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Confucianism 92:6.2(1010;6),. See also Confucius
cf: Platonism 94:6.10(1034;5)
Ganid's abstract of 131:9sec(1452;5)
precepts inimical to Chinese spirit of investigation 94:6.11(1034;6)
religion of ethics 5:4.7(67;5)
Confucius 94:6.9-11(1034;4),. See also Confucianism
compiled wise sayings of ancient philosophers 94:6.9(1034;4)
deified by followers 94:6.12(1034;4)
God concept subordinated to Way of Heaven 94:6.10(1034;5)
made fetish out of order, respect for ancestral conduct 94:6.9(1034;4)
not a religious teacher 92:5.9(1009;6)
put morality in place of magic 94:6.9(1034;4)
writings are basis of Chinese moral fabric 94:6.11(1034;6)
alone, can never prevent survival 110:3.5(1206;3)
does not necessarily signify resistance to Adjuster 110:3.5(1206;3)
goes before growth as well as destruction 99:6.1(1092;1)
isms arose from garbled Adjuster communications 110:4.5(1207;5)
Jesus permitted c. to pass most intense point 151:2.5(1690;3)
John the Baptist overcame 135:7.1(1503;1)
less warfare between spirit and flesh in spirit kingdom 34:7.6(382;6)
much arises from Lucifer rebellion and quarantine 4:3.3(58;1)
much that appears disjointed is orderly and constructive 4:1.5,7(55;3)
never appears on Paradise 27:4.3(301;4)
religious perplexities are inevitable 100:4.2(1097;6)
Spirit of Truth will always show the way 34:7.8(383;2)
coal layers alternate with 59:5.15(681;7)
sedimentation from ancient shores 58:7.9(671;2), 59:1.9(673;9), 60:1.1(685;3)
practitioners of black arts called 90:2.2(987;6)
admonishes us to do right 110:5.1(1207;7)
criticism by one's own value-habits, ideals 92:2.6(1005;2), 100:1.5(1094;7)
hazardous to differentiate from Adjusters' registry 110:5.5(1208;4)
human psychic reaction; hardly voice of God 92:2.6(1005;2), 110:5.1,5(1207;7)
maintain c. void of offense 156:2.7(1736;4)
misguided c. responsible for much unhappiness 103:2.10(1131;9)
responds to emotional appeal 154:6.8(1722;4)
Salem teachers proclaimed c. as mandate of God 95:3.5(1046;1)
self-criticism essential to religious growth 100:1.5(1094;7)
cannot be explained by electronic association 112:2.6(1228;5)
embraces awareness of personality actuality; ability to recognize other personalities; freewill 16:8.6(194;6), 16:9.4(195;6)
freedom to choose only exists within realm of one's 34:3.8(377;4)
inherent quests for knowledge, morality, spirit, and personality values 16:6.9(192;5), 16:9.1,9(195;3)
mind endows c. in absence of personality 9:6.3(104;1)
most primitive c. is accumulation of protoplasmic memory material 101:6.4(1111;8)
not inherent in matter 9:4.2(102;2)
proceeds from fact to meaning to value 118:5.3(1299;3)
resides in adjutant mind-spirits 102:2.5(1120;2), 117:5.7(1286;5)
rests gently upon electrochemical mechanism below and spirit-morontia system above 111:1.5(1216;6)
can jeopardize reception of some spiritual truth 19:5.9(220;4)
dependent on innate other-awareness 16:9.7(196;3)
is not the soul 133:6.5(1478;4)
Supreme is living way to transcendence of c. 117:3.3(1281;5)
trust Adjusters for all matters beyond dead level of c. 110:4.4(1207;4)
no relationship to world peace 134:5.6(1488;4)
none in peacetime in continental nation 72:11.3(819;2)
choice to be like God is superfinite 118:6.7(1300;3)
consecreated mortal is already a finaliter to God 118:1.10(1296;2)
creativity of inner life can be haphazard or constructive 111:4.9(1220;8)
affirmation of desire to do Father's will 111:5.6(1221;7)
degree of devotion to divine values 92:7.6(1013;1)
highest consecreation is to do will of God 39:4.14(435;7)
identification of self with universe, dedication to service of universe family 5:4.3(67;1)
not passive or slavish surrender to Adjuster 111:1.8(1217;3)
not surrender, but glorification, of will 111:5.5-6(1221;6)
passport to divine attainment 109:6.5(1200;5)
realization of eternity-reality of purpose 118:1.2(1295;2)
Spirit domination of energy phase of existence 34:6.7(381;1)
subordination to spiritual urges of Adjuster 118:8.2(1301;7)
examples of consecration
