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1st triunity
mechanism whereby personal Deity reveals itself to creatures 104:4.5(1148;4)
members are Father, Eternal Son, and Infinite Spirit 104:3.7-8(1147;2), 104:4.3-5(1148;2)
personal-purposive; triunity of infinite volition 104:4.3-5(1148;2)
2nd triunity
members are Father-Son, Infinite Spirit, Paradise 104:4.6(1148;5)
power-pattern; determines patterns of cosmic configuration 104:4.6-9(1148;5)
3rd triunity
members are Deity Absolute, Son-Spirit, and Universal Father 104:4.10(1149;1)
spiritual evolutional 104:4.10-12(1149;1)
4th triunity
energy infinity 104:4.13-16(1149;4)
members are Father-Spirit, Paradise, and Unqualified Absolute 104:4.13(1149;4)
5th triunity
members are Universal Absolute, Universal Father, and Unqualified Absolute 104:4.17(1149;8)
reactive infinity 104:4.17-18(1149;8)
6th triunity
cosmic-associated Deity 104:4.19-20(1150;1)
immanence of Deity; outreach toward undeified reality 104:4.20(1150;2)
members are Deity Absolute, Universal Absolute, and Universal Father 104:4.19(1150;1)
7th triunity
infinite unity 104:4.21-22(1150;3)
members are Infinite Spirit, Universal Absolute, and Universal Father 104:4.21(1150;3)
15 exist in all; 8 are unrevealed 104:4.24(1150;6)
cf: non-Trinity acts of Father, Son, and Spirit in Master Spirit #7 16:1.2(185;2)
defined as
functional associations of 7 Absolutes of Infinity 105:4.6-9(1157;7)
functional balance wheel of infinity, unification of the 7 Absolutes 104:4.25(1150;7), 115:2.1(1261;1)
Infinite functioning in non-Father capacities 104:2.6(1146;2)
making possible subinfinite and subabsolute manifestations of Father's reality 104:4.25-26(1150;7)
not entities; functional rather than organic 104:3.7-9(1147;2)
threefold functional aggregate unanimities 104:3.7(1147;2)
existentials become functional in 105:4.9(1157;10)
Father exercises personal control over infinity through 104:3.11(1147;6), 115:2.1(1261;1)
Father is primal, unifying member of each 104:4.1,25(1147;7)
not known to function on nether Paradise 11:5.4(122;4)
avoid loss of time through 163:4.5(1805;2)
Jesus wasted little time on 134:9.7(1495;4)
spending so much time and thought on 110:3.4(1206;2)
Troas 130:0.3(1427;3), 133:6.1(1477;8)
races seldom advanced who sought ease in 64:1.3(718;5), 81:6.7(907;4)
lower 5 or 6 miles of atmosphere 58:2.6(666;3)
mistake to call modern man with blasts of olden 195:6.10(2077;6)
Pharisees blew t. before giving alms 147:5.2(1651;6)
brought about by planetary helper seraphim 39:5.7(437;6)
cardinal precept of Melchizedek teachings 92:4.7(1007;7)
childlike t. secures entrance into kingdom 102:1.1(1118;4)
crucial test of will creatures 28:6.13(315;7)
dependability at first relative to kinship to Deity 32:3.7(361;2)
faith produces t. in goodness of God 101:3.4(1108;3)
Father freely trusts us with part of himself 39:5.7(437;6)
fruit of the spirit 193:2.2(2054;3)
Judas refused to exercise t. 193:3.2(2055;2)
placing premature responsibility courts disaster 28:6.15(316;2)
trustworthiness is true measure of self-mastery, character 28:6.13(315;7)
always has advantage over error 102:6.7(1125;2)
ascension plan characterized by giving t. to others as soon as it is acquired 30:3.9(339;6)
authority of t. is spirit indwelling its manifestations 159:4.7(1768;3)
believers should
allow t. to strike into heart with living roots 151:2.2(1689;5), 177:5.2(1927;3)
base life on highest consciousness of 110:3.7(1206;5)
be mighty in promulgation of t.; stand in vigorous defense of t. 178:1.14-16(1931;5)
believe t. despite all appearances to contrary 133:1.4(1469;3)
enhance t. by passing through personal experience 176:3.7(1917;3)
feed roots of t. with spiritual communion and social service 178:1.13(1931;4)
follow t. wherever it leads, and regardless of conclusions it reaches 3:5.10(51;9), 103:7.5(1138;3)
freely receive; freely give 159:1.5(1763;2), 176:3.10(1918;3), 193:0.5(2053;1)
give milk of t. to babes 133:4.2(1474;2)
not doubt t. after being scattered by persecution 181:1.6(1954;3)
whet appetites of associates for t. 48:7.16(556;1)
best criticized by revelation 103:7.8(1138;6)
concept not inherent in physics 195:6.11(2077;7)
creating new pictures out of old facts is artistic triumph of 48:6.22(555;1)
defined as
able to be acted out, lived 2:7.6(42;7)
always a revelation 56:10.9(646;10), 101:4.3(1109;5)
always relative and evil-contrasted 132:2.3(1457;6)
autorevelation by indwelling Adjuster; epochal revelation by some celestial agency 101:4.3(1109;5)
