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soul Paper 111 (1215;1),)
after mortal death. See also extinction; nonsurvivors; resurrection; roll call
ascends with divine spirit to Father 0:5.10(8;1), 149:6.9(1676;3)
no memory, but response to past experience 40:9.4-9(450;6)
no mortal survival apart from evolution of s. 49:4.9(565;1)
no self-consciousness without Adjuster 49:6.9(569;4), 112:6.7(1236;5)
possesses continuing character derived from former associated adjutant mind 112:6.7(1236;5)
sleeping survivors' souls held by personal or group guardian seraphim 47:3.3(533;1), 49:6.4(568;7), 112:3.5(1230;3)
soul is what survives death 36:6.5(404;3), 133:6.5(1478;4)
soul makes final decisions only after physical death, except as permitted by mortal will 111:3.2(1219;1)
survival gained by transferring seat of personality identity from material body to s. 112:2.16(1229;7)
transcript of human experience 188:3.4(2014;7)
unconscious from death to repersonalization 112:3.7(1230;5), 112:5.13(1234;2)
and the Adjuster Paper 111 (1215;1),)
commit to God's keeping 131:10.2(1453;4)
creation and evolution of the soul
Adjuster fosters s. in mortals destined for Spirit fusion 37:5.1-4(410;4)
Adjuster is eternal ancestor of the s. 108:6.7(1193;6)
by man's urge for Paradise perfection, striving for God-attainment 116:7.6(1276;7)
child of Adjuster and Supreme 117:6.5(1288;4)
embryonic during mortal life 66:4.9(744;8)
evolves as psychic circles attained 110:6.9(1210;4)
evolves its eternal destiny by our decisions 117:3.10(1282;5)
following spirit leading transmutes spirit phases into s. 1:3.7(26;1)
grows in and of itself 117:3.6-7(1282;1)
grows independently of mental culture 5:3.7(66;3), 65:8.4(739;8)
joint creation of God-knowing mortal mind and indwelling Adjuster 0:5.10(8;1), 5:2.5(65;1), 5:3.8(66;4), 5:5.14(70;1), 5:6.7(71;2), 16:9.2(195;4), 86:5.2(954;1), 101:3.3(1108;2), 111:2.10(1218;8), 112:5.12(1234;1), 117:5.3(1286;1), 132:3.4(1459;4)
man must will creation of the s. 5:6.8(71;3)
man's supreme undertaking 16:9.2(195;4)
measured by faith in truth and love for man 156:5.17(1740;4)
mistakes and errors may delay evolution of s., but cannot inhibit it once initiated 111:3.1(1218;9)
moral choice causes divine invasion of 65:8.6(740;2), 196:3.17(2095;4)
mystery of Ascendington 13:1.22-23(147;3)
potentially immortal spiritual counterpart built up in mortal mind 13:1.22(147;3)
severe strain on s. to serve both good and evil 133:7.12(1480;4)
fusion of s. with Adjuster. See fusion
gaining whole world and losing one's s. 165:4.9(1822;4)
ancients believed s. to reside in various parts of body 86:5.11-13(955;3), 111:0.3(1215;3)
doctrine of 3 or 4 souls 86:5.12-13(955;4)
early Hebrew conception 86:4.8(953;7)
early man's dream double 86:5.1(953;8)
Hinduism failed to distinguish 111:0.4(1215;4)
men believed women did not have souls 84:4.5(935;5)
methods of s. leaving body according to primitives 86:5.4(954;3)
primitive concept was breath-dream 86:4.3-4(953;2), 86:5.1(953;8)
termed ghost, spirit, shade, phantom, specter 86:5.1(953;8)
judge not the s. by one unfortunate human episode 156:5.9(1739;4)
majority of impoverished souls are truly rich, but refuse to believe it 48:7.6(556;6)
material eyes are windows of s. 42:12.5(483;5), 86:5.11(955;3), 111:0.7(1216;1)
nature of the soul 111:2sec(1217;5)
cannot be satisfied with physical pleasures 84:8.4(942;5)
cannot exist apart from moral thinking and spiritual activity 133:6.5(1478;4), 156:5.2(1738;1)
ceases if growth ceases 112:0.15(1226;3), 133:6.5(1478;4)
discerns unification of energy, mind, spirit realities 16:9.1-2(195;3)
faith sons know existence of s. 133:6.7(1478;6)
