The Urantia Book Fellowship
among 24 counselors 45:4.14(514;4)
believer in Providence 96:5.4(1058;2)
descendant of Katro 93:3.5(1016;7)
endeavored to negotiate freedom of his people 96:3.4(1056;1)
Father revealed himself to M. as I AM that I AM 182:1.9(1965;3)
Father spoke through 155:6.2(1730;6)
great Egyptian prophet; rejected 95:3.5(1046;1)
greatest character between Melchizedek and Jesus 92:5.8(1009;5), 95:5.3(1047;3), 96:5.1(1057;6), 121:6.4(1338;7)
greatness was in his wisdom and sagacity 92:5.8(1009;5)
heard Father at burning bush 174:3.2(1900;2)
man of meekness 140:5.16(1575;1)
mother of Egyptian royal family; father Semitic liaison officer 96:3.1(1055;4)
myth of being set adrift at birth 85:5.3(947;6), 89:7.3(982;2)
no leader undertook to uplift a more forlorn group 96:3.3(1055;6)
no man so successful with such large numbers 92:5.8(1009;5)
passage to mansion worlds contested by Caligastia 52:5.5(596;3)
Peter believed he saw M. at transfiguration 158:1.8(1753;4)
reputed to have brought water from a rock, manna in wilderness 136:6.6(1518;5), 153:2.8,10(1710;6)
seat of M. See Sanhedrin
secluded himself 136:3.3(1512;7)
spectacular night flight out of Egypt 96:3.5(1056;2)
teachings 74:8.8(837;7), 96:5sec(1057;6)
abolished practice of paying blood money 70:10.12(796;2)
built upon traditions of Melchizedek 93:9.1(1022;4)
daughters of priests burned alive for prostitution 70:10.14(796;4)
dignity and justice of Creator God 188:4.4(2016;9)
elaborated sacrifice rituals 63:6.4(716;3)
forbade human sacrifices; inaugurated ransom as substitute 4:5.5(60;4), 89:6.3(980;8), 89:7.1(981;6)
forbade making of images; idolatry 88:2.3,5(969;1), 96:5.5(1058;3), 142:4.2-3(1600;3)
founder of Hebrew religion 92:5.8(1009;5)
gave new Ten Commandments 142:3.21(1599;13)
maintained Yahweh was over all, especially the Hebrews 96:4.3(1056;5)
presented simple creation narrative to Israelites 74:8.7-12(837;6)
spoke of God in man's image due to followers' limited understanding 96:4.7(1057;3)
taught God does not speak through dreams 86:5.7(954;6)
taught righteousness was rewarded by prosperity and power 135:5.1(1500;1)
turned over command to Joshua 96:5.9(1059;1)
he who dwells in secret place of 4:1.4(55;2)
Semite appellation of Deity 96:1.9(1053;7)
assist Nebadon Paradise personalities 37:4.5(410;3)
high celestial volunteers from outside Nebadon 37:4sec(409;6)
in group Universe Aids 37:1.1(406;3)
in Uversa personality register 30:2.24(338;1)
many tertiaphim function as 37:8.10(414;5)
not directly attached to system or planetary governments 37:4.4(410;2)
number in millions 37:4.1(409;6)
supervised by Union of Days 37:4.3(410;1)
recently assumed emergency authority on Urantia 109:7.7(1201;8)
trustee of Urantia sovereignty 43:5.8,16-17) 114:4sec(1253;4)
empowered to exercise absolute and arbitrary authority over every celestial being on planet, seize planetary government in times of crisis 35:5.5-6(390;2), 114:4.4(1253;7)
instrumentality of Most Highs' rule in kingdoms of men 43:5.16-17(491;12)
Vorondadek Sons 35:5.5-6(390;2)
are Vorondadek Sons 15:2.4(166;3), 20:1.3(223;5), 35:5.1(389;5), 35:6.1(390;5), 43:3.1-2(488;3)
at least 3 rule each constellation; each serves 150,000 years; reigns for 50,000 years 15:2.4(166;3), 35:6.1(390;5), 43:3.1-2(488;3)
Constellation Fathers
appoint System Sovereigns 35:9.2(393;2)
constitute supreme advisory cabinet of Creator Son 35:6.2(391;1)
courts of 43:2.4(487;6)
frequently on Salvington 35:6.3(391;2)
periodically send out broadcasts 33:6.6(372;1)
reigning Most High is Constellation Father 35:6.1(390;5), 35:9.2-4(393;2), 43:3.2(488;4)
exalted in constellation light and life 55:9.3(633;6)
Faithfuls of Days advise 43:4.2(489;5)
Gabriel commissions 35:6.1(390;5)
have veto power over local system affairs 55:8.1(632;4)
intervene at any time in affairs of inhabited worlds 114:4.5(1253;8)
occupied with groups, not individuals 43:3.5(488;7), 43:9.4(495;6)
overcontrollers of political evolution 134:5.4(1488;2)
rule fosters greatest good for greatest number for longest time 134:5.4(1488;2)
rule in kingdoms of men 3:5.2(51;1), 43:3.4(488;6), 43:9.4(495;6), 50:2.6(574;1), 52:3.11(594;2), 97:8.5(1071;3), 134:5.3-4(1488;1), 136:9.6(1522;5), 175:1.8(1906;5), 175:3.2(1910;1)
rule chiefly through seraphim 114:0.1-2(1250;1)
rule through angels of nation life 114:6.8(1255;7)
rule through reservists 114:7.6(1258;1)
rule through Vorondadek observer 43:5.17(491;13)
appearance to Jesus 136:3.5(1513;2)
approved members of Van's supreme court in advance 66:5.31(749;2)
authorized dispatch of Material Sons to Urantia 73:0.1-2(821;1)
confirmed rule of Melchizedek receivers 67:6.5(759;8)
consent to executions of conciliating commissions 50:2.6(574;1)
dismissed plea by Melchizedek Urantia receivers 93:1.2(1014;4)
exercise special care over fallen worlds 43:5.16(491;12), 73:0.2(821;2), 114:2.4(1252;2)
imposed quarantine on Satania 53:4.7(605;4)
message to Urantia Life Carriers 62:7.4(710;3)
ordered internment of rebel midwayers 77:7.8(864;1)
seized planetary authority upon Lucifer rebellion 43:3.6-7(489;1), 67:3.10(757;3)
selected Adam and Eve for Urantia 74:1.3-4(828;4)
sustained Van's appeal; decision marooned 67:6.9(760;4)
Ancients of Days sustained M.H. in seizure of Satania government 43:3.7(489;2), 53:7.14(609;2)
broadcast to local systems daily 46:3.3(522;3)
children of Adam under 20 became wards of 75:6.3(844;5), 77:5.3(861;3)
Constellation Father is Vorondadek Son #617,318 43:5.3(490;8)
Faithful of Days advised M.H. to allow rebels free course that evil be sooner uprooted 54:5.9(617;9)
headquarters on Edentia 43:0.2(485;2)
knew of Lucifer's disaffection 500 years before rebellion 53:2.3(602;6)
Lanaforge's message to 53:7.12(608;8)
Melchizedek revealed M.H. as El Elyon 93:3.2(1016;4), 142:3.4(1598;5)
received instructions from Michael while in tomb 188:3.15(2016;4)
residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.8(524;6)
rotation suspended at time of Lucifer rebellion 43:5.1(490;6)
supervision over Satania 45:2.2,4(511;2)

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