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Roman emperor; Selta attached to 176:2.8(1915;5)
Cambrian 59:1.11,16(674;1),. See also geologic ages
marine-life era from 400 to 350 million years ago 59:1sec(673;1)
camels. See also caravans
appearance 61:2.9(695;7), 61:3.5,10(696;9), 61:4.3,4(698;5), 61:4.4(698;6), 61:5.7(699;8)
domesticated by 5000 B.C. 81:2.8(902;2)
straining out gnat while swallowing c. 156:2.8(1736;5), 175:1.17(1908;1)
through eye of a needle 163:3.1(1803;3)
Cana 124:1.12(1368;1), 138:9.3(1546;5), 146:5sec(1644;3)
Joseph father of Jesus worked at 123:3.8(1360;3)
Nathaniel from 137:2.3(1526;3), 139:6.2(1558;3)
wedding of Naomi and Johab at 137:4sec(1528;4)
contaminated Hebrew religious practices 96:7.1(1060;1)
King David's policy of compromise with 97:9.13(1073;3)
non-Hebrew nomadic Palestinians; joined David 97:9.7(1072;5)
geology 58:7.4(670;6), 59:3.9(677;6), 59:4.6(678;7), 59:5.17(681;9), 61:7.9(701;8)
put not c. under a bushel 140:3.13(1570;2)
still burned in death chambers 87:1.4(958;6)
use in religious services remnant of fire worship 85:4.4(947;3)
ancient social, economic, religious, military custom 89:5.1(978;8)
commerce in women, children fattened for slaughter 89:5.7(979;6)
ended by human sacrifice 89:5.15(980;4)
factors causing disappearance 89:5.8-16(979;7)
once well-nigh universal 89:5.3(979;2)
solemn ceremony of revenge 89:5.5-6(979;4)
taste for human flesh grows 89:5.4(979;3)
tribe ate every 5th child born 68:6.10(770;7)
assured Eve people with good motives could do no evil 75:4.5(842;7)
brilliant and active Nodite leader 75:3.7(841;7)
influenced Eve by flattery, enthusiasm, personal persuasion 75:3.9(842;2)
seducer of Eve; father of Cain 75:4.7(843;1), 75:5.3(843;5)
slain by Garden dwellers 75:5.3(843;5)
Cape Horn 60:3.2(689;1), 60:3.12(690;3)
Capernaum Papers 145, 152-154) 134:7.5(1492;5), 137:3sec(1527;4), 137:5sec(1531;5), 138:1.1(1538;3), 138:9.3(1546;5), 147:7sec(1655;3),. See also Bethsaida
Andrew from 139:1.1(1548;5)
Bethsaida was fishing harbor of 139:1.1(1548;5)
Jairus was ruler of synagogue 152:0.1(1698;1)
14th appearance at 192:3.1(2050;1)
crisis at Papers 152, 153)
general revulsion to Jesus in 153:5.2(1715;2), 154:1.2(1717;5), 154:4.1(1719;4)
healing at sundown 145:3sec(1631;6)
home of Jesus 129:1.8(1420;5), 134:2.5(1485;2)
last words in synagogue 153:4sec(1713;3)
Nazareth disfavor caused Jesus to move to C. 127:2.10(1398;2)
often conducted services in synagogue 129:1.7(1420;4)
owned house in 129:2.4(1422;1)
Joseph father of Jesus worked at 123:3.8(1360;3)
Mangus built synagogue 129:1.7(1420;4), 147:1.1(1647;3)
Mary and Ruth moved to 134:1.6(1484;3)
Matthew from 138:2.4(1539;7), 138:3sec(1540;4), 139:7.1(1559;5)
Simon Zelotes from 139:11.1(1564;6)
strong Roman military post on route from Damascus 129:1.7(1420;4)
woe upon light-rejecting inhabitants of 163:6.5(1807;4)
Zebedee family from 129:1.4(1420;1), 139:3.1(1552;5), 139:4.1(1553;6)
Zebedee's boatbuilding shops south of 129:1.4(1420;1)
basis of modern industrial society 69:5.15(777;3)
economic freedom secured through 81:5.5(906;3)
gross abuses attendant upon misuse of 69:9.3(780;6)
investment of labor and property for future 69:5.1,4-5)
led to military organization 69:5.2(775;10)
misuses of c. by thoughtless and selfish custodians 69:5.15(777;3)
pastoral living allowed man to live on interest of flocks 68:5.7(768;7)
urges which led to accumulation of 69:5.3-11(776;1)
