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divine builders, celestial artisans 44:3.6(502;5)
Deities not given to useless duplication of ministry 6:4.2(76;2)
mental e. arises from unification of mind and spirit 100:4.3(1097;7)
effort. See also action
ascenders learn real mental effort in Havona 26:7.1(292;5)
essential to acquirement of survival values 50:6.3(578;3)
loyalties not exercised for good without a struggle 100:4.2(1097;6)
man does not ascend effortlessly in universe 34:7.2(382;2), 117:4.7(1284;3)
no happiness without intelligent 48:7.10(556;1)
progress predicated upon 115:7.2(1266;3)
recognition indicative of e. granted to all 20:8.3(231;3)
reward follows 50:7.3(579;2)
self element exhausts, not effort to achieve 48:6.26(555;5)
exposure to many other religions prevents 103:1.3(1130;2)
Jesus free of 100:7.3(1101;7)
accurate reform of calendar 7000 years ago 77:2.12(858;1)
Andite Imhotep erected first pyramids 80:6.4(894;5)
appearance of cities 79:1.4(879;1)
at lowest cultural level 15,000 years ago 80:1.3(889;5)
baby Jesus taken to 122:10.4(1354;3), 123:0.3,6(1355;3)
caste systems based on color 70:8.11(793;3)
culture derived from Euphrates region 80:6.2(894;3), 80:7.5(895;5)
growth of commerce 81:3.1(903;3)
in 15,000 B.C. 78:3.6(871;2)
influence on Judaism 97:8.2(1070;5)
migrations in Egypt by
Andites 78:6.5,8(874;2), 79:1.3(878;4), 80:6sec(894;2)
Bedouin Semites entered as laborers; were enslaved 96:2.2,4(1054;7)
by Arabians, Saharans, blacks 80:2.2(890;6), 80:6.5(894;6)
successive racial domination 64:7.15(728;4)
superior Nodites, Adamites, and Andites arrived from Euphrates valley 95:2.1(1043;7)
political matters
ascendancy of E. brought deliverance to Judah 97:9.23(1074;5)
E. put Judah under tribute 97:9.17(1073;7)
Israel conspired with E. to refuse Assyria tribute 97:9.21(1074;3)
last battle between orange and green men in 64:6.13(724;3)
Rome pitted Syria against E. 121:2.8(1334;2)
profligate sacrifices by ruler 89:4.9(978;6)
religion 95:2sec(1043;7)
belief soul and body remained together after death; hence, tomb construction 86:4.8(953;7)
cult of Osiris and Isis 98:4.2-5(1081;5)
evolution of moral concepts 95:3sec(1045;4)
extensive theology; burdensome priesthood 80:6.4(894;5)
great prophets were Amenemope, Okhban, Ikhnaton, and Moses 95:3.5(1046;1)
intellectual and moral but not overly spiritual 95:3.5(1046;1)
ka and ba concept of spirit and soul 111:0.5(1215;5)
Salem teachings took deepest root in 95:2.1(1043;7)
taboo on pork 89:1.5(975;2)
triad gods 104:0.3(1143;3)
western end of cradle of civilization 81:1.1(900;3)
of Buddhism 94:8.4(1036;6)
composite Hebrew Deity 96:1.7(1053;5)
Kenites believed in 96:1.12(1054;2)
Melchizedek's Most High God 93:2.1,3(1015;1), 93:3.2(1016;4), 93:4.2(1017;4), 96:1.4,12(1053;2), 142:3.4(1598;5)
Moses became convinced his people would never fully comprehend 96:4.3(1056;5)
Moses' father-in-law was Kenite worshiper of 96:4.2(1056;4)
One God as taught by Ikhnaton 95:5.2(1047;2)
divine Providence; service rewarded with prosperity 96:1.5-6(1053;3)
Egyptian concept of God 142:3.5(1598;6)
Moses' parents believed in 96:4.2(1056;4)
eastern Nodite headquarters 73:1.5(822;2)
Enoch was head of Nodites at 76:2.9(849;3)
Nodites migrated into E., united with Sangiks 77:4.4(859;7)
Sethite priests moved eastward through 78:6.3(873;7)
Nodite tribe from Elam 76:2.9(849;3)
electronic movement gives rise to 42:5.8(475;4)
not a basic energy of space 41:1.2(456;1)
same thing as light, heat, magnetism, chemism, energy, and matter 42:4.1-2(472;12)
science can never say what e. actually is 133:5.4(1476;6)
electrons 42:3.5(472;3),. See also atoms; matter
10 modified forms caused by losses of ultimatons 42:6.5(476;7)
100 ultimatons in each electron 42:3.3(472;1), 42:4.6(473;4), 42:6.4-5(476;6)
broken up at 35,000,000°F; source of solar energy 41:7.3,5,6(463;3)
chemical behavior dependent on freely revolving e. 42:7.6-10(477;8)
electronic condensation from pressure in dense stars 41:3.6(458;6)
electronic energy. See gravita
energy stored when ultimatons aggregate into e. 42:5.4(474;8)
gives up particle of light-energy upon collision 42:5.6(475;2)
heat is measure of activity of 42:4.5(473;3)
innermost 30 have intermingled energy systems; above 90 may escape 42:7.9(478;3)
mesotrons disintegrate into e. 42:8.5(479;3)
no more than 100 e. in an atom 42:7.7(478;1)
orbit at same relative distance from nucleus as planets around sun 42:7.1(477;3)
orbital velocities beyond human imagination 42:7.3(477;5)
proceed in direct lines through space 42:5.14(475;10)
produce X rays when suddenly stopped 42:5.8(475;4)
quanta of energy given off when e. pass to lower energy orbits 42:5.6(475;2)
size and weight 42:6.7-8(477;1)
spin sometimes reversed in space rays 58:3.3(667;2)
subject to linear gravity 41:9.2(465;2), 42:4.3(473;1)
Supreme Power Centers transmute ultimatons into e. 42:4.3(473;1)
take 500,000 years to reach sun's surface 41:5.4(460;8)
ultimatonic axial revolution determines negative or positive reactions 42:6.6(476;8)
100 exist in local universes; 1000 in Havona 14:2.3(154;5), 42:7.4-7(477;6)
above #27 are less predictable 42:7.10(478;4)
above #90, electrons may escape 42:7.9(478;3)
architectural spheres have 100, like evolved planets, plus 100 morontia forms 48:1.3(541;6)
architectural worlds abound in so-called precious e. 46:5.24(526;6)
heavier e. not found on surface of many worlds 42:7.5(477;7)
properties recur in groups of 7 42:9.2-3(479;7)
radioactive e. brought in by meteors 57:7.3(659;2)
transmutation of e. is source of solar energy 41:7.3(463;3), 41:8.1(464;3)
Andonites early developed fear of thunder, lightning, rain, snow, hail, and ice 63:6.3(716;2)
spirits of fire, water, and air 96:1.1(1052;4)
worship of 85:4sec(946;8)
domesticated by 5000 B.C. 81:2.8(902;2)
entered Europe 64:4.7(721;5)
evolve more rapidly than mice 49:1.6(560;5)
hunted by Neanderthalers 64:4.2(720;8)
large brain, emotional control; lack of agility; intelligence surpassed only by man 61:3.6,10(697;1)
massiveness of passing Reptilia found echo in 65:2.10(732;8)
Miocene was age of 61:3sec(696;5)
tamed by blue man 66:5.5(746;3)
would not reproduce in captivity 69:7.3(778;6)

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