The Urantia Book Fellowship
philosophers' gravest error 2:7.5(42;6)
provides opportunity to love truth 3:5.10(51;9)
shadow of hair's turning, premeditated for untrue purpose 48:6.22(555;1)
breeds contempt 82:5.6(919;2)
prophets honored, save in own country 138:0.2(1538;2), 150:9.1(1686;4)
ancestor worship created strong families 79:8.9-10(888;2)
Andite family council practices improve society 84:7.29(941;10)
early f. embraced related working group, slaves 84:7.9(940;5)
incompatible with hunter's unsettled life 52:2.8(592;1)
family council practice 127:4.3(1401;3), 128:2.2,4(1410;1), 134:9.1(1494;4)
gave precedence to accepted customs 120:3.3(1329;4)
lesson on f. 142:7sec(1603;2)
teachings about God based on 140:8.14(1581;1), 188:5.1(2017;9)
loyalty to and watchcare over f. is the most sacred human trust 126:3.5(1389;8), 127:2.8(1397;6), 127:5.3(1403;1), 140:8.14(1581;1), 196:0.7(2088;2)
matriarchal families
came to speedy end with passing of hunter mores 84:2.6(933;4)
clan peace chiefs ruled through mother line 70:4.4(788;6)
natural and biologic 69:9.7(781;1), 84:2.2(932;8)
red men clung to mother-family 71:1.7(800;9)
transition to patriarchal f. in China 79:8.11(888;4)
wife stealing and purchase hastened passing of 84:2.6(933;4)
wife's mother was supreme authority in 84:2sec(932;7), 84:2.3(933;1)
must not interfere with religious obligations 140:8.14(1581;1)
nature of family
cannot be had without children 99:4.2(1089;5)
founded on 7 facts 142:7.5-12(1603;6)
ideals of 84:7sec(939;4)
man and woman adjusting their antagonisms 68:2.8(765;5), 84:7.30(942;1)
members reap benefits, suffer consequences of others' actions 12:7.11(138;6), 54:5.5(617;5), 54:6.3-4(618;6), 67:7sec(760;6), 145:2.8(1630;4)
sex hunger and mother love establish 70:3.2(787;2)
temporal institution; does not survive death 140:8.14(1581;1)
obligation to transmit legitimate wealth to succeeding generations 69:9.3(780;6), 132:5.5(1463;3)
patriarchal families
clan war chiefs established father line 70:4.4(788;6)
council of elders gradually grew into 70:5.2(788;8)
f. under father dominance 84:2.4(933;2), 84:3sec(933;6)
pastoral living created 84:3.1(933;6)
position accorded f. in China creates stability 79:8.9(888;2)
reasons ancients desired large families 68:6.6(770;3), 84:7.11-19(940;7)
rising tide of self-gratification is threat to 84:8.1(942;2)
sorrow when some in f. accept and others reject gospel 142:2.2(1597;2), 150:4.3(1682;1), 165:6.3(1824;6)
value of families
almost everything of lasting value has roots in 68:2.8(765;5), 79:8.9(888;2), 140:8.14(1581;1)
built on tolerance, patience, forgiveness 84:7.28(941;9), 142:7.11(1604;6)
earthly f. illustrates the heavenly 142:7.4(1603;5)
most effective social group; master civilizer 82:0.2(913;2), 160:2.4(1775;5)
reveals to parents Creator's attitude to his children 84:7.30(942;1)
selected 3 families for Michael's incarnation 122:0.2(1344;2)
originally marks for private property 69:9.13(781;7)
Jesus used term for kingdom of heaven 170:2.20(1861;4)
be not perturbed by 176:1.1(1912;3)
brought prodigal son to senses 169:1.8(1852;1)
periodically decimated primitive man 66:5.3(746;1)
disastrous threats of 160:3.5(1778;3)
doctrinal fetish betrays man into 88:2.7(969;5)
enthusiasm may drive on into 149:4.3(1673;3)
faith may lead to 196:0.6-7(2088;1)
prevent religious f. by scientific mental attitude 99:3.9(1089;1)
spiritual revelation sometimes precipitates 110:4.5(1207;5)
neighboring universe to Nebadon 32:2.12(360;1)