faithfully portrays harvest of temporal decisions 111:1.5(1216;6), 112:6.9(1237;1)
feels quality, values 111:3.6(1219;5)
is increasingly conscious of material mind and Adjuster 111:3.4(1219;3)
Jesus' discourse on the s. at Ephesus 133:6.4-7(1478;3)
known only through spiritual insight 111:0.1(1215;1)
made divine by what it strives to do 48:7.24(557;8)
man experiences spiritual reality in his s. 103:6.6(1136;1)
morontia life initiated on conception of 48:6.2(551;7)
morontial counterpart of mortal personality 0:5.10(8;1), 94:3.7(1030;7), 111:2.8(1218;6), 112:5.12(1234;1)
mortal identity resides in 40:9.6(451;2)
not discoverable by science 133:6.7(1478;6)
recognizes Adjuster's leading 5:2.5(65;1)
reinforces supermaterial decisions of mortal mind 111:3.2(1219;1)
relationship between Adjuster and personality continually changes 112:0.15(1226;3)
requires spiritual exercise, spiritual nourishment 91:7.2(1000;3)
revealed truth is supreme delight of 132:3.4(1459;4)
s. intelligence is endowment of Holy Spirit 101:3.2(1108;1)
spirit counterpart of mortal nature 40:9.2(450;4), 108:6.5-6(1193;4), 152:6.4(1705;4)
spiritual insight is faculty of the s. 12:8.4(139;7)
to extent permeated by truth, beauty, and goodness, s. is indestructible 111:3.7(1219;6)
prayer is breath of the s. 144:2.3(1619;1)
s. conflict is disharmony between moral and intellectual self-consciousness 133:6.6(1478;5)
saving or losing of 133:6.6(1478;5)
winning souls. See gospel: proclaiming
world filled with lost souls 100:5.1(1098;4)
assigned to Mighty Messengers, Those High in Authority, and Those without Name and Number 28:6.1(313;5)
tertiary seconaphim, associated with Secrets of Greatness 28:6.20-22(317;1)
planetary helper seraphim; minister peace 39:5.5-6(437;4)
secondary seconaphim, reflective associates of Perfectors of Wisdom in synchrony with masters of philosophy on Paradise 28:5.11(311;3)
designers and embellishers of celestial artisans 44:6.4(506;5)
South Africa 60:3.16(690;7), 61:2.3(695;1), 66:5.30(749;1)
dinosaurs buried in 60:2.2(687;3)
132 Polynesian Andites reached 64:7.5(727;2), 78:5.7(873;3), 79:5.9(884;3)
Africa connected S.A. to Europe 220 million years ago 59:5.11(681;3)
amalgamated race of superior potential occupied highlands of 64:7.5,16(727;2)
basic racial types represented in 81:4.9(905;5)
east wind is god in 85:4.2(947;1)
geology 59:1sec(673;1), 59:2.4-7(675;3), 59:3.9(677;6), 59:4.5-7,15) 59:5.4,11,18(680;6), 59:6.5,8(683;2), 60:1.4(685;6), 60:2.6(687;7), 60:3.4,6,11(689;3), 61:1.8(694;5), 61:2.3(695;1), 61:4.3,6(698;5)
no rhinoceroses in 61:4.3(698;5)
predominantly red race but also yellow, orange, and blue 79:5.8(884;2)
rose out of Pacific depths 57:8.21(662;8)
slow westward drift 58:4.3(668;1)
because Ancients of Days did not earn right to rule, they will be superseded by Supreme 18:3.8-9(210;2)
control of spiritual gravity by Eternal Son is spiritual s. 7:1.1(81;6)
local universe s. See also Creator Sons: local
universe sovereignty
Creator Sons earn 18:3.9(210;3), 21:3sec(237;3), 120:0.1,4(1323;1)
Jesus achieved completion of 21:4.5(240;1), 136:3.4-5(1513;1)
political sovereignty. See also nationalism
characteristic of true state 71:1.15(801;3)
created out of surrender of self-determinism 134:5.9(1488;7)
delusional virus of national s. 134:5.2-10(1487;9), 134:6.6-7(1490;9)
is power, grows by organization 134:5.5(1488;3)
Urmia lectures on 134:4-6secs)
parable of 95:0.1(1042;1), 151:1-2secs) 151:3.13-16(1693;3), 152:6.3(1705;3), 155:2.3(1726;6)
foolish notion of s. wild oats 70:7.8(791;5)
reaping is in accordance with s. 148:6.3(1663;1), 192:2.8(2048;4)

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