The Urantia Book Fellowship
Adjusters receive b. continuously via master circuits 110:4.1(1207;1), 110:7.6(1213;1)
back registry insures proper reception 44:4.10(504;2)
extended to all worlds except for those quarantined 33:6.5(371;7)
Havona pilgrims consult b. for news on friends' arrivals 30:4.21(343;3)
John saw vision of b. on Salvington 34:4.9(378;6)
melodies can be broadcast to entire universe 44:1.1-2(499;3)
mortals in light and life scan 52:7.6(599;2)
promulgate laws of constellations 43:2.8(488;2)
received by means of seas of glass 46:3sec(522;1)
space reports
broadcast pilgrims' attainment of Father 26:9.4(295;2)
broadcast service of universe 24:6.8(270;6)
contained in circuits of cosmic mind 9:7.3(105;3)
from Havona 15:9.9(177;8)
listening to b. is popular diversion on Jerusem 46:3.1(522;1)
received on planet at noon 39:5.15(439;1)
inaugurated when Grandfanda attained Havona 24:6.8(270;6)
survivors listen to never-ending stream of 46:3.1(522;1)
under supervision of celestial artisans 44:4.9(504;1)
used for communication by higher celestial beings 33:6.5(371;7)
Lord is near the 131:2.10(1445;4)
Adamsonite discovery 81:3.5(904;1)
ca. 3000 B.C. 80:9.13(898;8)
not a distinct period 81:3.4(903;6)
withstand b. in face of sorrow 156:5.17(1740;4)
wet Jesus' feet with tears, wiped with hair 147:5.3-4(1651;7)
achieve by
appeal to Adjuster 149:3.3(1672;6)
approaching other religions by truths in common 149:2.5(1670;6)
economic interdependence and social fraternity 99:7.5(1093;3)
ethical awakening 52:6.5(597;6)
intellectual cross-fertilization 52:6.4(597;5)
political wisdom 52:6.6(598;1)
religious revelation 52:6.2(597;3)
social fraternity 52:6.3(597;4)
spiritual insight 52:6.7(598;2), 155:6.8(1732;1)
barriers to brotherhood
antagonisms natural 16:9.7(196;3), 70:0.2(783;2)
doctrine betrays man into intolerance, bigotry 88:2.7(969;5)
lack of natural brotherly attraction 68:1.1(763;4)
prophets should not strengthen barriers to b. 92:5.13(1010;4)
races seldom take kindly to 39:5.4(437;3)
ecclesiastical authority 134:4.3-4,8)
cf: no peace between truth and error 175:1.2(1905;4)
delight in bearing one another's burdens 71:4.4(804;4)
inevitable clash between religions of spirit and authority 173:3.3(1893;3)
invariably manifests in unselfish and loving service 142:7.4(1603;5)
lack of spiritual b. inexcusable and reprehensible 170:5.20(1866;3)
Micah: live each according to his understanding of God 97:5.5(1067;2)
most powerful, most tenuous factor of civilization 118:8.10(1302;7)
unless religious, b. is an abstraction devoid of love 16:9.8(196;4)
civilization encompassed by love 100:4.6(1098;3)
derives from fatherhood of God 12:7.8,10(138;3), 16:9.10(196;6), 52:6.7(598;2), 134:4.1(1486;4), 159:5.7(1769;9), 195:8.11(2082;3)
entails adjustment of the self to other selves 99:5.1(1090;7)
fact of relationship among all personalities 12:7.10-11(138;5)
highest human goal 71:4.3(804;3), 143:1.4(1608;1)
impulse of social service is basis of 103:2.8(1131;7)
Jesus used term for kingdom of heaven 170:2.20(1861;4)
Lucifer advocated brotherhood of intelligence 53:4.2(604;4)
no person escapes benefits or penalties resulting from 12:7.11(138;6)
revelation essential to realization of 52:6.2(597;3)
spiritual transformation quickest way to realize 52:6.7(598;2)
universality of God's love creates 12:7.8,10(138;3)
brown race. See also races
mixed yellow and red races; held islands off Asia 64:7.6,16(727;3)
