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prayer 143:7sec(1616;3), 144:2sec(1618;5), 168:4sec(1848;1),. See also meditation; spiritual communion; worship
defined as
asking God for wisdom and strength while attacking problems at hand 91:6.5(999;8)
best technique to contact God 91:6.7(1000;1)
breath of soul 144:2.3(1619;1), 144:4.7(1621;6)
embodying self-interest 5:3.3(65;5)
meaning of p. to various individuals 91:8.3-7(1001;4)
most efficient approach to reserve powers in unconscious mind 91:6.4(999;7)
much p. is intercourse with subconscious 91:2.6(996;4)
not getting our way but taking God's way 91:8.2,7-8) 146:2.9(1639;4), 180:2.4(1946;2)
recharging spiritual batteries of soul 144:4.8(1621;7)
spiritual communion which leads to worship 144:2.2(1618;6), 144:4.4(1621;3), 146:2.15(1640;4)
spontaneous outburst of God-consciousness 91:8.10(1002;2)
trusting communication of spiritual nature with Creator 91:2.3,5(996;1), 91:8.4(1001;5)
determines spiritual status of any religion 5:4.8(67;6)
effect of, and answer to, prayer
all sincere p. answered 168:4.5,12,13(1848;5)
ancestor of much peace of mind 91:4.5(998;3)
answer may be delayed, modified, or postponed 168:4.11(1849;2)
antidotes harmful introspection 144:4.6(1621;5)
attains degree of Adjuster contact 91:2.6(996;4)
changes attitude toward life 118:10.21(1307;2)
conserves higher values 91:1.1(994;6), 91:2.1(995;6)
cures numerous mental and emotional ailments 91:6.2(999;5)
daily p. is quickest way to overcome criticizing 91:5.3-5(998;6)
delay in answer often betokens better answer 168:4.5(1848;5)
digs out deeper channels for divine bestowals 144:4.2(1621;1), 146:2.14(1640;3), 194:3.20(2065;8)
does not change God but he who prays in faith 91:4.5(998;3)
efficacy not dependent on worshipper's intelligence 91:6.7(1000;1)
enhances character and unifies personality 91:5.1(998;4)
exchanges human will for divine will 144:4.9(1621;8)
God answers p. by increased revelation of truth 91:8.11(1002;3)
induces ego to look to subconscious for material aid, to superconscious for inspiration 91:3.5(997;3)
institutionalizes religion 91:5.6(999;2)
may lead to morbid sense of sin and guilt, harmful brooding over one's unworthiness 91:1.6(995;5)
most potent spiritual-growth stimulus 91:8.11(1002;3)
no direct effect upon physical environment unless in liaison with divine will 91:6.1(999;4)
opens Father's storehouse 146:2.8(1639;3)
phase concerns reception by true spiritual forces 91:2.6(996;4), 91:3.5(997;3)
prevents isolation of personality 91:2.7(996;5)
promotes health, happiness, self-control, social harmony, moral progress, and spiritual attainment 91:6.2-3(999;5)
province of prayer 91:6sec(999;4)
reinforces self for higher attainment 91:3.5(997;3)
self-reminding, spiritually sustaining 143:7.4-7(1616;6)
sincerity, motive, is assurance of p. being heard 146:2.6-8(1639;1)
social repercussions 91:5sec(998;4)
unifies faith urges 132:3.10(1460;3)
universe consistency of p. determines time, manner of answer 146:2.6(1639;1)
what true son desires and Father wills IS 118:6.5(1300;1), 146:2.7(1639;2), 180:2.1,4(1945;4)
examples of prayers
Father's prayer taught by Hap in Dalamatia 66:5.14-15(747;4)
Jews had some 25 set 144:3.4(1620;2)
John the Baptist's prayer 144:2.1(1618;5), 144:3.4(1620;2)
Onagar's prayer 63:6.6(716;5)
prayers from other planets 144:5sec(1621;11)
group prayer
all made better from participation 91:5.2(998;5)
cf: let not men hear your personal p. 131:10.8(1454;5), 144:3.4-5(1620;2), 145:5.2(1635;1), 146:2.12(1640;1)
prevents danger associated with overmuch private praying 91:7.6(1001;1)
where 2 or 3 are gathered together 159:1.3(1762;5)
features underwent rapid changes in 148:3.5(1659;7)
meaning of p. to Jesus 196:0.10(2088;5)
prayed for others; only rarely for himself 144:4.6(1621;5)
spent entire nights at p. 144:3.4,9(1620;2)
materialistic prayer
bargaining petition for health, wealth, and life 89:8.7-8(983;5)
dangers attendant upon perversion of p. 91:1.6(995;5)
destined to bring disappointment, disillusionment 91:4.4(998;2)
in Jesus' name viewed as supreme magic 180:2.4-7(1946;2)
inconsistent with laws of God is abomination 146:2.3(1638;3)
involves confessions, petitions, requests for material favors 91:4.3(998;1)
leads to exertions that contribute to its answering 91:4.4(998;2)
material things not province of p. 91:1.3(995;2)
p. not technique for curing organic diseases 91:6.2(999;5)
pseudomagical avoidance of effort requisite to solve problems 91:2.2(995;7)
mechanism of prayer
intervening spirit beings translate 168:4.8(1848;8)
no lodgment in spirit circuit for unworthy p. 7:3.6(84;6)
sacrifice idea unfailingly detracts from p. 91:2.4(996;2)
