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dowry was once reward for sex services 82:3.10(916;6)
man could take wife, children after paying bride price 84:2.5(933;3)
often collected by temporary temple prostitution 89:7.5(982;4)
originally, payment to bride's father for wife 83:3sec(923;7)
upon divorce, repayment required 83:3.4(924;3)
Chinese worship of d. was survival of snake cult 85:3.3(946;5)
in Apostle John's vision 53:7.7(608;3)
symbolic representation of Lucifer and rebels 53:1.6(602;3), 53:5.6(606;2)
measured 30 inches across 59:5.7(680;9)
Jesus never premeditated anything dramatic 138:6.5(1543;3), 172:3.11(1882;4)
originated in acting for spirit guidance 92:3.6(1006;3)
absorbed Aryan conquerors, overran most of India 79:4.2(882;2)
among earliest peoples to build cities 79:3.7(881;7)
Andite conquerors of India blended with natives 78:5.6(873;2), 79:3.1(881;1)
centers in river valleys 79:3.6(881;6)
founded superior civilization 12,000 years ago 79:3.1,8(881;1)
men are naturally 99:7.5(1093;3)
supinely trusting in a fictitious Providence 178:1.14(1931;5)
dreams. See also sleep
absurdities of d. testify to pressure of unexpressed emotions 110:5.4(1208;3)
celestials seldom use d. to communicate 86:5.7(954;6)
disordered, disconnected parade of uncoordinated sleeping mind 44:4.7(503;7), 110:5.2-5(1208;1)
grotesque d. indicate Adjusters' failure to make efficient contact 110:5.2-5(1208;1)
interpretation of dreams
danger to regard as divine communications 100:5.6(1099;4), 110:5.5(1208;4)
largely superstitious and groundless 90:2.5(988;1), 150:3.9(1681;4)
ordinary d. are purely physiologic and psychologic 110:5.5(1208;4)
particular dreams
Claudia Procula's of Jesus 185:5.8(1994;2)
convinced Zacharias regarding John 122:2.5(1345;7)
delivered Peter from fear of uncleanness 153:3.6(1713;1)
informed strange religious teacher of Jesus' birth 122:8.6(1352;2)
Peter's of Jesus on Sea of Galilee 152:4sec(1703;1)
reconciled Joseph regarding Jesus' birth 122:4.1(1347;3)
young Jesus' sleep disturbed by revolting 125:2.4(1379;5)
Zoroaster's caused him to remodel his religion 95:6.2(1049;5)
primitives' dreams
primitives believed d. as real as waking experience 86:5.6(954;5)
primitives believed soul left body during d. 86:5.4,6(954;3)
ghost dream was greatest factor in societal evolution 68:3sec(766;2), 87:5.11(963;6)
primitives convinced of afterlife by d. 63:3.5(713;5), 86:4.1-2(952;7)
supinely trusting in a fictitious Providence 178:1.14(1931;5)
Jesus healed man with 167:1.5(1834;3)
drought. See also climate
caused Andite exodus from Caspian region 79:1.3-6(878;4)
caused highland tribes to invade Euphrates valley 78:8.3(875;7)
disrupted Sahara civilization 80:1.4(889;6), 80:2.1(890;5)
drove Andites to Egypt 79:1.2-3(878;3)
drove Andonites from Asia to Europe 80:9.6(898;1)
severe d. meant death to early agriculturists 90:2.6(988;2)
benumbing 70:2.12(786;8)
men left routine d. to women 69:3.3(774;2)
no such thing as menial labor in spiritual worlds 25:1.1(273;3)
religion ennobles commonplace work; work as for God 100:0.2(1094;2), 133:4.8(1475;1), 181:2.19(1959;3), 192:2.13(2049;4)
beings of direct or indirect origin in any two of the Paradise Deities 30:1.6(331;2)
creation of Havona Servitals is pattern for 25:1.2(273;4)
in Paradise classification 30:1.6-9(331;2)
A. descending orders
1. Creator Sons q.v.
4. Father Melchizedeks. See Father Melchizedek
9. archangels q.v.
