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in Uversa personality register 30:2.16(336;8)
not required prior to creation of superuniverses 29:2.5(321;4)
Supreme Power Centers; one supervises 1000 Havona worlds; 1 million created 29:2.5(321;4)
prodigious quantities of information assimilated by; used on Paradise 26:3.8(289;1), 27:6.4(303;2)
acquire comprehension of the Supreme 117:6.14(1289;7)
gain experience through contact with ascenders 19:6.2(221;4)
in personality registers 30:1.5(331;1), 30:2.5(335;3), 30:2.19(337;3)
may fuse with Father fragments 19:6.3(221;5)
perfect beings; are the will of God 3:5.16(52;2), 14:4.6(157;5), 19:6.2-3(221;4)
eternal beings; never were created 14:4.3(157;2), 105:7.2(1159;7)
pattern beings for all creation 14:4.8(157;7), 14:6.25(162;3)
Trinity-origin personalities projected in perfection; nonreproducing 14:4.3(157;2), 19:6.3(221;5)
no more coming into existence 19:0.2(214;2), 19:6.4(221;6)
progression to higher status 14:4.7(157;6), 19:6.3(221;5)
Seven Spirits of Havona Circuits are as Adjusters to 17:5.5(203;3)
significance of lives 14:4.5-6(157;4)
strangers to saving faith 3:5.16-17(52;2), 19:6.2(221;4)
supreme goal is to enter finaliter corps 19:6.3(221;5), 31:1sec(346;2)
trinitization by 22:7.9-13(250;3), 30:2.9(336;1)
unrevealed future destiny 19:6.3-4(221;5)
achievement is final test for 26:5.5(291;5)
arrive with only perfection of purpose 26:4.5-8(290;2)
ascendant mortals' personal education begins as 30:4.19-23(343;1)
ascenders arrive on pilot world of 7th circuit; 4th mortal jubilee 14:3.4(156;1), 14:5.4(158;7), 26:4.5(290;2), 27:7.8(305;1), 106:2.4(1165;1)
contact with creature-trinitized sons 27:3.3(300;6)
definite task on each world 14:3.4(156;1), 14:5.1(158;4), 26:3.2(288;2), 26:5.4(291;4)
do not hold personal communion with Seven Spirits of Havona Circuits 17:5.4(203;2)
Grandfanda was the first 7:5.8(87;2)
if defeated
advance to 2nd circuit; return to superuniverses 26:10.2-4(295;4)
certified as passing Havona test before leaving 26:10.3(295;5)
if remanded to superuniverses, go to most propitious one; always succeed on 2nd attempt 26:9.5(295;5)
remanded to superuniverses with guardian angel or Paradise Companion 25:8.9-11(284;2), 26:3.9(289;2)
never prematurely admitted 14:2.9(155;3)
no more examinations after attaining Infinite Spirit 26:8.3(294;2)
no residential status on Paradise until completion of Havona, terminal rest of time 26:7.4(293;2)
no time limit on progress of 26:3.2(288;2), 26:5.5(291;5)
nonresidential trips to Paradise with superaphic associate, Graduate Guide, and Havona Servital 26:7.4(293;2)
same Graduate Guide stays with H.p. 24:6.3(270;1), 26:7.4(293;2)
send adoration to Creator Son upon Havona arrival 30:4.21(343;3)
traverse achieved space without ensupernaphimation 14:5.5(159;1)
willingness to believe is key to Havona 26:4.8(290;5)
work to attain spiritual development for Paradise 14:4.9(157;8)
1/4 who achieve divine embrace never return 24:7.3-6(271;2)
7 Universal Conciliators created for each Servital 25:2.1-2(275;1), 25:3.15(278;6)
138 billion serve on Uversa 25:1.7(274;4)
assist, and eventually become, Graduate Guides 24:7.1-7(270;8), 25:1.5-7(274;2), 26:7.4(293;2)
creatures of Seven Master Spirits and Seven Supreme Power Directors 24:7.8(271;7), 25:1.2(273;4)
fourth creatures discern reality of spirit and matter; are semiphysical 25:1.3-4(273;5), 38:7.6(422;6), 44:0.10(498;5)
help ascenders on superuniverse capitals 25:1.5,7(274;2)
in personality registers 30:1.13(332;4), 30:2.12(336;4)
involved in phases of Supremacy 24:7.8(271;7)
"midway creatures" of Havona 25:1.1(273;3)
number is prodigious; more being created 25:1.3(273;5)
resemble individual Master Spirits 25:1.7(274;4)
stay with same pilgrim throughout his ascent 26:9.5(274;4)
allowed women to redeem lives by sexual surrender 89:7.4(982;3)
captured enemies' souls 86:5.11(955;3)
head hunting accounted for by belief in skull fetishes 88:1.8(968;3)
made slaves of murderers' ghosts 87:2.8(960;2)
practiced skull worship, provided scapemen 89:0.1(974;1)
youth of h. cannot marry until possessed of a head 82:3.5(916;1)
medicine men trephined skulls to heal 90:4.4(991;3)
healing. See also health; Jesus: miracles and healings
material and spiritual treatment at Bethsaida hospital 148:2.1(1658;4)
spiritual healing
impossible except in accordance with Father's will 158:6.4(1758;5)
John's apostles anointed with oil for 150:0.2(1678;2)
kingdom cannot be built upon 145:5.4(1635;3)
works of faith come not forth from unbelief 158:5.2(1757;2)
healing at sundown 145:3sec(1631;6),See also Jesus: miracles and healings
683 healed 145:3.10(1633;1)
majority not permanently spiritually benefited 145:3.14(1633;5)
only 7 of the 683 enrolled at school for evangelists 148:1.4(1658;3)
unintended by Jesus 145:3.13(1633;4)
arises from integration of truth, beauty, and goodness 2:7.11(43;4)
arises from unification of mind and spirit 100:4.3(1097;7)
first attention paid to h. in continental nation industry 72:7.2(815;2)
happiness does good like medicine 131:2.9(1445;3)
Prince's staff promoted hygiene, sanitation, cooking 66:5.17-22(747;7)
religious experience markedly influenced by 100:1.6(1095;1), 110:6.4(1209;4)
result of material causes 166:4.10(1831;1)
spiritual joy is tonic for 194:3.19(2065;7)
extended in light and life 55:6.3(630;6)
speak not h. 138:8.4(1545;5)
Andite family altar 94:1.1(1027;2)
became fetish 88:2.3(969;1)
deceitful above all things; source of evil 145:2.6(1630;2), 153:3.5(1712;5)
law written on 145:2.5(1630;1)
let not your h. be troubled 180:3.4(1947;3), 181:1.5(1954;2)
some ancients believed soul resided in 86:5.11(955;3)
reflective of superaphic intelligence co-ordinators 28:5.15(312;2)
secondary seconaphim, reflective associates of Divine Counselors; selectively reflect counsel of all beings 28:5.15(312;2)
disrupts matter and dissipates energy 15:8.10(176;5), 42:4.7(473;5)
in suns 41:7.1-6(463;1), 41:9.1(465;1)
measure of electronic activity 42:4.5,7(473;3)
overcomes gravity stability 42:4.8(473;6)
relieves pain 90:4.6(991;5)
same thing as light, electricity, magnetism, chemism, energy, and matter 42:4.1-2(472;12)
some suns shine without h. 15:6.3(172;5)

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