Adjuster empowered Amadon's loyalty 67:3.7(756;8)
Andon and Fonta's decision to live with, for each other 62:5.8-9(708;6)
John Mark commanded full attention of God by his supreme desire 177:1.3(1921;1), 177:3.2(1923;3)
Van's loyalty resulted from unquestioning dedication 67:3.6(756;7)
widow's mites 172:4.2(1883;4)
Father desires only loyalty which is voluntary, wholehearted, and sophistry-proof 53:4.6(605;3)
greatest gift to God 1:1.2(22;5), 196:0.10(2088;5)
Jesus' faith destroyed every conflicting desire 196:0.5(2087;5)
mind arena of choice 111:1sec(1216;2)
mortal's 1st jubilee 27:7.8(305;1)
parables regarding consecration
pearl of great price 140:8.28(1583;2), 151:4.5(1694;3)
treasure in field 151:4.4(1694;2)
result of consecration
brought Adjuster prior to Spirit of Truth 108:2.8(1187;7)
determines presence of God 5:2.1(64;4), 13:4.4-5(150;3)
divine stability produced by universe insight 118:8.3(1301;8)
divine union attained by wholehearted and intelligent conformity to God's will 1:7.2(31;2)
Father is destiny of all who wholeheartedly choose his will 5:6.1(70;2)
halfhearted devotion will be unavailing 1:6.5(30;4)
immediately reacted to by the Supreme 117:6.4(1288;3)
joins spiritual faith to material decisions; supplies spiritual fulcrum 110:6.17(1211;2)
leads to assignment of guardian of destiny 113:1.5(1241;7), 113:2.1(1242;4)
produces consciousness of God; ensures survival 5:1.6(63;4)
when man gives God all he has, God makes him more than he is 117:4.14(1285;3)
we are so devoid of courageous decisions, consecrated co-operation 110:4.5(1207;5)
with Father effected through Jesus 180:2.4(1946;2)
work at what one finds to do with all one's might 133:8.3(1481;1)
c. of our actions belong to God 48:7.13(556;1), 95:4.3(1046;4), 117:5.5-6(1286;3)
for subordinates is a divine injunction 107:3.3(1179;6)
of spiritual forces deliver us from material bondage 34:6.9(381;3)
Roman emperor; won to Christianity 195:0.10(2070;6)
10 assigned to each constellation 29:2.10(322;1), 41:1.4(456;3), 43:8.1(493;7)
energize certain living creatures 29:2.10(322;1)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.16(336;8)
Supreme Power Centers; project energy to systems for communication, transport, and life maintenance 29:2.10(322;1)
reigning Most High is Constellation Father 35:6.1(390;5)
10 Constellation Centers stationed in each 29:2.10(322;1), 41:1.4(456;3)
10 mechanical controllers and 10 frandalanks stationed on capitals of each 41:1.4(456;3)
ascenders have 71 morontia bodies in course of 48:1.5(542;2)
autonomous primary units of local universe 43:0.1(485;1), 43:2.1(487;3)
chief realm of activity for celestial artisans 43:7.4(493;5), 44:0.1(497;1)
concerned with social and governmental conditions 33:6.3(371;5)
consist of 100 local systems presided over by 3 Vorondadek Sons 15:2.4(166;3), 32:0.1(357;1)
contain 100,000 inhabitable worlds 15:2.5,11(166;4)
council of seventy selected from evolutionary beings 50:2.2(573;3)
each has a Faithful of Days as Trinity observer 15:2.4(166;3)
headquarters spheres are comparable to Edentia with 770 satellites and subsatellites 43:0.2(485;2)
in light and life 55:9sec(633;4)
judicial review by Melchizedeks and ascenders 43:2.3-4(487;5)
local universe legislatures 33:8.1(373;3), 39:3.3(432;4), 43:2.2-8(487;4), 53:4.2(604;4)
advisory house consists of 10 divine Sons 43:2.7(488;1)
function ceases in light and life 55:9.2(633;5)
lower house consists of 1000 mortals 43:2.5(487;7)
mid-chamber consists of 100 seraphim 43:2.6(487;8)
systems select 10 representatives for 45:3.10(513;1), 45:7.4(517;6)
morontia spheres 48:1.2(541;5)
ours is Norlatiadek 15:14.6(182;4), 43:0.1(485;1)
special probationary nurseries maintained on 49:6.14(570;3)
supervisor seraphim, univitatia, spironga, and spornagia assigned to 43:0.4(485;4)
time, distance measured as in local universe 33:6.8(372;3), 43:0.3(485;3)
translated souls exempt from passing through 55:2.9-10(624;3)
work of conciliating commissions on 25:3.8(277;5)

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