leader of green race 350,000 years ago 45:4.9(513;10), 64:6.17(724;7)
one of 24 counselors 45:4.9(513;10)
Jesus did not offer 119:5.3(1315;1), 133:0.1(1468;1), 137:5.1(1531;5)
Melchizedek did not offer 93:8.1(1022;3), 93:10.2(1024;4)
Jesus' f. had cows, sheep, chickens, donkey, doves, dog 126:5.11(1393;8)
Jesus' mother's brother had a 123:1.7(1357;4), 123:6.1(1364;4), 124:1.2,11(1366;3)
Jude ran away to his uncle's 128:7.8(1417;7)
young Jesus desired to purchase a f. 126:5.10-11(1393;7)
Salem missionaries in 93:7.2(1021;6)
institution of self-gratification 69:1.5(772;8)
unduly dominates Urantia 66:6.2(749;4)
ancients treated disease with 90:4.8(991;7)
can induce mystic state 100:5.10(1100;1)
common ancient practice 89:3.1(976;3)
early oaths accompanied by 87:6.9(965;3)
evolution of concept of sacrifice 89:4.1(977;3)
Isaiah's definition 147:8.2-3(1656;3)
Jesus ate frugally on Mount Hermon 134:8.3(1493;2)
not part of gospel 142:8.1(1605;3), 143:2.3(1609;4), 147:7.2(1655;4)
prolonged f. destroys hunger 140:5.8(1574;1)
thought pleasing to ghosts 87:2.4(959;5)
some ancients believed soul resided in 86:5.11(955;3)
belief man cannot improve his status 121:4.2(1335;11)
facing the inevitable with stoic resolution 181:1.7(1954;4)
primitive religion prevented f. 86:7.3(956;6)
trust in God's overcare is not 140:8.2(1579;4)
concept prevented evolution of Zeus in Greece 98:1.3(1078;1)
some subordinate gods kept as 96:1.14(1054;4)
Vedic source of all gods 94:1.5(1028;1)
secondary supernaphim of 3rd Havona circle 26:9sec(294;5)
denotes primacy of First Source and Center 0:3.17(6;4)
always free to travel in interests of his order 35:1.4(385;3)
created Melchizedek Sons with Creator Son and Mother Spirit 20:1.3(223;5), 35:1.1(384;4)
created spironga with Gabriel 37:10.2(416;2)
directs stabilization corps in light and life 55:10.3(634;3)
executive associate of Gabriel; chief executive in Gabriel's absence 33:6.2(371;4), 35:1.2(385;1)
never away from Salvington when Gabriel is away 35:1.2(385;1)
order in Paradise classification 30:1.7(331;3)
original Melchizedek Son 33:6.2(371;4), 35:1.1(384;4)
presides over emergency commissions, advisory bodies 35:1.2(385;1)
represents Michael in Life Carrier deliberations 36:2.5(397;5)
temple to Michael is in foreground of F.M. 's home 119:1.4(1310;1)
with Jesus at transfiguration 158:1.6(1753;2)
fatherhood of God. See also gospel: explained
brotherhood of man predicated on 16:9.10(196;6), 52:6.7(598;2), 134:4.1(1486;4), 159:5.7(1769;9), 195:8.11(2082;3)
highest human concept of God 196:3.32(2082;3)
paradox of part and whole 12:7.8(138;3)
real because Father has bestowed personality 16:9.10(196;6)
success in quest of Infinite proportional to achieving 106:9.11(1174;7)
7 relationships with children 142:7.5-12(1603;6)
call no man father in spiritual sense 175:1.10(1907;2)
children need f. as well as mothers 47:1.6(531;4)
children wholly dependent on f. for first ideas of God 177:2.5,7(1922;3)
disciples must love gospel more than 150:4.3(1682;1), 171:2.2(1869;4)
earliest races gave little credit to f. in childbirth 84:2.4(933;2)
highly educational and disciplinary responsibilities of 126:2.2(1388;2)
mortals have seven f. 51:6.6(587;4)
not like judges, enemies, or creditors 142:7.11(1604;6)
time for Jesus to be about 124:6.15(1376;1), 126:3.5(1389;8), 135:8.3(1504;1)
Jerusalem temple 125:1.1(1378;3), 125:6.7(1384;3), 171:4.7(1872;4)
Paradise 11:3.3(120;6)
universe 181:1.2(1953;4)

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