The Urantia Book Fellowship
energy manipulator celestial artisans 44:5.3(504;7)
promote intercommunication between morontia and other beings 44:5.3(504;7)
unrevealed 30:1.23(334;2)
3rd order transition minister seraphim 39:6.1(439;4)
most had previous experience as guardian angels 48:6.13(553;5)
seraphim who group and organize teamwork of morontia beings 48:6.13(553;5)
teach on Urantia 48:6.15(553;7)
nonresponsive to spirit gravity 30:1.23(334;2)
Capitolium in Rome dedicated to 132:0.2(1455;2)
compulsory laborers in m. in continental nation 72:5.8(814;1)
Jesus worked in m. at Iron 146:4sec(1643;2)
political evolution of 134:5.9(1488;7)
7th order transition seraphim 48:6.23(555;2)
headquartered on 1st mansion world 48:6.23(555;2)
attached to mortal chief executive in light and life 55:4.12,13(628;3)
7 satellites revolve around 18:4.8(211;4)
ascenders are 1st stage spirits on 31:3.4(348;1)
ascenders go through only one 18:5.5(212;2)
ascenders study power centers and Master Physical Controllers on 18:5.3(211;8)
consist of 100 local universes; ruled by 3 Recents of Days 15:2.6(166;5), 15:13.4(181;4), 18:5.1(211;6)
contain 1 billion inhabitable worlds 15:2.6,11(166;5), 15:13.4(181;4)
do not have permanent citizens 37:9.8(415;4)
governments of 15:13.4-6(181;4)
in light and life 55:11sec(635;3)
largely concerned with physical problems 15:13.4(181;4), 18:4.8(211;4), 18:5.3,4(211;8)
Master Physical Controllers meet on 15:13.5(181;5), 18:5.3(211;8), 29:4.8,9(325;4)
ours is Ensa 15:14.7(182;5)
rotate around major sectors 15:3.7(168;3)
star students on capitals 30:3.5(339;2)
Trinitized Ambassadors serve on 22:6.3(248;8)
work of conciliating commissions for 25:3.11(278;2)
avoid domination by vicious m. 70:12.6(798;5)
secondary midwayers subject insubordinate 51:3.6(583;5)
smaller, contrary-minded asocial associations 81:6.34(910;7)
well-organized and superior m. have ruled world 81:6.14(908;3)
tithing m. while disregarding weightier matters 175:1.17(1908;1)
age from 25 to 10 million years ago (61:3:15)
miracles. See also Jesus: miracles and healings
believed commonplace in times of Jesus 121:7.9(1341;1), 136:6.6-8(1518;5), 136:8.1(1520;2), 137:6.5(1533;3), 145:2.17(1631;5)
believed performed by recognized gods, not by magic 90:2.3(987;7)
defined as
abridgments of time 136:5.4-6(1516;4)
impossible except in accordance with Father's will 158:6.4(1758;5)
operation of laws beyond our understanding 120:4.5(1331;5)
done in response to living faith 148:2.2(1658;5), 150:9.2(1686;5), 158:5.2(1757;2)
incarnations of Paradise Sons are 120:4.5(1331;5)
Jesus was only founder of religion who performed 149:2.7(1671;2)
call forth only outward allegiance 136:8.2(1520;3), 137:4.16(1531;3)
do nothing to reveal Father 152:5.4(1704;3), 152:6.5(1705;5)
if Moses not listened to, even rising from dead would not persuade unbelievers 169:3.2(1854;6)
kingdom cannot be built upon m. 138:8.8(1545;9), 145:3.7(1632;6), 145:5.4(1635;3), 152:5.4(1704;3), 166:0.1(1825;1)
no so-called m. prove reality of God 102:1.5(1119;4)
resurrection of Lazarus only hardened disbelievers' hearts 168:2.10(1846;9), 168:3.1(1847;1)
men enshroud human leaders with supernatural origins, miraculous careers 92:5.2(1008;4), 126:1.5(1387;5), 157:1.4(1744;2)
modern men believe in m. like primitives did in magic 88:2.2(968;7)
night will come when it will be impossible to do m. 164:3.7(1812;1)
our ignorance of higher laws makes natural laws appear to have been suspended 3:2.7(47;5)
