The Urantia Book Fellowship
1st pre-Planetary Prince era 52:1sec(589;3),. See also mortals: primitive mortals
6 colored races appear; language develops 52:1.1-2(589;3)
emergence from animal level; lasts from 150,000 to 1,000,000 years 52:1.1(589;3)
long, dark, and bloody chapter 52:1.4(589;6)
religion is fear, awe, and superstition 52:1.7(590;3)
Urantia's ended with 1st dispensational roll call at arrival of Prince 49:5.15(567;2), 176:2.3(1914;4), 189:3.3(2024;5)
Urantia's lasted 1,000,000 to 500,000 years ago 64:0.1-2(718;1)
2nd post-Planetary Prince era 52:2sec(591;1)
Adjusters arriving in increasing numbers 52:2.2(591;2)
agriculture appears 52:2.8(592;1)
government appears 52:2.1(591;1)
Mansant was great teacher of 64:6.29(726;1)
races brought to physical perfection 51:0.1(580;1), 52:2.9-12(592;2), 52:3.1(592;6)
racial dispersion and intense nationalism 52:2.5(591;5)
Urantia's ended with 2nd dispensational roll call at arrival of Adam and Eve 74:2.8(830;3), 176:2.3(1914;4), 189:3.3(2024;5)
Urantia's began with appearance of colored races; regarded as old stone age 64:0.1-2(718;1)
usually lasts 500,000 years 52:2.2(591;2)
3rd post-Adamic era 52:3sec(592;6)
1st mansonia designed to develop up to 47:3.9(534;1)
Adamic life plasm immediately upsteps man's intellectual capacity 52:3.6(593;5)
Adjusters increasingly bestowed 52:3.2(593;1)
age of invention and exploration 52:3.6(593;5), 73:1.1(821;4)
dispensation of internationalism 52:3.10(594;1)
hunters and herders to agriculture 52:3.3(593;2)
Jesus perceived end of 174:5.6(1903;3)
races are practically blended to olive shade of violet 52:3.7(593;6)
Urantia's last; ended with 3rd roll call upon resurrection of Jesus 77:8.1(864;2), 120:2.4(1328;1), 176:2.3(1914;4), 189:3.1,3(2024;3)
usually lasts 25,000 years 52:3.3(593;2)
usually witnesses elimination of the unfit 52:3.4(593;3)
4th post-Magisterial Son era 52:4sec(594;4)
2nd mansonia compares with 47:4.8(535;4)
flowering of art, music, and higher learning 52:4.8(595;3)
fusion Adjusters not yet universal 52:4.7(595;2)
lasts 25,000 to 50,000 years 52:4.10(595;5)
many Avonal visits may take place 52:4.9(595;4)
races blended and fit 52:4.1(594;4)
races effect economic liberation 52:4.5(594;8)
return to more simplified living 52:4.8(595;3)
sciences reach height of development 52:4.8(595;3)
world-wide spiritual enlightenment 52:4.8(595;3)
5th post-Bestowal Son era 52:5-6secs)
3rd mansonia compares with 47:5.3(536;1)
average life span climbs above 300 years 52:5.9(596;7)
disease and delinquency virtually eliminated 52:5.9(596;7)
lasts 10,000 to 100,000 years 52:5.8(596;6)
man is of one race, language, and religion 52:5.10(597;1)
Michael's bestowal on Urantia 52:5.2(595;7)
on Urantia 52:6sec(597;2)
world-wide pursuit of moral culture, spiritual truth 52:5.3(596;1)
6th post-Teacher Son era 52:7sec(598;4),. See also light and life
4th mansonia comparable to 47:6.4(536;5)
conclusion of Teacher Sons' missions mark entrance upon light and life 52:7.10,14(599;6)
government vanishes 52:7.5(599;1)
lasts more than 1000 years 52:7.2(598;5)
life span approaches 500 years 52:7.5(599;1)
many mortals translated 52:7.4(598;7)
Planetary Prince elevated to Planetary Sovereign 52:7.10(599;6)
Teacher Sons may repeatedly return to same world 52:7.10(599;6)
determined by missions of divine Sons; listed 20:3.4(226;4), 30:4.4(341;1), 49:6.3,7(568;6), 50:1.4(573;1), 52:0.1(589;1), 52:1.6(590;2), 52:4.9(595;4), 55:0.2(621;2)
Magisterial Sons adjudicate to close 20:2.5-7(225;4), 20:3.1(226;1)
Magisterial Sons reassign celestial beings for tasks of each new dispensation 20:3.1(226;1)
Son-Spirit minister supreme seraphim assist 39:1.3(427;3)
Universal Censors are organic part of all dispensational adjudications 19:4.3(218;1)
each p.e. provides immediate destiny for all preceding stages 118:0.13(1294;1)
epochs of planetary development 50:5.3-11(576;6)
1st nutrition; food quest paramount 50:5.4(576;7)
2nd security; attention devoted to war 50:5.5(576;8)
3rd material comfort; luxury vies with necessity 50:5.6(577;1)
4th knowledge and wisdom 50:5.7(577;2)
5th philosophy and brotherhood 50:5.8(577;3)
6th spiritual striving 50:5.9(577;4)
7th light and life 50:5.10(577;5)
