The Urantia Book Fellowship
wrote Jewish apocalyptic about Messiah 176:2.8(1915;5)
among most blended of Urantia peoples 96:2.1(1054;6)
Deity concepts among 96:1sec(1052;4)
early S. worshiped trees 85:2.4(945;7)
included Babylonians, Jews, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Canaanites 121:2.1(1333;3), 156:3.2(1737;1)
Sumerians absorbed into 78:8.10(876;7)
taught soul resided in bodily fat 86:5.11(955;3)
well-led horsemen who invaded fertile crescent; united with Babylonians 96:2.1(1054;6)
Adjusters presided over by Personalized Adjuster of first Michael Son 107:3.6(1180;2)
Galantia is the first ascendant Brilliant Evening Star 37:2.6(407;6), 46:5.18(525;8)
Grandfanda is the first mortal to achieve Havona; now acting head of Corps of Finality 7:5.8(87;2), 112:7.13(1239;2)
human outranks Adjuster concerning personality 112:7.12(1239;1)
Malvorian, first Graduate Guide, is chief of their supreme council 24:6.4(270;2)
Original Michael is presiding head of Michael order 21:0.5(234;5)
system among seraphim 38:5.1(420;6)
3-brained mortals have sharper 49:4.3(564;5)
49 stimuli responses in Havona natives 14:2.3(154;5)
70 senses in morontia 14:2.3(154;5)
mortal physical s. are 12 in number 49:4.3(564;5)
up to 210 s. in high spiritual orders 14:2.3(154;5)
do not appeal to s. in proclaiming gospel 159:3.2(1765;4)
false s. fosters and perpetuates hopelessly defective human strains 52:2.11,12(592;4), 99:3.5(1088;6)
God is governed by divine s. 4:4.5(59;1)
religious group has little chance to function until separated from all other groups 99:5.4(1091;3)
time for open break with religious rulers 163:4.7(1805;4), 164:3.16(1813;3)
Sargon installed S. in northern Israel 143:4.1(1612;1)
important trade center; Herod Antipas rebuilt; capital of Galilee 121:2.11(1334;5), 124:1.12(1368;1), 128:2.6(1410;5), 135:12.1(1508;1)
Jesus told apostles to avoid 137:5.1(1531;5)
Jesus worked as smith in 128:2.3-6(1410;2)
Joseph killed working on Herod's palace in 123:3.8(1360;3), 124:5.5(1373;5), 126:2.1(1388;1), 126:5.11(1393;8), 185:4.1(1992;3)
low moral standards 125:1.2(1378;4), 128:2.6(1410;5), 150:7.2(1684;1)
Rebecca daughter of Ezra moved to 127:5.6(1403;4)
Tiberias succeeded S. as capital of Galilee 129:1.1-2(1419;4), 135:12.1(1508;1)
sequentiality. See time: nature of time
brown-tinted leader of Nodite Syrian confederation 75:3.1(841;1)
Cain fulfilled predictions of 76:2.9(849;3)
drowned himself from fear, remorse 75:5.4,7(843;6)
honest; never conscious of being used by Caligastia 75:3.2,3,6(841;2)
impatient 75:3.6(841;6)
Nodite leader with whom Eve privately met 75:2.4(840;6)
tribes of S. began bitter warfare with Adamites 75:5.9(844;2)
cf: autotransport of Master Physical Controllers 29:4.1(324;3)
does not function upon natural death 39:2.13(431;2)
instances of use
loyal members of Prince's staff transferred to Jerusem 67:4.1(757;4)
Material Sons enseraphimed for transport 51:2.1-3(582;1), 74:0.1(828;1), 74:1.5(829;1), 74:2.1(829;3)
Melchizedek receivers arrived 70 days after Adam's default by 75:5.8(844;1)
Melchizedeks use 74:5.2(833;2)
mortals advance through mansion worlds by 47:4.4(534;8), 48:2.10(543;7)
primary seconaphim operate between Havona and superuniverses 28:4.13(310;1), 30:4.21(343;3)
Prince's staff brought to Urantia by 66:2.5(742;5)
removes midsoniters after 1000 years 36:4.3(400;7)
returned 3/4 of Adam's children to Edentia 75:6.3-4(844;5)
tertiary supernaphim take away candidates failing Deity adventure 26:3.9(289;2)
until Paradise, ascenders must depend upon 39:2.10(430;6)
not necessary for achieved circuits in Havona 14:5.5(159;1)
orders of transporters
administrator seraphim 39:4.15(436;1)
all angelic groups have 39:2.8-13(430;4)
non-seraphic transporters 39:3.9(433;3)
numerous types of beings similar to seraphim 39:3.9(433;3)
planetary helper seraphim 39:5.10-15(438;3)
superior seraphim 39:2.8-13(430;4)
supervisor seraphim 39:3.8-9(433;2)
secret of Seraphington 13:1.20(147;1)
technical matters 39:2.8-13(430;4), 39:3.9-8(433;3)
all space traversers require assistance to overcome gravity when departing a sphere 29:4.1(324;3)
celestial artisans are technical advisers to 44:5.6(505;3)
combustion bodies cannot use 39:2.13(431;2)
depart at midnight from universe energy pole of planet 39:5.13-15(438;6), 74:5.2(833;2)
factors affecting velocity 39:3.9(433;3)
inspection before departure 39:5.14(438;7)
majority of enseraphimed beings brought to Urantia merely stop over in transit 39:5.10(438;3)
mechanical controllers and energy transmitters facilitate departure 29:4.7,12(325;3), 39:5.14(438;7)
mechanical devices provide energy for departure 46:2.8(521;5)
no danger of collision 39:3.8(433;2)
sea of glass greatly facilitates landings 43:1.10(487;1)
seraphim envelope nonmaterial orders within their spirit forms 13:1.20(147;1)
take off at 175 miles/second from Mount Seraph on Jerusem 46:2.8-9(521;5)
take on energy in transit 39:2.9(430;5)
top speed is 558,840 miles per second 23:2.15(260;2)
transform material beings into morontia-like state 46:5.19(526;1)
transporters fully conscious of velocity, direction, and whereabouts 39:3.8(433;2)
transporters may receive changed orders at space junctions of intelligence circuits 39:3.8(433;2)
travel along energy currents of universe circuits 39:5.14(438;7)
transit sleep 39:5.12-14(438;5)
conscious unconscious state during which Adjuster is exceptionally efficient 39:2.11-12(430;7)
induced by liaison of Adjusters and seraphic transporters 39:2.12(431;1)
transportee not directly aware of passage of time 39:2.11-12(430;7), 74:1.5(829;1)
Trinity-origin beings independent of 19:7.4(222;5)
1st order transition minister seraphim 39:6.1(439;4)
counsel human teachers of truth 48:6.8(552;6)
help morontia progressors choose among optional routes to Havona 48:6.5(552;3)
whispered 23rd Psalm to shepherd boy 48:6.8-9(552;6)

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