place in evolution of religious observances 90:0.1(986;1)
primitive belief in natural wonders, impersonal mana 103:3.2(1132;2)
quest for m. harks back to magic 102:8.7(1128;3)
refrain from teaching the sick to expect 163:4.3(1804;7)
at Jesus' 4th appearance 190:2.6(2032;4)
born July 11, 2 B.C. 123:2.3(1357;7)
idealized Jesus; his relation with M. 124:4.3(1371;6), 127:6.2(1404;1)
marriage to Jacob the stone mason 128:5.8(1414;6), 128:7.10,12(1418;2)
Rebecca confided to M. she loved Jesus 127:5.1(1402;4)
sold milk and butter in Nazareth 126:3.12(1391;2), 128:3.1(1411;1)
well-balanced beauty; noble and spiritual 127:4.8(1402;1)
Confucius believed true patterns of civilization mirror eternal heavenly order 94:6.10(1034;5)
defeat is true mirror in which to view your real self 156:5.17(1740;4)
each superuniverse mirrors presiding Master Spirit 25:2.4(275;4)
ethics is external mirror of internal spiritual progress 102:8.4(1127;8)
primary seconaphim are living m. for Ancients of Days 28:4.1(307;5)
primitives regarded m. with superstitious awe 86:5.10(955;2)
soul with clean heart reflects truth like a mirror 131:7.3(1451;3)
Souls of Philosophy mirror wisdom of divinity 28:5.11(311;3)
disharmony exists because God permits free will 75:8.6-7(846;5)
future will exhaust possibilities for 117:7.10(1292;4)
inherent in evolutionary growth 105:6.4(1159;4)
avoid mere fellowship in 159:3.11(1766;7)
Mispeh 165:0.1(1817;1)
of evolution never existed 58:6.2-3(669;3)
Adamites went forth from Mesopotamia 78:2.2(869;11), 78:3.1(870;4)
Christian missionaries were austere and unyielding in Arabia; should have been more gracious, less stringent in social requirements 95:7.3(1051;1)
Christian missionaries wrought confusion in Africa 66:6.7(750;2)
continental nation should train foreigners and send them back to own land as 72:12.2(819;6)
early m. spread culture 81:3.7(904;3)
emissaries of Onagar were first 63:6.7(716;6)
mistake to force superior culture, religion upon others 72:12.2(819;6)
Prince's staff sent m. back to own people 50:4.3,5(575;4), 66:3.8(743;9), 66:6.4-7(749;6), 66:7.5(750;7)
Salem missionaries 93:6.8(1021;4), 93:7sec(1021;5)
failed in Arabia 95:7.1-3(1050;6)
forbidden to accept fees, create exclusive congregations 98:1.1(1077;5)
in India in times of Buddha 131:3.1(1446;3)
most enthusiastic and aggressive ever 94:0.1(1027;1)
spread teachings through native converts 94:0.1(1027;1)
teachings were foundation for later religions 92:5.7(1009;4)
went to ends of earth 94:0.1(1027;1), 131:0.1(1442;1)
should not require God-conscious men to reject historic leadership 99:5.11(1091;10)
zeal of early Christian, Sethites, Salemites, Buddhists 98:7.2(1084;1)
Mississippi River 59:3.9(677;6), 59:5.20(682;3), 61:7.2(701;1)
Great Lakes once emptied through 61:7.10(701;9)
Neanderthalers afraid of 64:4.12(721;10)
of mortal uncertainty 108:6.8(1194;1)
mistakes. See also error
forgotten in eternity 156:5.8(1739;3)
God makes no m. 2:1.2(34;1), 4:3.5(58;3)
memories of past life without spiritual meaning will perish with material brain 112:5.22(1235;4)
avoid all unnecessary 156:5.18(1740;5)
be expert in ironing out minor 178:1.7(1930;4)
inevitable result of ignorance and power of choice 25:3.7,12(277;4)
Jesus seldom paused to correct 141:7.12(1594;6)
revelators used existing terminology even at cost of 0:0.2(1;2)

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