The Urantia Book Fellowship
meat. See also food
Jesus' m. is to do will of God 143:6.1(1615;2)
Kaaba stone fetish at 95:7.5(1051;3)
10 now stationed on Urantia 29:4.12(326;1)
10 stationed on the capital of each constellation 41:1.4(456;3)
directionize energy into specialized circuits; equalize pressures of interplanetary circuits 29:4.13(326;2)
facilitate departures of seraphic transports 29:4.12(326;1), 39:5.14(438;7)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.17(337;1)
manipulate 21 of 30 physical energies; partially control another six 29:4.13(326;2)
mobile assistants of associate power directors 29:4.11(325;7)
most powerful controllers assigned to inhabited worlds 29:4.12(326;1)
number in trillions 29:4.11(325;7)
possess antigravity in excess of all other beings 29:4.12(326;1)
type of Master Physical Controller 29:4.4(324;6)
50,000 facts of physics and chemistry incompatible with accidental creation 58:2.2-5(665;5)
does not account for differing mind interpretations 195:6.11(2077;7)
pays unintended homage to God 3:6.4-5(53;2)
ridiculous notion that men are automatons 195:7.17(2080;2)
self-conscious mechanist is best answer to 195:7.13(2079;8)
sophistries of 102:0.2(1118;2)
understanding water molecule should have prevented 12:9.3-5(141;4)
vulnerable; takes no account of consciousness 195:6-7secs)
amazing phenomenon of apparently self-maintaining universe 42:11.6(482;4)
conceal creative mind behind; fixity nonexistent 42:11.6-8(482;4), 42:12.1(483;1)
crystallizations of Creator thought 118:9.5-6(1303;6)
divine m. too perfect for man to discern 42:11.2-3(481;6)
innately passive 112:1.13(1227;3)
mind reaches out to create 42:12.1(483;1)
motion and gravity are twin facets of universe 42:11.4(482;2)
of the universe 118:9sec(1303;2)
phase of eternal Deity expression 118:9.6(1303;7)
there, but not unqualified 195:6.14(2077;10)
universe is not simply a mechanism 75:8.7(846;6)
Medeba 165:0.1(1817;1)
Media 134:2.1(1484;5)
among primitives
belief disease spirits driven out by foul-smelling and bad-tasting m. 90:4.8(991;7)
belief in plant remedies 90:4.7(991;6)
cocoa, quinine, oil, wine, opium, castor oil among earliest 90:4.8-9(991;7)
origin in magic 81:2.5(901;8)
under the shamans 90:4sec(990;6)
Good Samaritan used oil and wine as 164:1.3(1810;1)
government refrains from interfering with m. in continental nation 72:7.2(815;2)
merry heart does good like m. 149:5.2(1674;4)
refrain from despising material means of healing 164:3.15(1813;2)
pouch containing ghost-impregnated articles 88:3.3(970;4)
dangers of overconservative m. 149:4.3(1673;3)
dominance of m. spells downfall of any nation 72:9.8(818;3)
flight of genius neutralized by gravity of 111:7.5(1223;7)
glorification of 71:2.1(801;5)
religious living transforms the mediocre into persons of idealistic power 100:0.1(1094;1)
seeks perpetuation in standardization 48:7.29(557;13)
stalemate of dominance of 70:12.6(798;5)
after prayer, remain in silent receptivity 146:2.17(1641;1)
always successful even if superconscious 133:4.10(1475;3)
brings deliverance from illusions of evil 131:4.7(1449;2)
contact with Adjuster favored by devoted 91:7.1-2(1000;2)
favors spiritual growth 100:1.8(1095;3)
healthful attitude is reflective worship, prayer of thanksgiving 100:5.10(1100;1)
learn value of 192:2.2(2047;6)
makes contact of mind with spirit 160:3.1(1777;2)
man can never wisely decide temporal issues or transcend selfishness without 99:7.4(1093;2)
modern man thinks he is too busy for 195:6.7(2077;3)
on eternal realities 155:6.13(1733;1)
practice difficult, time-consuming at first 133:4.10(1475;3), 160:3.2(1777;3)
prolonged isolation of personality most undesirable 100:5.8(1099;6)
value in problem solving 160:1.10-12(1774;2)
Andites moved to islands of 78:6.8(874;5), 80:7sec(895;1)
area of highly blended races 78:1.11(869;7)
civilization disrupted by flood in 15,000 B.C. 78:3.7(871;3)
