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common in days of Prince's staff 66:5.5(746;3)
Jesus learned to make 123:5.15(1364;3)
chemical behavior depends on atom's electrons 42:7.6(477;8)
chemism is same thing as light, heat, electricity, magnetism, energy, and matter 42:4.1-2(472;12)
could not have predicted water molecule 12:9.3(141;4)
one cannot pray to a formula 102:7.3(1126;3)
origin in alchemy 81:2.5(901;8)
reactions occurring in blood stream 65:6.6(737;6)
reactions of c. not modified by education 65:6.8(738;1)
truth, beauty, and goodness not inherent in 195:6.11(2077;7)
god of the Amorites 96:1.14(1054;4)
500 million pairs on Urantia in 1934 114:0.1(1250;1)
celestial artisans teach efficient energy intake to 44:5.10(506;1)
chief advised Melchizedek receivers after rebellion 67:6.5(759;8)
created by local universe Mother Spirit 26:1.7(286;2), 38:7.6(422;6)
directed by seraphim 38:7.2-3(422;2), 48:5.1(550;2)
engage in self-improvement; learn languages 38:7.5(422;5)
in personality registers 30:1.12,13(332;3), 30:2.13(336;5)
like midwayers; near morontia level of existence 38:7.6-7(422;6)
lowest order of angels; almost human 38:7.1(422;1), 48:3.4(545;5)
many lost in Lucifer rebellion 53:7.6-7(608;2), 67:3.2(756;3)
may attain full seraphic standing 38:8.2,6(423;2), 48:5.10(551;5)
Mother Spirit transforms deserted c. and s. into Mansion World Teachers 38:8.5(423;5), 48:5.1-2(550;2)
remain in local universe 38:7.3(422;3)
associated with seraphim; keep records 38:7.3(422;3), 113:2.9(1243;6)
deliver undeveloped souls to probationary nurseries, where they have educational facilities 47:2.1-2(531;5)
help Spirit-fused survivors repossess mortal memory 40:9.5(451;1)
not with guardian angels on mansion worlds 38:8.5(423;5)
perform indispensable borderline tasks 38:7.7(422;7)
routine spirit workers 38:7.4(422;4)
very limited in solitary function 38:7.2(422;2)
some rebel c. and s. on earth up to Christ's death 77:7.4(863;5)
cherubim is right-hand deflector, positively charged angel; controls pair 38:7.2(422;2), 44:5.10(506;1)
fourth creatures 38:7.6-7(422;6), 38:8.4(423;4)
positive or aggressive and negative or retiring 84:6.5(938;9)
sanobim is left-hand deflector, negatively charged angel, complement of being 38:7.2(422;2), 44:5.10(506;1)
city of this visitation 113:2.7(1243;4)
utility bill for sunshine 58:2.1(665;4)
chickens. See also poultry
shell of no worth after chick is born 48:6.21(554;6)
Master Spirit #1 is adviser to 16:3.2(186;6)
considered technique for restoration of Jesus 189:0.1(2020;1)
wrote Papers 33, 35) 33:8.7(373;9), 35:10.6(395;2),
primary seconaphim; reflects Michael to Ancients of Days 28:4.6-7(308;5)
advised Melchizedek receivers after rebellion 67:6.5)
advised Melchizedek receivers after rebellion 67:6.5(759;8)
conscious of reflective transference 28:4.11(309;5)
periodically rotated; current chief is primary supernaphim 27:0.2(298;2)
wrote Papers 82-84 113, 114) 82:6.12(921;2), 83:8.10(930;6), 84:8.7(943;2), 113:7.9(1249;3), 114:7.15(1259;3),
tertiary supernaphim of Havona 26:3.5(288;5)
sit not in 167:1.5(1834;3), 179:1.3-5(1937;1)
original pattern angel of Paradise 27:2.1(300;1)
periodically disperse worshippers on Paradise 27:7.3(304;1)
primary supernaphim 26:9.5(304;1), 27:0.2-3(298;2), 27:2.1(300;1)
remand defeated pilgrims to superuniverses 26:9.5(300;1), 26:10.4(295;6)
best if close in ages 55:3.10(625;9)