on nearby Pacific islands 78:3.8(871;4)
Serapatatia was of b.r. 75:3.1(841;1)
evolving monotheists keep subordinate gods as 96:1.14(1054;4)
became reflective devotee of leisure 69:2.5(773;6)
Gautama revered as enlightened one 92:5.9(1009;6), 94:8.2(1036;4), 94:9.1(1037;4)
Jesus' talk with Gonod regarding 132:7.3-5(1466;3)
return of B. looked for in Tibet, China, and India 92:5.3(1008;5)
Gautama's followers called him 94:8.2(1036;4)
adaptability to mores equaled only by Christianity 92:6.5(1011;3)
degenerated into ritual alien to Gautama 94:7.8(1036;2), 94:9.3(1038;1)
did not produce religion of unselfish service 94:8.15(1037;3)
adherents free to choose truth from all religions 94:12.4(1041;2)
all Buddhas manifest Absolute Buddha 94:11.11-13(1040;2), 94:12.1(1040;5)
belief in physical humiliation 89:3.4(976;6)
clear presentation of Adjusters 94:11.5(1039;4)
contaminated by superstition and sublimation of Gautama as Eternal Buddha 94:12.1(1040;5)
God concept in 94:12sec(1040;5)
great and beautiful philosophy without God 103:9.3(1141;1), 131:3.1(1446;3), 132:7.5(1467;1)
higher morality but less defined portrayal of God than Hinduism 94:2.8(1029;6)
isolating self from objective reality 94:11.6(1039;5)
"many Buddhas" teaching; anyone could aspire to become a Buddha 94:11.10(1040;1)
relativity of all truth 94:11.4(1039;3)
return of Buddha's spirit 94:11.3(1039;2)
salvation from suffering 5:4.5(67;3)
salvation through belief in Buddha 94:9.1(1037;4)
trinitarian doctrine 104:1.6(1144;3)
Ganid's abstract of B. 131:3sec(1446;3)
great international, interracial faith 92:6.2,5(1010;6)
20th century renaissance 94:12.5(1041;3)
affected by Taoism, Shinto, Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam 94:9.3(1038;1), 94:12.5(1041;3)
amalgamated with disintegrating Taoism 94:11.1(1038;8)
fitted well into religious customs of yellow race 94:11.1(1038;8)
Gautama formulated philosophy of 94:7.2(1035;2)
gave way before militant Islam 94:2.8(1029;6), 94:9.3(1038;1)
Nanak incorporated into Sikhism 92:5.12(1010;3), 92:7.2(1012;3)
spread 94:9sec(1037;4)
Jesus' talk with Gonod regarding 132:7.3-5(1466;3)
living, growing religion which promotes calmness, self-control, and happiness 94:9.6(1038;4)
shackled with ceremonies Gautama fought against 94:11.3(1039;2)
Amida 94:12.2-3(1040;6)
Hinayana, the Lesser Road; asocial doctrine 94:9.4-5(1038;2)
Great Road; progressive doctrine 94:9.4-5(1038;2), 94:12.2(1040;6)
myth of divine Gautama 94:11.2(1039;1)
trinitarian doctrine 104:1.6(1144;3)
Shin, a progressive religion in Japan 94:12.4(1041;2)
all fireproof in continental nation 72:7.4(815;4)
foundation sacrifice once customary 89:6.4(981;1)
Egyptian tribes worshiped 95:2.3(1044;2)
Mithras slew sacred bull 98:5.3(1082;4)
Jesus restrained 133:1.1(1468;4)
delight in bearing one another's 71:4.4(804;4)
Andites drove inferiors into 79:2.4(880;2)
Asoka established Buddhism in 94:9.1(1037;4)
cultures of India and China mixed in 79:6.2(884;5)
green race persisted most in 79:6.2(884;5)
Hinayana Buddhism persisted in 94:9.4(1038;2)
candle not put under 140:3.13(1570;2)
crude culture 66:5.30(749;1), 70:3.2(787;2)
inferior race 68:1.6(764;2), 103:3.1(1132;1)
no individual names 88:5.5(971;7)
still employ food-gathering lines 68:5.3(768;3)
became common in days of Prince's staff 66:5.5(746;3)
deny possibility of developing b. out of caterpillars 42:9.4(480;2)

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