best known by spiritual flavor 2:7.6(42;7)
coherent, replete, symmetrical, divinely real, beautiful, good 2:7.4,12(42;5), 44:7.2(507;3)
defined only by living; cannot be imprisoned; dies in human formulation 34:6.6(380;7), 132:3.2(1459;2), 180:5.2(1949;4)
divine t. is final, uniform, and universal 2:7.3(42;4)
experienced when spirit is permitted to reign in soul 130:4.10(1435;2), 180:5.2-3(1949;4)
felt most in adversity 48:7.18(557;2)
finite maximum of experience 117:1.7(1279;5)
gospel of fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man is greatest 195:10.21(2086;7)
inconcussible, adaptable, radiantly alive 48:4.18(549;5), 48:6.22(555;1), 118:3.2-3(1297;3)
intellectual foundation of religion 56:10.10(647;1)
known by those who do the divine will 101:10.6(1116;7), 102:1.1(1118;4)
living spirit relationship of all things and beings 2:7.2(42;3), 56:10.13(647;4)
man's effort to discern God in mind 56:10.2(646;3), 130:4.10(1435;2)
possessed only by exercise of faith 132:3.5(1459;5)
relative and expanding, lives always in present 2:7.1-3(42;2), 79:8.8(888;1)
time-space comprehension of supreme concepts 56:10.18(648;1)
value-realization of God-consciousness, divinity 0:1.17(3;4), 111:3.7(1219;6)
drives out serious error 102:6.7(1125;2), 132:0.4(1455;4), 141:6.2(1592;4)
false teachers frightened by new revelations of 155:6.6(1731;4)
God is source of 1:2.1(23;4)
hidden from the wise, revealed to babes 144:8.8(1627;5)
Buddhism taught relativity of all t. 94:11.4(1039;3)
Chinese worship of t. stimulated research, exploration 79:6.11(885;8)
difficult to perpetuate t. prior to printing 93:7.4(1022;2)
Pilate's question regarding t. 185:3.5(1991;5)
humor lessens shock of unexpected t. 48:4.18(549;5)
hunger for t. essential to enter kingdom, salvation 170:2.18(1861;2), 170:5.13(1865;3), 193:2.2(2054;3)
hunger for t. is a revelation 102:3.12(1122;8)
Inspired Trinity Spirits impart t. superconsciously 19:5.7-9(220;2)
iron band of so-called unchanging t. 48:6.22(555;1)
Jesus embraced t. no matter what the apparent source 126:3.8(1390;3), 155:6.2,12(1730;6)
Jesus lived and was the t. 100:7.2(1101;6), 130:1.1(1428;1), 180:3.7(1947;6)
Judas failed to love t. with his whole soul 179:4.2(1940;4)
made accessible by Adjuster and Spirit of Truth 101:6.4(1111;8)
makes men free 52:5.4(596;2), 101:6.8(1112;4), 141:7.6(1593;7), 143:1.4(1608;1), 162:7.2(1796;4), 194:2.2(2060;7), 194:3.5(2063;3)
man gradually backing into 88:4.3(970;8)
maximum imparted to mind of perfect poise in body of clean habits 110:6.4(1209;4)
ministry of Paradise Sons 56:10.17(647;8)
more t. we know, the more t. we are 118:3.2(1297;3)
old and true vs. new but false 147:7.3(1656;1)
one is not reckoned as possessing t. until he has shared it with others 25:4.5(279;6), 94:6.6(1034;1)
purifies 182:1.5(1964;2)
seekers for t. rewarded now 140:5.7(1573;9)
sincere pursuit of t. leads to God 131:1.6(1443;2), 195:6.17(2078;3)
Spirit of Truth. See also Spirit of Truth
is personification of t. 34:4.2(377;6)
unerringly responds to t. 2:7.6(42;7), 103:7.8(1138;6), 142:5.2(1601;2)
will lead us into all t. 34:7.1(382;1)
sustains the universe 131:4.6(1449;1)
argumentative defense of proposition inversely proportional to t. contained 48:7.30(557;14)
confusing when dismembered or too much analyzed 195:5.2(2075;5)
do not discount t. because of apparently human source 155:6.2,12(1730;6)
do not seek to promulgate t. by secular laws 16:7.9(193;8), 153:3.5(1712;5), 178:1.12(1931;3)
do not slight t. accompanied by obsolete ideas 102:1.3(1119;2)
Lucifer and Caligastia did not abide in t. 67:1.2(754;3)
man's understanding of t. only relatively true 115:1.2(1260;3)
mistake always to frankly speak one's mind 180:5.5(1949;7), 181:2.21(1960;2)
no celestial assistance until we act on t. we have 48:7.9(556;9)
no creed is uniquely The Truth 92:3.4(1006;1), 92:7.3(1012;4)
presentation beyond capacity causes confusion 137:7.14(1535;6)
reckoning required according to what given 176:3.7-8(1917;3)
right in fact can be wrong in t. 48:6.22(555;1), 143:6.1(1615;2), 189:2.6(2023;5)
service of t. no substitute for religious experience 196:3.20(2095;7)
sometimes error so great that rectification by revelation inadvisable 48:6.21(554;6)
t. does not resent honest examination or criticism 90:4.9(992;1), 146:3.2(1641;4), 153:2.11(1711;3)
t. is not boundary line of self-righteous exclusiveness 155:3.3(1727;3)
t. not lived up to becomes darkness 139:12.8(1567;1), 180:3.2(1947;1)

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