The Urantia Book Fellowship
always respect 159:3.2(1765;4)
and reality 112:1sec(1226;5)
anthropomorphic Yahweh of greater religious value than remote Absolute 94:11.12(1040;3)
ascenders never lose power to recognize former associates 44:0.11(498;6)
association yields square of personalities involved 10:5.2(113;3), 68:1.4(763;7), 133:5.1(1476;3),. See also groups
betrayal and disloyalty to confiding friends most destructive of personality status 67:1.3(754;4)
characteristics 9:8.10(106;8)
14 things known about p. 112:0.2-16(1225;2)
Adjuster is nucleus of 5:6.4(70;5)
Adjusters augment qualitative manifestation of 16:8.3(194;3), 109:4sec(1198;4), 132:2.5(1458;2)
always contactable 9:8.7(106;5), 16:9.9(196;5)
associated in minds with memory, reason, judgment, imagination, idea association, decision 9:8.10(106;8)
can be added to spirit 112:0.14(1226;2)
can commit cosmic suicide 112:5.1(1232;2), 117:4.4(1283;6)
can dedicate will to doing will of God 112:0.10(1225;1)
cannot perform well in isolation 112:1.16(1227;6), 160:2.6(1775;7), 193:3.2(2055;2)
confers dignity of cosmic citizenship 16:8.8(195;1)
conscious of time 12:5.9(135;8), 112:0.16(1226;4)
consciousness of sonship stimulates inherent powers of 159:3.12(1226;4), 178:1.13(1931;4)
cosmic socialization is highest unification of 56:10.14(647;5)
creature's liberation from time-space handicaps ordinarily diminishes prerogatives of 23:3.8(261;6)
development predicated upon faith 115:7.2(1266;3)
discriminates between ends as well as means 16:7.4-5(193;3)
each p. is an irreplaceable meaning-value 117:4.5(1284;1)
enables creature to react to cosmic mind 16:8.8(195;1)
eternal 112:5.2(1232;3)
evolution of dominance 112:2.11(1229;2)
existence antecedent to Adjusters 16:8.3(194;3)
functions from lowly finite to highest absonite 112:1.1-4(1226;5)
great worth of 195:5.11(2076;2), 196:2.10(2093;4)
identifies man as spiritual being 112:2.5(1228;4)
identity, self-consciousness, self-will, possibility for self-revelation, love, fellowship with other personalities 1:7.6(31;6), 29:4.6(325;2), 107:7.5(1183;7)
identity survives in survival of soul 16:9.3(195;5), 112:0.15(1226;3)
inalienable recognition of duty, scientific curiosity, and spiritual insight 16:7.1(192;8), 16:9.9(196;5)
inherently creative 111:4.5(1220;4), 112:0.5(1225;5)
inherently reaches out to unify all constituent realities 56:4.2(640;1), 112:1.17-18(1227;7)
iniquity deprives p. of continuing life vehicle 2:3.4(37;2)
is transmissible 11:9.5(127;3)
kinship of divine spontaneity 5:6.9(71;4)
largely liberated from antecedent causation 111:4.8(1220;7)
level of deified reality 0:5.1(8;1)
majority of personalities have form, individuality 9:8.10(106;8)
manifestation conditioned by energies associated with life vehicle 16:8.3(194;3)
material body not indispensable to 1:5.12(29;2), 1:6.4(30;3)
may be bestowed upon any living energy system of mind or spirit 0:5.4(8;4), 112:0.4(1225;4)
morality 16:7.1,8(192;8), 112:0.11(1225;1)
mutual recognition is independent of memory 40:9.8(451;4)
never again finds identical expression except in continuing existence of that living p. 117:4.5,10(1284;1)
never spontaneous 0:5.4(8;4)
no limitation to evolution of 0:5.2(8;2)
no personalities of pure mind exist 30:1.23(334;2)
