., revelatory r., philosophic r., and admixtures 103:0.3(1129;3)
dangers of religion are
abstract and dissociated concept of goodness 2:7.9(43;2)
accumulation of vested interests 99:6.3(1092;3)
appeal to the miraculous 102:8.7(1128;3)
aristocratic chosen-people attitude 99:6.3(1092;3)
being a thing apart from human experience 5:5.12(69;7)
commercialization 125:1.1(1378;3), 125:5.6(1382;8), 149:6.12(1677;1), 173:1.11(1891;1)
defense of outgrown systems 195:10.8(2084;8)
doctrinal finality 182:1.8(1965;2),. See also doctrines
evil discrimination of religious castes 99:6.3(1092;3)
failure to make up-to-date interpretations 99:6.3(1092;3)
false ideas of sacredness 99:6.3(1092;3), 155:3.5(1727;5), 159:4.9(1768;5)
fanaticism, exaggeration of ego 196:0.6(2088;1)
fixation of beliefs 99:6.3(1092;3)
formulating creeds and traditions in order to control believers 141:5.4(1592;2)
leaders becoming administrators instead of ministers 99:6.3(1092;3)
loveless zeal 99:3.8(1088;9)
negativity 140:4.7(1572;7)
neglecting science, art, spiritual experience 2:7.9(43;2)
oppressive ecclesiastical authority 99:6.3(1092;3)
petrification of worship 99:6.3(1092;3)
purchasing social harmony by sacrifice of free personality 141:5.1(1591;3)
sectarianism 99:6.1(1092;1)
service of church rather than of God 99:6.3(1092;3)
standardization or formalization 99:4.1,3(1089;4)
superficial frothiness of religious egotist 196:0.8(2088;3)
superiority of group consciousness 182:1.8(1965;2)
tendency to form competitive divisions 99:6.3(1092;3)
tendency to standardize and fossilize truth 99:6.3(1092;3)
tendency to venerate the past over present 99:6.3(1092;3)
unholy secular alliances; established social or economic practices 99:0.1-2(1086;1), 99:1.6(1087;3), 99:2.3,5(1087;6), 99:3.9(1089;1), 99:6.3(1092;3), 99:7.1(1092;5), 194:3.9(2064;1), 195:10.13,21(2085;5)
despite evils, error to destroy technique of group functioning 97:10.7(1076;4)
difficulties and persecutions attendant upon proclaiming gospel 155:5.13(1730;1)
discipline by constructive criticism, amplify by philosophy, purify by science, and nourish by loyal fellowship 5:5.12(69;7), 99:3.7,9(1088;8)
ecclesiasticism incompatible with living faith 195:10.8(2084;8)
error in r. proportional to materialism 102:4.4(1123;4)
false when it denies realities or confers assumed knowledge 101:8.3(1114;7)
feeling and emotion are not r. 101:5.6(1110;6)
form of expression must be continually restated 99:1.6(1087;3)
man invariably tries to institutionalize his r. 195:9.6(2083;2)
many isms have arisen from garbled Adjuster communications 110:4.5(1207;5)
must quicken its adaptation to ever-changing social order 99:0.3(1086;3)
no peace when one r. presumes exclusive authority over others 134:4.3-4,8)
often altogether too self-confident and dogmatic 103:7.7(1138;5)
on trial before the bar of human need 132:1.4(1457;3)
one is self-deceived if not a missionary evangel of one's own 160:5.3,5(1780;5)
prevent egocentricity by exposing oneself to vast number of other religions 103:1.3(1130;2)
promoting smugness in the fortunate or stoical resignation in victims of social deprivation 116:0.1(1268;1)
rarely survives as private practice of isolated individuals 97:10.7(1076;4), 98:6.1(1083;1)
r. must have up-to-date slogans 195:6.10(2077;6)
r. of spirit in deadly conflict with institutional r. 155:5.12(1729;7), 173:3.3(1893;3), 191:5.3(2043;1)
safeguard by common sense 159:4.9(1768;5)
separate church and state 70:1.14(784;10), 70:12.6(798;5), 71:8.4(806;10), 72:3.6(811;6), 178:1.9(1930;6)
world needs more firsthand r. 195:9.8(2083;4)

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