discipline favorable; love restrains unwise acts 66:7.5(750;7), 127:4.3(1401;3), 142:2.4(1597;4), 142:7.9(1604;4), 143:1.4(1608;1), 177:2.7(1923;1), 188:4.10(2017;5)
help select heroes and lifework 140:5.14(1574;7)
introduce to worship in nature's outdoors 167:6.6(1840;5)
permanently impressed only by adults' loyalties 100:1.4(1094;6)
punishment necessary when very young 142:2.4(1597;4)
religion depends on whether fear or love dominates parent-child relationship 92:7.7(1013;2), 103:2.3(1131;2), 177:2.2(1921;6)
should grow up conscious of being God's children 103:2.2-10(1131;1)
should honor parents 66:7.15(751;10), 93:4.13(1018;2), 131:2.12(1446;1), 149:6.6(1675;7), 153:3.3(1712;3), 163:2.4(1801;7)
difficult now 84:7.21-24(941;2)
Adamite practices 76:3.9(850;5)
boys once raised by fathers, girls by mothers 70:8.12(793;4)
Galilee was splendid environment for c.-r. 124:0.1(1366;1)
in continental nation 72:3sec(811;1)
Joseph explained reasons for family discipline 123:3.9(1360;4)
John told he was to become a spiritual leader 122:2.8(1346;3)
Romans' sudden emancipation at age 21 harmful 71:1.14(801;2)
indispensable parent-child relation 45:6.4(516;2), 84:7.4(939;7)
Jesus' practices
children had regular duties in Jesus' household 126:5.11(1393;8)
early discipline made punishment seldom required 127:4.3(1401;3)
Jesus spent every possible hour with youngsters 127:1.8(1396;5)
no penalty for violation of personal teachings 127:4.5(1401;5)
talk with John Mark 177:2sec(1921;5)
love in home essential 160:2.6(1775;7), 177:2.2(1921;6)
no ascending mortal can escape experience of 47:1.6(531;4)
parents' attitude
appreciation essential to develop character 160:2.6(1775;7)
assisting child to win battle of life 84:7.26(941;7)
"come with me" most effective technique 139:5.8(1557;2)
enjoin good rather than forbid evil 127:4.2-6(1401;2), 140:5.9(1574;2)
having children entails supreme responsibility 84:7.25-26(941;6)
nurture early moral awakenings 103:2.3(1131;2)
watchcare of family takes precedence of all duties 126:3.5(1389;8)
wise fathers carefully plan children's education 142:7.8(1604;3)
avoid all deception; refrain from suspicion 140:5.14(1574;7)
bad environment can spoil excellent inheritance, at least during younger years 76:2.6(848;6)
error to teach boys tenderness is unmanly 140:5.16(1575;1)
do not force ready-made adult religious experience on child 100:1.3(1094;5)
insubordination caused by protecting children from consequences of foolish conduct 84:7.20)
John Zebedee humored too much; spoiled 139:4.5(1554;3)
Judas was pampered, petted, spoiled 139:12.6(1566;5), 193:4.6(2056;4)
never take sides in children's quarrels; show no partiality 128:1.14(1409;4), 141:3.3(1589;4)
overindulgence adds to delinquency and demoralization; encompasses moral undoing 147:5.9(1653;3), 177:2.2(1921;6)
overprotection harmful; allow child to have original experience 177:2.2-4(1921;6)
overprotection makes child self-conscious, self-centered 123:0.2(1355;2)
pressure unhelpful; does not stimulate growth 103:5.11(1135;1)
shortsighted affection pampers and spoils 118:10.1(1304;3)
suicidal to shift responsibility to state or church 84:7.27(941;8)
believed to render woman dangerous, unclean 84:4.6(935;6)
child in existence 9 months before it experiences birth 103:2.1(1130;6)
comparatively easy among unmixed tribes 76:4.2(850;8), 84:4.7(935;7)
mother forgets anguish in joy of 180:6.7(1952;3)
not painful to Fonta 63:4.2(713;8)
purification ordinances 122:9.1(1352;4), 122:10.2(1354;1)

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