nonaddable; associable but nontotalable 112:0.12(1225;1)
not a progressive achievement 5:6.3(70;4)
not fully predictable 7:1.8(82;7), 9:6.8-9(104;6), 10:7.4(115;6), 12:6.4-5(136;2), 14:2.9(155;3)
not necessarily a concomitant of mind 29:4.6(325;2)
pattern of identity, not manifestation of energy 42:12.2(483;2)
planes of performance; finite dimensions of 112:1.1-12(1226;5)
possesses insight in advance of experience 16:7.2-4(193;1)
possesses power of transferring seat of identity from material intellect to soul 112:5.4(1232;5)
prerogatives of self-determination, self-evolution, and self-identification with Deity 118:7.6-7(1301;3)
reality of p. is proportional to divinity relationships 54:1.4(613;6)
realization of fraternal relationship with others 16:9.9(196;5)
relative creative consciousness and freewill control thereof 5:6.4,6(70;5)
responds directly to other personalities 112:0.13(1226;1)
responds to personality circuit 0:6.1(9;3), 9:8.6(106;4), 12:3.1(131;4), 30:1.23(334;2), 112:0.8(1225;8)
retains identity, is recognizable, in face of unlimited change 0:5.11(9;1), 16:8.4(194;4), (112:0.9 112:5.20(1235;2), 130:4.6(1434;5), 140:4.7(1572;7)
seeks other personality association 16:9.9(196;5), 104:3.7(1147;2)
self-consciousness 9:8.6(106;4), 16:8.5(194;5), 16:9.9(196;5)
spirit strives for mastery of energy-matter through mediation of mind in 9:4.6(102;6), 12:8.14(140;10), 56:4.2(640;1), 112:0.6(1225;6)
spiritual dominant over material in 7:1.3(82;2), 25:1.4(274;1)
spontaneity of freewill action in 5:6.4(70;5), 16:8.5(194;5), 40:6.7(448;6)
stagnation terminates in death 112:5.20(1235;2)
transcends material sequence of events 130:7.4(1439;2)
unifies experience with matter, mind, and spirit 56:10.15(647;6)
unifies identity of any living energy system 112:0.7(1225;7)
unique 0:5.10(8;1), 12:7.9(138;4), 16:8.3-4(194;3), 103:1.1(1129;4), 111:4.6(1220;5), 112:0.12(1225;1)
unresolved conflicts disrupt 111:4.11(1220;10), 133:7.12(1480;4)
disagreement and misunderstanding evidence fact of 75:8.7(846;6)
Eternal Son is absolute of 0:5.5(8;5), 6:1.2(74;1), 6:7.1-2(79;1), 10:1.4(109;2), 10:2.4(110;2), 56:9.5,7(644;7), 105:3.3(1155;7)
Father and Son bestowed conjoint p. upon Spirit 10:1.4(109;2)
Infinite Spirit can act for Father in bestowal of p. 9:8.8(106;6)
little or no p. in animal contact 109:4.2(1198;5)
Lucifer denied p. was gift of Father 53:3.2(603;3)
mind endows consciousness in absence of 9:6.3(104;1)
mortal personality
awareness of p. dependent on other-awareness 16:9.7(196;3)
between death and resurrection every identifiable factor in custody of archangels 112:5.15(1234;4)
everyone can develop strong and unified p. like Jesus' 100:7.1(1101;5)
exact whereabouts of p. between death and survival unknown 112:5.15(1234;4)
few mortals ever dare to draw p. credits available 48:7.6(556;6)
lowest type 1:6.3(30;2)
more real as psychic circles achieved 110:6.10(1210;5)
patterns for all types in Havona 14:6.34(162;12)
prayer, religion unifies 91:5.1(998;4), 196:3.1(2093;6)
reassembly at resurrection 47:3.3(533;1)
religionists exhibit stabilization of 102:2.3(1119;8)
stabilized by enforced associations of family life 84:7.30(942;1)
survival of Paper 112 (1225;1),)
survivors' p. remains intact after initial mansion world 47:4.4(534;8)
