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Alpine race. See white race: divisions: central
Alps 60:1.4(685;6), 61:1.7-8(694;4), 61:7.3(701;2)
Heidelberg migration to 64:2.3(719;6)
plants and animals dislocated by glaciers found in 61:7.16(702;6)
volcanoes in Cretaceous 60:3.6(689;5)
early Christian and Mithraic 98:6.3(1083;3)
family hearths were a. for Andites 94:1.1(1027;2)
polluted if built of hewn stone 92:2.2(1004;5)
child's relationship with 91:3.1(996;7)
effective prayer technique for practical purposes 91:3.7(997;5)
Adjuster gives origin to unselfish interest in welfare of others; leads to happiness 103:1.1(1129;4), 103:2.7(1131;6), 103:5.1,3(1133;6)
differences in status essential to development of 64:6.34(726;6)
early conflict with self-seeking ego 103:2.4,7-10)
fire provided man with first means of a. without loss 69:6.3(777;6)
learned in one's family 84:7.28(941;9)
more blessed to give than to receive 28:6.18(316;5), 100:7.10(1102;7), 103:2.9(1131;8), 140:8.18(1581;5)
noble soul is generous among the grasping 131:3.6(1447;3)
only religion lastingly increases 99:1.5(1087;2)
only a well-unified personality can arbitrate multiform contentions regarding 103:5.4(1134;2)
overdeveloped a. may seriously injure the self 103:2.10(1131;9)
reason, morality, and religion necessary for 16:9.7-8(196;3)
selflessness inherent in parental love 2:6.4(41;2)
spirit of self-forgetfulness; service of one's fellows 3:5.7,13(51;6)
badge of greatness 140:4.6(1572;6)
by conquest of a belligerent self 3:5.17(52;3)
no Latin word for 195:3.3(2073;7)
unnatural, aside from parental instinct 16:9.7(196;3)
unwise to bestow sympathy upon unsalvable inferiors 52:2.12(592;5)
neighboring universe to Nebadon 32:2.12(360;1)
1-2-3 the first supported 77:9.5(866;4)
Adjuster empowered loyalty of 67:3.7(756;8)
outstanding human hero of Lucifer rebellion; Andonite; associate of Van 67:3.8-9(757;1), 67:8sec(761;8)
remained on Urantia 150,000 years after rebellion, until arrival of Adam 67:6.4,8(759;7)
translated to Jerusem 7 years after Adam's arrival 67:6.8(760;3), 74:5.2(833;2)
welcomed Adam 74:2.1,5(829;3)
55 translated to Jerusem; remainder stayed 67:6.3(759;6)
144 loyal Andonites including Amadon 67:6.3(759;6), 67:8.4(762;3)
descendants of Andonites who remained loyal with Van and Amadon; more cultural than racial term 73:1sec(821;4)
joined Nodites to become Vanites 77:4.10(860;5)
traditional enmity with Nodites 73:1.4(822;1)
mother of Perpetua, Peter's wife; cured of malaria 145:2.15-16(1631;3)
Amathus 128:1.14(1409;4), 141:3-6secs) 147:6.3(1654;2), 165:0.1(1817;1)
ten lepers healed at 166:2sec(1827;3)
king; assassinated after military defeat 97:9.22(1074;4)
human ambassadors
on neighboring planet 72:12.2(819;6)
primitive peace a. sucked each other's blood 70:3.10(788;1)
sending a. dates from Adam; great step forward 74:5.8(834;2)
universe ambassadors
judicially appointed; represent local universes 33:6.4(371;6)
Melchizedeks serve as a. to other universes 35:1.4(385;3)
none between superuniverses 15:10.9(179;3)
Solitary Messengers serve as temporary 23:2.15-16(260;2)
Trinity Teacher Sons represent local universes 20:8.1(231;1)
Vorondadeks serve as 35:5.5(390;2)
Nordics traded in 80:9.4(897;7)
ambitions. See also goals
Abraham's surrender of personal a. 93:6.7(1021;3)
belief in charms destroyed a. 88:6.6(972;6)
bowing down before idols of selfish 4:3.1(57;6)
Buddhists taught all human striving distasteful 94:8.13(1037;1)
until fully socialized 48:7.19(557;3)
when motivated by self-seeking or vengeance 177:4.10(1926;3)
enslave men to debt 69:8.10(780;1)
few mortals dare to draw available personality credits 48:7.6(556;6)
forceful a. essential to material success 156:5.7(1739;2)
