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achieving self-control
augment life's fraction by lowering denominator of personal demands 71:3.4(803;4), 89:3.3(976;5)
emotional maturity essential for 52:6.6(598;1)
lesson on self-mastery 143:2sec(1609;2)
restraint in all things is good 131:3.6(1447;3)
self-mastery bound up with faith in indwelling spirit 143:2.7(1610;2), 144:5.5(1622;4)
acme of all human virtues 83:6.6(927;7)
better than extreme self-denial 89:3.7(977;2)
dark ages bear witness to restoration of 118:8.6(1302;3)
demanded of advancing mankind 82:1.10(914;6)
greatest warrior overcomes and subdues himself 131:3.6(1447;3)
evolutionary religion provided 92:3.9(1006;6)
food hoarding developed 68:2.5(765;2), 69:5.1(775;9)
impossible for primitive man to appear with much 118:8.5(1302;2)
olden ideas embraced flogging, physical torture 89:3.4(976;6)
restraint was attempt to deceive envious spirits 87:5.7(963;2)
taboo essential step in developing 89:1.7(975;4)
leads to altruistic service 54:1.6(614;1)
man must substitute new, voluntarily assumed restraints 118:8.10(1302;7)
manifestation of greatness 28:6.20(317;1)
mightier to rule one's own spirit than to take a city 131:2.6(1444;6)
perfect in Havona 14:6.23(162;1)
religion imposes heightened 100:6.4(1100;6)
renders human laws obsolete in light and life 55:5.4(630;1)
self-mastery is indicator of spiritual development 143:2.3(1609;4)
self-understanding characterized by voluntary s.m. 132:3.10(1460;3)
true liberty is fruit of 54:1.5-6(613;7), 71:3.4(803;4)
trust is true measure of s.m. 28:6.13(315;7)
greatest s.-d. is seeking to deprive others of natural liberties 54:1.6-8(614;1)
leads to fears, enslaving pleasures, envy, and hatred 143:2.5(1609;6)
logic largely obscured by self-interest 86:2.4(951;6)
Lucifer persuaded himself rebellion was good for system 53:2.5(603;1)
one's mind often justifies continuance in error 184:2.12(1981;6)
pleasant adjustment to paths of sin 139:12.5(1566;4)
civil government may employ force 133:1.5(1470;1), 133:4.12(1475;5), 140:8.4(1579;6)
defend oneself fully against aggressor not possessing moral judgment 133:1.2,4(1469;1)
early peace tribes were practically exterminated 70:1.8(784;4)
Jesus decided not to seek self-preservation 136:6.3-4(1518;2)
Jesus exercised normal watchcare when confronted by danger 136:7.1(1519;5)
man endowed with strong self-preservation instinct 102:8.1(1127;5)
military passes away in bestowal Son era 52:5.10(597;1)
quarantine is spiritual self-defense 3:1.10(46;2)
self-preservation always follows self-maintenance 50:5.5(576;8)
capital is labor renouncing present in favor of future 69:5.1,4(775;9)
custom to forego physical pleasures, especially sexual pleasures 89:3.1(976;3)
food saving was man's first s.-d. 68:2.5(765;2)
looked upon as sure coercive, especially sexual 87:6.9(965;3)
men sought approval of their gods by 87:2.4(959;5), 89:3.5(976;7)
Jesus did not teach 142:8.1(1605;3)
reaps subsequent harvests of augmented happiness 140:5.7(1573;9)
self-control better than extreme 89:3.7(977;2)
vs. self-mastery 143:2.2-5(1609;3)
fallacy of 35:10.5(395;1), 134:6.11(1491;5)
Lucifer advocated ascenders should enjoy liberty of 53:3.6(604;1)
cease thinking about yourself and your troubles 191:1.2(2039;2)
Father manifests himself in those who exhibit 196:0.8-9(2088;3)
instead of self-sacrifice 180:5.12(1951;1)
attained by food satisfaction, play, humor, sex indulgence 84:0.2-3(931;2), 84:8.2-3(942;3)
dangers 84:8sec(942;2)
excessive s.-g. destroys civilization 68:2.2,11(764;5)
need for moral discipline in place of 195:10.17(2086;3)
sensuous s.-g. does not confer happiness 136:6.9(1519;2)
family provides highly satisfactory forms of 84:6.8(939;3)
grows out of vanity proclivity 68:2.4(765;1), 69:1.5(772;8)
incidental object of home 68:2.9(765;6)
no distinctive institutions of 69:1.5(772;8), 84:8.2(942;3)
parents should avoid most forms of indulgence 177:2.2(1921;6)
property accumulation is instrument for augmenting 84:8.2(942;3)
danger of losing sense of proportion as to one's 50:1.2-3(572;4)
death inescapable when self-concepts fully displace Adjuster governance 12:9.6(142;1)
exhausts, not effort to achieve 48:6.26(555;5)
filthy rags of self-righteousness 150:5.2(1682;4)
he who speaks for himself seeks his own glory 162:2.1(1790;4)
higher spiritual orders do not look down on lower 25:1.1(273;3)