true p. will emerge on mansion worlds 43:8.4(494;3), 112:6.1(1235;5)
Urantia type 16:8.8-9(195;1)
will attain Deity destiny, but man must choose whether he will be present 112:5.2(1232;3)
mystery 5:6.2(70;3), 9:8.8(106;6)
nonexistent if men were machines 195:6.13(2077;9)
not fully mobilized, realized, and unified until given clearance given for Edentia 47:10.6(540;2)
of God. See also God; Universal Father
clearly taught at Salem 97:0.2(1062;2)
consists in spirit; manifests as love 4:4.6(59;2)
grasped only by spiritual insight 1:5sec(27;3), 1:6.4(30;3)
impersonal and impotent Brahman left India helpless and prostrate 94:2.7(1029;5)
Rodan convinced of 161:1sec(1783;3)
of Jesus 100:7sec(1101;5)
of nonsurviving mortal becomes part of Supreme 16:9.3(195;5), 112:5.2(1232;3)
personality forms
arrangement of energies plus life and motion 42:12.2(483;2)
ascender-fused Adjuster self-creates 118:9.3(1303;4)
higher forms pass freely through ordinary matter 44:0.8(498;3)
material forms reflect personalities to limited degree 42:12.4(483;4), 112:6.3(1236;1)
mind is always competent to produce a serviceable form 42:12.2(483;2)
morontial forms vary directly with nature of inner person 112:6.3,6(1236;1)
nearly all beings possessed of 42:12.3(483;3)
physical repercussion of spirit-mind 42:12.7(484;2)
pre-fusion Thought Adjusters, personal Aids of the Infinite Spirit, Transcendental Recorders, Inspired Trinity Spirits, Gravity Messengers, and Solitary Messengers have no discoverable form 23:3.7(261;5), 42:12.3(483;3)
spirit forms approximate complete identification with inner person 42:12.4(483;4), 112:6.3(1236;1)
spirit forms as real and discernible as morontia bodies 30:4.13(342;3), 42:12.3(483;3)
survivor's initial morontia form sponsored by guardian seraphim and Morontia Power Supervisors 30:4.8(341;5), 42:12.4(483;4)
personality gravity. See personality circuit
prepersonal entities. See Thought Adjusters: nature of Adjusters
privacy of p. respected by Creators 18:1.4-6(208;3)
registers 30:1-2secs)
relationships between p. are ends in themselves 112:2.4(1228;3), 112:5.22(1235;4)
revelation of God 1:5.7,13(28;4)
Rodan taught man develops p. through communication 160:2.2(1775;3)
source of personality
bestowed by Father as potentially eternal endowment 5:0.2(62;2), 40:4.2(445;1), 112:1.1(1226;5)
exclusively bestowed by Father or his agencies 0:5.4-5(8;4), 5:6.3-4(70;4), 6:5.3(77;6), 8:5.2(95;5), 9:6.3(104;1), 9:8.8(106;6), 10:2.4(110;2), 12:7.6(138;1), 16:8.1-3(194;1), 21:2.6(236;4), 30:1.23(334;2), 32:4.5(363;3), 33:2.2(367;4), 40:6.7(448;6), 56:4.2(640;1), 109:7.1(1201;2), 112:0.3(1225;3), 112:5.1(1232;2), 133:7.6(1479;6)
Father is center and circumference, origin and destiny 0:3.12(5;11), 1:5.1(27;3), 5:6.1,9(70;2)
first appearance in creatures 8:1.6(91;3)
Third Source personality in beings personal to Infinite Spirit but who are not in Father's personality circuit 9:8.6-10(106;4)
spiritual value of 1:7sec(31;1)
time-space image-shadow cast by Creator personality 1:6.1(29;7)
unification of 56:4sec(639;7)
uniting with Supreme, man does not submerge his 117:5.5(1286;3)
upon sincerity of mortal free will Adjuster depends for 112:5.5(1233;1)
Van achieved highest 67:3.9(757;2)

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