futile without an audience to parade before 68:2.10(765;7)
Jesus repeatedly dashed his apostles' a. 139:0.1(1548;1)
many will not persist in morontia; true a. satisfied 44:8.4-5(508;2)
may thwart maternal instinct 84:1.7(932;4)
opposed by animal indolence 111:7.5(1223;7)
spirit-born are calm while fondest a. perish 100:2.8(1096;5)
virtually destroyed by Vedic doctrines 94:2.4(1029;2)
will be finished in eternity if worth finishing 111:3.7(1219;6)
Chaldean herder who first saw Melchizedek 93:2.1-3(1015;1)
be quick to make 131:9.3(1453;1)
make for past sins 131:3.3(1446;5)
restore fraudulently obtained wealth 132:5.8,12(1464;2)
great Egyptian prophet 92:5.8(1009;5), 95:3.5(1046;1)
influenced El Shaddai concept 96:1.5(1053;3)
influenced Hebrews and Greeks 95:4.4(1046;5)
known as son of man 95:4.1(1046;2)
Mesopotamian religion entered Hebrew literature through 95:1.11(1043;6)
teachings 95:4sec(1046;2)
depiction of birth at Luxor 111:0.5(1215;5)
believer in Amida Buddha 94:12.3(1041;1)
King David laid heavy tribute on 97:9.14(1073;4)
Saul defeated 97:9.3-5(1072;1)
ammonites 60:1.12-13(686;8), 60:2.8(687;9), 60:4.5(692;3)
initial animal life 59:1.1(673;1)
little changed since ancient times 65:2.4(732;2)
backward clans who were committing suicide 93:6.2(1020;5)
Chemosh was god of 96:1.14(1054;4)
born Jan. 9, A.D. 7; died Dec. 3, A.D. 12 124:5.2(1373;2), 127:3.13(1400;5)
Jesus got along well with 124:4.3(1371;6)
overprotected by parents; not dependable 177:2.2-4(1921;6)
led Aden to believe in Jesus 159:2.4(1765;2)
story of swine aided in permanency of cure 151:6.6(1696;4)
denounced drunkenness, immorality of northern tribes 97:4.1-4(1065;4)
Father spoke through 155:6.2(1730;6)
John the Baptist came from herdsmen like 135:6.3(1502;1)
proclaimed Yahweh God of all nations; attacked chosen people concept 97:4.2,4(1065;5)
secret writing began Old Testament 97:9.20(1074;2)
stoned to death 97:4.4(1066;1)
threatened God would abandon Israel unless righteousness re-established 97:8.3(1071;1)
regenerated Sethite priesthood ca. 15,000 B.C. 78:5.1(872;5), 92:5.6(1009;3)
at Lake Urmia 134:3.1(1485;3)
in Caesarea sat 20,000 130:2.1(1429;3)
in the Decapolis, Scythopolis 123:5.12(1363;5), 124:3.7(1370;5)
on Edentia 43:1.7(486;6)
on Jerusem seats 5 billion 46:3.1-3(522;1), 46:5.23(526;5), 53:5.6(606;2)
young Jesus suggested building a. in Nazareth 124:3.8-9(1371;1)
futile 150:3.11(1681;6)
technical a. cannot reveal what a person can do 12:9.4(141;5)
augments misery 70:0.3(783;3)
leadership unfailingly provided for 181:2.16(1958;3)
Greek mechanist who recognized First Cause 98:2.6(1079;3)
appointed steward of Cornelius 130:2.5(1430;3)
converted to Christianity by Philip 130:2.5(1430;3)
Greek with whom Jesus spoke in Caesarea 130:2.4-5(1430;2)
perished in slaughter of 20,000 Jews 130:2.5(1430;3)
ancestor worship 87:3sec(960;5),. See also religion
advancing ghost cult made inevitable 87:3.1(960;5)
always fostered monogamy 83:6.3(927;4)
backward-looking 79:8.8(888;1)
based on belief the dead punished the disobedient 68:4.3(767;3)
Buddhism amalgamated with 94:11.1(1038;8)
failure to have sons viewed as supreme calamity 84:7.19(940;15)
great strength is value placed upon the family 79:8.9-10(888;2)
in China 79:8.3(887;3), 94:5.7(1033;2)
caused stagnation in China 79:6.9(885;6), 79:8.4,7-10)
Confucius established respect for ancestral conduct 94:6.9(1034;4)
in Europe after fall of Rome 79:8.3(887;3)
Jews tended to overhonor ancestors 140:8.14(1581;1)
regrettably persists in China, Japan, and India 92:6.9(1012;1)
ritual developed into pseudo seance; ghosts appeared 70:7.11(791;8)
solar veneration became species of 95:2.7(1044;6)

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