The Urantia Book Fellowship
Greek version of fertility worship 98:2.10(1079;7)
prophet of Ur; preached cheering message of salvation 96:7.7(1060;7)
120 in upper room of E.M. at Pentecost 193:6.1(2057;8), 194:0.1(2059;1)
believers at home of 187:6.2(2011;6), 188:3.2(2014;5), 189:4.1,13(2025;2)
died suddenly on May 3, A.D. 30 192:4.5-6(2051;2)
father of John Mark; husband of Mary Mark 182:0.1(1963;1)
Jesus' appearances at home of 191:1.1(2039;1), 193:3.1(2055;1)
Judas and temple guards came to home of 183:2.1(1972;2)
Last Supper in upper room of 179:1.2(1936;7)
denounced Ahab for murder of Naboths; overthrew altars of Baal; demolished idols 97:2.1(1064;2), 97:9.19(1074;1), 123:5.12(1363;5)
Father spoke through 155:6.2(1730;6)
John the Baptist
adopted dress and method of Elijah 135:1.4(1497;2), 135:4.2,5(1499;2)
denied he was E. 135:4.4-5(1499;4), 135:9.4(1505;4)
held back 2 years by expectation of return of 135:4.2-5(1499;2)
Jesus referred to John as E. 158:2.2(1754;2)
made Yahweh into Elohim 97:3.6(1065;3)
one of 24 counselors 45:4.15(514;5)
Peter believed he saw E. at transfiguration 158:1.8(1753;4)
prophet of Mount Carmel 135:1.4(1497;2)
restored concept of God to northern kingdom 97:2.1(1064;2)
secluded himself 136:3.3(1512;7)
secret writing began Old Testament 97:9.20(1074;2)
shifted Yahweh-Baal controversy from land to religion 97:3.6(1065;3)
translated soul of brilliant spiritual achievement 45:4.15(514;5), 97:2.1(1064;2)
exhorted Job to exhibit fortitude 148:6.4,9(1663;2)
Elisha 124:6.3(1374;3)
faithful associate of Elijah 97:2.2(1064;3)
believed Jesus was to become Messiah 122:8.4(1351;8)
death of husband Zacharias 135:2sec(1497;3)
descendant of daughters of Aaron 135:0.4(1496;4)
died on August 17, 22 A.D. 135:4sec(1499;1)
distant cousin of Mary 122:2.1,6(1345;3)
Gabriel's appearance to 122:2sec(1345;3)
kept John posted on world affairs 135:3.2(1498;1)
Mary visited while pregnant 122:2.6(1346;1)
visit with Jesus at age 5 123:3.4(1359;5)
at Jesus' 16th appearance 193:0sec(2052;1)
daughter of wealthy Jew; member of women's corps 150:1.1(1678;5)
grasped leadership of Panoptia in Lucifer rebellion 53:7.1(607;2)
every form of reality has swing of 11:8.2(125;5), 12:1.1(128;4)
Paradise is ellipsoidal 11:2.2(119;3)
superuniverses traverse 15:1.2(165;1), 41:9.2(465;2)
father of Nasanta 150:1.1(1678;5)
physician; supervised Bethsaida hospital 148:0.1(1657;1), 148:2sec(1658;4)
Eloah See also Elohim
singular of Elohim 96:1.8(1053;6)
Elohim. See also Eloah
God of gods 169:4.8(1856;6)
Jesus used term for God 169:4.5(1856;3)
northern kingdom returned to worship of 97:9.17(1073;7)
Trinity concept of God based on Salem teachings 96:1.8(1053;6), 104:1.8(1144;5), 142:3.6(1598;7), 169:4.5,8-10)
under Elijah, Yahweh became E. 97:3.6(1065;3)
transition from marriage by capture 83:2.2-4(923;2)
Egyptian practice 95:2.4-5(1044;3)
personalities assigned because of Satania upheaval 43:5.14(491;10)
home of Cleopas and Jacob; Jesus' 7th appearance at 190:5.1(2034;2)
designers and embellishers of celestial artisans 44:6.5(506;6)
arouse e. in approach to worship 167:6.6(1840;5)
do not appeal to e. in proclaiming gospel 152:6.3(1705;3), 159:3.2(1765;4), 160:3.1(1777;2)
dream life testifies to pressure of unexpressed 110:5.4(1208;3)
excitement exhausts mind and body 160:3.1(1777;2)
controlling influence in evolution, not thinking 85:7.2(948;7)
do not lead us Godward; rather, thoughts 101:1.3-4(1104;6)
regarding moral values is paramount in religion 103:3.4(1132;4)
in dawn mammals 62:2.3-5(704;2)
intellectual attention focused by appeal to 152:6.3-4(1705;3)
Jesus experienced natural ebb and flow of 182:3.7(1969;2)
many human reactions are mechanical in nature 118:8.2(1301;7)
material feelings lead directly to material, selfish acts 102:3.3(1121;5)
mid-mammals showed fear, disgust, superstition 62:3.6,9(705;5)
not equivalent to spiritual leadings 159:3.6(1766;2)
of early man 62:5.4-6(708;2)
reduced land yield or increased population brings worst traits of human nature to surface 68:6.4(770;1)
deification of man as symbol of state; resented by Jews 121:5.4(1336;8)
national religions are reversion to 92:6.9(1012;1)
Pilate's abortive promotion of 185:1.3-4(1988;2)
emptiest space has 100 ultimatons per cubic inch 42:4.6(473;4)
virtue is that it may be experientially filled 117:2.8(1281;1)
Spirit is source of continual e. 34:6.5(380;6)
God comprehends the e. from the beginning 6:4.7(76;7)
no endings, merely transitions to new phases 115:3.17-18(1263;4)
for Jewish apocalyptists 135:5.2-5(1500;2)
for John the Baptist 135:4.3(1499;3)
in connection with appearance of Messiah 176:1.6(1913;5), 176:4.2(1918;5)
of no concern to believers 176:3.2(1916;2)
headquarters of constellation 5; site of Michael's morontia mortal bestowal 119:6.3,6(1315;6)
Endor 123:4.6(1361;6), 124:1.12(1368;1), 134:7.5(1492;5), 146:7sec(1646;2)
Joseph father of Jesus worked at 123:3.8(1360;3)
King Saul and the witch of 146:7.1(1646;2)
Spirit of Truth endows us with power to do God's will 143:2.4(1609;5)
time is the one universal endowment 28:6.9(315;3)
everything nonspiritual in human experience, excepting personality, is a means 112:2.4(1228;3), 112:5.22(1235;4)
insight enables discrimination between ends and means 16:7.4-10(193;3), 160:4.5(1779;3)
Jesus never resorted to ignoble tactics 149:4.5(1674;1), 173:2.7(1892;4)
Jesus would not serve evil that good might presumably derive therefrom 136:9.3(1522;2)
true relationships are ends in themselves 112:2.4(1228;3)
work is less important than way it is done 39:4.13(435;6)
all admit that loving e. is right in theory 103:5.2-3(1133;7)
coming in like a flood, the Lord will lift up defense 97:7.12(1070;1)
love your e. 140:3.15(1571;2), 140:8.6(1580;1), 188:5.7(2018;6)
make merciful intercession for one's e. 91:8.7(1001;8)
smitten by e., turn other cheek 159:5.9(1770;1)
wise man is friendly among 131:3.6(1447;3)
would seek to draw apostles away 138:7.3(1544;2)

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