seraphim not directly concerned with our p. 113:5.3(1246;2)
transmitted instantaneously by spirit-gravity circuit to all divine personalities concerned 7:3.3-7(84;3)
urge to pray often result of seraphic influence 113:4.4(1245;4)
utilizes ascending spiritual currents of universe 91:8.9(1002;1)
objects of prayer
for more laborers; extension of kingdom 146:2.13(1640;2), 150:4.1(1681;8)
for others 144:4.6(1621;5)
for those who curse and persecute us 146:2.11(1639;6)
for values, not things; for growth, not gratification 91:8.13(1002;5)
practice of prayer
Adam encouraged individual p., not set p. 74:7.7(836;3)
afterwards remain in silent receptivity 146:2.17(1641;1)
agency of religious ministry must be visualized as personal 91:1.4(995;3), 91:2.5(996;3)
cannot seek for selfish advantage 91:4sec(997;6)
celestial beings do not assist those who refuse to act on available truth 48:7.9(556;9)
conditions of effective p. 91:9sec(1002;6)
Deity to whom p. addressed is immaterial 7:3.3(84;3)
do not expect God to show partiality 91:4.3(998;1)
exercise caution in discouraging immature minds regarding faulty prayer 91:4.4(998;2)
Father knows our needs before we ask 3:3.2(49;1), 140:6.11(1577;5)
futile trying to avoid operation of natural laws 2:3.2(36;7)
God always open to 142:7.10(1604;5)
guard against becoming self-centered in 146:2.10(1639;5)
in doubt, ask in Jesus' name 146:2.10(1639;5), 180:6.7(1952;3)
Jesus did not fully approve of formal p. 126:3.3(1389;6), 144:1.7(1618;4), 144:2.1(1618;5)
learn to pray as children 48:6.21(554;6)
motivation validates; words are valueless 7:3.7(85;1), 91:8.12(1002;4)
must be born of spirit, nurtured by faith 168:4.10(1849;1)
must be honest, unselfish, fair, intelligent, trustful, without doubting 91:6.6(999;9), 131:2.8(1445;2), 144:3.8(1620;6), 146:2.14(1640;3)
must consist in spiritual realities 168:4.9(1848;9)
must never be a substitute for action 91:2.2(995;7), 91:4.2(997;7)
p. and the alter ego 91:3sec(996;7)
pray in faith and confident expectation 91:4.5(998;3)
should be directed to Eternal Son, Creator Son 5:3.2,4(65;4), 7:3.3(84;3)
talking things over with God 91:8.8(1001;9), 123:3.6(1360;1), 161:2.10(1786;5)
use not vain repetitions, meaningless phrases 140:6.11(1577;5), 146:2.15(1640;4)
use of solemn style not more efficacious 87:6.7(965;1)
wrongly emphasized to neglect of more essential communion of worship 102:4.5(1123;5)
"your will be done" always appropriate 146:2.12(1640;1)
primitive prayer
arose independently of magic 91:8.2(1001;3)
earliest luck petitions not addressed to Deity 91:0.2(994;2)
evolution of p. Paper 91 (994;1),)
merely verbalized wishes 91:2.1(995;6)
Tibetans fasten prayers to wheels 94:10.2(1038;6)
differentiates local universe Mother Spirit 17:6.5(204;1)
preaching principles. See gospel: proclaiming
precedent. See also law
adapts written laws to changing conditions 70:11.7(797;5)
hirelings minded to shove Jesus off 150:9.3(1686;6)
Jesus could have cast himself off without harm 136:7.1(1519;5)
cycle is foreordained; man's participation is optional 112:5.2(1232;3)
mortals are subjects of p., but may reject any part 110:2.1(1204;5)
supreme correlation of all past, present, and future choice; does not invalidate free will 118:7.2(1300;6)
complex interassociations and personality actions produce unpredictability 12:6.4-5(136;2)
more difficult the farther from Paradise 15:8.8-9(176;3)
performance of Ultimate and Absolutes causes unpredictability 12:6.6-7(136;4), 65:6.8(738;1)
physical and spiritual realities are predictable, mind and personality realities are not 7:1.8(82;7), 9:6.8-9(104;6), 10:7.4(115;6), 12:6.4-5(136;2), 14:2.9(155;3)
apostles' desire for 138:7.1(1543;4), 158:4.4(1756;1), 158:6.2-3(1758;3), 158:8.1(1761;2), 171:0.6(1868;1), 171:3.9(1868;1), 179:1sec(1936;6)
refrain from seeking p. between groups 179:5.7(1942;6)
primitives believed p. resulted from spirit entering woman 84:1.3(931;6)
prejudice. See also intolerance; judgment: by man
abandon 160:1.7(1773;4), 170:2.18(1861;2)
blinds, seals souls 157:2.2(1745;1), 162:7.3(1796;5)
celestial government uniformly free from 49:5.11(566;6)
chief trouble of half-breeds is 82:6.8-9(920;6)
doctrine is most terrible tyrant which enslaves men 88:2.7(969;5)
drawing close with service destroys 160:2.7(1776;1), 191:5.3(2043;1)
inseparably linked to selfishness 160:1.13(1774;5)
nothing appeals to slaves of 185:6.4(1995;3)
Pentecost obliterated religious discrimination based on 194:3.14(2065;2)
prejudice inhibits
Adjusters' work 109:5.3(1199;4)
creative imagination 111:4.9(1220;8)
growth 100:1.2(1094;4)

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