geology 59:3.6(677;3), 60:1.12(686;8), 60:2.7(687;8), 61:1.7(694;4), 61:3.8(697;3), 61:4.2(698;4), 62:1.2(703;3), 64:1.1(718;3), 64:7.1(726;8), 80:2.4-5(890;8)
land trade nearly suspended during nomadic invasions ca. 2500 B.C.; sea commerce in full swing 80:9.9(898;4)
Onagar's headquarters 63:6.7(716;6)
protected by Gibraltar isthmus and Sicilian land bridge in early days of violet race; floods upon their collapse 80:1.1(889;3), 80:2.4-5(890;8)
race of. See white race: divisions: southern
Black Sea once was an extension of 64:4.10(721;8)
collapse of Gibraltar isthmus 80:2.4-5(890;8)
creation 58:4.3(668;1), 64:6.11(724;1)
Eden lies submerged under eastern end 78:7.7(875;4)
few good seaports in eastern 121:2.2(1333;4)
greatly expanded in 15,000 B.C. 81:1.2(900;4)
marine life evolved in 59:6.9(683;6)
Sangik races were 81:4.2(904;6)
fruit of the Spirit 34:6.13(381;7)
God is near the brokenhearted 131:2.10(1445;4)
man co-operating with God 140:5.11(1574;4)
meek shall inherit the earth 131:2.9(1445;3), 140:3.5(1570;6), 140:5.11(1574;4)
not self-deceptive display of self-righteous superiority 149:6.11(1676;5)
Rodan taught philosophy in school of 161:2.12(1787;2)
international battlefield of Palestine 126:1.2(1387;2), 127:6.4(1404;3)
and entire council loyal in rebellion 67:4.1(757;4)
led planetary council on art and science 66:5.23(748;4)
prereligious prayer; mana practices 91:0.5(994;5)
original Andonic skin pigment, like that of Eskimos 63:4.1(713;7)
Melchizedek, Machiventa Paper 93 (1014;1),). See also Melchizedek Sons; missionaries: Salem missionaries
appearance and departure unannounced 93:8.1(1022;3), 93:10.2(1024;4)
appeared at Salem to contact children of Terah 35:4.5(389;4), 93:5.3(1018;8)
co-authored Paper 56 56:10.22(648;5)
departure 93:8.1(1022;3), 93:9.1(1022;4)
did not attempt to reform mores 93:4.15(1018;4)
enormously curtailed Caligastia's power to disturb 66:8.5(753;1)
failed to eradicate followers' proclivity to sacrifice 93:4.14(1018;3)
forbade missionaries to accept fees or create exclusive congregations 98:1.1(1077;5)
Hebrew scribes destroyed almost every record of 93:9.9(1023;6)
incarnated 1973 years before birth of Jesus 93:2.1(1015;1)
indwelt by Adjuster that later served Jesus 93:2.7(1016;1), 136:2.2(1511;1)
laid foundations for spiritual rehabilitation of Urantia 76:5.6(852;5)
maintained peaceful relations with surrounding tribes 93:5.11(1019;8)
organized schools at Salem on Sethite model 93:3.1(1016;3)
personal details
6-foot tall Nodite in appearance; dressed like a priest 93:2.5-6(1015;5)
in full contact with his 11 Melchizedek fellows 93:2.8(1016;2)
lived 94 years as material being; sustained by material food 93:2.2,5-6)
never married, could not have left offspring 93:2.6(1015;6)
spoke Chaldean and 6 other languages 93:2.5(1015;5)
wore 3 concentric circles 93:2.5(1015;5)
prepared way for bestowal of Michael 96:0.2(1052;2)
Prince of Salem 35:4.5(389;4), 51:3.9(584;2)
since his incarnation
future Planetary Sovereign of Urantia? 55:7.3(632;2), 93:10.6(1025;2)
has collaborated with many prophets and seers 93:10.4(1024;6)
headquarters on Jerusem 45:4.16(514;6)
invisibly present on Urantia for 100 years 93:10.10(1025;6)
member of 24 counselors 45:4.16(514;6), 93:10.5(1025;1)
present status 93:10sec(1024;3)
vicegerent Planetary Prince of Urantia 45:4.16(514;6), 93:10.5(1025;1), 114:0.11(1250;1), 114:1.2-4(1251;1)
will follow Urantia mortals to Corps of Finality 93:10.9(1025;5)
teachings. See also Salem teachings
cardinal precepts were trust and faith 92:4.7(1007;7)
covenant with Abraham whereby God does everything and man believes 93:6sec(1020;4)
creed and commandments 93:4.1-13(1017;3)
monotheistic teachings largely derived from 131:0.1(1442;1)
regarding the Trinity 104:1.3(1143;6)
revealed Most High to Abraham 43:5.17(491;13)
subordinated everything to doctrine of one God 93:3.6(1016;8)
taught advent of another Son of God 93:3.7(1017;1)
were the 3rd epochal revelation 92:4.7(1007;7)

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