The Urantia Book Fellowship
among earliest pharmaceutical discoveries 90:4.8(991;7)
coercion 87:6sec(963;7),. See also compulsion
domination of Spirit never tainted by 34:6.11(381;5)
place in evolution of religious observances 90:0.1(986;1)
ritual merges with avoidance, exorcism, propitiation 89:0.2(974;2)
right of c. carried right to tax 174:2.5(1899;5)
superstitious persons make holes in 85:1.4(945;2)
of open lands stimulates invention and resourcefulness 64:1.3(718;5)
organizes ultimatons into electrons; gravity prevents absolute zero 15:8.10(176;5), 42:4.5-9(473;3)
universal c. would occur should God retire as upholder 4:1.6(55;4)
Paradise training school for Technical Advisers 25:4.7(280;2)
highest course in universe administration 35:3.15(388;9)
on Life Carrier world #1 36:2.3(397;3)
Melchizedek training school on Jerusem 45:7.3(517;5)
on Salvington 20:8.3(231;3)
none of space bodies in established circuits 15:5.12(171;7), 15:8.6(176;1)
of dead giants produce rarest form of energy 15:8.6(176;1)
of space bodies rare 57:6.4(658;1)
first-born sons exiled instead of sacrificed 89:7.3(982;2)
heavenly reproducers, celestial artisans 44:2.4(501;3)
Colorado 60:2.5(687;6), 60:4.4(692;2), 61:2.4(695;2)
7 in natural spectrum 42:9.3(480;1)
celestial musicians make symphonies of color 44:1.2(499;4)
ancients believed soul left body during 86:5.4(954;3)
Jairus's daughter in 152:1.2(1699;2)
people often entombed when merely in 167:4.3(1837;2)
widow's son at Nain was in 146:6.2-3(1645;3)
highly mechanical Morontia Power Supervisors; 1 is stationed on each morontia world 48:2.12(544;2)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.18(337;2)
became fetishes 88:1.1(967;3)
being brought under control by mother sun 15:6.8(173;3)
c. and meteors comprise enormous amounts of matter 15:6.7(173;2)
some consist of meteor swarms 49:3.2(563;5)
tail pointing away proves reality of light 15:6.8(173;3)
commandments 110:3.6-10(1206;4),. See also golden rule
2 great 131:2.13(1446;2), 131:10.2(1453;4), 142:3.22(1599;14), 163:4.8(1805;5), 174:4sec(1901;1)
5 of Gautama 94:8.5-10(1036;7)
7 of Dalamatia and Eden were taboos 66:7.8-16(751;3), 89:1.4(975;1)
7 of Eden 74:7.5-6(836;1)
7 of Melchizedek 93:4.6-13(1017;8)
10 of Moses 96:4.4(975;1), 163:2.4(1801;7)
achieve perfection 1:0.3-6(21;3), 7:4.7(86;1), 7:5.1(86;2), 26:4.5(290;2), 26:9.3(295;1), 26:11.4(297;1), 31:3.6(348;3), 37:5.3(411;1), 40:7.4(449;2), 94:3.1(1030;1), 99:5.3(1091;2), 107:0.3(1176;3), 131:2.13(1446;2), 137:8.13(1536;10), 140:5.3,15(1573;5), 140:8.32(1583;6), 140:10.1(1584;4)
celestial beings to show respect for superiors, consideration for subordinates, never to land on Divinington 107:3.3(1179;6)
earliest c. against stealing women and property 89:1.3(974;5)
"Father's prayer" taught in Dalamatia 66:5.14-15(747;4)
love God and learn to do his will 149:6.7(1676;1)
love God with all heart, soul, and might 131:2.2(1444;2)
love one another as Jesus loves us 131:10.5(1454;2), 140:3.15(1571;2), 140:5sec(1573;3), 147:4.9(1651;3), 155:3.4(1727;4)
Pharisees taught 613 rules 163:4.8(1805;5)
Sanhedrists deserted c. in favor of oral traditions 153:3.3-7(1712;3)
sovereignty of free will in choosing eternal life 5:6.8,12(71;3)
the new commandment 180:1sec(1944;4), 181:2.4(1955;5)
active in Mediterranean in 2500 B.C. 80:9.9(898;4)
appeared ca. 8000 B.C. with appearance of traders 79:1.3-4(878;4)
barter followed seizure by raids 69:4.1(775;1)
beginnings 69:4sec(775;1)
between China and Mesopotamia 79:7.6(886;7)
early maritime commerce on Mediterranean 80:1.1(889;3)
early Nordics traded in amber 80:9.4(897;7)
first trading was woman exchange 69:5.10(776;8)