10. Life Carriers q.v.
11. Unrevealed Universe Aids 30:1.7(331;3)
12. Unrevealed Sons of God 30:1.7(331;3)
B. stationary orders
1. abandonters q.v.
2. susatia q.v.
3. univitatia q.v.
4. spironga q.v.
5. unrevealed 30:1.8(331;4)
C. ascending orders
4. translated midwayers. See midwayers
5. unrevealed ascenders 30:1.9(331;5)
2 kinds of ghosts 87:4.3-7(961;4)
doctrine complicated conception of cosmic unity 87:4.6(961;7)
gave rise to beliefs in white and black magic 88:6.2(972;2)
pitted one agency against another 87:6.6(964;5)
superstition of good and bad spirits 69:3.5(774;4)
young Jesus long accepted 123:3.3(1359;4)
Zoroaster much affected by 92:5.9(1009;6), 95:6.5(1050;1)
between I AM as sevenfold and 7 Absolutes of Infinity 105:4.5,8(1157;6)
descended from enormous ancient reptiles 65:2.9(732;7)
Caligastia contested Moses' passage to mansion worlds 52:5.5(596;3)
no local universe tribunal existed to detain Lucifer 53:7.14(609;2)
no way found to stop archrebels from attending Edentia councils 43:4.7-9(490;2)
represents unwillingness to surrender private redress 70:10.16(796;6)
substituted for tribal war 70:1.19(785;2)
survival of trial by ordeal 70:10.7(795;4)
Deities not given to useless 6:4.2(76;2)
d. we are, and to d. we shall return 1:4.3(26;5), 68:6.1(769;6)
according to Hinduism 131:4.6(1449;1)
Adjuster translates d. into faith in revelation 102:1.1(1118;4)
devotion to commonplace social obligations 91:7.5(1000;6), 100:6.5(1100;7), 126:5.4(1393;1), 178:1.8(1930;5)
eclipsing emotion of spiritual beings is joy of 25:1.6(274;3)
evading duty by failing in high and holy obligations 185:0.4(1987;4)
faithfully performed precludes sorrow 25:1.6(274;3)
folly of running away from d. for far-off enticements 130:1.2(1428;2)
for ghost cultists, what must be done to keep spirits favorably disposed 87:5.10(963;5)
go forth to do 163:6.7(1808;1)
idea signifies servant-mindedness 180:1.6(1945;3)
in morontia, time no longer available to circumvent disagreeable obligations 48:5.8(551;3)
man's understanding of d. only relatively true 115:1.2(1260;3)
moral intuition is realization of d.; cosmic mind response 16:6.7(192;3), 16:7.1(192;8)
perform d. faithfully, then accept one's lot 48:6.25(555;4)
performing earthly assignments in human faithfulness 34:6.13(381;7)
promises should be kept 157:1.2(1743;4)
summary of mortal duty
attainment of perfection 1:0.4(22;1),See also perfection: attainment
believers' d. is to man, God, and fellowship; to preach gospel 178:1.5,11(1930;2)
bringing children into the world is supreme d. 84:7.25-26(941;6)
deal justly, love mercy, walk humbly with God 97:5.6(1067;3), 126:4.5(1392;3)
fear God and keep his commandments 131:2.9(1445;3)
highest d. is to one's family 126:3.5(1389;8), 127:5.3(1403;1), 140:8.14(1581;1)
live up to responsibilities with energy and enthusiasm 159:5.10(1770;2)
recognition of progressive obligation to the Supreme 110:3.10(1206;8), 117:4.8(1284;4)
to avail ourselves of advantages so freely provided for survival 40:10.14(454;3)
whole d. is love for God and man 142:3.22(1599;14), 163:4.8(1805;5)
take up responsibilities daily and follow Jesus 158:7.5(1760;2)
teaches man has no right not to believe in God 101:1.7(1105;4)
evolving monotheists keep subordinate gods as 96:1.14(1054;4)
primitive religious practices of 92:6.1(1010;5)
Vedic lord of heaven 94:1.3(1027;4)

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