herders were the first 69:8.5(779;4)
priests were chief among primitive 69:5.9(776;7)
workers becoming shareholders on continental nation 72:5.1(813;2)
Roman temple dedicated to Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva 132:0.2(1455;2)
Matthew preached in 139:7.10(1560;6)
human will is 111:1.9(1217;4)
Capua 130:0.2(1427;2), 130:8.6(1441;2)
Jesus born in caravan stable 122:7.7(1351;3)
Jesus took c., led c. to the Caspian 133:9.1(1481;3), 134:1.1,6(1483;3), 134:2sec(1484;5)
Joseph's caravan repair shop
Jesus presented full title to James 128:7.13(1418;5)
Jesus bought back; final payments 127:3.1,7(1398;5), 128:6.3(1415;3)
Jesus provided sand and blocks for youngsters in 128:6.11(1416;4)
Joseph built in 3 B.C. 123:1.6(1357;3)
taken over by Jesus' uncle 126:5.8(1393;5)
young Jesus spent time in 124:3.3(1370;1)
many c. passed through or near Nazareth 121:2.2(1333;4)
regular c. from India to Mesopotamia by 7000 B.C. 79:3.7(881;7)
dark shale or slate indicates presence of organic 58:7.10(671;3)
early c. consumed by prolific plant life 57:7.8(659;7)
in solar-energy reactions 41:8.1(464;3)
afforded speedy growth for primitive land varieties 58:1.8(665;3)
atmospheric 57:8.5,17(660;7), 59:2.9(675;8), 59:5.2(680;4)
origin 57:7.8(659;7)
in early atmosphere 57:7.6(659;5)
age of ferns and frogs, 220 to 180 million years ago 59:5sec(680;3)
acquire long-distance view of 156:5.8(1739;3)
Adjusters bring along ideal plans for our c. 110:2.1(1204;5)
Adjusters cannot stop or materially alter 111:7.2(1223;4)
all things sacred in lives of spirit-led 155:6.11(1732;4), 192:2.13(2049;4)
bestowal Paradise Sons have been in all types 20:6.3(229;2)
eternal destiny wholly compatible with honorable 110:3.4(1206;2)
Jesus deplored overspecialization 149:4.3,6(1673;3), 155:1.4(1726;1)
life not real to one who cannot do one thing expertly 160:4.5(1779;3)
Jesus was 126:1.1(1387;1), 129:1.2-3(1419;5)
parable of the foolish 156:5.2(1738;1)
Joseph added c.s. to Nazareth home 122:6.3(1350;2)
seraphic transport 39:5.14(438;7)
announced arrival of Adam and Eve 74:2.3(829;5)
Prince's staff first used 66:5.6(746;4)
Andite settlement at 80:7.11(896;3)
Carthaginians part of older race which included Jews 121:2.1(1333;3)
Jesus' discourse on time and space at 130:7sec(1438;4)
expanded in ancient times 80:2.5(891;1)
Jesus led caravan to 134:2sec(1484;5)
Adamson's civilization situated near 77:5.10(862;4)
Andonites, Andites entered Europe via 78:6.2(873;6), 80:9.6(898;1)
drought drove Andites from 79:1.5(879;2)
headquarters of Onagar 63:6.7(716;6)
Nerites erupted from 78:8.11(877;1)
Caspin 165:0.1(1817;1)
based on color in India, Egypt 70:8.11(793;3)
failed to save Aryan race 94:2.1,5(1028;4)
Gautama made determined fight against 94:7.2(1035;2)
humans differ but are equal before God 133:0.3(1468;3)
instituted by Aryans in India to save racial identity 79:2.6(880;4), 79:4.5-9(882;5)
purchase stability but diminish personal initiative; prevent social cooperation 70:8.13(793;5)
remnants of olden prohibitions 89:1.6(975;3)
apostles selected Matthias by 193:6.3,6(2058;2)
does not disclose divine will 150:3.7,12(1681;2)
Greeks practiced government by 195:2.1(2072;5)
modern survival of shamanism 90:2.4(987;8)
soldiers divided Jesus' clothes by 187:2.8(2007;7)
Sumerians used as medicine 90:4.9(992;1)
early modification of human sacrifice 89:8.3(983;1)
priests of mother cult submitted to 89:3.4(976;6)

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