international c. contributes to peace, brotherhood 52:6.3(597;4), 70:3.4(787;4), 81:6.19(908;8)
Jesus' advice to rich man on wealth derived from 132:5.2,7(1462;3)
Jesus never meddled with others' temporal business 165:4.1,4(1821;1)
led to exploration and discovery 69:4.8(775;8)
maritime trade of India, Sumeria among earliest 79:3.6-7(881;6)
most potent influence in spread of civilization 69:4.8(775;8), 79:3.8(881;8), 81:3sec(903;3)
trade, manufacturing, and banking taught by Prince's staff 66:5.11-12(747;1)
women were first traders 69:3.11(774;10)
all Jesus' plans characterized by 100:7.3(1101;7)
Adjusters facilitate higher forms of 109:4.1-3(1198;4)
basis of civilization; makes knowledge and wisdom cumulative 81:6.23,25(909;4), 160:2.3(1775;4)
broadcasters of superior seraphim use ideographic technique; simultaneously transmit 144,000 messages 39:2.15(431;4)
chief of Brilliant Evening Stars intrusted with custody, dispatch, of all personal messages 39:2.17(431;6)
harps of God allow perfected space c. 47:10.2(539;4)
high speed Paradise method 27:6.4(303;2)
interplanetary c. assisted by experts of c. 44:5.7(505;4)
lanes of energy for interplanetary c. are circuits between power centers or physical controllers 29:2.9-10(321;8), 44:4.10(504;2)
mutual c. promoted by mind-energy manipulators 44:5.3(504;7)
personal messengers sometimes required 39:2.17(431;6)
physical controllers adjust energies essential for 29:4.7(325;3)
studied in Melchizedek University 35:3.13(388;7)
co-operation better than primitive methods of 81:6.33(910;6)
destroyed by progressive, successful individuals 69:9.6(780;9)
discarded formula; do not experiment with 69:9.18(782;5)
primitive c. prevented pauperism and want 69:9.1(780;4)
put premium on inactivity and idleness; ran counter to strong human proclivities 69:9.2-6(780;5)
social systems which deny God unhelpful 195:10.7(2084;7)
struggle between nationalistic militarism, industrialism 70:2.6(786;2)
suicidal to shift child-rearing responsibility to state 84:7.27(941;8)
suicidal weakness that improvident lived off thrifty 69:9.5-6(780;8)
distances between nucleus, electrons vs. orbit of Mercury 42:7.2(477;4)
mass and size of electrons and protons vs. earth and earth's orbit around sun 42:6.8(477;2)
stars in space vs. oranges 41:3.2(458;2)
weight of cubic inch of dense star on Urantia 41:3.6(458;6)
4 points inherent 34:4.10(378;7)
responsive to solar influence 58:2.9(666;6)
Adjusters equalize tension of man's removal from God 107:0.5(1176;5)
enhanced careers of ascenders in rebellion 50:7.1(578;6), 54:6.5(619;2)
Father personally present in Paradise and Havona, but does not indwell minds of their residents 32:3.4(360;6)
for tribulation 65:5.4(736;7)
gains of higher loyalty offset earlier tribulation 35:9.8(393;8)
Gods take note of man's needs at every stage 40:5.8(446;2)
grand universers will compensate outer-spacers for deprivation of growth of Supremacy 31:10.7(353;6), 117:2.6(1280;6)
inevitable penalty for life on advanced planets 55:3.11(625;10)
more difficult problems allow larger opportunity to acquire experience in their solution 116:6.7(1275;7)
Nebadon's troubles made it an educational clinic 35:3.15(388;9)
quarantined spheres afford opportunity for faith 50:7.1(578;6)
relationship between Havona natives and ascenders 19:6.2(221;4)
Son- and Spirit-fusion in ascendant plan 40:10.3-4(452;3)
Spirit-fused mortals attain unsurpassed wisdom regarding local universe 37:5.11(411;9)
Supreme will compensate for inability to achieve unlimited experience 117:5.14(1287;5)
those starting farthest from God have greatest ascent 116:4.11(1273;3)
universe unfailingly applies equalizing techniques 55:2.12(624;6)

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