Father will send another bestowal at end of dispensation 176:2.5(1915;2)
light and life. See light and life
no arbitrary time limits regarding 52:5.8(596;6)
practice to send forth advance groups to prepare way for subsequent epochs 56:7.5(642;5)
sleeping survivors enter upon eternal ascent at end of each dispensation 30:4.4(341;1), 193:0.5(2053;1)
Urantia's normal sequence deranged by Michael's incarnation 20:4.4-5(227;2)
1/3 lost in Lucifer rebellion 53:7.7(608;3)
5th order seraphim 51:3.5(583;4)
always accompany Planetary Adams; usually number 100,000 39:5sec(436;5), 51:3.5(583;4)
majority of Urantia's removed upon default of Adam 39:5.2(437;1)
residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.15(525;5)
Solonia is chief of Urantia's 39:5sec(436;5), 51:3.5(583;4)
5. transporters 39:5.10-15(438;3)
6. recorders 39:5.16(439;2)
7. reserves 39:5.17(439;3)
planetary physical types. See mortals: planetary types
Caligastia was; deposed Paper 66 (741;1),) 179:2.3(1938;2), 189:3.3(2024;5)
Immanuel's commission that Michael return as 120:2.2-3(1327;2)
late arrival 65:4.8-9(735;7)
Machiventa Melchizedek is vicegerent 45:4.16(514;6), 55:7.3(632;2), 93:10.5-6(1025;1), 114:1.2-4(1251;1)
Michael is 45:4.16(514;6), 114:0.8(1250;8), 114:1.1(1250;12), 136:3.1(1512;5), 176:4.4(1919;1)
37 seceded in Lucifer rebellion 53:7.1(607;2)
administrations 50:2-4secs)
installed by Life Carriers 49:5.15(567;2)
late arrival on Urantia 65:4.8-9(735;7), 66:0.1(741;1)
usually appear about time of will development 65:4.8(735;7), 66:0.1(741;1)
usually arrive 100,000 years after man walks erect 52:1.8(590;4)
assigned to all planets inhabited by mortals 32:2.7(359;4), 50:0.1(572;1)
belong to order of Lanonandek Sons 20:1.3(223;5), 50:0.1(572;1)
commissioned by System Sovereigns upon Life Carrier report that will is functioning 35:9.5(393;5), 50:0.1-2(572;1), 51:2.1(582;1), 52:1.8(590;4), 52:3.1(592;6)
controllers and transformers collaborate in rendering P.P. visible to mortals 50:2.7(574;2)
early rule is autocratic 50:2.3(573;4)
early staff averages about 1000 50:2.4(573;5)
elevated to Planetary Sovereigns in light and life 50:5.11(577;6), 51:7.2(588;1), 52:7.10(599;6), 55:1.1(622;1), 55:7.1(631;7)
in bestowal as emergency Material Son, Michael effected repentance of defaulting P.P. 119:3.4(1312;5)
invisible to mortals 45:5.3(515;2), 50:4.4(575;5)
Lucifer allowed P.P. to rule worlds as supreme executives 53:4.2(604;4)
mission 50:1sec(572;3)
make first revelations of higher truth and universe organization 52:2.3(591;3)
schools primarily concerned with philosophy, religion, morals 51:6.4(587;2)
sole representatives of divinity on individual planets 3:5.2(51;1), 50:1.3(572;5)
to foster planetary civilization 50:5.1(576;4)
nearest personal approach of Eternal Son aside from incarnation 50:1.1(572;3)
no high trust deemed more sacred than that reposed in 67:1.3(754;4)
permanently attached to planets of original assignment 50:5.1(576;4)
P.P. on neighboring planet defaulted 72:0.3(808;3)
rebellion by P.P. in Nebadon 35:9.6-10(393;6), 50:1.3(572;5),. See also rebellion (spiritual)
rebellion by P.P. instantly isolates planet 35:9.9(394;1)
regimes are identical 49:5.11(566;6)
secondary Lanonandeks; number 10,234,601 in Nebadon 35:8.5(392;5)
simple planetary headquarters; schools 50:4sec(575;2)
spring from Creator Son and Mother Spirit 50:1.1(572;3)
subject to executive mandates of System Sovereigns and Gabriel 50:2.1(573;2)
successors to defaulted P.P. not immediately installed 35:9.9(394;1)
sympathetic rulership increases risk of being led astray 50:1.2(572;4)
system council of P.P. met during time of tomb 188:3.14(2016;3)
tribunals reflect fatherly, discretionary attitude 50:2.5(573;6)
united administrations with Planetary Adams 51:7.2(588;1)
midwayers who patrol the spirit realm of the planet 77:8.7(864;8)
become members of system conclave in system light and life 55:8.1(632;4)
bestowal Son proclaims Planetary Princes as P.S. in light and life 50:5.11(577;6), 51:7.2(588;1), 52:7.10(599;6), 55:1.1(622;1), 55:7.1(631;7)
invisible to mortals except in morontia temple 55:7.2(632;1)

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