humor helps avoid overdeveloped notion of 48:4.14-18(549;1)
exaggerated ideas of 139:12.6(1566;5)
heart set on self-exaltation 177:4.7(1925;4)
resentful his abilities unrecognized 177:4.4(1925;1)
Lucifer and Caligastia's feelings of 66:8.2(752;3)
parental overloving injuriously exalts child's sense of 177:2.2(1921;6)
Pharisees filled with self-righteousness 166:1.4(1826;1)
self-admiration tends towards exploitation of others 54:1.6(614;1)
self-contemplation is most disastrous 53:1.3(601;5)
self-exaltation causes one to be humbled 175:1.10(1907;2)
self-respect is not self-admiration 156:5.14(1740;1)
spiritual greatness incompatible with self-exaltation 158:6.3(1758;4)
the first shall be last 163:3.4(1804;1), 166:3.5(1829;2)
trials of life must first prepare the self-satisfied 132:7.2(1466;2)
work is important, self is not 48:6.26(555;5)
builds society 68:2.2,3,11(764;5)
home building is matter of 68:2.9(765;6), 84:0.2-3(931;2)
institutions of 69:1.3(772;6)
is individual, but carried on by group 82:3.2(915;5)
self-preservation always follows 50:5.5(576;8)
woman at decided disadvantage with man in s.m. 84:5.1(936;5)
group interest carried on by individuals 68:2.3(764;6), 69:1.4(772;7), 82:3.2(915;5)
grows out of sex hunger and maternal instincts 69:1.4(772;7)
institutions of s.-p.; object of the home 68:2.9(765;6), 69:1.4(772;7)
mating is purely 84:0.2-3(931;2)
nature demands survival 68:2.9(765;6)
cannot develop strong characters by 159:3.1(1765;3)
all living things crave 65:6.2(737;2)
ascension career allows for satisfaction of self-expression 44:8.3-5(508;1)
evil if antisocial 56:10.14(647;5)
identification with cosmic reality 94:11.6(1039;5)
innate drives toward s.-r. function unless inhibited 100:1.6(1095;1)
mortal aspirations and morontia achievements 44:8sec(507;6)
possibilities unlimited through achieving Godlikeness 44:7.4(507;5)
progressive willingness to believe assumptions of reason, wisdom, and faith 103:9.9(1141;7)
society should allow all the opportunity for 71:3.6(803;6)
stoicism not a high order of 12:5.10(135;9)
worthy goal 68:2.3(764;6)
co-ordinate with love and service; not self-admiration 156:5.14(1740;1)
Father gives everything possible to all with dignity of personality possession 10:1.2(108;5)
aimed at s.-r. in his life 140:8.20(1582;1)
stopped at nothing to restore s.-r. 159:3.3(1765;5)
taught men to place high value on themselves 196:2.10(2093;4)
loss of s.-r. ends in paralysis of will 159:3.3(1765;5)
society should aim to preserve citizenry's 71:3.6(803;6)
ancient form of mourning 87:2.4(959;5)
co-operation with Adjuster does not entail 110:3.4(1206;2)
in ancient initiation ceremonies 70:7.6(791;3)
older ideas of self-discipline embraced 89:3.4(976;6)
acts of s. result from material feelings, human emotions 102:3.3(1121;5)
Adjuster places preference on altruism over egoism in early conflict between 103:2.4-10(1131;3)
egotism is vainglorious and suicidal 52:6.4-6(597;5), 111:6.9(1223;1)
foolish and deceptive pursuits of 195:9.7(2083;3)
indulging satisfactions of 166:3.4(1829;1)
insures downfall of highest type of government 71:3.1(803;1)
leads to darkness, death, grief 130:1.2(1428;2), 131:3.6(1447;3)
Lucifer and Caligastia judged their unselfish advisers by their own 66:8.2(752;3)
man can reject survival by 111:1.9(1217;4)
may thwart maternal instinct 84:1.7(932;4)
narrow-minded self-interest ultimately destructive of what it seeks to maintain 71:6.1(805;5)
nonreligious activities bend universe to distorting service of self 5:4.3(67;1)
sin of prostituting divine talents for selfish gain 136:6.9(1519;2)
spiritual deliverance from selfishness 141:3.8(1590;3)
avoiding s. favors spiritual growth 100:1.8(1095;3)
be exposed to vast number of other religious experiences to prevent 103:1.3(1130;2)
forsake life of self for divine life 3:5.13(51;12)
transcend s. by meditation in presence of sovereignty of God 99:7.4(1093;2)
when attacked by s., rest in the unassailable citadel of the spirit 100:2.7(1096;4)
unbridled self-will, unregulated self-expression 54:1.5(613;7)
universe is not egocentric 28:6.18(316;5)
weariness is reward of 131:1.6(1443;2)
whoever would save his life shall lose it 103:5.6(1134;4), 140:5.19(1575;4), 158:7.5(1760;2), 160:5.10(1782;1)
wholly self-centered prayers find no lodgment in Son's spirit circuit 7:3.6(84;6)

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